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15 Best League of Legends Streamers

League of Legends has the kind of staying power that publishers, developers, and gamers usually only dream of. It’s been so successful that up until recently, it was the only product released by Riot Games. Even their new titles, VALORANT and Legends of Runeterra, can’t quite shake the MOBAs influence, with one adapting the free-to-play model and the other taking place within the LOL universe. 

One of LOL’s biggest accomplishments since its launch is its role in propelling eSports into the public eye. Much of this had to do with how it seamlessly connected with audiences on emerging streaming networks like Twitch. But of course, it wasn’t just the game, but the many streamers that decided to turn LOL into a professional career. 

The 15 Best LOL Streamers in 2022

League has been around for almost twelve years, and many people have found themselves streaming the game. But who’s worth watching? Who are the best League of Legends streamers out there in 2022? 

To help you learn from the best, we’ve compiled the top 15 LOL streamers around. Let’s dive in.

1. Tyler1

The best League of Legends streamer on Twitch overall

Tyler1 - #1 Best League of Legends Streamers
Image Credit: Colin Young-Wolff / Riot Games

Tyler Steinkamp’s history with League is just as much about his onscreen redemption as it is his excellent gameplay. He originally built his persona around being “The Most Toxic Player NA” and leaned into yelling and raging against his opponents. 

Now known as “The Most Reformed Player NA” after having his ban by Riot lifted, you can expect the same wild antics and hilarious raging, but with a far less toxic tone. He’s one of the most entertaining LOL streamers to watch and has proven that he can master the game outside of his comfort zone. Tune into his streams to see his latest endeavor, reaching Challenger after switching over to Jungle to prove that it’s the easiest role to learn.

2. TF Blade

The best solo queue League of Legends streamer

TF Blade
Image Credit: TF Blade

Ashkan Homayouni is one of those streamers that could easily play professionally. He is known to climb to Top Challenger across four servers with just a few weeks of playtime, and yet he still sticks to streaming over pro play. He even decided to show off just a bit more and claimed the top two spots on a single server using multiple accounts.

Trolling aside, his ability to quickly reach the top-ranked spots actually makes him one of the best LOL streamers to learn from. He loves talking mechanics and showcasing how to use a single player to carry his team to victory. He even takes the time to analyze other players in-game and explains their faults and strategies to his viewers.

3. Sneaky

The best bottom lane League of Legends streamer

Image Credit: Sneaky

Zachary Scuderi is now known just as much for his gameplay as he is for extravagant cosplay, often opting to dress as female LOL characters as he streams. But just because he’s gotten a bit more creative doesn’t mean that this former Cloud9 player doesn’t mean he’s lost his expertise.

In fact, Sneaky is still one of the best streamers to watch if you want to learn how to play bottom lane effectively. His schedule is consistent, and he does a great job making the streams educational and entertaining.

4. Faker

The best mid lane League of Legends streamer

Image Credit: Faker

Possibly the greatest League player of all time, Faker continues to make waves in the streaming scene. After winning three championships, his first Twitch stream broke the concurrent viewer record for the time and remains one of the most-watched LOL streamers on the platform.

The only drawback for English speaking audiences is that his streams are in Korean. But not to worry, he does provide an English translation over on his YouTube channel. And honestly, language barrier aside, there is still plenty to learn just watching his playstyle (or just enjoying his between-match mini-game shenanigans).

5. Doublelift

The best ADC League of Legends streamer

Doublelift - #5 Best League of Legends Streamers
Image Credit: Team Liquid

Yiliang Peng is not only an incredibly popular streamer, but he still plays as a bot laner for Team Liquid. His vital role makes his streams incredibly informative and almost more like scrimmaging than content creation. You can expect other popular players to often join in for a few rounds or walk through specific in-game scenarios.

Don’t expect a regular schedule out of Doublelift, but be aware of when the LCS is out of season. When that happens, you can expect to find Doublelift streaming almost every single day.

6. KayPea

Among the best League of Legends streamers to watch for beginners

Kaypea by Redbull
Image Credit: Red Bull

Currently a member of the Red Bull eSports organization, Kelsie Pelling has been streaming League since 2013 and has established her brand around the MOBA. Her role as a mid-lane expert surprisingly takes cues from experience with FPS titles, meaning that you can expect deadly long-range attacks and a focus on accuracy.

You won’t find a better or more positive community out there than what KayPea has built. Her gameplay is still top-notch, but her streams are more laid back and built around audience engagement. 

7. LS

The best educational League of Legends streamer

Image Credit: LS

Nick De Cesare could be described as more of a coach than a pro player. He works as a shoutcaster and analyst for the LKS, making him one of the best LOL players to learn the game from. Besides explaining gameplay elements like laning and itemization, you can also expect LS to be up to date on the latest in-game meta updates and pop-culture.

