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The 20 Best Gaming Desks for 2024

To your battlestations!

When it comes to the best gaming desks, space is king. The more room we have as gamers, the easier it is to locate everything we need, keep the clutter down, and focus on gaming.

With the advent of eSports, many manufacturers have introduced new video game desk models to their product lines. This makes it much easier to find the perfect fit. Still, a big part of desk selection comes down to the area you have available. Are you in a cushy spacious office or a dorm-room type scenario? No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve identified the best gaming desks in each size category.

Whether you’re simply looking for ideas, or if you have an exact budget in mind, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find the best desks for gaming. Let’s get started.

Zoom Out: Comparison Table of the 20 Best Gaming Desks

For your viewing convenience, this table matches the order of our closer look section below.

1. ApexDesk Elite SeriesStanding8Best Overall💰💰💰
2. RESPAWN RSP-2000L-Shape2Best L-Shaped Desk💰💰💰
3. Flash Furniture CliftonCompact3Best Cheap Desk💰
4. GreenForest GamingL-Shape4Best Cheap Runners-Up💰
5. Vitesse Racing StyleStandard3Best for the Money💰💰
6. Walker Edison SorenoL-Shape4Best Corner Desk💰💰
7. Atlantic OriginalStandard1Best for Console Gaming💰
8. Arozzi ArenaStandard6Best Long Desk💰💰💰
9. AmazonBasics GamingCompact3Best Small Desk💰
10. Mojo Gamer ProStanding2Best Standing Desk💰💰💰💰💰
11. Mr IRONSTONEStandard1Best Metal Desk💰💰
12. TT Level 20 BattleStationStanding1Best Expensive Desk💰💰💰💰💰
13. Eureka Ergonomic Z60Standard1Best RGB Desk💰💰💰
14. NOBLEWELL Computer DeskStandard4Best for Offices💰💰
15. Secretlab MAGNUSStandard1Best for eSports💰💰💰
16. Techni Mobili CornerL-Shape1Best Glass Desk💰💰
Couchmaster CYCON - Couch Gaming Lapboard/Lapdesk for Keyboard/Mouse (PC / PS4 / XboxOne) incl. Ergonomic Cushions, Mousepad, 5m Cable (Black Edition)17. Couchmaster CyconLap1Best for Couches💰💰
18. Studio RTA ProducerStandard2Best for Streaming💰💰💰💰
19. CC ModernStandard11Easiest Setup💰
20. COUGR MarsStandard1Best Gaming Table💰💰💰💰

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the 20 Best Gaming Desks

Let’s get into the details about each of the desks from our comparison table.

1. ApexDesk Elite Series

ApexDesk Elite Series Height Adjustable Desk

Our pick for the best gaming desk overall

Manufacturer: ApexDesk | Type: Standing | Colors Options: 8 | Weight: 131lbs | Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 29 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

This desk will surely do any gamer’s battle station justice. Plus, you’ll be taking care of your body in the process with this big, solid electric height adjustable desk from ApexDesk. The Elite Series desk features a LED memory control panel. This control panel offers 4 custom presets and an up/down button for smooth raising and lowering. This desk is an extraordinary value and has one of the absolute top review scores of a desk we’ve ever seen. Plus, the Elite Series has an appealing minimalist design with plenty of surface space.

You’ve got a lot of options here. You can opt for a 60 or 71 inch length as well as choose between eight desktop and frame color combinations. At either length, you’ll have plenty of room for two or even three monitors. We also really like that ApexDesk added further ergonomics to this desk in the form of the ‘ergoedge’ where the front side caves in a bit to allow users to site closer to all their gaming goodness.

  • Contoured desktop
  • 8 attractive finish options
  • Height adjustable desk for under $600
  • Assembly time
  • Some users reported it was damaged during shipping


RESPAWN RSP-2000 L-Shaped Desk

Our pick for the best L-shaped PC gaming desk

Manufacturer: RESPAWN | Type: L-shaped | Colors Options: 2 | Weight: 110.2lbs | Dimensions: 66 x 66 x 29.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

The RESPAWN line of furniture is a beacon of gaming functionality and design, and the RSP-2000 is no exception. This attractive black and gray desk combines gaming features such as a cup holder and headset hanger with an L-shaped configuration with ample desk surface for gaming and everyday tasks. Use one side as your workstation and the other for more important matters, e.g. your PC gaming setup!

