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Destiny 2: Best Void Titan Build (PvE & PvP)

Void Titan is the go-to subclass for many Destiny 2 players, and it’s not surprising given that it has some of the best build options for both PvE and PvP. With access to some of the best abilities and Keywords in the game, Void Titan excels at ability recovery and survivability, which is exactly what we’re aiming for with our builds today.

Important Keywords and Exotics for Void Titan

Void Titan has access to some of the best abilities and Keywords in the game, so it’s a great choice for completing both endgame PvE content and PvP content. Additionally, both our Void Titan builds will make use of specific Exotic armor pieces and work best with Void energy and heavy weapons.


Suppression prevents targets from using their abilities or firing their weapons. This effect also kicks opponents out of their currently activated abilities. It has the same level of utility as Arc’s Blind in PvE and can be a serious life savor in some of the game’s tougher content. This keyword has limited effects on champions and bosses. 

Void Overshield

Grants the user a shield of light that functions as additional health. This effect will end if the user’s shield is depleted or if the ability’s active effect time ends. Not much more needs to be said about this one, as more health is always a good thing.


This is probably Void’s strongest ability. Devour fully restores the user’s health and shields when triggered. It also restores a bit of grenade energy as well. Once Devour is activated, the user can re-trigger/extend the effect by getting a kill. This keyword is our primary source of healing for our builds and is what most people who run Void pick the subclass for.

Build Exotics

Heart of Inmost Light Void Titan Build Exotic
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Heart of Inmost Light: The Exotic Perk of this armor is called Overflowing Light. This perk triggers when you use one of your subclass abilities. Once used, your other two abilities will be Empowered. While Empowered, abilities regenerate faster, melee and grenade abilities will do more damage, and your Barricade ability will also have more hitpoints.

We will be using this Exotic to both deal more damage with our abilities and keep our abilities on a constant recovery cycle. 

Wavesplitter Void Titan Build Exotic Weapon
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Wavesplitter: This Exotic trace rifle has three different levels of power. The power level of this weapon fluctuates as you fire it. While at max power, the rifle’s beam will Suppress targets. Picking up an Orb of Power will automatically raise this weapon’s power level to max for a set period of time.

This weapon will be our primary method of Suppressing targets. This weapon is mostly for our PvE build, but it can also work in PvP if you’re good with trace rifles. 

Heart of Suppressed Light: PvE Void Titan Build

This build makes use of two Exotics, one Exotic armor piece, and one Exotic Void weapon. The build’s focus is on the Suppression, Devour, and Void Overshield keywords.

The name of the game is survivability for this Void Titan build. This build is great for solo endgame content but also performs really well as a support class when playing with a fire team.

Subclass Abilities

Super (Sentinel Shield) PvE Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Super: This build’s super ability is Sentinel Shield, and we’ll be using it for its mobility and offensive abilities. This super has access to the Shield Throw ability, so you can gain overshield on kills with it. You can also use this super with a fire team to keep them alive and enhance their weapons, as allies that shoot through the shield’s barrier will have increased damage. The super also lasts longer while you’re guarding allies. 

Class Ability: We run Towering Barricade over the other one because it does a better job of protecting us from damage in solo content.

Melee Ability: Shield Throw is our melee ability of choice for this build. This is because it can be activated at any time, so long as you have your fully charged melee available to use. Do note that the charge melee requires the user to sprint for a couple of seconds before it can be used. Shield Throw also grants us access to the Void Overshield keyword and that’s really strong in solo content. You will need to have pretty decent aim to get the most out of this ability, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Grenade Ability: Our grenade ability for this build can be one of two options: Suppression Grenade or Vortex Grenade. Suppression Grenades provide us with an additional source of Suppression on targets, but they have a timed detonation and bounce when thrown. This can take some time to get used to, and in moments where you really need to clear some enemies fast, it can feel a bit cumbersome to use. The Vortex Grenade is a great go-to if you feel you need a bit more damage from this build. 


Aspects PvE Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Aspect 1: Our first Aspect is Controlled Demolition. This ability makes enemies Volatile when hit with any of our void abilities. Killing Volatile enemies will restore health to both ourselves and our allies when near the explosion. 

Aspect 2: One might think that Offensive Bulwark wouldn’t fit well into this build because we aren’t using Titan Bubble as our super. However, this Aspect offers more utility that we can leverage, thanks to our Void Overshields.

While our Titan has a Void Overshield, we get an increase to our grenade ability’s recharge rate, an increase to melee range and damage, and kills with our melee ability will increase the duration of the Void Overshield. This Aspect also gives us an additional Shield Throw while using the Sentinel Shield super.


Fragment 1: Echo of Persistence extends the effects of our Void Overshield and Devour buffs, keeping us alive for even longer. Caution! This Fragment reduces your Resilience stat by 10 while equipped

Fragment 2: Echo of Domineering grants increased mobility and reloads your weapon from reserves whenever you Suppress a target. This Fragment will also create a Void Breach whenever you defeat a Suppressed target. It also grants plus 10 to your Discipline stat while it is equipped.

Fragment 3: Echo of Leeching starts health regeneration for you and your nearby allies whenever you get a kill with your melee attack. This Fragment also increases the user’s Resilience stat by 10 points while equipped.

Fragment 4: Our final Fragment is Echo of Starvation. This Fragment grants Devour every time we pick up an Orb of Power or Void Breach. This Fragment pairs really well with Echo of Domineering. It also reduces our Recovery stat by 10 while equipped.

Armor Mods

Armor Mods PvE Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

The armor mods for our PvE Void Titan build are centered around Orb of Power generation, Void ammo generation, ability generation, and Void weapon empowerment.

