5 Best Supports for Caitlyn, Ranked (Season 14)

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5 Best Supports for Caitlyn, Ranked (Season 14)

These 5 supports are sure to help Caitlyn land her headshots every time!

Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover, has consistently been a top-tier ADC for seasons on end. She’s a lane bully with hefty early damage, a generous auto attack range, and plenty of tools to help her kite around the enemy. Her headshot ultimate even allows her to effortlessly secure the final blow. Of course, Caitlyn would be nothing without her supports by her side!

Certain support champions in League allow Caitlyn to reach her full potential, whether by helping her land her CC, or buffing up her damage. In this article, I’ll be taking a close look at the six best supports for Caitlyn. I’ll cover each Champion’s playstyle, why they synergize with Cait, and also cover their strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s jump right into my list of the best supports for Caitlyn in Season 14!

I’ve ranked the champions from good to best in terms of their synergy with Caitlyn.

#5 Blitzcrank, the Great Steam Golem

Blitzcrank is an aggressive, tanky support that’s notorious for one ability — his hook. With a 1000+ range, it allows him to secure picks easier than any other support out there. The hook, of course, also complements Cait’s kit perfectly; Blitzcrank can pull opponents directly into her attack range. He can also combine his hook with his knock up ability to give Cait plenty of time to lay out a trap (and decimate the enemy’s health bar). 

Blitzcrank’s “Overdrive” ability is another handy tool he can use to catch out stragglers retreating from Cait’s gunfire, as it temporarily boosts his movement and attack speed by tenfold. His ultimate, “Static field,” also allows Caitlyn’s damage to reach its full potential. After all, the ability silences and removes nearby enemies’ shields. 

Keep in mind that Blitzcrank’s hook does have a long cooldown, and without it, he’s incredibly vulnerable to the enemy. You’ll need to practice landing the hook and only use it when you’re certain it will land.  


  • Great at picks, thanks to his hook 
  • Can remove enemy shields 
  • Can catch out stragglers


  • Hook has long cool down 
  • Heavily dependent on mana

#4 Leona, the Radiant Dawn 

Leona is a support that can tank the brunt of the enemy team’s damage while allowing Cait to land final blow after blow. Her stun and E combo lets her peel effortlessly, engage on caught-out opponents, and protect Cait from ganks or determined assassins. Leona’s stun is also lengthy enough to allow Caitlyn to place down her traps. 

After Level 6, Leona’s ultimate is a total gamechanger. It delivers a hefty AOE stun to any enemy within the center, and a slow to those within the outer ring. This CC can turn any fight in her team’s favor, and it’s also a great tool to stop low-health opponents from escaping Caitlyn’s line of fire.  

Leona is one of the easiest tank supports to master in the game. Thanks to her versatile kit, she’s a reliable pick that can play into various team comps, though she particularly excels with aggressive ADCs like Cait. However, Leona does lack a disengage. If she all-ins and her teammates aren’t in position to back her up, it’s pretty much a death sentence.


  • Can tank damage 
  • Great all-in engage 
  • Easy to master


  • Can’t disengage; must commit to all-ins
  • Vulnerable to poke damage

#3 Lux, the Lady of Luminosity 

Lux is one of the few supports that can match Caitlyn’s early lane aggression. Her kit is jampacked with damage; her passive grants bonus magic damage, her E is a long-ranged AOE spell, and her Q can hit up to two opponents at once. All of these abilities allow her to poke out the enemy bot lane with ease — something that will allow Caitlyn to secure kills before she even hits level 6.  

Lux also has two forms of CC to prep targets for Caitlyn’s traps: her Q roots enemies for two seconds and her AOE damage ability also applies a slow. Lux can also keep Caitlyn safe from burst damage with her W ability. When activated, it grants a hefty shield to any ally it touches. 

But what really makes Lux worthy of the number three spot is her laser beam ultimate, “Final Spark.” It’s a deadly burst combo when combined with Caitlyn’s headshot, especially if the enemy gets CC’d first. Lux can also use “Final Spark” to clear minion waves and assist Caitlyn with pushing out a lane quickly.

Lux’s main weakness is her immobility. She can get caught out easily, so you’ll have to position carefully while playing her. 


  • Great at bursting, especially with ultimate 
  • CC complements Caitlyn’s kit well 
  • Shield can protect Cait against incoming damage 


  • Immobile; can get caught out easily
  • Item reliant in the later stages of game

#2 Thresh, the Chain Warden 

Thresh is an all-round support that can complement pretty much any ADC, and Caitlyn is no exception. In fact, his kit has plenty of abilities that synergize with Cait’s kit — he can help her land traps with his hook, protect her from unfavorable situations with his W, and assist kiting by controlling her target’s every move. Even if the enemy tries to dash out of Cait’s AA range, Thresh can use his hook to pull the enemy back towards her. 

Thresh can also set up all-in fights effortlessly, and he can combine his hook, flay, and ultimate to keep the enemy CC’d for enough time for Cait to secure the kill. And once he’s got Caitlyn fed, he can use his insane roaming pressure to help other laners get ahead. This roaming potential is useful for Cait, since the weaker her other opponents are, the harder her attacks will hit!

Like most playmakers, Thresh has an incredibly high skill cap. You’ll need to practice various combos, master his skill shots, and learn to recognize when to engage. The effort is definitely worth it, though, especially if you’re duoing with a Caitlyn main.


  • Excellent CC to synergize with Cait’s traps
  • Strong disengaging capabilities 
  • Great roaming pressure 


  • Hard to master 
  • Skill shot reliant

#1 Morgana, the Fallen 

Morgana and Caitlyn give Xayah and Rakan a run for their money. By that, I mean their synergy is so good it’s like they’re meant for each other (sorry, Vi!). Morgana and Caitlyn both have early kill pressure, a generous attack range, and plenty of ways to poke out the enemy during laning phase. 

While Morgana doesn’t boast as much damage as Lux, she does have one thing no other support can offer — a black shield that can block enemy abilities, including CC. This shield is a total gamechanger. It protects Caitlyn from harm — aka Blitzcrank hooks — while allowing her to kite around her opponents much more easily. In other words, it lets Caitlyn attack aggressively without worrying about getting caught out. 

But what makes Morgana truly the ultimate support for Caitlyn? Her Q ability, “Dark Binding.” This spell offers an insanely long root with a short cool down, meaning she can create the perfect set up for Caitlyn traps (over and over again).

Playing Morgana is relatively easy, though her kit does revolve around landing abilities, specifically her Q. So, be prepared to brush up on your skillshotting.


  • Insanely long root
  • Black shield to absorb CC 
  • Strong early kill pressure 


  • Dependent on hitting Q
  • Can’t block physical damage

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