The RESPAWN RSP-2010 Gaming L-Desk’s two-tone aesthetics offer a polished appearance that complements the beveled front edge and steel tube frame. The only downside is that the monitor shelf measures about 39 inches long, leaving space for only one larger monitor.

  • Spacious L-shape
  • Beveled front edge supports arms well
  • Built-in monitor shelf, headphone hanger, and cup holder
  • Heavy 110 pound desk
  • Monitor shelf isn’t long enough for 2x monitors

3. Flash Furniture Clifton

Flash Furniture Clifton Black Computer Desk

Our pick for the best cheap gaming desk

Manufacturer: Flash Furniture | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 3 | Weight: 21.3lbs | Dimensions: 23.5 x 28 x 33 inches | Price: 💰

If you’re seeking a lightweight, affordable gaming PC desk, the Flash Furniture Clifton is sure to provide that extra edge. This compact desk measures just 2 feet in depth, making it the perfect small gaming desk for tiny rooms and apartments. Despite its small size, it features a monitor stand, keyboard & mouse surface, and a convenient bottom shelf.

Best of all? The Clifton boasts great consumer reviews and comes in 3 stylish colors.

  • Tiered shelving
  • Metal & laminate construction
  • Among the best gaming desk deals
  • Extremely small
  • Subpar mounting mechanisms

4. GreenForest Gaming Desk

GreenForest L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk

Our pick for the best cheap gaming desk runners-up

Manufacturer: Greenforest | Type: L-Shape | Colors Options: 4 | Weight: 37.2lbs | Dimensions: 58.1 x 44.3 x 29.1 inches | Price: 💰

Greenforest is the corporate juggernaut’s line of affordable furniture and accessories. And with their mighty purchasing power and customer-centric philosophy, you can expect top-notch value. The really neat thing about this desk is the middle can be flipped depending on which side you want to be the short side. The even neater thing? Buy two of these desks and put them together for a full U-Shape desk command center!

For the price the GreenForest L-Shape Gaming Desk is one of the best corner gaming desks. This stylish desk comes in 4 pleasing colors: black, oak, dark walnut, and light walnut. Moreover, it’s crafted from eco-friendly P2 class MDF board and metal that’s guaranteed to last years. Top it all off with easy-breezy assembly and customizable L-shape direction that is ideal for small spaces and apartments ⁠— and you’ve found one of the best budget gaming desks on the market.

  • Buy 2 and make a U-Shape desk
  • Extremely versatile configuration
  • Minimal, modern, and stylish design
  • Users say desk materials are cheap
  • Not suitable for larger gaming setups

5. Vitesse Racing Style

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk Racing Style Computer Desk

Our pick the best computer gaming desk for the money

Manufacturer: Waleaf | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 3 | Weight: 60lbs | Dimensions: 55.1 x 23.6 x 28.5 inches | Price: 💰💰

The Vitesse Racing Style Gaming Desk is the real deal. There’s no doubt why it has an incredible review score. Integrated organization modules like the USB gaming handle rack, cup holder, headphone hook as well as a free mousepad demonstrate that Waleaf has gamers’ best interests in mind. In addition, the large version of this desk measures 55 x 24 inches (the small version 44 x 24), more than enough space for two monitors and some gaming gadgetry. The gaming rack for controllers and games also has 4 easy to access USB ports built into it — great for keeping cables organized and all your devices charged.

  • Integrated charging ports
  • Lots of organizational features
  • More desk space than budget models
  • Lots of separate pieces to put together
  • Users report assembly instructions are vague

6. Walker Edison Soreno

Walker Edison Desk

Our pick for the best corner desk for gaming

Manufacturer: Walker Edison Furniture Company | Type: L-shaped | Colors Options: 4 | Weight: 57lbs | Dimensions: 20 x 51 x 29 inches | Price: 💰💰

The Walker Edison features one of the most popular desk designs around—the L-shape. While there are plenty of options in this category, the Walker Edison is one of the clear winners. There is an allocated compartment in the bottom center to place your gaming tower. The “X” legs give the desk a suspended look. Beveled tempered safety glass, black powder coated steel frame, and the sleek black finish makes the Edison an overall quite aesthetically pleasing desk. It makes sense why this stylish modern desk is one of the best selling on Amazon.

