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LoL: News, Patch Notes, Weekly Sale, Champ Rotation (2024)

Everything that's happening in the world of League of Legends right now.

League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBAs out there — sorry Dota 2 fans — and it certainly deserves the 130 million monthly active playerbase it gets! After all, Riot Games is constantly pumping out new content and changes that introduce whole new ways to play the game. 

Of course, keeping track of all these changes can be… difficult. Let’s be real: Who seriously has time to sift through patch note after note? 

Well, lucky for you, I do! I’ll give you a rundown on what’s going on right now in LoL, from patch highlights to the latest skins to hit the shop. Spoiler alert: I’ll also be delving into what Riot Games has planned for LoL. 

Bookmark this page and check back for more. I’ll be keeping this page updated with the latest.

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So, what’s going on now in League of Legends?

Quick Patch Highlights (14.10) Buffs and Nerfs

Several champions have undergone buffs and nerfs in patch 14.10! Here’s a quick rundown of the buffs:

  • K’Sante
  • Viego

Patch 14.10 Champion Nerfs (aww….)

And now for the nerfs:

  • N/A

Adjustments have also been made to:

  • Corki
  • Skarner

Corki has received a pretty huge update this patch. His package has been removed, his abilities have been buffed up and changed to attack damage, and he now deals bonus true damage thanks to his passive. Riot has also made his playstyle more auto-attack reliant — a move they hope will bring him to the bot lane. It’s too early to tell just how much these changes will affect Corki’s playstyle, though you can definitely expect a whole lot more aggression (and a few Corki ADCs appearing in your ranked games).

Oh, and unsurprisingly, Skarner is still being tweaked and nerfed. Yeah, Riot will get his power level balanced eventually.

Champion Master System Update

mastery system
Riot Games

Riot have finally uncapped the leveling system, with levels 7 to 10 unlocking new mastery emote styles. An awesome change for OTPs — it’ll allow you to finally be rewarded for (and show off) your dedication! Previously earned mastery points have been carried over to the new system.

Vanguard System

Riot has also introduced the anti-cheat system Vanguard globally in this patch to help keep scripters and botters at bay. Vanguard was pretty effective in Valorant, so I hope it’ll be just as effective in the realm o’ the Rift too. Time will tell. My only gripe is that I have to install another program to run League, which kind of feels like bloatware. But if it gives me a bot-free gaming experience? I’ll happily deal with this mild inconvenience.

Lee Sin ASU

traditional lee sin league
Riot Games

At long last, the Lee Sin ASU is finally here! His broken neck is now fixed, his sound effects are now distinct, and his attack animations are smooth and slick. I feel like the InSec kick is going to be a whole lot easier to land now!

Many of his skins have also been visually updated. Two of them (Traditional Lee Sin and Dragon Fist Lee Sin) will come with a higher price tag due to the changes. However, those who already own these skins won’t need to pay any additional costs.

Skarner Update: First Impressions

skarner rework
Riot Games

Skarner’s VGU has finally dropped! Now, I have mixed feelings about the new Skarner. As any veteran player will tell you, the OG Skarner was essentially a juggernaut who thrived at locking down and isolating targets. He was also great at dishing out consistent damage throughout the game. However, the OG Skarner was also seriously clunky, and apart from his ultimate CC, he didn’t really bring much to the table.

The new Skarner is pretty different from his roots, to say the least. He’s now a lot tankier and his kit mainly revolves around ganking and setting up killer engages. While I’m sure a few Skarner OTPs are likely complaining about how different this new playstyle is, I personally love it. The new kit is fun and allows for plenty more skill expression.

But I do have one major gripe with the new Skarner. And that’s the fact that his character model somehow now looks… Worse. Sure, his attack animations feel a lot better, but it honestly looks like he de-evolved or something. The character model is lackluster and doesn’t really retain any of Skarner’s original charm. Plus, I miss the crystals. I appreciate sparkles.

