The 20 Best League of Legends Skins in 2024

Marvel at these jawdropping LoL skins!

Although every League of Legends player has a list of their top favorite skins, the best League of Legends skins are those that look incredible in and outside of Summoners Rift. Some skins look and feel more awkward than others, while others are more smooth, stylish, and effortless. When choosing the best skins, it’s easy to pick the skins of our favorite champions and forget about the rest.

In this article, I will be listing the top twenty best skins in League of Legends. My skin list will cover a variety of different champions, and will include many popular skins as well as some Prestige skins.

I’ll start from the bottom and work my way to the best League of Legends skins in 2024 overall.

Let’s dive in!

#20 Sentinel Diana

The Sentinel line brought forth some new and breathtaking designs for champions like Diana and Vayne that fit their heroic and ruthless characters perfectly. This image of her boldly looking into the distance with her beautifully designed crescent moon blade is stunning. 

There are many skins in League of Legends that feature the champion well, but fail to highlight their signature weapon in the skin. This skin not only showcases her moonblade, but also her distinct silver armor, and face markings. 

Her softer complexion, mixed with her fierce pose and blade make her look like an assassin and a goddess. There are very few skins in League that bring all the traits of a character together perfectly, and this is definitely one of those skins. 

#19 Psyops Sona

The Psyops line also did not disappoint. It introduced sharp new skins for some of the most popular champs in the game, including Ezreal, Kayle, Zed, and Sona. Psyops Sona takes Legendary skins to the next level. 

This skin reveals a vengeful, powerful, merciless side to Sona that makes her look like more of a threat, and less like a squishy and graceful songstress. Her flowing pink hair and her intense facial expression make this skin truly magnificent. 

The vibrant pastel colors layered throughout this skin give it a techno and futuristic look that really brings everything together. The skin’s appearance is also just as dazzling on the rift as it is in its splash art. This is a skin that makes Sona look like a true champion.

#18 Debonair Leona

The electric green color that the Debonair line uses in its skins is incredibly slick, and simply stunning. This specific skin adds flair and glamor to Leona’s robust and tanky character in the best way possible. Her sword and her shield are also majestically displayed, intricately designed, and match her polished green and white suit perfectly. 

Debonair Leona’s bold and beautiful facial features give her the warrior, and heroine look. Her platinum blonde hair, and her green hair piece are the flawless finishing touches that tie the skin together. This majestic, strong, and feminine design embodies Leona’s character in a very unique and accurate way. 

#17 Pulsefire Caitlyn

Although this Legendary skin is almost five years old, it looks just as incredible as it did when it first came out. The time-traveler design of this skin is truly impressive, and simply elegant in and outside of the rift. Caitlyn went from being one of the most outdated champions to one of the most transformed champions after most of her skins received a refresh. 

This specific skin gives her a futuristic, gun goddess look that no other champion have been able to match. Her gun is the absolute highlight of this skin, and looks even more spectacular in game. This skin is extremely smooth and fun to play with in game. 

The bonus effects that it comes with such as new taunts, ability sounds, and recall make it even more epic. Her beautifully designed armor, and her intense, piercing white eyes make it clear that she is ready to dominate the rift.

#16 Solar Eclipse Sivir

This Sivir skin is absolutely breathtaking in every way, and gives Sivir a much needed update. In this splash art and especially in game, she looks like the queen of assassins. Her fiery jeweled crossblade is magnificently depicted in the splash art, and emphasized even more in game. The eye-catching glow in her crossblade and her maroon armor is sharp and simply stunning.

 Her fearless expression and her regal red hair flawlessly accent her weapon, armor, and aggressive mid-movement pose. This skin is the crowning jewel of the Solar Eclipse line.

#15 Sentinel Vayne

Not very many champions can execute their enemies with style like Vayne, however very few of her skins make her truly standout. This skin makes her the spotlight of the rift, and the most savage Sentinel. 

Although she is standing in the shadows, her wrist-mounted crossbow and her larger relic crossbow are excellently portrayed and emphasized by the light that is hitting them. Her black and white armor and her maroon robe are nothing short of elegant. 

Vayne’s iconic red glasses, stylish hairstyle, and intense expression perfectly compliment her ruthless and righteous character. This skin takes its splash art and flawlessly translates it into the rift to create smooth and effortless movement. Be ready to shred tanks with even more flair than before.

