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Destiny 2 Events Calendar: PvE, PvP, Lost Sectors, Weekly Loot, Xur (The Final Shape)

Everything that's happening in the world of Destiny 2 right now.

With the release of The Final Shape, there is a ton for Destiny 2 players to do right now. However, it can be hard to keep up with what’s worth doing every week since there’s so much, and not all of it is equally important. To keep you up to date, I’m covering all the new activities, weekly playlists, and time-sensitive info you could ever want! Let’s get started with a look at what’s going on right now in Destiny 2.

By the way my name is Brett and I’ve been playing Destiny for quite a while now — ever since the beta on Xbox 360 in fact! I’ve played over 2,000 hours of Destiny 2.

What’s Going On Now in Destiny 2? (July 2-9)

The Final Shape

  • Episode: Echoes – June 4 – October 7
  • Upcoming/Current Dates:
    • Echoes: Act II Season Pass Rewards Available – July 16
    • Echoes: Act III Season Pass Rewards Available – August 27
    • Episode II Begins – October 8

It’s a new year, which means more new content than I know what to do with. Obviously, there’s a new expansion out, so that means a whole new campaign. And having just finished that campaign, I can personally say that it’s one of my favorites they’ve ever done. Honestly, it might be my favorite (although it’s hard to beat The Taken King). Ultimately, the raid will have a lot to do with how well this expansion is remembered, but it’s definitely set up for success so far. Once you get through the campaign, though, you might be wondering what to do next in Destiny 2? Well, look no further!

Let’s get started with the weekly rundown of PVE content, so you’ll be able to figure out where to go and what to do from the start!

This Week in PVE (July 2-9)

  • Featured Nightfall: Prison of Elders
    • Champions: All
    • Surges: Arc/Void
    • Overcharged Weapon: Rocket Launcher
    • Nightfall Weapon Reward:
  • Weekly Rotator Raid: Vow of the Disciple
  • Weekly Rotator Dungeon: The Shattered Throne
  • Exotic Mission Rotator: Presage

Well, if you’re a PVE player, there’s a ton to do. With a full new expansion out, there’s an endless amount of new content. Whether you’re doing GM strikes or raids or Gambit, you’ll have more than enough to keep you busy. The campaign is genuinely one of the best Bungie has ever made, which is a massive sigh of relief after the disappointment of Lightfall. But Destiny has never really been consistent–we all know that–but at least they managed to pull it together when it mattered most. Then there’s new Episode: Act content as well once you’re done with that.

This Week in PVP (July 2-9)

  • Iron Banner: Active (Control)
  • Trials of Osiris: Unavailable due to Iron Banner
  • Quickplay Modes: Showdown (3v3), Mayhem (6v6)
  • Other Crucible Modes: Competitive (3v3), Rumble (FFA)

This season doesn’t really bring a lot of “major” PVP changes, but the smaller ones are great for quality-of-life overall and do freshen things up a bit. We just got a few new maps last season, so no more of those for a while probably, but there is a solid change to the Competitive playlist. This season, it will have a modified ammo setup called the “1-1-1” system. This is to fix the janky ammo meter we got last season, and it basically just means that you get enough special ammo for one kill every time you spawn. You also get the same amount of ammo each time you get a kill with a special weapon, and from ammo pickups on the map. This makes for a much smoother experience overall, and it really makes Competitive less of a drag. There’s also a new 2v2 mode, which from my experience, is just as stressful as it was/is in Halo.

Weekly Loot (June 18-25)

  • Ada-1 Shaders: Valkyrie Zero, Echoes of Io (Worn), War Cult Scheme
  • Shaders for Bright Dust: Lucid, Amethyst Bloom, Reefmade, Grayscale Undergrowth, Boreal Char, Groovadelic
  • Best Cosmetics in Eververse this Week for Bright Dust: Legendary Armor Ornaments, Experimental Mishap (Emote), Come at Me (Emote), Skidder Shell (Ghost), Prototype Submersible (Ship), Cordyception (Sparrow), Blissful Ignorance (Felwinter’s Lie Ornament)

Lost Sector Rotation (June 18-25)

  • Tues – Veles Labyrinth
  • Wed – Exodus Garden 2A
  • Thurs – The Broken Deep
  • Fri – The Blooming Deep
  • Sat – The Forgotten Deep
  • Sun – Perdition
  • Mon – Bunker E15

Xur Location/Inventory (Arrives on Friday)

  • Xur’s Location: TBA
  • Exotic Weapon: TBA
  • Exotic Armor: TBA
  • Legendary Weapons: TBA
  • Armor Set: TBA

What’s Coming Up in Destiny 2?

Now that we’ve finally made it to The Final Shape, I think I can confidently say that the wait was worth it. At least for the campaign, the wait seems to have truly paid off. Now, things could obviously still take a turn for the worse, so I’m not gonna say it’s the best expansion ever or anything quite yet, but so far it’s been exactly as good as I had hoped. The servers, however… not so great. But who expected anything else. It’s been a decade and Bungie has never managed a launch without technical difficulties, but other than the issues connecting, it’s been a fantastic experience so far. Let’s just hope the raid (and maybe future releases) don’t have the same issues, even though I know they will.

This Season (Episode: Echoes: Act I)

This season (actually this episode now since they’ve changed the naming method) has already been a ton of fun. I won’t spoil anything from the campaign, but they truly did a great job with everything from cutscenes to the final mission. Coming up this season, though, there’s still a lot more. We have the new Salvation’s Edge raid, then there are more parts to the episode itself and countless other quests to complete. It’s gonna be a busy season, but hopefully a fun one as well.

It is a very slow season, though, now that we’re past the start. Hopefully this will improve soon, but I’m still having a pretty good time anyway.

The Final Shape and Beyond

The Final Shape is here, and we still don’t really know what comes next. The episodes format seems like a good idea in terms of refreshing how we experience the content throughout the year, and I’m excited to see how it plays out. Will it ultimately be the same thing as the “seasonal vendor with a 3- or 6-player activity attached” experience we’ve gotten for years now, or something new? Time will tell, but either way, I’m excited to see the story play out.

Throughout this year, we’ll have new dungeons, raids, Exotic missions, and everything else we’ve come to expect in Destiny 2. Where will next year go? Will there be another expansion? Destiny 3 maybe? Who knows, honestly. But for now, I’m personally content to just hope for a good day 1 raid experience, play out the episode, and see what comes next.

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