Another thing that contributes to the popularity of this desk is its versatility. The desk configuration can be personalized to your liking. The keyboard tray can optionally be mounted on either end. Also, you can remove the center piece and turn this L-desk into two standard sized desks. At about $100, it’s not going to break the bank. You can be sure, you’re getting a healthy amount of desktop square footage for your dollar.

  • Extendable corner gaming desk design
  • Ready for multiple monitors out of the box
  • Durable steel frame supports over 100lbs of gear
  • Glass gets dirty easily
  • Cable management is tricky

7. Atlantic Original

Atlantic Original Desk

Our pick for the best desk for console gaming

Manufacturer: Atlantic | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 43.6lbs | Dimensions: 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches | Price: 💰

The Atlantic Original Gaming Desk is a desk built specifically for gamers! That’s because this gaming desk is a #1 seller in the computer desk and gaming tables category. You can tell that Atlantic kept gamers’ needs in mind when designing this desk, save for the one downside: a lack of desk space. Still, if you have a large multi-monitor setup you can either remove the elevated monitor stand or you can buy a clamp that attaches the two monitors. By removing the elevated stand in the center you can fit up to two 27 inch monitors side-by-side.

The major upside is that Atlantic packs a lot of functionality into this desk. It has 2 speaker trays for a dual speaker setup, cable management, a drawer, an accessory tray (nice place for smart phone/tablet/etc), game shelving, a place to hang your headphones on the side, and (our favorite) a drink holder! Perfect for a cup of joe or an energy drink.

The rack area hanging underneath may appear to be a keyboard tray or something of the sort, but it’s actually a place to fit a power strip. This enables you to run cables to it and keep things looking organized. Its steel rod frame is built to take a beating. The practical design has served many gamers as a great solution for their gaming setup.

  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Monitor & smartphone stand
  • Sleek cable management feature
  • Small surface
  • Relies on cheaper hardware

8. Arozzi Arena

Arozzi Arena

Our pick for the best long gaming desk

Manufacturer: Arozzi | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 4 | Weight: 85.5lbs | Dimensions: 63 x 32.2 x 31 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

Are you a minimalist with an eye for detail? If so, the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is the setup for you!

This bad boy comes in 6 different colors and measures over 5 feet long ⁠— perfect for larger gaming setups. It also boasts a full-surface custom microfiber mouse pad for maximum responsiveness. The patent-pending design is height adjustable, and the cable management feature is guaranteed to keep your space clean and clutter-free. An exceptional offering by newcomer Arozzi.

  • Spacious 5-foot width
  • Full-surface microfiber mousepad
  • Patent-pending design comes in 5 different colors
  • Sharp edges
  • Some users report a wobble

9. AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

AmazonBasics Gaming Computer Desk

Our pick for the best small gaming desk

Manufacturer: AmazonBasics | Type: Compact | Colors Options: 3 | Weight: 33.4lbs | Dimensions: 40 x 23 x 35 inches | Price: 💰

AmazonBasics certainly packs a lot of functionality in this compact desk. As such, it features a high-tech carbon fiber looking top, durable steel legs, and plenty of room for all your gaming gear. It is our pick for the one of the best computer desks for small spaces.

Though it doesn’t support dual-monitors out of the box, removing the monitor shelf can make it work, at the cost of your extra space. Fortunately, it’s got you covered here thanks to built-in storage solutions for your speakers, controllers, headphones, tablet/phone, games, and even your coffee! If you’re working with space restrictions, this is a solid little desk that gets the job done.

*Note that while the entire length is about 51 inches with the cup holder and headphone holder the length of the tabletop itself is only about 40 inches.

