Warlock is one of the three classes available in Destiny 2, alongside Hunter and Titan. Just like the other two classes, Warlocks can play a wide variety of roles on a team, so there isn’t just one specific way to play them. However, there are certain stats that are particularly good on Warlock. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best stats for Warlock in Destiny 2!

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What is the Best Stat for Warlock in Destiny 2?

While there are several stats that are great on Warlocks, Recovery is the undisputed winner. It’s what their class ability scales with — Recovery allows Warlocks to be able to rapidly cast their Rifts, granting either tons of healing or damage bonuses depending on which Rift they use.

Since Warlocks’ class ability is so relevant to most builds, and because Recovery is also great even without that bonus, it’s an excellent pick for Warlocks. Recovery also makes your health regeneration begin faster after taking damage, which is good in any situation.

Even if you want other stats, I can’t image a world where Recovery isn’t one of the stats you max on Warlock.

What Other Stats Should Warlocks Prioritize?

Other Stats to Prioritize for Warlocks
Best Stats for Warlock (Destiny 2)
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Warlocks can go with a few stats alongside Recovery. If you’re optimizing for double max stats (which you generally should be), then either Discipline, Intellect, or Resilience are great picks. Discipline determines the cooldown of your grenades, and since Warlocks can make such good use of this, it’s a great choice. Intellect determines super cooldown rate, and while Intellect is nowhere near as good as it was a year or so ago, it’s still never bad. Certain Warlock builds might rely heavily on Intellect, while sometimes it might feel useless.

And finally, the newest top-tier stat, Resilience. Ever since Resilience got buffed earlier this year, it’s become one of the best stats for Warlocks (and every other class really) in Destiny 2: Witch Queen. While it might not be a requirement, maxed Resilience has a significant impact on your survivability. It can be nicely combined with Recovery as well to make you almost unkillable, which is always nice.

How to Farm High Stat Armor in Destiny 2

Once you’ve decided what stats you want to prioritize, it’s time to go grind some armor. Farming high stat armor isn’t too hard if you know where to find it!

Ghost Armorer Mod

The Ghost armorer mod is the easiest way to farm armor that aligns with your stat goals. The only downside here is that the Ghost armorer mod doesn’t technically give high-stat armor. The armor you get is just the standard armor drops you would have gotten either way, but with a guaranteed minimum stat number in a chosen category. This mod is best used by pairing it with one of the ways to find actual high-stat armor.

H.E.L.M. Focusing

Each season, there is a new seasonal kiosk at the H.E.L.M., which usually includes a method of high-stat armor farming. To do this, you will usually have to progress quite far into the seasonal quest line and level up a significant amount with the vendor. This is usually worth the effort, though, as it’s typically one of the easiest ways to get high-stat armor (although it can be very time consuming).

Dungeon Farming

Dungeons are one of the very few activities in Destiny 2 that allow you to farm them for full loot multiple times per week, which makes them perfect for armor farming. You can farm armor on normal level dungeons, but master difficulty guarantees full high-stat armor and also Artifice armor. Artifice armor is a special form of high-stat armor that also gives an extra mod slot (for seasonal mods only). This is the best way to farm high-stat armor in Destiny 2.

Example of an Optimized Warlock Build

Example of Optimized Warlock Build
Best Stats for Warlock (Destiny 2)
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

To give you an idea of what a completed Warlock stat/loadout build looks like, consider this example.

This build centers around using Sunbracers (Warlock Exotic arm piece) to allow for massive grenade cooldown reduction for a temporary time after getting a melee kill. This means that when you get a Solar melee kill, you can throw grenades at rapid speed for a few seconds.

Since you get to do this, you don’t really need maxed Discipline (although you still don’t want it to be too low). You have damage taken care of via your Exotic and the melee recharge speed doesn’t really matter, you can focus on other stats.

For this build, you want to max Recovery and Resilience for maximum survivability. Your Exotic provides more than enough damage without many stat requirements, so becoming more tanky is optimal.

This is just one example of a simple Warlock build, but most builds function like this. You want your maxed stats to synergize with the Exotic you choose if possible. It’s even better if you can synergize with your class ability as well!

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