Tune in as he co-streams national tournaments or plays a few rounds himself to learn more about the game and be entertained at the same time.

8. Aphromoo

The best League of Legends Support streamer

Image Credit: Aphromoo

Zaqueri Black is your go-to streamer if you want to become an expert at the Support class. Currently the support player for Dignitas, he won the 2018 Spring Split MVP award, which was the first time this had ever occurred for a Support player. To put it simply, he knows what he’s doing.

He doesn’t stream as often as others on this list, but they’re worth tuning into when he does. He takes the time to explain his actions, moves, and overall strategy throughout the stream, making his advice extremely valuable for those that want to play Support.

9. Yassuo

The best LOL streamer not for kids

Yassuo by Game Fuel
Image Credit: Game Fuel

Hammoudi Abdalrhman originally built his career around playing as Yasuo. But he’s since left that one trick behind and diversified his playstyle. Along the way, he leaned into an edgy persona that is somewhat reminiscent of Tyler1, which means his streams really aren’t for kids or the faint of heart.

But this is what makes him entertaining. He’s genuinely passionate about his play and isn’t afraid to jump on his opponents or rage out when the time calls for it.

10. Voyboy

The LOL streamer with the best community

VoyBoy - #10 Best League of Legends Streamers
Image Credit: Voyboy

Joedat Esfahani may be one of the best streamers to follow simply for the community he has built. The former pro player truly cares about the broader League community and actively strives to improve it with his contributions. He basically lives and breathes every patch, update, meta tweak, character upgrade, or new playstyle and presents it back to other players.

His streams are incredibly positive and allow you to learn so much about the latest in the world of LOL.

11. Pokimane

The best LOL variety streamer

Pokimane - Among the Best League of Legends Streamers
Image Credit: Pokimane

Sometimes the best streamers don’t stick to just one game, which is precisely why Pokimane is worth checking out. She regularly streams League but also jumps to other titles like FortniteAmong Us, and VALORANT. She’s never played professionally but has built her career by playing LOL, even appearing in an ad a few years back to promote a new game mode.

Even after lengthy hiatuses, she’ll consistently go back to LOL. This deep-seated love for the game makes her one of the best League of Legends female streamers out there. Her laid back attitude and willingness to interact with her audience makes for an enjoyable time that feels far less stressful than some of the other streamers on this list. 

12. Caps

The funniest LOL streamer

Image Credit: Caps

Looking for a good laugh? How about the drive to win? Caps has both of those in his streams. This professional player turned streamer is all about the jokes while pursuing greatness. He’s consistently found himself in the World Championships finals but has yet to claim that W.

But his playstyle wouldn’t tell you that. He’s always messing around, trying new positions, and trying to learn the game from all angles. He wants to be one of the best, and it’s worth watching him in action.

13. Jankos

One of the oldest LOL streamers

Janker by Red Bull
Image Credit: Red Bull

Marcin Jankowski is one of the best Junglers in the European league and among the best League of Legends streamers overall. He also happens to be one of the oldest and long-standing members of professional LOL play. This means that he has a lot to share and some dad-joke like humor to share it with.

Expect a chill time during his streams, but be sure to bring your notepad. He’ll provide plenty of insights for those that want to perfect the Jungle position.

14. TheBausff

The best Sion League of Legends streamer

Image Credit: TheBausff

While no longer the most prominent professional player, you can expect that anytime Sion comes up, TheBausff will be mentioned. He laid claim to the role and expertly developed it into the perfect method for playing that character. 

He now plays consistently in solo queue and still showcases new and innovative ways to play as the Sion.

15. DingleDerper

The most controversial LOL streamer

DingleDerper - #15 Best League of Legends Streamers
Image Credit: DingleDerper

It wouldn’t be League without some controversy. In DingleDerper’s case, it actually has to do with Twitch more than LOL. Known for getting the ban hammer on the platform, she filed a lawsuit alongside Phant0mlord in 2019 seeking damages. 

The results are still up in the air in that case, but when you do get the chance to watch her stream, it’s worth checking out. She plays incredibly consistently and is an entertaining (if not controversial) streamer to watch.

Wrapping Up the List of Best League of Legends Streamers

League of Legends has a storied presence in the eSports and streaming space, making for a wide variety of pros and influencers to watch. But with so many sticking with possibly the most popular MOBA out there, it’s difficult to know who’s a great player to watch, learn from, or get a good laugh with.

Hopefully, this list of best League of Legends streamers has helped you find one (or several) new streamers worth watching going into 2022. Be on the lookout for more guides and if you enjoyed this article, stay in the know and subscribe to our email list, and don’t forget to share it with your friends through your favorite social platform.


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