  • Built-in storage solutions
  • Small size fits just about anywhere
  • Stylish carbon-fiber top w/ steel base
  • 40 x 23 inches of tabletop space
  • Not ideal for multi-monitor setups

10. Mojo Gamer Pro

Mojo Gamer Pro

Our pick for the best standing gaming desk

Manufacturer: MojoDesk | Type: Standing | Colors Options: 2 | Weight: N/A | Dimensions: 45.5 x 40 x 29 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Will the real gamers in the room please stand up?

The Mojo Gamer Pro is a top-notch standing desk with all the bells and whistles (check out our in-depth review). What makes it so unique? This next-level model features an electric sit-to-stand mechanism that makes switching between each mode an absolute cinch. You can expect plenty of space, built-in cable routing, zero bounce, and an array of free bundled accessories. This makes it a great gaming computer desk for multiple monitors, and perfect for streamers and competitive players who spend long hours in front of the screen. Highly recommended.

  • Electric sit-to-stand mechanism
  • eSports gaming accessories included
  • Sturdy build with plenty of space and zero bounce
  • Requires wall outlet
  • Very expensive, extras cost more


Mr Ironstone Large Gaming Desk

Our pick for the best metal gaming desks

Manufacturer: Mr IRONSTONE | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 60.6lbs | Dimensions: 32 x 63 x 29.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

Got a will of iron and need a desk to match? If so, the Mr IRONSTONE Gaming Desk is the perfect battlefield companion. Crafted from durable metal legs and PVC, you expect rugged durability combined with next-level style. Plus, the R-shape design provides exceptional stability, ensuring the safety of all your desktop accessories.

What’s included with your purchase? The desk itself, assembly tools, and a few extra goodies. Put it all together and screw on the drink holder and earphone hook. Then sit back and sip your Red Bull as you annihilate the competition. Oh, and rest easy knowing you’re backed by a full one-year warranty and stellar customer ratings.

  • Comfy, curved design
  • Cable management grommets
  • Detachable cup holder & headphone hook
  • Packaging is a pain
  • Users say it is difficult to assemble

12. Thermaltake ToughDesk 300

Thermaltake TT Level 20 BattleStation RGB Gaming Desk

Our pick for the best gaming desk when money is no object

Manufacturer: Thermaltake | Type: Standing | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 187lbs | Dimensions: 63 x 30 x 27.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

The Thermaltake ToughDesk is a futuristic looking desk with a huge mouse pad that serves as the desk’s surface. The ToughDesk is a stylish RGB gaming desk for gamers who want to make a statement. This desk is great for gamers doing a little streaming, on a eSports team, or even employ a butler named Chives. In addition to the RGB perimeter, this is a full-fledged electric height adjustable desk (27.5 to 43.3 inch range).

The TT RGB Software enables you to synchronize your desk lighting with compatible peripherals and PC components like cooling fans. It works with Razer Chroma and Thermaltake’s own TT RGB Plus ecosystem. Thermaltake decked this desk out with cable management troughs, 6 button control panel to remember desk height settings, and plenty of desk space.

  • RGB synchronization w/ iTAKE
  • Standing is good for your body
  • The whole surface is a mouse pad
  • Insanely heavy
  • More insanely expensive

13. Eureka Ergonomic Z60

Eureka Ergonomc Z60 Desk

Our pick for the best RGB gaming desk

Manufacturer: Eureka Ergonomic | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 62lbs | Dimensions: 23.8 x 60.2 x 30.7 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

The Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk is the ultimate battle station (check out our in-depth review)!

How so? For starters, this ergonomic desk features a 5-foot wide carbon-fiber surface with built-in RGB lighting and cable routing. In terms of durability, this model sits atop a solid metal Z-frame complete with equalizing bar that holds up to 220 pounds for all your must-have accessories. Moreover, the desk surface is split into two for easy assembly and transport.

The Z60 also features a thick, cushioned mousepad for enhanced aesthetics and responsive tracking. Snag the optional PC mount, drink holder, and accessory stands, then hop into your favorite games locked, loaded, and ready to go.

