League of Legends: Best Supports for Twitch (2024)

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League of Legends: Best Supports for Twitch (2024)

Twitch is all about the late game. Pick a support that can help him survive that long.

Twitch is the kind of ADC that wants to survive until late game and then hit a massive power spike. To put it simply, he’s the most traditional ADC out there. What that means for his support, though, is that they might have to work hard to keep him alive. Especially against really aggressive duos, a powerful defensive support is essential for Twitch to succeed. Here are 5 supports that are perfect for helping Twitch reach his full potential!

I’ve ranked the supports for “worst” to best, though each champion is a great fit for Twitch in their own way.

#5 Seraphine

Seraphine is one of the better all-round supports right now. Each of her abilities are simple to understand and offer generic support benefits (healing, shielding, move speed, etc.), and they’re all very easy to use as well. The reason this is strong for Twitch is that it synergizes really well with his late game builds (just by keeping him alive), but it is a little less powerful early. If you play Seraphine with Twitch, be aware that you’ll need to play more passively early until Twitch can scale.

I feel like these days it’s more common to see Seraphine as the carry, but she’s still a great support. When I play Twitch, I want a support that doesn’t try and constantly start fights that I can’t win. Seraphine is perfect for applying some pressure to prevent you from getting ran over, but she isn’t the kind of support that needs to push for fights herself, which makes her perfect.

#4 Janna

Janna has always been known as one of the best supports for ADCs that are really focused on the late game. Twitch fits this role to perfection. There have been many great Janna-based duos over the years in bot lane (my favorite is Janna/Kog’Maw ), but Twitch is one of the strongest at the moment. Since Twitch has such little HP and no way to escape ganks, Janna’s shielding (E-ability) is perfect. And of course, her tornado (Q) is always good for applying pressure and crowd control. Those tornadoes can hit anyone since they’re so hard to predict.

One of the main things that deters me from playing Twitch is seeing an aggressive duo when my support just locked in something like Blitzcrank. For as great as he is, it’s just not what you want with Twitch (most of the time). Janna is an absolute blessing for Twitch, so whenever I see someone lock her in, I usually take that opportunity. You don’t get too many opportunities to play these kinds of duos, so it’s worth doing when possible. You still have to watch out for ganks since Janna is still limited, but she’ll save you from most situations.

#3 Braum

Braum is a great support at the moment, so he’s a pretty easy inclusion on this list. He’s another one of those supports that you can put with anyone and it’ll usually work out well. With Twitch, Braum’s main role is to block skill shots and apply enough pressure that enemies can’t afford to push. That allows Twitch to keep farming and try to scale as fast as possible, but doesn’t leave him vulnerable.

Even though Braum is a top meta support, it’s still best to try and pick him against the right duos. Braum’s shield (E-ability) blocks projectile shots which many ADCs and supports have, and he’s also very good at stopping aggressive duo attacks. His ultimate is all you need sometimes to shut down even an all-in Xayah/Rakan combo. Those are the kinds of attacks that Twitch is entirely weak to, so having a support like Braum is infinitely helpful against those kinds of duos.

#2 Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is always a support I’m happy to see when I’m playing Twitch. She’s probably the best aggressive support for him, since her aggressive abilities come with defensive bonuses as well. Most notably is her W-ability (Bailout). Bailout targets a teammate, giving them attack speed and movement speed bonuses for a short time. But in addition to that, you’ll get another bonus if you die during its duration. After dying with Bailout active, the Champion gets their full health bar back, but it decays in a matter of just 3 seconds. If you get a kill while decaying, your health returns and you stay alive. Otherwise, you don’t.

Since Renata Glasc is able to give an offensive boost that also helps keep Twitch alive, it’s perfect for both his early and late game. Late game this ability is insanely powerful since Twitch is usually able to guarantee at least one or two kills with ultimate, so this helps counter assassin plays against him. Then there’s the rest of Renata Glasc’s abilities, which are a combination of damaging abilities with some crowd control (Q and E) and one of the most unique ultimates in the game. It causes enemies to go “berserk” and attack their own allies, which is always interesting to watch play out.

#1 Maokai

It’s no secret how strong Maokai is right now as a support, and luckily his style can work with pretty much anyone. That being said, right now he’s easily the best support for Twitch. Since he’s a tanky support that excels at annoying enemies and crowd control, there isn’t much complicated going on here. I love Maokai because he can do anything he wants in lane and his ADC can just react however they want. He has enough health to get close to enemies and poke them without being in too much danger, especially once his ultimate is ready. It’s the best support ultimate for gaining complete control over lane since is covers the entire thing, so there’s no reason not to use it.

Another reason to use Maokai that many people don’t think about is his E-ability (Sapling Toss). Those annoying little Saplings are almost as annoying as Teemo mushrooms since they’re usually hidden and do a decent amount of damage. It prevents enemies from getting too close to bushes they don’t have vision of, because they know there’s almost definitely a Sapling in there. When someone gets hit by one, that’s a perfect opportunity for Twitch to use his invisibility (Q-ability) and get some free kills.

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