The 7 Best Destiny 2 Streamers to Watch Ranked by Popularity

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The 7 Best Destiny 2 Streamers to Watch Ranked by Popularity

Destiny 2 is a game built around its community. It’s a live service game after all, and it needs a consistent player base to keep going. Luckily, the good folks at Bungie are actively listening, engaging, and making changes like introducing Cross Play thanks to active player feedback in Destiny 2.

One of the best ways to engage with the Destiny 2 community, aside from creating a Clan, is to check out prominent streamers. These are the players at the forefront of lore, PvP meta, Raid runs, and just regularly playing the game. Checking out different Destiny 2 streamers is especially useful for those just starting out to get up to speed or even veteran players looking to grow their skill level.

With that in mind, let’s check out the Destiny 2 streamers you should be watching in 2022.

Top 7 Destiny 2 Streamers to Watch in 2022

Most of the prominent Destiny 2 streamers from the game’s launch have either moved on to other titles or shifted away from streaming. For this list, we’ve added some new up and comers, the original streaming class that’s still around, and a few streamers directly influencing the Destiny 2 community. Here are our top picks.



Image: GernaderJake
  • Total followers: 371,000
  • Average viewers: 2,744
  • Channel started: 2008
  • Stream schedule: Friday – Tuesday from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Who’s the #1 most popular Destiny 2 streamer right now? Remember the guy who went flawless 55 times in Trials of Osiris when it relaunched last year? Well, that would be GernaderJake, a top-level PvP player who has emerged as one of the best Destiny 2 streamers to learn the ins and outs of the game. Even throughout the PvP drought, which is set to end starting with the Witch Queen, GernaderJake has stuck around and continued to play consistently.

He tends to do a heavy amount of research into meta changes, what to expect in upcoming seasons and expansions, and other best practices for the game. He’s currently the most-watched Destiny 2 streamer, aside from Bungie, and should be your first choice to become familiar with the game.



Image: Gladd
  • Total followers: 440,000
  • Average viewers: 1,458
  • Channel started: 2015
  • Stream schedule: Daily but at randomized times

Up until mid-2020, Gladd was the top Destiny 2 streamer on Twitch. A high-end PvE player, his whole drive for playing the game was tracking down the best loot, taking on the biggest challenges, and showing other players how to follow in his footsteps. That all changed when he announced that he’d be taking a break for a few seasons after Bungie announced a somewhat lackluster change to Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Gladd still remains a prominent presence in the Destiny 2 community, although his streaming schedule with the game is far less consistent. He’ll switch between it and other titles but still runs through high-level PvE content a few times a week. As Bungie continues to make positive changes, you can probably expect him to make a more sizable comeback in the coming months.



Image: Leopard
  • Total followers: 100,000
  • Average viewers: 1,251
  • Channel started: 2010
  • Stream schedule: Monday – Friday 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM

Leopard is one of those players who has invested in content creation from the beginning. He played and recorded Rainbow 6 and Halo gameplay through the mid-2000s and eventually returned to PC gaming with the launch of PUBG. This would eventually lead him to upload Destiny content in early 2014 and became a full-time Destiny 2 streamer in 2019.

Like many players, he’s transitioned into a variety streamer who consistently goes back to Destiny 2 a few times a week. He doesn’t really have a specific specialty and instead focuses on playing elements of the game solo that interest him or are the newest available pieces of gameplay.



Image: IFrostBolt
Image: IFrostBolt
  • Total followers: 269,000
  • Average viewers: 1,201
  • Channel started: 2014
  • Stream schedule: Thursday – Tuesday at random times

IFrostBolt has been a long-time gamer focused on PvP content. He originally latched onto the Destiny franchise with the original beta and has remained a top-level player ever since. His claim to fame was establishing a dominant presence in Trials of Osiris, even kickstarting a sherpa program for players looking to run through Trials for the first time.

Now, IFrostBolt is a great player to watch for high-level PvP play. You’ll constantly find him switching between Apex Legends and Destiny 2, with a sole focus on developing solid builds for multiplayer. If you want a deep dive into the mechanics of the Crucible and how to approach the meta adjustments, this is the channel to watch.



Image: XurWatch
  • Total followers: 16,300
  • Average viewers: 1,111
  • Channel started: 2014
  • Stream schedule: Friday in the early morning

Long-time Destiny 2 players know about the weekly hunt for Xur. Most players are also probably familiar with the website, Where is Xur? This site lists out the exact location of Xur has a countdown timer for his next appearance and even a breakdown of what Exotics he’s currently offering. It’s a valuable tool that helps improve your ability to quickly get this task done. 

The funny thing is that the folks behind it also have a Twitch channel. It’s not the biggest around, but it does follow the same purpose of the site itself, showing where Xur is. You can tune in during the weekly reset to get a guided tour toward where the Emissary of the Nine is located. 



Image: Datto
  • Total followers: 599,000 
  • Average viewers: 1,062
  • Channel started: 2013
  • Stream schedule: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 

Datto is an interesting streamer to follow since he’s just as much about showing gameplay as he is dissecting in-game changes, lore, and helping build out armor and weapon sets. Unlike a lot of people on this list, he is actively engaged in the nuances of what’s next for Destiny 2. That means you’ll see him playing a lot of seasonal activities alongside attempting more intense fare, like one meaning Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Right now, his streaming schedule is a bit all over the place, but he makes up for it with consistent content on YouTube. These videos are great for those wanting to poke at optimizing builds, explore the best Exotics, and generally get highlights from an excellent player.



The Slayerage
Image: Slayerage
  • Total followers: 180,000
  • Average viewers: 427
  • Channel started: 2014
  • Stream schedule: Daily split between morning and evening

Slayerage has been active in the Destiny and Destiny 2 communities since the beginning. He’s mostly been focused on competitive PvP gameplay, taking part in local and online tournaments on a regular basis. He’s not exclusive to Twitch and instead showcases his gameplay streams across multiple platforms at a time, although it’s never seemed like he’s trying to build a streamer brand.

Although he often streams daily and is an excellent Destiny 2 player, he’s kept his presence rather minimal. He rarely shows his face and instead keeps the focus of his streams on the game. It makes him an interesting streamer to follow if you want to watch some undistracted high-level Destiny 2 gameplay.


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Happy gaming!


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