League of Legends: Best Supports for Ashe in Season 14

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League of Legends: Best Supports for Ashe in Season 14

Become Ashe's ultimate sidekick with one of these support champions!

Ashe may be one of the oldest champions in the game, but that doesn’t mean she can’t pack a punch! She’s blessed with long-ranged poke, hard-hitting auto attacks, and plenty of gamechanging utility. 

That said, she does have a few weaknesses that can leave her vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks. As a support main, it’s vital you pick a champion that synergizes well with Ashe and can cover for her weaknesses. This will allow you both to thrive in the laning phase and effortlessly snowball your team to victory. 

Let’s dive into the best supports for Ashe in Season 14 below!

#5 Lulu

Lulu is famous for being one of the few support champions who can pair well with practically any champion, and Ashe is no exception! In fact, the synergy with Ashe is particularly strong. 

This is primarily because she can empower Ashe’s already powerful harass with her W ability. When used on an ally, her W buffs up their attack speed and movement speed. 

She can also use her E to shield Ashe, allowing her to play aggressively without fearing the opponent’s retaliation.

Lulu’s W isn’t just useful for empowering Ashe’s attacks though — it can even be used to hinder the enemy’s engages. When she casts it on an enemy, it transforms them into a critter and prevents them from using their attacks. This allows Ashe to stay safe from ganks, assassins, and other threats throughout the game.

Another reason why I feel Lulu pairs so well with Ashe is because of her ultimate. It’s a point-and-click ability that buffs up Ashe significantly while knocking up any nearby enemies and slowing them. This ultimate gives Ashe the means to dominate teamfights in the later stages of the game. It also allows her to chase down low-health targets with ease and further snowball her lead.

While Lulu has many strengths, she is extremely vulnerable to CC. Be careful when positioning and avoid pathing into the fog of war without a team to back you up.

#4 Seraphine

Seraphine may look like she belongs in a Disney film, but she’s definitely the definition of appearances can be deceiving: She’s a hard-hitting support who makes a formidable sidekick for Ashe. 

Seraphine can complement Ashe’s harass with her Q and E poke abilities and slow enemies down to keep them within her auto-attack range. She can also use her shielding to keep her ADC’s health sustained in drawn-out fights, which Ashe commonly participates in.

Seraphine also has plenty of CC in her kit thanks to her ultimate. This CC is incredibly useful for Ashe, as she can chain it with her stun arrow and secure kill after kill. 

What’s more, Seraphine scales exceptionally well. This allows her to effortlessly keep up with Ashe in the later stages of the game, who is just as much of a late-game powerhouse. In the late game, practically no duo can compete against the pair in my experience, especially if they’ve got several kills under their belts. 

Be mindful that Seraphine does lack an escape tool and dashes. She’s best suited to players who are confident at dodging skillshots (or are willing to put the time and energy into brushing up their mechanics).

#3 Nautilus

Nautilus doesn’t offer buffs or healthbar destroying harass. However, what he does offer is some of the best CC in the whole game. And when paired with Ashe’s ability to endlessly slow her targets? Practically no enemy can escape their clutch (or win against them).

He can hook targets into Ashe’s auto-attack range, slow nearby enemies with his E, and root them with his passive. His ultimate also provides inescapable, long-ranged CC, which he can time with Ashe’s own ultimate for the perfect wombo combo. 

Nautilus is also exceptionally tanky, meaning he can bear the brunt of the enemy’s attacks and allow Ashe to dish out as much damage as possible. 

Nautilus does struggle against ranged champions in the early game, as he can often be poked down before he can land a solid hook. Make sure to use your hook wisely — be mindful of which spells your opponents have up and play around the minion waves. 

#2 Braum

Braum hails from the same land as Ashe, so you can bet that these champions have an unbreakable bond! 

Braum synergizes insanely well with Ashe because he can easily lock down her targets while keeping her safe. He can use his stun passive repeatedly in fights to keep them in her range, negate hard-hitting projectiles with his shield, and dash to her side if she’s ever caught out of position. He can even throw out his Q to hinder the enemy’s engages, making up for Ashe’s immobility and lack of escape tool.

To top it off, his ultimate is extremely powerful and offers a reliable form of CC, which any ADC (including Ashe) can appreciate. He can also adapt to a whole range of team comps and hard counters both assassins and melee champions. 

Braum is rarely ever banned in competitive play, so he’s also a great champion to pick up if you’re interested in one tricking. However, he is very reliant on his teammates, so he’s best suited to duo queue rather than solo queue. 

#1 Milio

Milio, in my opinion, is currently the best support you can pair with Ashe. The reason? Ashe’s playstyle is heavily reliant on kiting, and practically every single ability in Milio’s kit is designed to make kiting a whole lot easier. He can increase his ADC’s attack range, empower their auto-attacks with his passive, and even grant them phenomenal movement speed with his E ability. 

Not only that, but his kit is also jampacked with everything Ashe would possibly need to stay alive long enough to land the killing blow. He can shield, heal, and disable crowd control effects with his ultimate. He can even disrupt engages with a well-timed Q.

Milio’s abilities do have long cooldowns, so you need to make sure you don’t misuse them. However, his kit is fairly simple to master once you get to grips with things in my experience.

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