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Destiny 2 Events Calendar: PvE, PvP, Lost Sectors, Weekly Loot, Xur (Season of the Wish)

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Season of the Wish has only just begun, but I’ve already seen at least twenty “wish” related puns. As always, every new season brings with it a new story, new weapons, and of course, new loot! This season is the same as always in that regard, even if it’s going to be a little longer than expected. To keep you up to date, this article covers all the new activities, weekly playlists, and time-sensitive info you could ever want! Let’s get started with a look at what’s going on right now in Destiny 2.

What’s Going On Now in Destiny 2? (December 5-12)

Season of the Wish (Season 23)

  • Season 23: November 28 – June 4? (The Final Shape’s delay will extend this season significantly)
  • Upcoming Dates:
    • The Dawning Event – Late December
    • The Final Shape Releases – June 24

Season of the Wish seems set to feature the end of Savathun and Riven’s stories, as Savathun brings forth Riven for one last wish. This season will feature the same story progression style as previous ones, with a single quest advancing week to week. This will last for around two months or so, then the rest of the season will be the traditional cycle of GM Nightfalls and Trials to keep us busy. Unfortunately, The Final Shape has officially been delayed until June 24, 2024, so we’re not sure how the end of this season will play out. It’ll be a whole lot longer than usual, so there might be a content drought throughout the spring.

Regardless, this season has a very interesting story to tell, some fun new weapons, and a ton of updates to change the meta drastically. Let’s get started with the weekly rundown of PVE content, so you’ll be able to figure out where to go and what to do from the start!

This Week in PVE (Dec 5-12)

  • Featured Nightfall: Birthplace of the Vile
    • Champions: Overload/Unstoppable
    • Surges: Strand/Solar
    • Overcharged Weapon: Fusion Rifle
  • Weekly Rotator Raid: Garden of Salvation
  • Weekly Rotator Dungeon: Spire of the Watcher
  • Exotic Mission Rotator: Presage
  • Legend Dares of Eternity: Cabal / Taken / Crota
  • Weekly Campaign Mission: First Contact
    • Champions: Barrier/Unstoppable
    • Surges: Strand/Solar
    • Overcharged Weapon: Shotgun

Once you’re done with the first part of the seasonal story, there’s plenty of other PVE content to keep you busy. From Nightfall strikes to Legend Dares of Eternity, there’s a ton of good loot to seek out. Plus, there’s also all the raids in the rotator playlist that have refreshed loot. DSC, Last Wish, and others all have craftable weapons to seek out, with the exception of a couple outdated ones that don’t (sorry VOG and Garden).

This season, Grandmaster Nightfalls will be available starting Dec 19. There’s also a new dungeon out, so feel free to check out our article on it (linked in the related reading at the top).

This Week in PVP (Dec 5-12)

  • **Iron Banner is Active All Week**
  • Trials of Osiris: Not available this week due to Iron Banner
  • Quickplay Modes: Showdown (3v3), Clash (6v6)
  • All Available Crucible Modes: Showdown (3v3 Quickplay), Competitive (3v3 Ranked), Iron Banner (6v6 Event), Clash (6v6 Quickplay), Relic (6v6 Labs), Rumble (FFA)

This season sees several new changes to the Crucible playlists. The biggest is the addition of new 3v3 and 6v6 Quickplay modes. These modes have a rotating game mode each week, which is essentially the same as last season but with separate 3v3 and 6v6 options. There’s also a 6v6 Unranked option, which features variations of Control. All in all, the Crucible menu is just a lot better, features some new options, and makes the Crucible Labs game mode more obvious without opening it.

There’s also the newly re-added map, The Citadel. Since this season’s story takes place largely on the Dreaming City, this seems like a great time to bring back that map.

Weekly Loot (Dec 5-12)

  • Ada-1 Shaders: Valkyrie Zero, Kairos Black, War Cult Scheme
  • Shaders for Bright Dust: Spark of Joy, Welded Brass, Iridescent Coral, Time-Honored, Heat-Shielded, Growing Gilt
  • Best Cosmetics in Eververse this Week: Bug Catching (emote), The Logic (The Lament ornament), Boosted Backflip (emote), Dancing Harlequin (The Huckleberry emote)

Lost Sector Rotation (Season 23)

  • Tues – TBA
  • Wed – TBA
  • Thurs – TBA
  • Fri – TBA
  • Sat – TBA
  • Sun – TBA
  • Mon – TBA

We won’t know the full rotation until we’ve gone through it once first, so for now this list is only as accurate as possible. Within the next couple weeks, though, the schedule should be complete.

Xur Location/Inventory (Arrives on Friday)

  • Xur’s Location: TBA
  • Exotic Weapon: TBA
  • Exotic Armor: TBA
  • Legendary Weapons: TBA
  • Armor Set: TBA
  • Hawkmoon: TBA

What’s Coming Up in Destiny 2?

It’s been a chaotic few months for Destiny 2. Between tons of controversial news, reportedly declining player numbers, and an upcoming content drought, it seems like nobody knows what to expect. That being said, there’s still a lot of things to be excited about with a new season and a new dungeon at play.

This Season (Season 23)

Season 23 is going to be an interesting one. With the now-confirmed delay of The Final Shape until the middle of 2024, it looks like Season 23 is going to be very, very long. And if it’s anything like the last delay, the season before the expansion will see a drought of content toward the end. Hopefully Bungie (and whatever’s left of their team) will be able to find a way to keep a potentially 7-month-long season interesting, as it’s not impossible but will certainly be a challenge. And whenever we do get The Final Shape, hopefully it’s able to hold up to the massive expectations Bungie has put on it as the finale of this stage of Destiny’s story.

This season still has lots to offer, though. There’s a new dungeon later this week (check back for a weapons and loot article on that early next week), the Dawning event around the holidays, and the end-of-season stuff we’d usually expect sometime around the end of January. After that, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens until The Final Shape.

The Final Shape and Beyond

The Final Shape is supposed to end a decade-long story, so hopefully the delays will lead to a better product than a more rushed one. Sometimes delays work out well (look at how phenomenal The Witch Queen was, for example), but with all the negative news about Bungie as of late, it doesn’t feel the same as last time. But until we see otherwise, I don’t see any reason to assume it’ll be bad. It’d be a shame if 10 years of storytelling got wasted, so I’m going to remain hopeful that the campaign and raid will be, at least, conclusive.

What happens after that, though? Who knows, honestly. Bungie has continued to say that Destiny doesn’t end after The Final Shape, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when they’re trying to support two games at once.


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