Your Shop is Live!

your shop league
Riot Games

Yep, Your Shop is finally back, meaning it’s time for some good ol’ bargains!

For those not familiar, Your Shop essentially allows you to buy 6 unowned skins at a significantly discounted rate. The skins selected (and discounts offered) are personalized; they’re usually based on your most frequently played champions over the past 20 games.

Your Shop offers are available until 5th June 2024

2024 New Season Changes

The 2024 season is finally here, and boy, there’s a lot to unpack! There’s a whole new map design, over 100 item changes, and new void monsters lurking about the Rift. As much as I would absolutely love to, I won’t be able to cover everything here — you check the full patch notes for that — but I will highlight the key updates and share my thoughts on some of the changes so far.

New Void Monsters

voidgrubs lol
Riot Games

There are now new void monsters in the Baron pit known as Voidgrubs. They take the place of the first Rift Herald of every match and provide the “Hunger of the Void” buff to all allies when slain; the buff provides increased damage against structures. The strength of the buff increases depending on the number of Voidgrubs slain, and killing six of them will cause small Voidmites to periodically summon when you’re taking down turrets.

I’m loving seeing these grubs scurrying about the Rift and they’re a lot more valuable than I initially thought they would be! The teamwide “Hunger of the Void” buff can truly help you snowball your lane (or protect your lane if your opponent has the advantage).

As a quick camp clear tip, try to kill the Voidgrubs at the same time — whenever a grub is killed, the other living grubs are granted a shield and become a whole lot harder to kill.

This shield mechanic also intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally, you never know with Riot) provides a small but neat buff for AoE junglers. I’m predicting champions like Amumu are going to experience a spike in win rate over the next few weeks.

Rift Herald Gameplay Mechanic

rift gameplay updates lol
Riot Games

The Rift Herald has received a killer makeover, with a new Voidish look. Players can now also ride Shelly, steer its movements, and charge it into turrets (or enemy players to knock them up).

Okay. It took me some time to figure out this mechanic initially… and I did sort of drive Shelly into the worst possible places at first. And yes, I was met with a flurry of question mark pings every single time. But now I’ve picked up the basics and passed my “Shelly driving test?” It’s as fun and hilarious as I initially thought it would be, and the knockup feature is particularly great for setting up engages or securing picks on an overextended opponent.

New Baron Changes

baron updates lol
Riot Games

The Baron has also had a monstrous visual update! Credit where credit’s due: it looks absolutely stunning, and the sinister animation of the Baron swimming across the map to the pit is a super nice touch. Plus, I’ve noticed in my games that this animation actually serves as a handy visual reminder that the Baron is about to spawn; more and more players are becoming conscious of this objective and playing around it.

Another huge change is that the Baron now has three distinct forms — Territorial, Hunting, and All-Seeing — each changing the fighting style and terrain structure. I honestly love this change so far. It brings a bit more life to a game element that has been pretty stale for years.

Jungle camps also undergo “Void” changes once the Baron spawns on the map. This makes them more durable, but when the red or blue monsters are slain their buffs are applied to every living ally player. So yep, you no longer have players arguing about who “deserves” the buff in ranked games. It’s total bliss.

Mythic Items Have Left the Rift

item updates lol
Riot Games

Mythic items have finally been vanquished from the Rift, and in their place, Riot have blessed us with tons of new (and updated) items for practically every champion, playstyle, and class out there. Supports also now have a singular starting item that can be later evolved into an upgraded item of their choice.

Thanks to these changes, I’m finding that build versatility is starting to make a full-blown return! It’s also now a whole lot easier to adjust your build path based on your team comp, the enemy’s picks, and the game state (which can give you plenty more opportunities to come back from a disadvantaged position).

New Map Changes

gameplay updates 2024 lol
Riot Games

The map has been changed significantly, and while it does take some time to get used to, I’ve been enjoying it so far. Both sides of the map now feel a lot more balanced, with equal opportunities for roams, ganks, and securing critical objectives, and the changes also make it easier for laners to roam and assist with jungle skirmishes or contesting those new Voidgrubs.

