Destiny 2: Dawn Chorus Solar Warlock Build Guide

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Destiny 2: Dawn Chorus Solar Warlock Build Guide

Channel the glory days of Daybreak with this Dawn Chorus build.

Dawn Chorus is all about improving the Solar Warlock’s sadly underutilized damage Super: Daybreak. Daybreak was probably my favorite Super from back before the Solar rework that brought us Aspects and Fragments. 

Sadly the Super has received many nerfs since then and is often viewed as a useless Super when compared to its much more successful older brother Well of Radiance. If you’re looking to relive a bit of Daybreak’s glory days in either end-game content or PvP, consider giving this build and Exotic a try, you might just be pleasantly surprised by its performance.

Dawn Chorus Exotic Overview

Dawn Chorus increases the damage of the Daybreak Super by 90% and applies more Scorch stacks to targets hit with its projectiles. All sources of Scorch will also deal 200% more damage to targets in PvE and grant the user 5% of their melee ability energy back per tick of Scorch damage applied to enemies. When paired with some Fragments this exotic turns your Warlock into an Ignition-making machine with a crazy powerful Super. 

Dawn Chorus Build: The Details


There are quite a few ways you can build a Dawn Chorus build but I like to go with an all-around build since those tend to work best for me in end-game content. This build is also focused mostly on PvE content but can also be tweaked and used in PvP content as well.

  • Daybreak (Super): The entire point of running Dawn Chorus in my opinion. Has great mobility, and deals quite a bit of damage to bosses, and clears rooms of enemies with little issue.
  • Incinerator Snap(Melee): Lacks range but applies a bunch of Scorch stacks to a single target or multiple close-range targets.
  • Phoenix Dive (Class Ability): Grants us access to the insane Restoration x2 buff that keeps us alive in end-game content.
  • Solar Grenade: Has a lingering effect that makes extending Restoration easier against large groups of enemies.


We run Heat Rises so that we can gain access to the Restoration x2 buff provided by Phoenix Dive. I personally love the ability to shoot my weapons while hovering and gaining a bit of melee energy from doing so is a nice bonus.

Touch of Flame just makes our grenades more powerful, feel free to take Icarus Dash if you want the added mobility in PvP or you want the cure effect while killing enemies in the air with Solar abilities, which is great for staying alive with your Daybreak Super.


  • Embers of Ashes: Makes triggering Ignitions even easier and pairs nicely with our Exotic armor effects.
  • Embers of Empyrean: This Fragment allows us to extend the duration of our Radiant and Restoration buffs by getting kills with our Solar weapons or abilities.
  • Embers of Singing: This Fragment allows us to regain our class ability faster by Scorching targets, which we will be using to get Restoration x2.
  • Embers of Searing: Generates Firesprites from defeating scorched targets, and also grants even more melee energy from scorched targets. 

Armor Mods

You have quite a bit of freedom for most of these options, my personal recommendations focus on generating Orbs of Power, Improving ability regeneration, and getting my Supercharged as quickly as possible. 

  • Ashes to Assets, Dynamo, or Heavy Handed: Either of these three mods are fine as they generate Super energy on ability kills. Take all three if you can.
  • Harmonic Siphon: Because we are using mostly Solar Weapons for this build we absolutely want this mod for extra Orb generation which leads to extra Super charge.
  • Heavy Handed: For Orb generation on grenade or melee kills. We will be getting our melee back quite quickly so let’s make good use of that.
  • Solar Weapon Surge: Adds a bit of extra damage to our Solar weapons while we have at least one stack of Armor Charge.
  • Orbs of Restoration: Grants the user ability energy to the ability with the least amount of energy when the user picks up an Orb of Power
  • Reaper: Your next weapon kill after using your class ability will spawn an Orb of power, this Orb also grants a small amount of Super charge.

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