Best Skarner Skins in LoL (2024)

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Best Skarner Skins in LoL (2024)

These are the best Skarner skins since his rework!

After years, and I mean years, of players begging Riot to show Skarner some love and give his dust-covered kit a sparkly new glow up, it finally happened. The new Skarner update went live back in patch 14.7.

And so far? I’m absolutely loving the new Skarner! While Riot is still tweaking his kit, his playstyle is a lot more fun and versatile. It finally feels like he can have an impactful role in games. Plus, there’s more room for skill expression. 

The only downside is… His new character model somehow looks worse than his original character model. It’s dull and doesn’t really give him that kickass look I — and many LoL players, for that matter — were hoping for. 

But fortunately for us, Skarner does have some pretty neat skins that give him the badass look he truly deserves! 

I’ve ranked his skins below from good to great!

#5 Sandscourge Skarner

  • Release Date: August 9, 2011
  • Cost: 975 RP

Want to scorch your enemies and burn their LP to smithereens? Then you can’t go wrong with Sandscourge Skarner — it quite literally turns him into a fiery demonic creature. His body is now made of bold reds, yellows, and oranges, and his attack animations are imbued with flames. 

Sandscourge Skarner is a badass skin overall. However, I sadly can’t put it any higher than the 5th spot. I’m just personally a bit bored of fire-themed skins. I mean, there are literally dozens of skins in League that incorporate fire in some way.

#4 Earthrune Skarner

  • Release Date: August 9, 2011
  • Cost: 520 RP

Earthrune Skarner kind of has a Hextech feel to it without the Hextech price tag. That already makes it a decent skin in my books. However, I also seriously love how it feels like a more polished, “evolved” version of his base model. Plus, the character model isn’t too distracting, so it’s perfect for competitive play.

#3 Guardians of the Sands Skarner

  • Release Date: April 26, 2015
  • Cost: 975 RP

Okay. While we’re on the evolution topic… I can safely say that Guardians of the Sands Skarner is the evolution of Earthrune Skarner. It takes the polished look up a notch and gives Skarner a majestic (yet still badass) appearance. He’s now bedazzled in ancient jewels, rocking gold armor, and has a Pharaoh-inspired headpiece. The color scheme complements him insanely well too. 

It is slightly pricier at 975 RP. However, this price difference is definitely worth it if you want the “final form” vibe. 

#2 Cosmic Sting Skarner

  • Release Date: November 24, 2020
  • Cost: 1350 RP

Truth be told, I expected this skin to be a flop. I just felt like an intergalactic, futuristic theme wouldn’t quite fit a prehistoric scorpion. But hey, I’m glad Riot proved me wrong!

The character model gives Skarner this godly, ethereal feel, and the attack animations are packed with celestial goodness. Plus, I really love how creative and fitting the recall is — it essentially transforms Skarner into the Scorpius constellation.

#1 Battlecast Alpha Skarner

  • Release Date: November 25, 2014
  • Cost: 1820 RP

Battlecast Alpha Skarner used to be an underwhelming legendary skin, but since the rework, it is now his best skin by far! It transforms him into a badass torture machine — his claws are now serrated chainsaws, his scorpion tail is made up of daggers, and his new face is downright nightmare-inducing. 

The attack animations are also incredibly dark and gritty, with each animation having a bloodied, hellish feel. 

In short? Battlecast Alpha Skarner is truly the one skin that makes you feel like you can slay any enemy that comes your way. And for that reason, it deserves the top spot.

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