That said, I do feel that Riot have made the bot lane a bit too gankable… I mean, there are now four different ganking paths available to junglers on the bottom side of the map. Come on. It’s a bit much Riot. My support main mental can only cope with so much.

Unsurprisingly, the new map changes have also had a huge impact on vision control. I’m honestly still personally learning where the new “optimal” ward spots are and how to navigate the fog-of-war changes, so I can’t share much on this topic just yet. I’ll update this section within the next few weeks (so stay tuned).

Mythic Shop Rotation (What’s Available)

The following skins are now available in the Mythic Shop rotation:

  • Prestige Arcade Caitlyn
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz
  • Prestige Ascended Pantheon
  • Prestige Nightbringer Kayn
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix + Border and Icon
  • Dark Star Cho’Gath
  • Hextech Renekton
  • Crystalis Indomitus Kha’Zix (Fractured) + Icon

Exclusive Mythic loot up for grabs:

  • World is Delicious emote
  • Random skin shard

Current Event Overview: MSI Empyrean

The current event, MSI Empyrean, is full of cosmic goodness, and there are plenty of rewards up for grabs too! Rewards include MSI Empyrean orbs, neon facade chromas, Empyrean skin borders, and of course, mystery emotes.  

The event also gives you the opportunity to unlock the Prestige edition of Empyrean Kayle. You’ll need to buy an event mission pass and earn 2000 event tokens for this, so a fair bit of grinding is involved. However, most of the missions for this event are extremely easy and can be achieved by simply playing LoL. 

The Empyrean event runs until June 4th, so you still have plenty of time to get started on the missions. You’ll be able to claim shop rewards until June 10th.

Latest Skins to Hit the Shop

Faerie Court

The Faerie Court skin line will always have a hold over my heart. I have a soft spot for ethereal, mystical vibes and sparkly, pink hues — and that’s exactly what this skin line is all about! The latest Faerie Court skins are practically all amazing (as expected) and well worth your buck. However…. I’m personally not a huge fan of Faerie Court Soraka. The dark purple color scheme is a bit too overpowering for my liking.

  • Faerie Court Lillia: 1350 RP
  • Faerie Court Lux: 1350 RP
  • Faerie Court Soraka: 1350 RP
  • Faerie Court Tristana: 1350 RP

Empyrean Skins

empyrean kayle
Riot Games

The Empyrean skin line has finally made a comeback! Each skin is packed with glowy goodness, otherwordly inspo, and sharp visual effects.

The available skins are:

  • Empyrean Akali: 1350 RP
  • Empyrean Varus: 1820 RP
  • Empyrean Nocturne: 1350 RP
  • Empyrean Malzahar: 1350 RP
  • Empyrean Brand: 1350 RP
  • Empyrean Kayle: 1350 RP (+ Prestige edition)

Empyrean is a bit of a love-or-hate skin line — some people can’t stand them, while others have to own ’em all. Personally, I’m in the love squad. I love their flashy eye-catching colors and the whole theme is just badass in my opinion. The latest skins are all visually impressive, and there isn’t one I particularly hate. I would highly recommend them all if you love the Empyrean thematic; you won’t be disappointed!

Latest Champion: Smolder

The next champion to hit the Rift is a fiery little Dragon known as Spyro- ahem, Smolder.

When I first heard that Riot was planning to bring another dragon to the Rift, I was super excited! But unfortunately, they’ve pulled another “Yuumi” and just given us a cutesy baby dragon that looks like it came straight out of a Disney show. I’m disappointed, to say the least.

That said, if you can look past the character design, Smolder’s gameplay is pretty refreshing. He’s essentially a scaling ADC with simple attacks that any player can master quickly — something much-appreciated after the likes of complex champions like Zeri, Aphelios, and Nilah. Unsurprisingly, his attacks revolve around fire and he has plenty of mobility too.

