LoL: Best Supports for Kog’Maw (Season 14)

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LoL: Best Supports for Kog’Maw (Season 14)

Unleash Kog'Maw's hyper carry potential with one of these supports!

Kog’Maw is an ADC champion renowned for one thing: burning through his enemies’ health bars with an attack speed and range that very few champions can match. Kog’Maw can shred through any opponent, regardless of how tanky they are, and he excels at late game.  His kit is also relatively easy to pick up, especially compared to other late-game ADCs like Vayne and Twitch.

But while Kog’Maw has plenty of strengths, he isn’t without his weaknesses. He is reliant on his teammates, particularly during laning phase, and struggles to self-peel. That’s where a trusty support comes in — the right support champion can make up for Kog’Maw’s weaknesses and allow him to reach his full, powerhouse potential.

Let’s check out the best supports for Kog’Maw in Season 14 below!

I’ve ranked them good to great.

#4 Soraka

Soraka is one of the best supports for Kog’Maw in low elo, and there are plenty of reasons why! For starters, Soraka’s kit is jampacked with healing that very few players in low elo know how to handle (ahem, they never buy anti-heal). She can keep Kog’Maw alive at his weakest during the early game, and then sustain him in the late game long enough for him to 1v5 fights. 

Soraka also has plenty of CC at her disposal. She can slow enemies to prevent them from escaping Kog’Maw’s auto-attack range and she can also disrupt all-ins with her silence ability. This allows Kog’Maw to play aggressively without having to be concerned about being caught out or collapsed on.

Soraka is also insanely easy to master — even her AoE ultimate is a simple point-and-click! This makes her well-suited to support mains struggling to master mechanics. All that said, Soraka isn’t the best matchup into champions with heavy burst damage, so be mindful of the comp when locking her in. 

#3 Rakan 

For those who prefer a more all-in playstyle but still want great synergy with Kog’Maw, Rakan has got you covered! 

Rakan is a playmaker with a mix of both peel and engage tools at his disposal. He can knock up and isolate targets with his W, apply a team-disrupting CC with his charm, and keep Kog’Maw’s health bar topped up with his Q heal and shielding. 

His E ability also grants him high mobility and a reliable escape tool, meaning he can pull off “riskier” engages and roams to help his teammates (and Kog’Maw!) get ahead.

Rakan is a particularly great pick for Kog’Maw because he can effortlessly set up fights in a way that allows Kog’Maw to decimate opponents without being heavily punished. However, as a playmaker his kit can be hard to master. You need to time his engages perfectly and ensure your teammates are in a position to follow you up. 

#2 Janna 

Janna is another mage support that synergizes extremely well with Kog’Maw. While she doesn’t have as much aggression as… certain mage supports (ahem Lulu), she is highly adept at peeling and keeping her carry fed, no matter the game stage or situation. Her tornado allows her to effortlessly catch out targets or help Kog’Maw disengage from losing battles and she can shield him to help him survive long enough to secure the kill.

Janna also has a fair bit of mobility under her belt, meaning she can keep up with Kog’Maw during the heat of a battle. Her ultimate is also incredibly versatile and its AoE CC can be a total gamechanger in teamfights — she can use it to disrupt the enemy team’s positioning, giving Kog’Maw and other allies a chance to get ahead. 

Janna can be poked out easily during poor trades, especially if she misuses her shield due to its long cooldown. Take trades carefully and make sure to track the opposing laners’ ability cooldowns. 

#1 Lulu 

Lulu and Kog’Maw are a formidable duo who are so renowned for their synergy that they’re practically feared by every bot laner! 

And it’s for good reason. Lulu’s kit is perfect for Kog’Maw in every single way possible. She can ramp up his attack speed tenfold, grant him a ton of sustain with her hefty shielding and ultimate, and bulk up his hefty poke with her own intolerable harass. She can also extend his attack range even further, making it practically impossible for his target to escape on a tick of health.

Lulu’s kit is also easy to master, with the majority of her abilities being simple point-and-clicks. However, keep in mind that she is fairly immobile and is vulnerable to CC. Be careful with your positioning, especially in hectic skirmishes. 

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