Destiny 2: How to Get Dire Promise and God Roll

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Destiny 2: How to Get Dire Promise and God Roll

Dire Promise is one of the coolest legendary weapons in Destiny 2. And on top of its cool, old school aesthetic, it’s also a really good weapon. In PVP, Dire Promise remains a powerful tool of destruction. In PVE, it isn’t quite as impressive, but it does have some uses. In this article, we’ll run down how to get and farm Dire Promise in Destiny 2, as well as its best perks!

How to Get Dire Promise

How to Get Dire Promise
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

Dire Promise is a fairly simple weapon to farm once you figure out where to get it. As of now (Season 19), Dire Promise is in one of the rotating weekly loot pools for Dares of Eternity. There are four loot pools, each with unique weapons and one armor set each. Dire Promise is in rotation one, along with several other weapons from Season 10 and some other miscellaneous weapons. The Wild Hunt armor set is also in the same loot pool as Dire Promise!

If you want to farm Dire Promise, you’ll be spending lots of time in Dares of Eternity. You can farm either the matchmade version or Legend difficulty with a fireteam, as both can drop Dire Promise.

Farming Dire Promise
Image: Bungie via HGG / Brett Moss

You also have the option of using the Strange Coins you get from each Dares completion at the Starhorse in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. You have two options here — the first is purchasing legendary engrams from the Starhorse, which gives weapons from the loot pool for that week. The second is buying Paraveral Hauls, which grant more rewards but cost more. It’s uncertain whether the engrams or Hauls are better for farming specific weapons, but both can drop Dire Promise (during its rotation week).

You can also occasionally find Dire Promise in Xur’s weekly shop. Xur is a randomized vendor that only appears from Fridays until the weekly reset on Tuesday morning. You’ll have to check in with Xur on either the EDZ, Nessus, or at the Tower Hangar each week to find out what he has in his shop.

Dire Promise God Rolls: Best Perks

Dire Promise is a very powerful weapon in PVP. While it can be fun to use in easier PVE activities, it’s definitely geared more towards PVP, which you’ll see in its available perks. We’ll still give you the best perks for both PVP and PVE, so let’s get started on the best perks for Dire Promise in Destiny 2!

Best Sight Perks

  • PVE: Steadyhand HCS (+10 Handling, +10 Stability, +5 Aim Assistance) or Fastdraw HCS (+15 Handling, +5 Stability, +5 Aim Assistance)
  • PVP: Hitmark HCS (+5 Range, +5 Aim Assistance) or Steadyhand HCS (+10 Handling, +10 Stability, +5 Aim Assistance)

For PVE, Steadyhand and Fastdraw HCS are both solid options. Steadyhand is better if you want a medium balance of Handling and Stability, while Fastdraw HCS has far more Handling, but loses some Stability.

PVP has several great options, but Hitmark and Steadyhand are the best. Hitmark gives 5 extra Range and Aim Assist, both of which are very important in PVP. Steadyhand is more well-balanced overall, but doesn’t provide as many important stat bonuses.

Best Magazine Perks

  • PVE: Armor-Piercing Rounds (+5 Range) or High-Caliber Rounds (+5 Range)
  • PVP: Ricochet Rounds (+5 Range, +10 Stability), High-Caliber Rounds (+5 Range), or Armor-Piercing Rounds (+5 Range)

Armor-Piercing Rounds can be very effective in PVE, where they can be used on shields regularly. The 5 Range bonus is also nice, and High-Caliber Rounds also has that same +5 Range bonus. High-Caliber Rounds is good in PVE, but its effect is less noticeable than it is in PVP.

In PVP, you have three great choices. Ricochet Rounds is arguably the best, since it has the same 5 Range bonus as the other three, but also 10 extra Stability. The Ricochet Rounds themselves are also useful, but they aren’t as good as they are on automatic weapons. High-Caliber Rounds cause increased flinch to enemies hit, which automatically makes it a good perk for PVP in any situation. And Armor-Piercing Rounds can be useful in PVP sometimes, but they’re much more well-suited for PvE.

Best PVE Perks

  • Overflow
  • Triple Tap
  • Swashbuckler
  • Elemental Capacitor

There really aren’t any good perks for Dire Promise in PVE. Overflow does let you get a larger magazine than usual sometimes, but that’s not exactly the most exciting perk effect.

Triple Tap is always reliable for helping with high-HP enemies or even chained precision shots on ads, but it’s not at its best on this weapon.

Swashbuckler gives a damage boost for each enemy killed with either a melee or the weapon itself, but is just average overall. It’s a decent perk, but it’s only good when you can get lots of kills and keep the buff stacked.

Elemental Capacitor is a more complicated option, since it grants a different bonus for each subclass. Solar gets a Reload Speed bonus, Arc gets increased Handling, Void gets increased Stability, and Stasis gets better recoil control and a movement speed boost when you’re aiming down sights. Each mode is good, but make sure you remember to be aware of which one you’re using.

Dire Promise just isn’t a PVE weapon really, but that’s okay because it’s much better in PVP.

Best PVP Perks

  • Snapshot Sights
  • Opening Shot
  • Rangefinder
  • Elemental Capacitor

In PvP, we have much better options. Snapshot Sights and Opening Shot are both equally great here. Picking one really just comes down to preference. If you’d prefer faster ADS speed, then Snapshot Sights is your pick. If you’d prefer improved range and accuracy on your first shot, go with Opening Shot. Both are amongst the best PVP perks overall, so you can rely on them to help you get some kills.

Rangefinder provides multiple bonuses while aiming down sights (10% increased zoom, 30% further aim assist fall-off range, and a 5% increase to projectile speed according to Those are incredible bonuses and will always be good for Hand Cannons in PVP. You could also go with Elemental Capacitor here if you want a specific bonus like the Solar mode’s extra Reload Speed.

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