  • Vivid RGB side panels
  • Sturdy Z-frame & equalizing bar
  • Sleek carbon fiber top w/ XL mousepad
  • No tilt feature
  • Accessories cost extra

14. NOBLEWELL Computer Desk

Noblewell Computer Desk

Our pick for the best computer desk for offices

Manufacturer: NOBLEWELL | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 4 | Weight: 71.7lbs | Dimensions: 19 x 46.5 x 34.2 inches | Price: 💰💰

Modern design? Check. Ergonomic build with a pull out keyboard tray? Check. Sexy aesthetics featuring a slick build and 4 different color options? Check.

The NOBLEWELL marks all the boxes with superb attention to detail and enough room to house all your gaming gear. It’s also extremely versatile thanks to convenient casters and tiered shelving. You’re sure to game in style with the attractive array of durable components and steady construction. Overall, it’s one of the best PC gaming desks that will blend in with the rest of your furniture or office décor.

  • Fantastic reviews that praise the value
  • Ideal as a PC gaming desk & general work desk
  • Large gaming surface w/ pull-out tray and monitor stand
  • Long assembly time/missing hardware
  • Keyboard drawer faulty for some, sticky

15. Secretlab MAGNUS

Secretlab MAGNUS Gaming Desk

Our pick for the best PC gaming desk for eSports

Manufacturer: Secretlab| Type: Standard | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 92.6lbs | Dimensions: 59.1 x 27.6 x 29 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰

A new option on the market earns a new spot on our best gaming desks list! We love Secretlab, and their new MAGNUS metal desk is an ultra-sleek durable gaming desk made with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. The cable management tray on the back makes it easy to keep everything de-cluttered in your setup. There are other cable management add-ons you can get with your desk to keep your organization a priority.

Even though it only comes in one versatile color right now, there are full size desk pads available to add-on to your desk package at a discount that provides some style customization. You can also grab an LED strip to add some pizazz. The reviews speak volume for this company’s knack for gaming accessories, and we are hoping for more desk options from them in the future.

  • Solid build, easy assembly
  • Perfect size and desk space for any gaming setup
  • Cable tray and add-on accessories provide a lot of organization support
  • Long shipping wait
  • Price can get high with the add-ons

16. Techni Mobili Corner Desk

Techni Mobili

Our pick for the best glass gaming desks

Manufacturer: Techni Mobili | Type: L-Shaped | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 102lbs | Dimensions: 55 x 61.2 x 30 inches | Price: 💰💰

TechniMobili may be the new kid on the block, but their desks are second to none. This bad boy sports a hip, black & silver L-shaped design with a durable tempered glass top. The two desktop panels each have a 110 lb weight capacity, and the entire unit can handle up to 319 pounds!

This makes it a fantastic desk for gamers wtih lots of accessories, or those who love to keep their precious PC up off the floor. In addition, this desk makes a wonderful statement that screams luxury and sophistication. Best of all? This corner gaming computer desk is backed by a 5-year warranty.

  • 319lb weight capacity
  • 8mm tempered glass top
  • Black & silver luxury design
  • Tricky installation
  • Not ideal for taller people

17. Couchmaster Cycon

Couchmaster Cycon

Our pick for the best gaming lap desk

Manufacturer: Couchmaster | Type: Lap | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 9.26lbs | Dimensions: 33.5 x 8.7 x 23.6 inches | Price: 💰💰

Prefer to game on the big screen from the comfort of your couch? We’ve got you covered with the Couchmaster Cycon. From its memory foam support cushions, to its integrated cable management system, to its integrated USB 3.0 hub, this baby is loaded with functionality. Grab your keyboard, mouse, and gaming headset, and jump into a match against the pros. With multiple side pockets and durable leather-esque craftsmanship, you’re well equipped to take down every enemy that stands in your way.

  • 4-port USB 3.0 hub
  • Memory foam cushions
  • Integrated cable management
  • Faux leather
  • Assembly screws are poor quality

18. Studio RTA Producer

Studio RTA Desk

Our pick for the best desk for streaming

Manufacturer: Studio RTA | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 2 | Weight: 140lbs | Dimensions: 72 x 41 x 30 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰

The Studio RTA Producer Station is actually a desk designed for music producers to hold all of their fancy electronic equipment. Nevertheless, we have had reports from some of our readers who have re-purposed this piece for use as a gaming desk. And the decision makes a good deal of sense.

