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Destiny 2 Void 3.0 All Aspects and Fragments Explained

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion may not have introduced a new Darkness Subclass, but it did bring the first overhaul of a Light Subclass. Dubbed Void 3.0, this restructure not only adds Aspects and Fragments, but specific keywords to give Void effects a unique identity. This means new signature buffs and debuffs, alterations to abilities, and of course, increased variations in how you can personalize your Void Subclass.

Let’s dive into this new update, how the overhauled customization works, and the different Aspect and Fragment options you have as part of Void 3.0.

What is Void 3.0 in Destiny 2?

What is Destiny 2 Void 3.0
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 is a full restructure of the original Void Subclass. It eliminates the original three-pronged skill tree in favor of the more intricate Aspects and Fragments system introduced with Stasis. Unlike Stasis, this system maintains the option to change your Super with the addition of Class-specific Aspects to augment them. Fragments are available to all Sub-Classes and add a variety of other benefits that boost your general stats and add reaction buffs, among other benefits.

Subclass focus

While Stasis provided a somewhat uniform benefit of shatter, freeze, and slow across Subclasses, Void 3.0 provides more specific benefits. In this case, the Super adjustments and Aspect options focus on specializations. Titans leverage overshield and volatility, Hunters utilize invisibility and weakening, and Warlocks gain devour and suppress. 

While you will have access to abilities and benefits from the other Subclass specializations, you will find more success embracing them. You’ll find more opportunities to stack buffs/debuffs, continuously activate them, and leverage increased stat effects. 

Void keywords

Speaking of those buffs and debuffs, the Destiny 2 Void 3.0 update also introduces a set of core keywords to define how Void operates. Having an understanding of these terms will help you better synchronize with your Fireteam, quickly analyze enemy encounters, and find just the right Mods and weapon Perks. 

You can read all of the specifics in the original TWAB posting, but here are the key buffs and debuffs to be aware of:

  • Overshield: Protective barrier that reduces damage taken and increases overall health.
  • Invisibility: Disappear from sight and enemy radar for a short period.
  • Devour: Kills restore you to full health, increase grenade regeneration, and extend the Devour effect.
  • Suppression: Targets lose access to abilities and non-Guardians cannot fire weapons.
  • Weaken: Target takes increased damage and is slowed. Non-Guardians also have decreased accuracy.
  • Volatile: Target is afflicted with unstable Void energy that will explode due to additional damage or death and can extend to other enemies.

Understanding how these buffs and debuffs work, along with the focus for each Subclass, will help ensure that you are putting together synergistic builds. You’ll know the effects, how they can coexist, and what to avoid.

How to Unlock Void 3.0

Unlike Stasis, which you earned as part of Beyond Light’s story, Void 3.0 is somewhat unattached from the Witch Queen. This means that if you’ve played Destiny 2 at any point, you’ll just immediately have access to it. You’ll also be able to use a majority of the new Aspects and Fragments, as well as a handful of Grenade options.

If this is your first time playing Destiny 2, you’ll just need to work through the New Light campaign to claim those same Aspects and Fragments.

What Are Aspects and Fragments?

Anyone who has played since Beyond Light will know how Aspects and Fragments operate. For the New Lights out there, these function as customizable Class augments that allow you to fine-tune how your Guardian’s abilities function. 

Aspects are unique items attached to a Class type. They typically adjust or alter a passive or active ability tied to your Guardian’s Super. At this time, you can only hold two Aspects, and depending on what you have equipped, it will increase or limit the number of Fragments you can choose.

Fragments are Class-agnostic passive boosts that can improve your general stats, add an ability or responsive action, or boost the effects of an Aspect. You can typically equip 2–5 Fragments depending on the number of slots your Aspects provide. 

To get an idea of how these upgrade systems operate, it’s worth checking out our articles on Aspects and Fragments to understand how they work with Stasis.

How to Unlock Void Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades

Ikora Rey
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG

Unlocking Void 3.0 is incredibly easy. Following suit, unlocking the remaining Aspects, Fragments, and Grenade options is just as simple. All you have to do is visit Ikora in the Tower and purchase them for a bit of Glimmer.