Helmet Mods

Ashes to AssetsHarmonic SiphonSpecial Ammo Finder
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 1Energy cost: 2
Effect: Gain super energy on grenade killsEffect: Rapid Void weapon kills spawn Orbs or PowerEffect: Increases ammo drop rate for special ammo

Gauntlets Mods

FirepowerMomentum TransferFont of Focus
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 2Energy cost: 3
Effect: Grenade kills spawn Orbs of PowerEffect: Grenade damage reduces your melee cooldownEffect: While armor Charged adds 30 points to your Discipline stat

Chest Mods

Sniper Damage ResistanceHarmonic Reserves (2)
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 2
Effect: Reduces damage from long-ranged attacksEffect: Increases ammo count for Void weapons

Legs Mods

RecuperationVoid Weapon SurgeAbsolution
Energy cost: 1Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 3
Effect: Restores health whenever Orbs of Power are collectedEffect: Increases damage of Void weapons while you have armor chargeEffect: Reduces all ability cooldowns when Orbs of Power are collected

Class Item Mods

DistributionTime DilationPowerful Attraction
Energy cost: 3 Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 2
Effect: Reduces all ability cool-downs when the class ability is used near targets.Effect: Armor charge decay has a longer timerEffect: Automatically collects Orbs of Power when you use your class ability

Heart of Dawn: PvP Void Titan Build

This Void Titan build is designed for PvP activities like Crucible and Gambit. We are still making use of the Suppression and Overshield keywords but we won’t be using Devour.

We will instead be replacing it with the Weaken keyword. Weaken slows affected targets and causes them to take more damage. This also reduces the affected target’s weapon accuracy. 

Subclass Abilities

Super (Ward of Dawn) PvP Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Super: Ward of Dawn is our super for this build. It’s also commonly known as Titan Bubble and is a very powerful super. This super creates an indestructible bubble of Void Light that both you and your allies can pass through freely. Whenever you or your allies pass through the bubble, you are given increased weapon damage for a short time.

Class Ability: This build can run either Barricade ability, but we prefer Towering Barricade because it can create more reliable cover to protect you and your allies in a pinch. 

Melee Ability: Shield Bash is our melee ability for this build. It can only be activated after sprinting for a short period of time, but when activated, your Titan will dash forward. Targets hit with this ability will be suppressed, and you will gain Void Overshield. If this ability doesn’t connect with a target, it will only use a little of the ability’s charge instead of consuming the entire thing.

Magnetic Grenade PvP Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Grenade Ability: Your grenade ability of choice is entirely up to preference, though we like the Magnetic Grenade because it attaches to targets and then explodes twice. This can be really strong when dealing with enemy fire teams that like to stick close together. It will also greatly benefit from our Fragments.


Aspect 1: Bastion is our first Aspect, and its main function is to support our allies whenever we use our Super or Barricade abilities. Using either will grant our allies Void Overshield. Your Barricade ability will also regenerate HP and extend the duration of any ally Void Overshield standing behind it.

This Aspect is a great support tool and can be invaluable in winning PvP games when paired with a good fire team or competent allies. 

Aspects PvP Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

Aspect 2: This build also utilizes Offensive Bulwark. The benefits provided by this Aspect are more balanced for offense and defense compared to the PvE build, as you and your allies will primarily gain the advantages of this Aspect from your Barricade and Super.

This Aspect honestly just makes your Titan Bubble a stronger offensive tool, as you and your allies inside will regenerate grenade energy faster while also being protected from harm.


Fragment 1: Our first fragment is Echo of Exchange, which generates grenade energy on melee kills. You’re going to melee quite often in PvP, so gaining some extra grenade energy off it is always really nice.

Fragment 2: Echo of Domineering is great in this build as having your weapon reloaded instantly is crazy good in PvP.

Fragment 3: Echo of Leeching is here for the +10 to Resilience and the health regen on melee kills. Both can keep you in the fight longer and ensure you’re in good shape for your next duel.

Fragment 4: Our final Fragment is Echo of Undermining. This Fragment weakens targets hit by your Void Grenades. This can be really strong when paired with the Magnetic Grenade and can help you or a member of your fireteam clean up an enemy that didn’t quite die to your grenade.

Armor Mods

Armor Mods PvP Void Titan Build
Image: Bungie via HGG / Adam W.

The armor mods for our PvP Void Titan build are focused more on generating Super energy, gaining class ability energy, improving our weapons, and empowering our allies.

Head Mods

Hands-onRadiant LightAshes to Assets
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 1Energy cost: 3
Effect: Super energy on melee killAllies gain stacks of Charged with Light on Super castEffect: Super energy on grenade kill

Gauntlet Mods

Harmonic DexterityBolstering DetonationFocusing Strike
Energy cost: 2Energy cost: 2Energy cost: 2
Effect: Faster ready and stow for Void weaponsEffect: Class ability energy on grenade hitsEffect: Class ability energy on melee hits

Chest Mods

Melee Damage ResistanceSniper Damage ResistanceUnflinching Harmonic Aim
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 2
Effect: Reduces incoming point-blank damageEffect: Reduces incoming damage at long-rangeEffect: Reduces flinch while aiming a void weapon

Leg Mods

Stacks on StacksOrbs or RestorationKinetic Weapon Surge
Energy cost: 4Energy cost: 2Energy cost: 3
Effect: Orbs of power grants an additional armor chargeEffect: Orbs of Power grand energy to the ability with the least energyEffect: Increases your Kinetic weapon damage while you have armor charge

Class Item Mods

DistributionPowerful AttractionReaper
Energy cost: 3Energy cost: 2Energy cost: 3
Effect: Reduces all ability energy when using your class ability near targetsEffect: Automatically collects nearby Orbs of Power when using your class abilityEffect: After using your class ability, your next weapon final blow spawns an Orb of Power

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