Equipped with plenty of surface area, a long monitor shelf, a wire management system along the back, space racks on either side, and sliding keyboard tray, this is the ideal desk for a multi-monitor & multi-system solution.

Another bonus feature is that the desk has wheels, so adjusting cords and plugging new things in becomes much easier. If you are a hybrid musician/gamer the Studio RTA Producer Station may just be love at first sight. If you’re a gamer through-and-through, it is still certainly worth your consideration.

  • Multi-monitor ready
  • Sturdy black steel frame
  • Plenty of nooks and crannies for gear
  • Only 30″ of depth
  • Upper rack is unusually high

19. Convenience Concepts Modern

CC Modern

Our pick for the best gaming desk w/ easy setup

Manufacturer: Convenience Concepts | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 11 | Weight: 41lbs | Dimensions: 47.2 x 15.8 x 30 inches | Price: 💰

With the CC Modern, you’ve got options. 11, to be precise. Choose your favorite design and simply snap the unit together ⁠— no tools required. This desk features a stainless steel frame and durable laminate surface. It’s also got five built-in shelves that are perfect for holding all your peripherals and gaming essentials. Overall, you’re looking at an ergonomic and economical solution with plenty of storage space and flair.

  • Tool-free assembly
  • Five separate shelves
  • Stainless steel & laminate craftsmanship
  • Very narrow desk
  • Not ideal for adults over 6 feet tall

20. COUGR Mars


Our pick for the best gaming table

Manufacturer: COUGR | Type: Standard | Colors Options: 1 | Weight: 93lbs | Dimensions: 60.5 x 30.5 x 31.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Channel Elon with the COUGR Mars, an out-of-this-world gaming table with all the bells and whistles.

What’s so special about it, you ask? For starters, the Mars Desk boasts a handsome design complete with carbon fiber top and sleek LED accents. It also comes equipped with an intuitive control panel that includes a light toggle, multiple USB 3.0 ports, and audio in/out. And that’s not even the best part. Built atop a durable steel frame that’s compatible with PCs and consoles, the Mars is ready for whatever gaming shenanigans you throw its way.

  • Durable steel frame
  • Carbon fiber top & LED accents
  • Sleek control panel w/ USB ports
  • High price
  • Poor instructions

Gaming Desk Guide Part I: General Thoughts on Gaming Desks

With the exponential growth of gaming (and competitive gaming in particular), many brands have introduced new desk models — giving us their take on the ideal desk for gaming. Still, some types of desks are better at facilitating a functional gaming setup than others.

In the end, we are all looking for just about the same thing. Namely, enough room for our computer and peripherals, and space to display any gaming swag we have accumulated. Sure, if most gamers were to have it their way, they would have a generous amount of space, and chaos would never be an issue.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Desk for Gaming

But having a generous amount of desk surface isn’t always the reality. Whether it be budget or space constraints, sometimes we have to forgo an extra-large desk. That said, if you have a few money trees out back (or a good buddy at the Federal Reserve), the sky is the limit. You can get an expansive and elegant looking desk with a built-in cable management system, as well as all the other bells and whistles.

Gaming Desk Guide Part II: Types of Gaming Desks

There are several prominent gaming desk designs, including:

There are great gaming computer desk solutions in each category, but we at High Ground Gaming dig the L-shape desks most. U-shape desks seem like a little much, and most standard desks never seem like enough. To be sure, everyone has their own needs and preferences. Someone with a single monitor and mini-ITX PC case won’t nearly need as much surface area as someone with three monitors and a monster rig.

What we like about the L-shape desk is that it works with most spaces. It also doesn’t constrict you as a U-shape desk might, and having two distinct sides essentially provides you with two separate “stations.”


An example? On one side of the L, you can set up a gaming station with all your gaming goodies and monitors. On the other side, you can set up a workstation for the times you need to roll up your sleeves and get some work done (think laptop, calendar, paper pad, etc). Of course, this second station could be for whatever your heart desires: writing, music, TV, or console. Or perhaps it’s just a bare space to handle overflow.

