Veigar might be the smallest Yordle out there, but he definitely has the largest personality. After all, he’s a tyrannical ruler hellbent on destroying the known universe (and everyone within it). Naturally, a ruler as fearsome as Veigar deserves to have the best menacing look in League of Legends.

But Veigar’s base model doesn’t exactly…convey his inner persona. It’s lackluster, dull, and has a generic “wizard” look. Luckily, Riot has blessed us with plenty of skins that give Veigar a total glow up. That’s why today, we’re ranking all of Veigar’s skins from worst to best right below! We’ll be considering factors such as the overall design, sound effects, animations, splash art, and price tag. 

Let’s get started!


Baron Von Veigar

Baron Von Veigar
Image: Riot Games

This skin transforms Veigar into a small but mighty viking. While this sounds amazing, the actual in-game model feels underwhelming. It doesn’t suit Veigar, the colors are lackluster, and there’s nothing that stands out about it. Plus, the warrior vibe doesn’t really gel well with Veigar’s magical base animations. But it does give Veigar a totally unique look, and I can’t deny that it’s an interesting concept.


White Mage Veigar

White Mage Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

White Mage Veigar is one of the oldest skins in the game. While it doesn’t show its age as much as other old skins — yes, I’m calling out the likes of Rusty Blitzcrank and Nightmare Cho’Gath — it still isn’t anything particularly special. It essentially just gives Veigar a red and white chroma. The colors are nice and vibrant, but they don’t exactly fit Veigar’s “master of evil” persona. 

With that said, this skin is only 390 RP. So, it’s definitely an option if you’re on a budget and want to have at least one skin for Veigar in LoL without breaking the bank.


Superb Villain Veigar 

Superb Villain skin
Image: Riot Games

I have mixed feelings about Superb Villain Veigar. On the one hand, I love the whacky mustache, demonic cane, and killer facial expression. But on the other hand, I’m not a fan of the purple outfit. It just makes Veigar look like a budget version of Willy Wonka rather than a superb villain. Nevertheless, the base animations do suit this skin surprisingly well.


Curling Veigar 

Curling skin
Image: Riot Games

This skin adopts a pretty questionable thematic. I really can’t fathom how the tiny master of evil ended up with a curling broom. But to be honest, I’m here for it. The skin is equal parts goofy and adorable, and the colors are easy on the eye. 


Veigar Greybeard

Veigar Greybeard
Image: Riot Games

If you’re a hardcore Lord of the Rings fan, you’ll absolutely love this skin. It’s literally Veigar in a Gandalf cosplay. It has the iconic hat, white beard, wooden staff, gray cloak, the lot. The splash even features Gandalf — ahem, Veigar — riding an eagle. You don’t get any new sound effects or animations, but honestly, this skin’s design alone is worth the buck. 

So yep, pick up this skin if you want to shout, “You shall not pass!” while throwing out your stun cage. 


Leprechaun Veigar 

Leprechaun Skin
Image: Riot Games

Like its name suggests, this skin transforms Veigar into a happy-go-lucky Leprechaun. He wields a four-leaf clover staff, rocks a dapper green top hat, and shoots out rainbows. 

Overall, the design is comedy gold, especially when you consider the irony of how “unlucky” Veigar actually is! Plus, it’s insanely good value for the price — you get new animations and particle effects for only 520 RP. 

Notably, this skin is also considered the best competitive skin for Veigar due to its E animation being much harder to clearly spot than his other skins. While the difference it makes is minute, being able to delay the enemy’s reaction to your abilities by even a fourth of a second can make a difference.


Bad Santa Veigar

Bad Santa skin
Image: Riot Games

Feeling festive? The Bad Santa Veigar skin has got you covered. It turns Veigar into Santa, with the classic red and white robe, hat, and long beard. Even his staff has been swapped out for a tasty-looking candy cane. The colors aren’t too bright or garish, and actually complement Veigar’s character model well. 

