Season of the Deep (Season 21) is finally here! We’ve got new weapons, new missions, Titan’s back (kind of), and we can fish now! It’s a wonderful time to play Destiny 2, even if the idea of underwater levels is kind of terrifying. Hopefully we’ll see more of that soon, in addition to a lot of other new content. Now that we’re in a brand new season, let’s take a look at what’s going on this week and in the near future!

What’s Going On Now in Destiny 2? (May 30 – June 6, 2023)

Season of the Deep (Season 21)

  • Season 21: May 23 – August 22
  • Upcoming Dates:
    • Reprised Raid: Late Summer
    • Solstice Event: mid-July
  • Season 22 Begins: August 22

Season of the Deep has started off with a bang, giving us both underwater mechanics and a fishing minigame (with great loot as well) already. There’s also the new Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, with a ton of great new loot! The early portion of the season will have weekly story content tied in with the seasonal activities (Salvage and Deep Dive), then we’ll have the Solstice event sometime toward the end of the season in July. It seems to be a very interesting season with some new concepts, so hopefully it’ll stay that way through the rest of the summer!

This Week in PVE (May 30 – June 6)

  • Featured Nightfall – The Corrupted
    • Overload/Unstoppable Champions, Arc/Void Surge, Arc Threat, Overcharged Rocket Launcher
  • Weekly Raid – Garden of Salvation
  • Weekly Dungeon – Spire of the Watcher
  • Weekly Lightfall Mission – No Time Left
    • Barrier/Unstoppable Champions, Arc/Void Surge, Void Threat, Overcharged Machine Gun
  • Dares of Eternity – Vex/Cabal/Crota

Since it’s still early in the season, there’s obviously a ton to do in PVE. In addition to the usual weekly activities, there’s also new story content and new seasonal activities. Salvage is the new 6-player activity, and it’s honestly one of the better ones we’ve gotten recently. It’s more chaotic and fun than challenging, so it’s a pretty chill experience. Deep Dive is the new 3-player seasonal activity, and it’s also pretty good as well, just less exciting. If you love PVE and have been hoping for more stuff to do, this is the week to get on and get started.

This Week in PVP (May 30 – June 6)

  • Iron Banner is Active!
  • Trials of Osiris – inactive due to Iron Banner
  • Rotator Crucible Modes – Mayhem and Zone Control
  • Available Crucible Modes – Iron Banner, Competitive, Mayhem, Zone Control, Rumble, Crucible Labs

This week features the first return of Iron Banner for Season 21! Be sure to play that for any new loot that might be available. Outside of that, there’s not a whole lot new for PVP players this season. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to be excited about. Trials of Osiris got a revamp to its matchmaking system, as well as some new emblems and challenges (some of which seem painfully difficult even for the best players). There’s also the return of Meltdown, a formerly-vaulted Mars map. Any new map (even a new old one) is better than nothing, so we’ll take it. It seems like this should be a pretty interesting season for PVP once we get into it, but we’ll just have to wait and see how the new balance changes come into play.

Lost Sectors (May 30 – June 6)

  • Tues – Chamber of Starlight (Arms)

Once the rest of this season’s rotation is figured out, we’ll have this section filled out in advance. For now, we’ll just have to go day-by-day.

Weekly Loot (May 23-30)

  • Ada-1 Shaders: Envious Touch, New Pacific Sink (Worn), War Cult Camo
  • Bright Dust Eververse Offerings: Chronos Exegesis (No Time to Explain ornament), Chimera’s Sting (Necrotic Grips ornament), The Scorned Fortress (Citan’s Ramparts ornament), Death Wish (Shards of Galanor ornament), Smashing Success (shader), Trinity (shader), Tidesmoke (shader), Ravensilk (shader)
  • Nightfall Weapon: TBA
  • Adept Trials Weapon: n/a

Xur Location/Inventory (Arrives on Friday, June 2)

  • Xur’s Location: TBA
  • Exotic Weapon: TBA
  • Exotic Armor: TBA
  • Legendary Weapons: TBA
  • Armor Set: TBA
  • Dead Man’s Tale: TBA
  • Hawkmoon: TBA

What’s Coming Up in Destiny 2?

Season of the Deep brings with it a ton of possibilities. The theme/vibe is great, the gear and weapons look cool, and the new seasonal activities are the best in a while. There’s no telling how the underwater mechanics will come into play in the future (if they do), but it’s great to see Destiny 2 getting some really unique new additions. We also have a new dungeon, so make sure to get your weapons and loadouts ready for that. Here’s a quick look at what to expect in Destiny 2 through the rest of 2023.


This Summer, we know two of the new activities we can expect. We’ve already discussed the dungeon, but there’s also a raid to think about. It’ll be another old raid from the original Destiny, just like the last few years have seen the return of Vault of Glass and King’s Fall. This will most likely come sometime in either July or August, but we’re not for sure yet. Either way, a new raid is always welcome, no matter when exactly we get it. (Here’s to hoping it’s Wrath of the Machine!)

Fall and Winter

Heading into the Fall and Winter, we know that we’ll get the last season of the Lightfall expansion–Season 23. The last season usually builds up the story for the next major expansion, so we can probably expect that from S23. The Final Shape is already being hyped up since it’s supposed to conclude the Light and Darkness saga of the last decade, so the bar is high. In October we’ll get the annual Festival of the Lost event around Halloween, then we’ll have the Dawning around the holidays (late December). And we all know the Dawning is the best event, for no reason other than we get to deliver cookies. Who doesn’t love that?