LoL: All Mordekaiser Skins Ranked From Worst to Best Looking

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LoL: All Mordekaiser Skins Ranked From Worst to Best Looking

With his relatively fresh rework back in mid-2019, Mordekaiser was refined from a cobbled-together suit of jagged tin scraps into a proper juggernaut of metal and death. His looming figure conveys a proper sense of dread as each step signals the living’s impending demise and his mastery over death. All of his abilities synergize to showcase that he will seize and shatter the will of those who oppose him while reinforcing his metallic frame.

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With that in mind, we will be going over all of Mordekaiser’s skins, ranking them from worst to best. We’ll be judging each skin on how well it conveys Mordekaiser’s theme as the Iron Revenant, how much it changes the effects of his abilities, and obviously how good the skin looks. Sound like a plan? Let’s get started.

The Best Mordekaiser Skins Ranked

In this ranking, we’ll start at #8 and work our way down to the best Mordekaiser skin ever made.


Dragon Knight

Dragon Splash Art
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 520 RP | Unique SFX: No | Chroma: No

Starting off the list of best Mordekaiser skins is the Iron Revenant’s only Legacy skin. Unfortunately, this skin does not remotely live up to its rather epic splash art. With nearly no changes in comparison to the Classic skin besides a minor blue hue coloring to his passive, this skin is a rather big let down given its dragon theme.

The most notable changes that come from this skin are the dragon-inspired horns on his helmet, color scheme, and his weapon becoming a more typical fantasy two-handed war hammer. 

The Dragon Stitched
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

This all sounds like it should be really cool, but none of the changes stand out enough to make it feel all that different from his Classic appearance. Besides his helmet, nothing about the skin really screams Dragon Knight at all, and even the helmet could be done better.

As a Legacy skin, it’s not even available typically unless Riot pulls it out of the vault or you randomly obtain it via crafting or gifting. Unless you consider every Mordekaiser skin to be the best Mordekaiser skin, we’re going to have to give this one a hard pass.



Classic Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 1350 Blue Essence or 585 RP | Unique SFX: No | Chroma: No

Unsurprisingly, Mordekaiser’s Classic skin is near the bottom of the list. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad look at all. Everything about his default appearance screams Iron Revenant. 

Classic Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

From his steady lumbering gait to the massive maul he affectionately calls Nightfall, his entire kit reflects his theme of being a metal juggernaut quite well.

This skin sets the baseline for what to expect from his other skins. A strong regal demeanor, powerful heavy attacks, and an impeding sense of dread.


King of Clubs

King Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 750 RP | Unique SFX: No | Chroma: No

If you’re having a hard time figuring out which one is Mordekaiser in the splash art, you may have taken one too many Q’s to the head from him. While clearly themed around the suits and roles of a playing deck card (and fittingly the king), King of Clubs falls short on bringing anything particularly unique as a skin.

King Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

The powerful and regal golden armor certainly makes Mordekaiser look the part, especially with his club-shaped mace. However, his abilities are all exact copies of his Classic skin appearance.

Riot could have added a golden hue to his attacks instead of the classic green look, but chose not to. Having playing cards and chips fly up from the impact of his Q would have been a nice touch as well. Unfortunately, the lack of changes is a bit jarring and takes some of the immersion away from the skin.



Lord Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 975 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Minor | Chroma: No

Taking on a look befitting a traditional RPG dark overlord, the Lord skin grants Mordekaiser a royal sinister purple tone to match. With menacing skull pauldrons, devil-like horns, and a mix between a magical scepter and morning star, Mordekaiser plays his role as the villain extremely well.

Lord Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As a bonus, all of his abilities are tinged with a purple evil hue that announces his presence and reign to all who oppose him.



Infernal Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 520 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Minor | Chroma: No

Clad in ever-burning armor, Infernal Mordekaiser bears resemblance to a dangerous end-game boss found in hell-themed levels. Everything about this skin screams brimstone and fire.

Infernal Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

With all of his abilities augmented by fiery effects, each blow feels like you’re leaving eternally burning wounds on your enemy. Even more fittingly, when you ult someone with this skin, it’s like you’re dragging them to the depths of hell itself for one-on-one torment.

Despite its low cost, we feel as though this skin is one of the best Mordekaiser skins and strongly recommend it to anyone actively playing Mordekaiser.



Pentakill Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 975 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Minor | Chroma: No

This is what happens when you take the title Master of Metal too far. In a departure from his belief that flesh is weak, Mordekaiser has embraced his fleshy bits and become the lead guitarist for his metal band Pentakill. Slaying the living by shredding with his axe (musically and literally).

Pentakill Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

With all the special effects of this skin mirroring that of the Infernal skin, we rate this skin higher for two reasons.

One, we like puns a lot. Two, when you use his dance emote, he summons speakers behind him to go with his sick guitar shredding.


Dark Star

Dark Splash
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 1350 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Moderate | Chroma: Yes (6 in total)

Mordekaiser’s first epic skin and it truly lives up to it as one of the best Mordekaiser skins. Themed around galactic black holes and the void of space, Dark Star Mordekaiser will consume and devour all that stand in his paths. With all of his abilities infused with purple starry/space-like effects, this skin certainly lives up to the cost.

Dark Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Even more fittingly, this skin makes him feel more alien than an undead metal knight. There is a distinct space where his face should be, and it feels like far-off abyss itself was personified and wielding cosmic forces to destroy all life.

Additionally, he has a special recall animation where he shatters a miniature planet in half!



Project Splash Art
Image: Riot Games

Cost: 1820 RP | Unique SFX: Yes – Major | Chroma: Yes (9 in total)

You know that Toy Story 2 scene where Andy goes, “I don’t want to play with you anymore,” and throws away Woody? Well, replace Woody with the Dark Star skin and that sums what you’re likely to do when you obtain the PROJECT skin.

As Mordekaiser’s first legendary skin, this one completely blows all of his other skins out of the water as the best of the best Mordekaiser skins. With unique animations, amazing special effects, and brand new voice lines, the PROJECT skin is definitely worth its higher cost.

Project Stitch Ability
Image: Riot Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Each ability is augmented with a futuristic mechanical red effect. Mordekaiser’s voice becomes robotic and signals his role as an unrelenting machine of death, designed to subjugate all organic life. Not to mention, all of the lights and bits of programming moving along his body as he takes actions.

You’re basically playing as Megatron, and it feels goddamn amazing.

As a bonus, all of his interaction commands (joke, emote, taunt, dance) are replaced with new ones fitting his mechanical nature. The best change is to his joke where he begins experiencing multiple programming errors before panicking and shutting down.


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And that’s it for our ranking of best Mordekaiser skins. If you think one of his skins should be ranked differently let us know down in the comments! As always, stay tuned to High Ground Gaming for the latest guides and articles on the games you love.


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