The 5 Best Supports for Senna in LoL (Season 13)

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The 5 Best Supports for Senna in LoL (Season 13)

Senna is a versatile, utility-packed marksman designed to work well as both an ADC and Support. While ADC Senna isn’t exactly meta right now, she’s still a good pick if you’re after a champion that can dish out damage but is safer (i.e. less punishing) than your typical ADC champion. Senna is also a particularly strong ADC in low elo, where players often don’t respect her long-ranged poke and global ultimate.

If your ADC has locked in Senna, then you’ll want to pick a support that can help her secure picks, stay alive during lane, and dominate the late game. With this in mind, there are a few support champions that have great synergy with Senna — check out the 7 best supports for Senna in LoL below! 

The 5 Best Supports for Senna, Ranked Good to Best

Let’s get into it, so you can start dominating bot lane!


Nautilus - Best Support for Senna in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Nautilus doesn’t exactly have a high damage output or strong poke like Zyra. Nor does he have some hefty healing that can keep Senna alive in lane. However, he does offer something else that any Senna main is sure to appreciate: a tanky frontline with immense peeling potential.

Yep, thanks to his W shield and high health, Nautilus can tank the brunt of the enemy team’s damage and allow Senna to poke (or land the killing blow) with ease. Nautilus can also tank lethal skillshots targeted at Senna, like Caitlyn’s ult or Jinx’s rocket. 

Nautilus has plenty of utility at his disposal to help Senna reach her full potential. He can engage with his hook and E combo and then root the enemy, allowing Senna to land her own CC. He can also use his ultimate — a point-and-click knock-up and stun — to secure picks for Senna or help her escape from dicey situations. Plus, the ultimate makes lane turret dives a breeze, especially if his jungler is on board with the plan. 

Nautilus has an incredibly strong level 2 power spike. If you manage to hit level 2 first and catch out the enemy, it’s almost a given that you’ll burst the enemies’ summoner spells or secure a kill.

To top it off, Nautilus is a great Ranked Solo pick because he also has strong roaming potential, especially if he builds Mobility Boots. Even if his Senna falls behind, he can roam and gank other lanes to give the rest of his teammates an advantage. 

Nautilus has a relatively beginner-friendly kit, but he does have to commit to all-ins. You’ll need to engage strategically and double-check that your teammates are in a position to follow up.  

  • Lots of utility to help Senna reach her full potential 
  • Tanky frontline with immense peeling 
  • Strong level 2 power spike 
  • Has to commit to all-ins 


Image: Riot Games via HGG

Ah, Morgana. Famed for having a root that seems to last for eternity — it actually lasts for up to 3 seconds, which is still insanely long! 

Jokes aside, Morgana is an aggressive support with plenty of utility to help Senna reach her full potential; her long-ranged root is great at securing picks and setting up ganks, and it can also be CC-chained with Senna’s own stun. 

And while Morgana doesn’t dish out as much damage as the likes of Lux or Zyra, she does have a spell shield that grants CC immunity. She can use this to protect Senna from all-ins that would otherwise leave her looking at the gray screen of death. It also absorbs incoming magic damage, which can grant Senna some sustain during lane against mage supports. Plus, Morgana can easily help Senna push out minion waves with her W pool ability. 

Morgana’s ultimate, “Soul Shackles,” is an AoE stun that can help prevent targets from escaping Senna’s auto-attack range. It offers particularly high kill pressure in teamfights and is also a lot easier to land than her Q ability since it isn’t a skillshot.

Sadly, Morgana’s spell shield is a double-edged sword: when used properly, it can turn around fights and save her ADC from certain death. But if she misuses it? It has an incredibly long cooldown and will leave her (and the ADC) defenseless against ganks, harass, and all-ins. Always use the spell shield wisely and avoid spamming it.

Like Senna, Morgana is particularly strong in low elo since players often disrespect her stun and don’t bait/pressure out her spell shield. However, expect her ban rate to be pretty high — in silver, her ban rate is currently around 30%! 

  • Plenty of utility to assist ADC 
  • Hard counters CC-heavy comps
  • Her root ability provides a lot of kill pressure 
  • Misusing spell shield leaves her defenseless
  • Reliant on landing her binding


Zyra - Best Support for Senna in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Want to tilt your opponents off the face of the Rift? Then Zyra is your new OTP. She’s an aggressive mage that can poke down virtually any champion in her way; her passive spawns plants that when activated attack nearby opponents, her Q deals AoE magic damage, and her W summons up even more plants, amplifying her in-lane harass by tenfold.

Her early aggressive playstyle synergizes well with Senna, who also has hefty poke. When played correctly, this formidable duo will force the enemy bot lane to miss minions, lose EXP, and back out of lane. 

