The 8 Best Supports for Vayne in LoL (Season 14)

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The 8 Best Supports for Vayne in LoL (Season 14)

These supports will snowball Vayne into an unstoppable 1v5 monster!

When your ADC locks in Vayne, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Just like Yasuo, she’s one of those champions where players either go 10/0 and 1v5 every skirmish, or they go… 0/10 and leave you racking up your “Vaynespotting” points. That’s why it’s critical that you choose the best champion to support Vayne and keep your Vaynespotting score nice and low.

While there’s only so much you can do as a support, you can still greatly improve your Vayne’s odds at going 10/0 and hard carrying the game with her insane scaling, one-shotting damage, and killer outplay potential! All you need to do is pick a champion that allows her to survive long enough to unleash her full potential. 


Here are my top picks for the best supports for Vayne in LoL, season 14. I’ve technically ranked them from “worst” to best, though each champion is a great fit for Vayne in their own way. 

Let’s tumble right in!

#8 Janna

Janna isn’t the most exciting support out there, there’s no denying that. However, she is an incredible support when paired with Vayne, and she still has a whole lot to offer if you don’t care for flashy attacks or killer combos.

She has incredible poke during the early laning phase and also boasts one of the most tilt-inducing abilities in the game: a tornado that deals damage and knocks away enemies in its path. She can use the tornado for additional poke, as a disengage tool, or to prevent enemies from escaping Vayne’s clutch. Plus, Janna particularly excels at peeling and can even buff up Vayne’s movement speed, which will help her kite around targets. 

Janna also has some pretty solid shielding. While it’s not the strongest, it’s still going to help Vayne survive against all-ins if she’s ever caught out, and it comes with the added perk of buffing damage output as well. Her ultimate, a large AoE heal that knocks back nearby enemies, can be used both offensively and defensively to support Vayne in various scenarios. 

Janna is also fairly mobile thanks to her W ability. She can place deep wards with minimal risk, escape unfavorable situations, and roam to objectives quickly. However, she is more reliant on her teammates than other support champions. If your Vayne “Vaynes out” and goes 0/5,  it’ll be incredibly hard for Janna to carry the game to victory.

#7 Alistar

Vayne has a whole lot of attitude! So, why not pick a support that can match her feistiness? Alistar is a tanky support champion with plenty of utility at his disposal. He can protect Vayne during the laning phase by bearing the brunt of the poke, use his W as a disengage tool, and his stun to interrupt the enemy’s movements. 

And once his Vayne starts racking up the damage? He can hard engage on the enemy with his Q-W combo to help her secure kill after kill. What makes Alistar particularly great is that he can even use his W to knock the target directly into the wall — something that’ll allow Vayne to land her own stun and shred through the opponent’s health bar. 

Alistar is particularly strong in skirmishes (where Vayne will no doubt be spending the majority of her time); he can use his ultimate to disable crowd control effects — allowing him to be a reliable frontline with ease — and his passive also grants him some nifty sustain, which ensures he can survive long enough in fights to peel for his Vayne. 

Alistar’s kit is easy to pick up and offers plenty of playmaking potential. He can also pull off tower dives effortlessly. However, he is very dependent on his teammates following up his hard engages. It’s best to play Alistar if you’re duoing with a Vayne and can tell them exactly when you’re about to all in.

#6 Braum

Braum might not be the most popular champion — in fact, his pick rate is currently sitting at around 3% — but he is incredibly underrated and can work exceptionally well with Vayne. He can use his E, a shield that blocks incoming projectiles, to protect Vayne from harm’s way, and his W to grant additional resistances that can help her survive long enough to dish out killer blows. His W also functions as a dash, allowing him to reach Vayne’s side (and peel) no matter how far she pushes up. 

Plus, thanks to his passive and Q ability, Braum is a particularly strong pick against melee fighters, engage supports, and assassins — all champions that give Vayne a hard time. Braum’s ultimate is also incredibly versatile. He can use it to help Vayne secure picks, to turn a teamfight in his favor, or as a disengage tool. This allows him to play both offensively and defensively, depending on what his Vayne needs. 

A great (but often overlooked) aspect of Braum is that the chances of him being banned in champ select are close to none. Currently, his ban rate is around 0.4%, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to get him in every game. 

Despite his strengths, Braum is pretty vulnerable against ranged champions during laning phase, specifically poke supports like Zyra and Lux. If you are up against a ranged bot lane, you’ll want to position extremely carefully and punish them with your Q when they misuse their poke. 

#5 Karma 

Next up, Karma! This “lucky” champion is known for her aggressive, poke playstyle in the laning phase — something that can compensate for Vayne’s weak early game. And by that, I mean Karma can apply pressure and hinder the enemy’s own harass, allowing her Vayne to farm up without being punished or forced out of lane.

Karma can also use her Q ability to help Vayne push out waves quickly. This helps Vayne control the minion waves effortlessly and ensures she can always achieve a good back timing. 

