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Destiny 2 Events Calendar: PvE, PvP, Lost Sectors, Weekly Loot, Xur (Season of the Wish)

Everything that's happening in the world of Destiny 2 right now.

Season of the Wish has tons of new content for us to check out, from the seasonal content to the usual week-to-week grind. As always, every new season brings with it a new story, new weapons, and of course, new loot! This season is the same as always in that regard, even if it’s going to be a little longer than expected.

To keep you up to date, I’m covering all the new activities, weekly playlists, and time-sensitive info you could ever want! Let’s get started with a look at what’s going on right now in Destiny 2.

By the way my name is Brett and I’ve been playing Destiny for quite a while now — ever since the beta on Xbox 360 in fact! I’ve played over 2,000 hours of Destiny 2.

What’s Going On Now in Destiny 2? (April 23-30, 2024)

Season of the Wish (Season 23)

  • Season 23: November 28 – June 4 (The Final Shape’s delay extended this season significantly)
  • Upcoming/Current Dates:
    • Into the Light (Major Content Update prior to TFS) – April 9 – June 4
    • The Final Shape Releases – June 4

Season of the Wish is the last season before The Final Shape, and it’s set us up pretty well for the next expansion’s story. Now that we’re in the waiting process for TFS, we’re mostly getting content updates and refreshes to keep us busy until then. In the meantime, though, this is a great time to farm new gear, finish off catalysts, and do any other farming or activities that you don’t want to deal with while also playing all the next expansion content in June.

While some players have chosen to take a few months off from the game before the next expansion, many veterans and new players alike still have lots to accomplish before then. Let’s get started with the weekly rundown of PVE content, so you’ll be able to figure out where to go and what to do from the start!

Into the Light

As we get closer and closer to The Final Shape, we’re all on edge just hoping the story actually reaches a good conclusion. And while there’s supposed to be more to come after that, it definitely feels like (if nothing else) the end of a major era for Destiny. But before we get there, Bungie has one last major update before the expansion. Here’s a link to Bungie’s article on the update (plus TFS announcements), but here’s a breakdown of what you can expect if you don’t want to read the whole thing:

  • Onslaught (New PVE Activity)
  • New reprisals of fan favorite weapons
  • “The Whisper” Exotic mission returns! (with updates to Whisper of the Worm as well)
  • Raid Boss Gauntlet (Apr 30 – June 3)
  • New PVP Maps (May 7)
  • “Zero Hour” Exotic mission returns (May 14)

This Week in PVE (Apr 23-30)

  • Featured Nightfall: Lake of Shadows
    • Champions: Overload/Unstoppable
    • Surges: Strand/Solar
    • Overcharged Weapon: Machine Gun
    • Nightfall Weapon Reward: Loaded Question
  • Weekly Rotator Raid: Last Wish
  • Weekly Rotator Dungeon: Duality
  • Exotic Mission Rotator: Operation: Seraph Shield
  • Legend Dares of Eternity Boss: Valus Ta’aurc

Once you’ve finished the seasonal story content, there’s plenty of other PVE content to keep you busy. From Nightfall strikes to Legend Dares of Eternity, there’s a ton of good loot to seek out. Plus, there’s also all the raids in the rotator playlist that have refreshed loot. DSC, Last Wish, and others all have craftable weapons to seek out, with the exception of a couple outdated ones that don’t (sorry VOG and Garden).

The Prophecy dungeon has also been reworked recently, so there’s a newly refreshed weapon pool to farm as well. Prophecy is by far the best dungeon, in my opinion, so if you haven’t tried it before, now is the best time to do so.

This Week in PVP (Apr 23-30)

  • Trials of Osiris: Active this weekend (Friday-Tuesday)
  • Quickplay Modes: Elimination (3v3), Momentum Control (6v6)
  • Other Crucible Modes: Competitive (3v3 Ranked), Control (6v6 Unranked), Checkmate Survival (3v3 Labs), Rumble (FFA)
  • **Double XP in Crucible this week**

This season sees several new changes to the Crucible playlists. The biggest is the addition of new 3v3 and 6v6 Quickplay modes. These modes have a rotating game mode each week, which is essentially the same as last season but with separate 3v3 and 6v6 options. There’s also a 6v6 Unranked option, which features variations of Control. All in all, the Crucible menu is just a lot better, features some new options, and makes the Crucible Labs game mode more obvious without opening it.

There’s also the newly re-added map, The Citadel. Since this season’s story takes place largely on the Dreaming City, this seems like a great time to bring back that map.

This season’s Iron Banner events also have a new feature, as you’ll now have the option to choose between two game modes. According to Bungie’s post on the update, each Iron Banner event will now include Control as a secondary option. This is great for the weeks when they choose a weird or unbalanced game mode that you don’t want to deal with. It’s gonna be a nice addition no matter what since it’s just an extra option for us to have.

Weekly Loot (Apr 23-30)

  • Ada-1 Shaders: Vitrified Duality, New Pacific Sink (Worn), War Cult Rain
  • Shaders for Bright Dust: Celestial Dome, Neopop Wave, Boreal Char, Growing Gilt
  • Best Cosmetics in Eververse this Week for Bright Dust: Sparrow Getaway (Emote), Necrosis (Recluse Ornament), Trap Setting (Emote), Legendary Armor Ornaments, The Business End (Sweet Business Ornament),

Lost Sector Rotation (Apr 23-30)

  • Tues – Bunker E15 (Arms)
  • Wed – Concealed Void (Chest)
  • Thurs – Thrilladrome (Helm)
  • Fri – Gilded Precept (Legs)
  • Sat – Scavenger’s Den (Arms)
  • Sun – Skydock IV (Chest)
  • Mon – The Quarry (Helm)

Xur Location/Inventory (Arrives on Friday)

  • Xur’s Location: TBA
  • Exotic Weapon: TBA
  • Exotic Armor: TBA
  • Legendary Weapons: TBA
  • Armor Set: TBA

What’s Coming Up in Destiny 2?

It’s been a chaotic few months for Destiny 2. Player numbers have been down, but with the delay of The Final Shape, that’s not surprising. What is nice to see, though, is the resurgence in players with the Guardian Games event and Prophecy update. Once TFS comes out we’ll almost definitely have a lot to look forward to, at least for the remainder of that expansion. Who knows where it all goes after that, but for now we’ll just look forward to this season and the next.

This Season (Season 23)

Season 23 has been an interesting one. With the delay of The Final Shape until the middle of 2024, things have felt very, very slow. But there are still things to do thanks to content updates and the usual events, so it’s not like we’re in a complete drought. There’s also a big update called “Into the Light” coming out in April, then we’ll be waiting for the Final Shape to come out. And whenever we do get to the expansion, hopefully it’s able to hold up to the massive expectations Bungie has put on it as the finale of this stage of Destiny’s story.

The Final Shape and Beyond

The Final Shape is supposed to end a decade-long story, so hopefully the delays will lead to a better product than a more rushed one. Sometimes delays work out well (look at how phenomenal The Witch Queen was, for example), but with all the negative news about Bungie as of late, it doesn’t feel the same as last time. But until we see otherwise, I don’t see any reason to assume it’ll be bad. It’d be a shame if 10 years of storytelling got wasted, so I’m going to remain hopeful that the campaign and raid will be, at least, conclusive.

What happens after that, though? Who knows, honestly. Bungie has continued to say that Destiny doesn’t end after The Final Shape, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when they’re trying to support two games at once.


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