Some of these Aspects, Fragments, and Grenades weren’t available when the Witch Queen launched. Now that Fireteams have completed the Raid, those remaining options are now unlocked to purchase for the same cost as the original set. If you haven’t visited Ikora recently, be sure to head back to the Tower to claim those remaining pieces that you’re missing.

All Void 3.0 Aspects

Controlled Demolition Screenshot
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG

Now for the important part — what are the Aspects that you can use as part of Void 3.0? Here is every Aspect currently available to you as part of the initial release of The Witch Queen. Remember, these are Class-specific and focus on specific buff/debuff effects.

Hunter Aspects

Stylish ExecutionerDefeating a Void-debuffed target activates invisibility and Truesight. Your next melee attack weakens enemies while invisible.
Trapper’s AmbushActivate Quickfall to dive to the ground and create a smoke cloud in exchange for your melee charge. Enemies in the cloud are weakened and allies become invisible. Additionally, when using Snare Bombs, any allies near the impact will turn invisible.
Vanishing StepDodge to activate invisibility.

Titan Aspects

BastionCast Barricade to create an Overshield for yourself and nearby allies. Staying behind or passing behind the shield will regenerate Overshield or extend the duration.
Controlled DemolitionHitting an enemy with a Void ability or volatile detonation will make them volatile.
Offensive BulwarkWhile Overshield is active or you’re inside Ward of Dawn, your Grenade charges faster and you gain increased melee damage. If you’re running Sentinel Shield, you’ll gain an additional shield throw.

Warlock Aspects

Chaos AccelerantHold down the Grenade button to overcharge Vortex, Axion Bolt, Magnetic, and Scatter Grenades. Magnetic Grenades become a handheld Supernova.
Child of the Old GodsCast your Rift to summon a Void Soul. Damage to nearby enemies with weapons will launch the Void Soul toward them to detonate and attach draining tendrils that deal additional damage and weaken enemies. Any Void Soul damage will restore melee and grenade energy or health. Defeating enemies affected by this will grant additional Rift energy.
Feed the VoidActivate devour by defeating enemies with a Void ability.

All Void 3.0 Fragments

Sentinel void 3.0
Image: Bungie & Activision via HGG

Void Fragments are the same for every Class, with the majority being available right from the start. The remaining options will be available from Ikora, with four recent additions being added thanks to the recent Raid completion. Here are all Void Fragments you can currently use.

Echo of DilationWhile crouched, sneak faster and gain enhanced radar.+10 to Mobility and Intellect
Echo of DomineeringAfter suppressing an enemy, gain increased Mobility and your equipped weapon is immediately reloaded.+10 to Discipline
Echo of ExchangeMelee final blows grant Grenade energy.N/A
Echo of ExpulsionVoid ability kills cause enemies to explode.+10 to Intellect
Echo of LeechingMelee final blows activate health regeneration to you and nearby allies.+10 to Resilience
Echo of ProvisionDamaging enemies with Grenades grants Melee energy.-10 to Strength
Echo of RemnantsGrenade effects have an increased durationN/A
Echo of ReprisalFinal blows while surrounded grant Super energyN/A
Echo of ResistanceVoid buffs have an increased duration.-10 to Mobility
Echo of UnderminingVoid Grenades weaken enemies.-10 Mobility
Echo of HarvestDefeat weakened enemies with precision final blows to create an Orb of Power.-10 to Intellect
Echo of ObscurityFinishers activate invisibility.+10 to Recovery
Echo of InstabilityDefeat enemies with Grenades to gain Volatile Rounds for Void weapons.+10 to Strength
Echo of StarvationPick up an Orb of Power to activate Devour.-10 to Recovery

Join the High Ground

Void 3.0 represents a dramatic realignment for Destiny 2. It pulls away from the traditional skill tree in favor of the Aspects and Fragments system. This update truly hones in on specific benefits for each Class that you can choose to embrace or avoid. While this guide doesn’t get into ranking each option, be on the lookout for our writeup on the best new Void 3.0 builds in the coming weeks.

Be sure to let your Fireteam know about the updates available in Void 3.0 by sharing this article on your favorite social channels, and sign up for our newsletter for the latest on Destiny 2. 

Happy gaming!

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