Best Mid Laners to Climb Ranked LoL (Season 14)

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Best Mid Laners to Climb Ranked LoL (Season 14)

Conquer the mid lane in Season 14 with one of these champions!

The mid lane is often regarded as the most impactful role in the game. And this isn’t surprising! When played effectively — and with the right champion locked in — a mid-laner can obliterate practically any opponent in their way and effortlessly snowball their lead through effective roams, picks, and invades. 

There are plenty of solid mid lane champions in season 14, but there are a few that stand out above the rest (and are sure to make your ranked climb a whole lot easier). I’ll rank these elo-granting champions below, discussing their strengths, playstyle, and what makes them such viable picks. Without further ado, here are the best mid laners to climb ranked in LoL.

#3 Katarina 

Katarina is an assassin with a high-skill cap, but she can effortlessly carry you up the ladder once mastered. She particularly thrives in 1v5 situations and teamfights. Her Q can damage multiple enemies, her passive reduces her ability cooldowns on shutdowns, and her ultimate is a swarm of healthbar-destroying AoE damage. Her E blink ability also grants her fantastic mobility, allowing her to dive in and out of fights (and dodge any hard-hitting attacks from her opponents).

Katarina doesn’t just thrive at getting pentas though; she’s still pretty reliable in 1v1s thanks to her high burst damage that very few champions can match. This versatility allows her to carry the game in various ways, whether by obliterating the enemy ADC or assisting her allies in teamfights. 

And even if Katarina falls behind in farm? She can easily make up for it by roaming to other lanes and securing kills across the map. Plus, she excels at turret dives (as long as her teammates are happy to tank a few turret shots for her).

#2 Fizz

This slippery trickster is a mid lane assassin who can effortlessly one-shot opponents (and help you gain that LP). His W applies a hefty bleed and empowers his next attacks, his long-ranged shark ultimate allows him to execute low-health enemies with a single click, and his Q enables him to gap-close and punish any overextending opponent. Fizz’s passive also allows him to move through units, meaning he can easily set up a perfect engage without being hindered by a minion block.

What makes Fizz worthy of the number 2 spot though is his E ability, “playful / trickster.” It makes him untargetable and allows him to hop on his trident and jump to a target location. Thanks to his E, he can easily burst down enemies and jump out without a single scratch on his health bar, and he can also effortlessly escape ganks or unfavorable situations.

I find that Fizz is a particularly strong pick against CC-reliant mages like Lux and Ahri. However, do keep in mind that Fizz does need a good start to be a viable threat in the later stages of the game — polish up your last-hitting and look for early kills.

#1 Lux

Lux is one of the best mid laners to climb low elo! Her kit is simple to pick up, but it packs a punch and is extremely effective against low-elo players who usually aren’t able to properly dodge her skillshots.

Lux’s passive empowers her attacks, her Q ability is a nifty root, and her E creates an AoE damage burst zone. If she times her Q with her E, she can cause serious damage to her opponent’s health bar (and the chances of them winning the game). Plus, she can protect herself during trades with her shield ability, allowing her to aggressively poke without getting heavily punished. 

Lux’s ultimate is essentially a laser beam of death. Its long range allows her to snipe from the enemy’s blind spots, and she can even use it to steal objectives if the opposing jungler mistimes their smite.

Lux remains strong throughout the stages of the game, though she thrives in mid to late game — a huge plus, since low-elo matches are often dragged out until the 30 to 40-minute mark. Even if she falls behind, she can still be useful and assist her teammates with her shield ability; it can be applied on allies too and is extremely generous once fully leveled. 

To top it off, Lux can also be played in the support role, meaning being auto-filled won’t feel like a death sentence. Just note that Lux is pretty immobile, so you do have to be careful with your positioning.

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