Community Guidelines

Welcome to High Ground Gaming’s community guidelines. High Ground Gaming is dedicated to celebrating video games and the vibrant culture that surrounds them. We understand that gaming is more than just a hobby; it’s a crucial part of modern pop culture and a significant artistic and cultural force. As the gaming world continues to evolve and expand, so do we, encompassing all forms of entertainment that captivate and entertain.

Our quest is multifaceted: to enlighten you with the vast array of entertainment at your fingertips, to guide you through the burgeoning seas of gaming, and to ignite conversations about all the narratives, characters, and adventures that gaming has to offer. We aspire a safe place where gamers can express their creativity and individuality.

Passion for pop culture is the norm here at High Ground Gaming, and we’re thrilled to see it in the comments on our articles. Our vision is to cultivate a community where sharing is not only insightful and stimulating but also enjoyable. Most importantly, we aim for High Ground Gaming to be a welcoming and inclusive space, where every reader feels valued and respected.

Community Participation

We encourage you to dive into the conversations with enthusiasm but remember, respect is paramount. Our small team is dedicated to keeping our community friendly and inclusive. We’ll do our best to ensure that inappropriate content is removed, which, unfortunately, might include well-intentioned responses to such content. We ask that you aid us not by engaging with trolls, but by contacting us if you see any problematic comments. This helps us maintain High Ground Gaming as one of the most welcoming communities on the internet.

Feedback and Communication

We highly value your input. If you notice something that needs our attention, whether it’s a correction or a suggestion, please let us know through our contact page. This approach is more effective than veering off-topic in the comments, and it’s greatly appreciated.

Community Conduct

While we don’t have an exhaustive list of do’s and don’ts, here are some key points to consider which will help keep your comments from being removed and prevent potential bans:

  • Usernames: If your username is deemed offensive, we’ll ask you to change it. Failure to comply could result in a temporary, random selection until an appropriate one is chosen.
  • Personal attacks: Keep the discourse civil and constructive. Personal insults and inflammatory language don’t contribute to the conversation and undermine the friendly environment we strive for.
  • Illegal activities: Our site is not a haven for sharing information on illegal actions, hacks, or downloads. Keep it clean and lawful.
  • Spam: We have a zero-tolerance policy. Whether it’s unsolicited promotions, repetitive comments, or irrelevant posts, they’ll be removed.
  • NSFW material: Content that’s not safe for work or exceeds a PG-13 rating is not permitted. If it’s offensive, it’s out.
  • Discrimination: There’s no place for racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination here. It’s just as unacceptable as personal attacks.
  • Trolling: Off-topic remarks, flamebait, or any comments designed to provoke other users or derail the conversation will be removed.
  • Single-account policy: One user, one account. Impersonation or the use of disposable email addresses is not allowed.
  • Author criticism: While we’re open to discussions about our content, repetitive complaints about an author or accusations of bias are not productive and can be disruptive.
  • Spoilers: Use spoiler tags where necessary. Revealing key plot points without warning isn’t fair to others.

Tell a Story Feature

We believe in the power of community storytelling and the diverse voices of our gamers. That’s why we’ve opened the door for registered users to share their own stories on High Ground Gaming:

  • Share your experience: Got a compelling gaming anecdote, a story about an in-game experience, or a thought-provoking non-gaming related story? We invite you to share it with the community.
  • Get creative: Do not tame your imagination! This is your platform to craft and share any story you dream up. Your voice can resonate throughout our community.
  • Submissions: To maintain the quality of content on our site, all user-submitted stories are subject to our spam and inappropriate content filter. We’ll provide guidance to ensure your story aligns with our content standards before it goes live.

Engaging with High Ground Gaming

Engaging with our content and community is easy and encouraged:

  • Post a comment: All registered users can comment on any story. Our comments are threaded, which means you can reply directly to another user, and you have five minutes to edit your comment after posting.
  • Express reactions: Registered users can express their feelings about a story through ‘Love’, ‘Like’, or ‘Dislike’ reactions, giving immediate feedback on the content we share.
  • Get in touch: Whether you have a news tip, a site issue to report, an article that needs correction, or a question about moderation, our contact form is the direct line to our team.

Moderation and Standards

Our team is here to assist you and uphold the standards of our community. We work diligently to foster a positive environment. If you have questions about moderation, please address them privately through our contact form. Remember, discussions about moderation decisions or removed comments in the public comment area are not allowed to keep the focus on the topic.

Maintaining Community Standards

At High Ground Gaming, we aim for a higher standard of conversation, and want to keep things informative and enjoyable. We have the final say on whether a comment adheres to our community guidelines, and they work hard to maintain the quality of discourse. This might sometimes feel like censorship, but it’s about preserving the kind of community we all want to be part of—one where discussions remain respectful, engaging, and fun.

Your Contribution to the Community

The comments section is a great place to discuss content on High Ground Gaming. To support this, our comment system is user-friendly and includes features like basic text formatting and a threading system to easily see who is saying what.

Managing Your Account

Should you need to adjust your account or request a name change, our team can assist you. Please get in touch with them, and they’ll help you with the necessary changes.

By joining our community, you agree to these guidelines and our broader mission to create a respectful, vibrant, and inclusive gaming discussion platform. Together, we can ensure that High Ground Gaming remains a space for thoughtful, respectful, and engaging discourse. Welcome to the conversation.


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