Zyra can also set up picks effortlessly with her E — a long-ranged skillshot that roots any enemies it comes in contact with. While it’s great at catching out targets, Zyra can also use it to turn ganks into her favor. If the enemy jungler tries to engage on Senna, Zyra can root them and give Senna plenty of time to escape (or stun them herself for a clean chain CC). 

But what really wins us over? Zyra’s AoE ultimate. Not only does it buff the damage of plants within the vicinity, but it also knocks up any champions nearby. It’s a total gamechanger in teamfights and Zyra can even use her ult to zone off the enemy, catch out overextended opponents, or as a disengage tool.

While her aggressive playstyle works well with Senna, Zyra is difficult to play (especially as a support) and isn’t ideal for beginners. Her damage combo is reliant on her hitting skillshots and you also need to strategically prepare plants to make the most of her kit. 

  • Strong poke, especially during laning phase  
  • Can easily set up picks with her root ability 
  • AoE ultimate can make a huge impact if used properly 
  • Difficult to play 
  • Fragile at all stages of the game


Image: Riot Games via HGG

Nami is a “jack of all trades” enchanter support that can dish out killer harass while keeping Senna out of harm’s way. Her strong poke comes from her E and W combo; she can buff up her attacks and then use her point-and-click W attack to deal hefty damage. Nami can also use her E to empower Senna’s attacks, which can help Senna secure the final blow on a low-health target in skirmishes.

A great aspect of Nami’s W ability is that it also heals her — this allows her to take trades without being heavily punished, since if the enemy retaliates she can gain most of her health back. Nami can also use her W defensively and heal Senna to prevent her from being pushed out of lane.

Nami’s Q has plenty of playmaking potential and synergizes well with Senna’s own CC. Nami can use it to secure picks, prevent ganks, and even as an engage or disengage tool. Having the Q up also generates a lot of pressure — enemies will be forced to play safe to avoid getting caught out. 

Where Nami really shines though is her ability to turn the tide of the match. Literally. Her ultimate summons up a huge tidal wave AoE that knocks up any opponent it passes through. It’s incredibly powerful and can truly shift a teamfight in Senna’s favor or give her enough time to escape from an unfavorable situation.  

Despite her strengths, Nami is generally immobile and lacks escape tools. You’ll need to position carefully and avoid drawn-out trades. 

  • Strong early-level harass
  • Plenty of CC in her kit
  • Can keep Senna’s health bar topped up
  • Immobile and lacks escape tools 


Thresh - Best Support for Senna in LoL
Image: Riot Games via HGG

Thresh is renowned for being one of the most difficult champions in the game to master. After all, his whole kit is reliant on him hitting skillshots while making strategic plays. However, if you’re willing to master the ins and outs of this champion? He’s a formidable duo partner for Senna (despite the sheer irony, given their lore) and will have you gaining LP in no time.

Thresh dominates the lane not by poke, but by pure kill pressure. His hook and E knock up combo allows him to secure picks effortlessly, set up clean engages, or pull his target into Senna’s AA range (and CC). He can also use his E to knock the enemy away from Senna, giving her ample peel and protection if necessary. 

Thresh’s lantern is also versatile, with plenty of playmaking potential. He can use it to set up ganks, to save Senna from poor positioning, or as a shield to mitigate damage. He can also use it to “bluff” his way out of unfavorable situations — he can throw the lantern behind him to convince the enemy that the jungler is coming for a gank. Thresh’s ultimate, an AoE CC cage that traps enemies within his clutch, is also great for initiating fights or zoning off enemies. 

As a champion, Thresh is incredibly versatile and can work well in virtually any team comp. He can play more defensively or aggressively, depending on the game state, and can adapt his build based on his allies’ champions and what they require (e.g. more peel or a build geared towards getting picks). Thresh also scales well thanks to his passive, which synergizes with Senna’s own late-game scaling.

Thresh has great roaming pressure and can help multiple lanes get ahead. He is by far the easiest support to carry on once mastered. But as we mentioned above, expect to spend hours on end mastering his kit!

  • Unrivaled playmaking potential 
  • Easy to carry on 
  • Kit is jampacked with CC and utility 
  • Extremely hard to master 

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And that’s it for our list of the best support partners for Senna in LoL. Each champion brings something different to the table and helps Senna dominate the game, whether by securing picks for her or helping her land her CC and poke. Zyra, Nami, and Morgana are ideal options for players wanting to dish out the damage in lane, while Nautilus and Thresh are good options for players that excel at playmaking.

So, what do you think of our rankings? Do you agree with our choices or would you rank these champions differently? Let us know in the comments down below and feel free to suggest any other support champions that work well with ADC Senna. Make sure to also subscribe to our newsletter to hear about the latest gaming news.

Happy gaming!

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