Riot have carried out some balance adjustments over the last few patches, and Smolder is slowly (but surely) getting into a good spot! In my opinion, he now has some oomph in late game that finally feels worth the wait.

You can find an in-depth breakdown of his abilities right here.

Current Champion Rotation Pool

Owning every champion in the game is not an easy feat — unless you’re willing to fork out on RP or grind Blue Essence for hours on end. Luckily, Riot helps out us peasants with the champion rotation pool, a schedule of over 20 champions that are made available for everyone to play, regardless of whether you actually own them. 

As of May 19th, here are the champions that are currently free to play:

  • Braum
  • Gangplank
  • Heimderinger
  • Irelia
  • Ivern
  • Jinx
  • Karma
  • Kayle
  • Kha’Zix
  • Kog’Maw
  • Malzahar
  • Nocturne
  • Renekton
  • Samira
  • Singed
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taliyah
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Zilean

I highly recommend taking the time to explore Jinx, if you haven’t done so already. She’s an ADC with an effective yet simple-to-master kit that can work well in practically any elo, and she’s pretty strong in the meta right now!

Weekly Sale (Skins and Champions)

Want to spruce up your main champion with a new, flashy skin? Then don’t fork out just yet; every week, Riot puts several skins on sale in the shop, with some skins even having a staggering 60% discount. 

As of May 19th, the current skins on sale are:

  • Winterblessed Senna
  • Beezcrank
  • Immortal Journey Zeri
  • Snow Moon Kayn
  • Cyber Pop Akshan
  • Arcana Camille
  • Coven LeBlanc
  • Oktober Fest Gragas
  • Crime City Miss Fortune
  • Blade Mistress Morgana
  • Spooky Gangplank
  • Star Guardian Poppy
  • Meowkai

Happy bargain hunting!

Several champions also go on sale every week, though I don’t recommend ever spending RP on a champion unless you’re desperate. They can all be unlocked with Blue Essence, the free in-game currency that you earn while playing matches.

That said, the current champions on sale are:

  • Milio
  • Taliyah
  • Zed
  • Riven
  • Twitch

Ranked Split 2 2024

Ranked Split 2 2024 has officially hit the Rift! Here’s a brief overview of the main changes made to this season’s ranked system:

  • Players can now place up to Diamond III after provisional games (previously Emerald I)
  • Demotion protection between divisions removed
  • Demoting from tiers will now place players at 25 / 50 / 75 LP, depending on MMR
  • Master duo is now enabled in most regions

I get scared whenever Riot makes changes to the ranked system, but all in all, I’m pretty happy with what they’ve done so far. I particularly love the demoting from tiers change; now you’ll know exactly just how bad you are… Which is equally hilarious and equally soul destroying.

What’s Coming Up in LoL

There’s a whole lot to look forward to over the next few months, with the most noteworthy being a new PVE game mode and a Teemo visual update. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to see coming to the Rift:

  • A new vampire-themed PVE game mode will be hitting the Rift later this year in the summer.
  • Teemo will be receiving a visual update later in the year. Sadly, it was delayed slightly due to complications.
  • A bunch of new skin lines, including a return of old (but awesome) skin thematics too.

Upcoming Champions

Ambessa Medarda will also be added to the Rift. As a hardcore Arcane fan, I can’t wait to battle it out as Medarda. She’s a total badass in the show and I hope Riot Games will do her justice in the LoL universe too! We haven’t had much information yet about what her kit will look like, but the devs have confirmed it will revolve around speed and strength.

Riot have also teased that a Vastayan solo laner mage will be joining the game later this year. While the devs haven’t revealed much about them yet, they have confirmed the champion will have mid-ranged attacks. They’ve also released a small teaser image, which I personally feel has a mystical, alchemist thematic going on:

vastayan league of legends
Riot Games

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