As for those special instances where a typical desk just won’t cut it? Standing desks and lap desks offer tons of adaptability and other unique features that are sure to heighten your gaming experience w/ comfort and style.

Gaming Desk Guide Part III: Choosing the Best Gaming Desk for You

Shopping for a computer desk doesn’t need to be a painful, drawn-out process. As long as you tick the most important boxes, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Here are some things you should consider before purchasing a desk for gaming:

Design. How many monitors do you have? Do you have a VESA mount setup? If so, a larger desk may be ideal. How about wired or wireless peripherals? Helpful cable management systems can aid in concealing wired peripherals and power cords. Will your gaming rig be located on the floor or the desk? These are a few of the questions you should answer before making a final decision on your new gaming desk.

Material. The types of materials incorporated in the desk’s construction will have the largest impact on the final price of the product. The most common materials used to build computer desks are wood, steel, PVC, and glass.

  • Wood. These desks are typically composed of oak, maple, or pine. And they’re generally very sturdy. Many individuals favor wood desks for their traditional look. The downside is that these desks are pretty heavy.
  • PVC & Steel. Here you’ll find PVC tabletops that are supported by a solid steel frame. They are lightweight and portable, ideal for a college student or someone who moves frequently.
  • Glass. These desks are very elegant looking and exemplify modern style. Glass desks are usually supported by a steel frame. The drawback is that they are fingerprint magnets and more fragile than other materials.

Assembly Time. Unfortunately, assembly time is an unavoidable outcome of purchasing most furniture. Many manufacturers focus on this area by improving manuals, minimizing parts, and therefore reducing the overall time it takes for home assembly. If you thoroughly dislike this stage of the process and are prone to assembly rage, you may want to go with a smaller desk. Find your zen, my friend.

Fit. Not an issue for everyone, as you’ll likely be able to ballpark it and be fine. For example, if you’ve got a fairly large corner space and you’re looking at buying an L-shaped gaming desk, you don’t need to worry about exact dimensions. However, for tighter configurations, it is necessary to bust out the tape measure and get a more precise idea of how the desk is going to fit.

Gaming Desk Guide Part IV: Benefits of Gaming Desks

There are numerous benefits to making a deliberate desk purchase. Some are glaringly obvious, but some not so much.

1. More space


The fact of the matter is there’s no substitute for having more real estate. More surface area is a big asset for any gamer. The extra space will aid you in staying organized, cutting down on clutter, and having all the essentials near at hand. In turn, this helps us gamers focus on what really matters: gaming.

Of course, having enough room for that double 32inch, 4k matching monitor setup is nice too. Whether you have a $500 gaming laptop or a $10,000 gaming rig capable of powering the matrix, you want to have desk space to keep it in a safe place and showcase it properly.

2. Health

Ergonomics should be taken into consideration, especially for heavy computer users who may work in an office setting in addition to being a gamer. Owning the right chair and desk combo is essential to making sure you take care of your body and posture. Plus, without the distraction of pain and aches, concentrating on your game is that much easier.

Furthermore, finding a desk with suitable height will help prevent one of the nastier conditions that plague office-workers and gamers alike: the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. A matter not to be taken lightly, carpal tunnel has sidelined many a pro gamer.

3. Accessibility

Many of the desks we discuss have designated spots for computer towers, keyboards and mice, and shelves for office supplies. Some have little shelves and drawers as well for the cool odds and ends we accumulate over time.

4. Cable Management

Cable conundrum is an affliction many gamers suffer from. The problem is compounded when you have an extra complex multi-system setup.

Example of Cable Management Feature

The art of managing cables is one of the finishing touches that turns a chaotic looking space into a clean and organized one. Rubber and plastic grommet desk inserts will help you manage and conceal cables. Some desks even have a place to put the power bar.

5. Style

Fold-out tables are nice and all, but there’s something lacking when you sit down to a flimsy desk when you’re planning on doing some serious gaming. A well-designed desk with the right look completes our battle stations. In some cases, having a desk that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb may satisfy other members of the house (such as the missus).

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