Where this skin really shines though is in the animation department. Each ability has been given a festive glow up. His Q throws out Christmas trees, his ult is now a giant present, and the recall is literally Veigar diving down a chimney. Cue “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” music.


Monster Tamer Veigar

Monster Tamer Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

This is the newest skin in Veigar’s line, and there’s a lot to love about it. It basically lets you roam the Summoner’s Rift as a gothic Pokémon Trainer. You have a ghostly sidekick that aids you in battle, and as you can imagine, there’s a whole load of skulls, eerie vibes, and dark purple hues. 

The animations are equally neat. In particular, the R ability feels extremely impactful and suits Veigar’s mage-like attack style. My only issue with this skin is the sound effects. While they’re unique, they can get quite grating after a while. I also feel they aren’t very distinct. All in all though, this is a small gripe considering the amount of value this skin offers. 


Astronaut Veigar

Astronaut Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

This Veigar skin is out of this world. Literally — it gives Veigar a space-themed makeover and turns him into an actual astronaut. 

Personally, I love practically every aspect of this skin. The character model is downright adorable with a subtle “space groove” feel, and I also like how the alien antenna bobs as Veigar walks. Plus, the animations are eyecatching and packed with sci-fi inspiration. Your stun wall even consists of little aliens riding spaceships!


Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar

Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

Just like Astronaut Veigar, Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar is a cute skin designed to melt your heart (while you melt your enemies’ faces with an hyper-stacked Q). However, there is one key difference — Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar also throws some humor into the mix. The result? A lovable, goofy skin that never gets tiring, no matter how many times you equip it.

It basically stuffs Veigar in an oversized furyhorn onesie, and lets him whack his enemies to death with the almighty golden spatula. The animations are slick, clean, and complemented by catchy sound effects. 

Obviously the cute theme won’t suit everyone’s tastes, but there’s plenty of other badass Veigar skins coming up, so stay tuned.


Omega Squad Veigar

Omega Squad Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

First things first: Omega Squad Veigar has the best splash art out of all of Veigar’s skins. The action pose, the backdrop, the battle-hardened gear — it’s a total masterpiece. 

And when you load into the game? You’re met with a character model that’s just as impressive. The design makes him look like a true survivor of the apocalypse, and his staff has been ditched for a cyberpunk-style gun. Every element works well and nothing feels out of place. Plus, the animations are a visual treat, allowing you to shoot down your enemies, throw bombs, and trap them within electric forcefields. 

To top it all off, the recall looks like a scene from a comedy sketch. It’s pretty much impossible to stay tilted when you watch it. 


Elderwood Veigar

Elderwood Veigar skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

Elderwood Veigar is the stuff of nightmares, and I’m here for it. The skin truly honors Veigar’s evil personality, transforming him into a tyrannical mushroom ruler with giant claws, an eerie staff, and hellish eyes. 

The animations further help immerse you in Veigar’s darkness. They’re packed with thorns, deathly flowers, and ghoulish butterflies, and the ultimate truly feels like an end-game battle boss move. Plus, the sound effects are insanely slick. 


Final Boss Veigar 

Final Boss Veigar - Best Veigar Skin in LoL
Image: Riot Games

Final Boss is unquestionably the most expensive skin for Veigar in LoL, but it’s definitely worth the price tag. This skin lets Veigar live out his one and only dream — being the most badass villain out there (think Thanos level).

Every element of the character model makes Veigar look ultra powerful, from the flowing cape to the glowing green eyes. The skin line’s “arcade” thematic has also been incorporated beautifully, with neat touches like retro sounds, 8-bit particle effects, and hilarious pixel art emotes. 

But what really sets this skin apart from the rest featured on this list? It’s the unique voice lines. Just check out a few of these classics, and you’ll understand what I mean:

  • “This isn’t even my final form!”
  • “Your entire life has been a mathematical error!”
  • “Mini…boss? Is that a short joke?!”

Honestly, the Rioter that came up with these voice lines deserves a raise. They’re hilarious, unforgettable, and sure to help you stay untiltable.

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