#14 Spirit Blossom Ahri

The Spirit Blossom skins have a serene and dazzling charm to them that is so unique and graceful. It is one of the few skins that looks even better in game. This skin takes Ahri’s magical, vastayan connection to nature and amplifies it to the max.  

The bright pink and blue colors that make up the forest oasis background and Ahri herself create an enchanting, woodland feel. Her flowing pink hair mixed with her ornate and revealing kimono give her a delicate and captivating look that perfectly fits her alluring, predatory nature. Her graceful pose and her beautiful blue tails complete her agile and glamorous look. It is the best skin that League has created for Ahri by far. 

#13 Hextech Kassadin

The Hextech skins are some of the rarest in the game, and it’s easy to see why. The attention to detail that is used for each skin is magnificent, and the advanced technological theme is exquisitely executed. 

Kassadin is the perfect Hextech candidate. This skin highlights his arcane and technological origins beautifully. His glowing blue nether blade and shoulder crystals are the eye-catching features that make this skin truly Hextech.

His intricately designed helmet and robe give him a bit of a flashy, Debonair flair that makes him look refined and lethal at the same time. The best part about this skin is its majestic appearance in game. It gives Kassadin’s abilities a vibrant and explosive new look that is perfect for this skin, and his character.

Fun Fact: Kai’ sa is Kassadin’s long lost daughter!

#12 Project Mordekaiser

Out of all the Project skins, Project Mordekaiser is by far the most impressive outside, and inside of the rift. The neon red and black armor is so sharp, and underlines Mordekaiser’s raw power excellently. It has jaw-dropping special effects in game, and it has a very polished look and feel to it. 

There is so much detail in his armor, especially in the abdominal area and the head. Everything about this skin exudes utter domination and control. It encapsulates Mordekaiser’s evil, bloodthirsty, warlord character with just enough glamor, and a whole lot of brawn.

#11 Battle Bunny Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune didn’t have many skins to brag about until the new Battle Bunny skin line was released. Although her Gun Goddess skin boasts a gorgeous splash art, it looks and feels rather clunky in game. This skin on the other hand is extremely smooth in game, charming, and gives Sarah Fortune fans the fun and feisty gun goddess skin they have been waiting for. 

This skin feels effortless and looks spectacular in game. The neon yellow and purple colors on her bunny suit are crisp and accent her suit extremely well. This skin gives her a polished, saucy look that easily outshines all of her other skins. The only thing better than the look of this skin is the sassy bunny strut it gives Miss Fortune in game.

#10 Coven Evelynn

Few champions are more merciless and sinister than Evelynn. This skin takes Evelynn’s twisted and maniacal side and turns it into something elegant and dramatic. The Coven line is dark, ominous, and each skin is filled with insane detail. This skin is especially extravagant. 

This skin turns her split dagger tails into two menacing serpent-like creatures that are wrapped around her like a cloak. The design of these creatures, and her slender and seductive bodysuit is absolutely stunning in and out of game. This skin makes Evelynn look like more of an all-powerful queen as opposed to a mischievous demon. Out of all the Coven skins, Coven Evelynn reigns supreme. 

#9 Lunar and Solar Eclipse Leona

solar eclipse leona
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)
lunar eclipse leona
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)

The Lunar and Solar Eclipse line would not be complete without Leona. Leona has some truly incredible skins, including the legendary High Noon Leona skin that was just released. These skins are easily some of the best in the entire game because of how well they enhance Leona’s armor, figure, sword, and shield. 

The attention to detail that was put into these skins is absolutely amazing. In these skins, she is the ultimate warrior heroine. She majestically glows with the power of the moon and sun, and it shows through her halo, and sword. 

Both of these skins are so dazzling in game. Although they may appear bulky at first, they feel so effortless and look so regal. Her showy recall, and her explosive ult make both of these skins truly spectacular. 

#8 Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan

star guardian xayah
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)
star guardian rakan
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)

These star-crossed lovers look their absolute best in this romantic, radiant skin. The Star Guardian skins are known for their shiny neon colors and cosmic theme. While many of them are skillfully and beautifully designed, none of them are as sleek and intricate as this one.   

Their intimate pose together in this skin, coupled with their vibrant purple and green colors and dramatic gaze is simply breathtaking. Their dazzling joint recall, special interactions with other Star Guardian champions, and colorfully enhanced abilities make this skin truly exceptional.