What really makes Karma a top choice though — aside from her hefty damage — is her versatility. Each ability has two different forms, with a good mix of offensive and defensive attacks. This gives Karma plenty of playmaking potential. When used properly, she can dominate any fight and peel for Vayne better than most support champions. 

Karma’s E ability provides a shield that absorbs damage and buffs movement speed, which will enable Vayne to easily (and safely) chase down a target. Plus Karma’s W ability, which reveals enemy champions, means Vayne will never miss out on a kill due to an unwarded bush.

Karma’s shielding is significant and remains strong even in the late game. However, mastering her empowered abilities, and more importantly, when to use them, can be difficult and requires a fair bit of practice. 

#4 Soraka 

While Soraka doesn’t have hard CC, a strong engage, or hefty harass (except her level 1 banana, that is healthbar destroying), she is great at one thing in particular: keeping her carry alive and transforming them into a 1v5 unstoppable god. 

So, it should come as no surprise that Soraka works so well as a support with Vayne, who is already notorious for being a 1v5ing champion. Soraka can heal her throughout fights and ensure she literally never dies, no matter her opponent. Even if Vayne is against an all-in champion or hard counter, Soraka can completely ruin their attacks with her AoE silence. Plus, her Q, which slows enemies it hits, offers great peeling and ensures Vayne won’t be chased down by the opposing team’s frontline.

Soraka’s healing only gets stronger as the game progresses, which synergizes well with Vayne’s late-game scaling. Her passive also grants her bonus movement speed towards low-health allies, meaning she’ll usually be able to catch up (and save) Vayne if she ever gets caught out. 

To top it off? Soraka’s global healing ultimate applies heaps of pressure. She can use it to turn a teamfight around or to enable her team to stay longer on the map to secure objectives. And while Soraka doesn’t have any roaming potential, she can use her ultimate to assist other laners and help them get kills. 

To truly succeed on Soraka, you need good macro awareness as well as strong positioning — overextending will no doubt leave you looking at the gray screen of death! 

#3 Nami

Nami is a mage support with a kit that’s jampacked with utility, healing, and damage. In other words, she’s the full package! While she’s a strong support pick with most ADCs, Nami has the strongest synergy with hypercarries like Vayne. 

She can truly help Vayne unleash her full potential throughout all the stages of the match. In the early game, she can use her heal to ensure Vayne doesn’t get poked out and her stun to ward off the enemy’s advances. In the mid to late game, she can play offensively and use her stun to secure picks, her E to empower Vayne’s already lethal attacks, and her ultimate AoE to set up plays or dominate teamfights. Plus, Nami can slow the enemy while granting her allies movement speed, which will no doubt help Vayne kite around her enemies.

With proper positioning, Nami’s early harass is also incredibly strong. This is especially the case if she empowers her own attacks before taking a trade. And even if she misplays and attacks at a poor time, she won’t get punished as hard as other poke champions; she can use her W to heal herself back up and remain a viable threat in lane.

Nami has pretty good roaming potential thanks to her ultimate, but she does need to position carefully — she’s immobile and particularly vulnerable to CC. 

#2 Milio 

Yep, it should come as no surprise that Milio is featured as a top pick on this list. Since his release, he’s consistently remained as one of the best support champions in LoL, even despite a range of nerfs, adjustments, and item changes. He particularly shines when he has a Vayne by his side. 

When played correctly, Milio can peel Vayne to the point where she becomes practically impossible to kill. He can heal her, shield her, buff her movement speed, and even increase her attack range. Even if his Vayne isn’t paying attention and gets caught out, he can CC the enemy with his knock back and hefty slow, giving Vayne more than enough time to escape the situation. 

Another great aspect of Milio is that he can use his abilities on allies without having to be in close proximity to them. His heal, for example, follows his chosen ally around. This allows him to protect his ADC without putting his own life at risk.

Milio’s ultimate is also the best disengage tool in the game. If he times it properly, he can remove any CC effects and thwart all-in attempts. It’s also an AoE, meaning he can use it to protect his whole team.

#1 Lulu 

When a support locks in Lulu, you can almost hear Vayne mains breathe a sigh of relief! And it’s for good reason: Lulu is by far the best support for Vayne in LoL. Every ability is designed to keep Vayne alive and help her get kill after kill; her Q slows, her W transforms enemies into useless critters (or buffs up Vayne’s attack speed), and her E provides hefty shielding and vision on targets. 

Lulu is also incredibly strong in laning phase, especially once she hits her level 3 powerspike. She can utterly obliterate health bars with her poke and allow Vayne to farm safely or even secure an early kill if the enemy mispositions.

Due to her flexibility and utility, Lulu can fit into a wide range of team comps and effectively peel Vayne against an even wider range of playstyles. Her ultimate, which grants bonus health and knocks up any nearby enemies, is also a total gamechanger. She can use it to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning or to keep Vayne alive during close skirmishes. 

Lulu is ideal for beginners since virtually every ability is a point and click. However, like most enchanter supports, she is incredibly squishy and will get caught out easily if you position poorly. Avoid taking extended trades and always be conscious of your movements. 

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