#7 God King Garen

This elaborate skin takes a relatively simple and almost boring champion, and turns him into the god carry you want on your team. Like many champions, Garen has many outdated and cartoony skins that just don’t fit him anymore. This skin gives him the respect and style that the heart and sword of Demacia deserves. 

His highly detailed armor, and majestic lion companion are by far the coolest aspects of this skin. His glowing white eyes, ornate crown, and flowing white cape also stand out and give him that powerful and impressive god king look. 

This skin is ridiculously good looking in game as well. His fancy recall, upgraded abilities, and taunts that feature him playing with his lion are stupid fun and satisfying. For how robust his armor is, this skin is extremely smooth and an overall pleasure to play with. 

Fun fact: Garen is Lux’s older brother. See the resemblance?

#6 Elementalist Lux

When this skin was released in 2019, it was a pretty big deal. It is still one of the most highly sought after skins, and for good reason. Lux’s seamless and enchanting transformations in game with this skin are what makes it so special. This skin has a total of ten different forms that are all unique, and a ton of fun to unlock and use. 

As one of the most popular champions in the game, it’s only natural that Lux would get one of the best skins ever to be released. It’s incredibly creative, beyond gorgeous in and out of game, and a complete blast to play with. This skin makes Lux look like an absolute god queen.  Elementalist Lux is a skin that will most likely never leave the top ten best skin list.

#5 Dawnbringer and Nightbringer Soraka

dawnbringer soraka
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)
nightbringer soraka
Riot Games (Khada model viewer)

The healer and savior of the rift is definitely deserving of some of the most amazing skins in the game. It is incredible how the splash art of these skins so accurately and clearly travels over to the rift. These skins take extravagance and attention to detail to a whole new level. 

The contrast between Soraka’s blue and red form, and the dark backgrounds is just exquisite. Every detail is brought out beautifully, especially the details in her face, endlessly flowing hair, and intricate shoulder pieces. She is the epitome of divinity and grace in both of these lavish skins. 

#4 Prestige Nightbringer Kayn

When you are looking at the best League of Legends skins, it’s impossible to ignore the Prestige skins. These are some of the most immaculate, breathtaking, and silky smooth skins ever made, which is why they carry such a high price tag.

Prestige Nightbringer Kayn was a relatively recent addition to the Prestige line, and it does not disappoint. The best part about this skin is Kayn’s incredibly designed blue and red forms, which are even more glorious in game.  

He has a striking, golden glow, and a savage, maniacal expression. His darkin weapon brilliantly gleams in the background, and there is an incredible amount of detail in his torso and arms. It takes Kayn and turns him into the best possible version of himself.

#3 Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah

Xayah is just as deadly as she is beautiful, and one of the most unique ADCs in the game. There is no other vastaya quite like her in the game, other than her lover Rakan. This skin gives her the fabulous and prestigious flair that she deserves.

The blue, red, and gold color scheme is so sharp and mesmerizing. Xayah’s fiery orange eyes and her silver hair give her the gorgeous and edgy look that she is known for. Her sharp and gold feathers are the best part about this skin when it is in game, and are especially amazing when she performs her ult.

#2 Prestige Battle Queen Diana 

If there was ever a champion deserving of the title, “queen”, it is Diana. This skin is absolutely outstanding. It takes Diana’s majestic beauty and her deadly assassin background and turns it into something completely breathtaking. Her long silver hair, and golden crown especially stand out, as well as her strong grip on her golden moonblade. 

The pink accent in Diana’s white and gold armor makes the skin pop in and out of game even more. Her intricately designed armor is very flattering to her slender figure, and gives her a regal and lethal touch. 

In game, this skin shines even more. Every ability is crisp, and extremely satisfying to use on jungle camps, and champions. Only a couple other prestige skins portray a champion as accurately and beautifully as this one.

#1 Prestige Project Zed

This glorious skin is by far the best skin in the game. Zed, the ultimate assassin, is taken to the very peak of excellence with this electrifying, fully loaded skin. Zed’s original Project skin was underwhelming in design, and rather boring in game; however this skin takes it to an entirely new and jaw-dropping level. 

This skin is easily the most well executed skin in the game. Zed’s recall and taunts are especially impressive because they reveal the intricacies of his armor even more. Zed already has one of the most satisfying ults in the game, and this skin just magnifies it even more so with its show-stopping presentation. It is the most incredible skin that League of Legends has made so far.

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