When it comes to a computer gaming desk, space is king. The more space we have as gamers the easier it is to locate everything we need, keep the clutter factor down and focus on gaming. Unfortunately, we don’t always have limitless space to work with. A big part of an individual’s desk selection comes down to the available physical space they have.

Do you have a cushy spacious office or are you working with a dorm-room type scenario? What might be the best gaming desk for one individual may dwarf the room of another. No matter what situation you find yourself in, we’ve identified the best gaming desks in each size category. As a side note, while there used to be many desks not built exclusively for gamers, times are changing. With the advent of eSports and the phenomenon of battle royale games like Fortnite, many manufacturers have decided to introduce gaming models to their product lines.

Whether you’re simply looking for ideas or have an exact budget in mind, you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find our compiled lists of the best desks for gaming. For HGG’s top 13 picks, head to our “Zoom In” section.

Zoom Out I: Comparison Table of the 12 Best Desks for Gaming (Gaming Style)

These desks are great for gamers, and some have special features specifically catered to the gamer’s needs. We’ve sorted the desks by price ascending for easy scanning.

Convenience Concepts Modern Student Desk *Easy Assembly *NewStandard16″D x 47″W x 30″H ; 44 pounds8
Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner DeskL-Shaped51″D x 51″W x 29″H ; 57 pounds5
Origami Foldable Computer Desk *Easy AssemblyStandard24″D x 47″W x 30″H ; 44 pounds4
Atlantic Gaming DeskStandard50″D x 40″W x 27″H ; 37 pounds1
Z-Line Designs Cyrus WorkstationStandard36″D x 26″W x 48″H ; 71.7 pounds1
Techni Mobili Black Glass Corner DeskL-Shaped61″D x 55″W x 30″H ; 102 pounds3
Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming DeskStandard25"D x 45″W x 31″H ; 40 pounds1
DXRacer Ergonomic Gaming DeskStandard32″D × 47″W × 32″H ; 50 pounds3
Arozzi Arena Gaming DeskStandard32"D x 63″W x Adjustable Height ; 86 pounds6
Studio RTA Producer Station DeskStandard30″D x 72″W x 41″H ; 150 pounds 2
MojoDesk Gamer Pro Sit-Stand Desk *New *StandingStandard30″D x 48″W x Adjustable Height ; 115 pounds2
Lian-Li Accessory DK Series Gaming Desk/Case ComboStandard24"D x 49″W x 33″H inches ; 99 pounds1

Zoom Out II: Comparison Table of the 13 Best Desks for Gaming (Office Style)

If you’re looking for a more conventional office desk, peruse the options below.

Prepac Wall Mounted Floating DeskStandard20″D x 42″W x 40″H ; 61 pounds3
Flash Furniture Glass DeskStandard24″D x 39″W x 30″H ; 28 pounds3
Ameriwood Home Dakota DeskL-Shaped54″D x 51″W x 28″H ; 79 pounds5
Z-Line Designs Belaire Glass DeskL-Shaped24″D x 60″W x 37″H ; 96.4 pounds2
Techni Mobili Computer WorkstationStandard24″D x 48″W x 30″H ; 86 pounds1
Bush Furniture Series A DeskStandard27″D x 72″W x 30″H ; 98 pounds + 3 Other Width Options7
Office Star Prado Complete WorkstationL-Shaped29″D x 60″W x 30″H ; 97 pounds2
Bestar Hampton Collection Corner DeskL-Shaped70″D x 70″W x 35″H ; 175 pounds1
Bestar Innova Workstation KitU-Shaped59″D x 84″W x 66″H ; 124 pounds2
Envelop Desk by Herman MillerStandard26″D x 45″W x 31″H (adjustable) ; 76 pounds4
Altra Furniture Benjamin & Pursuit Series Desks *NewModularVaries by Selection4
Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand DeskStandard29″D x 51″W x Adjustable Height ; 103 pounds3
Martin Furniture Tribeca Loft DeskL-Shaped85″D x 68″W x 29″H ; 376 pounds1

Gaming Desk Guide Part I: Let’s Talk About Gaming Computer Desks


Atlantic Gaming Desk

There are now a number of desks designed specifically for gaming. The Atlantic Gaming Desk featured in the image above used to be one of the only options. But with the exponential growth of gaming and competitive gaming in particular, many brands have introduced new desk models — giving us their take on the ideal desk for gaming.

There are some types of desks that are better at facilitating a functional gaming set up than others. In the end, we are all probably looking for just about the same thing. Enough room for our peripherals, tower, extra PC or laptop, monitor (or multi-monitor setup), gaming gear, and space to display any gaming swag we may have accumulated. Sure, if most gamers were to have it their way they would have a generous amount of space so chaos never becomes an issue — even with all the aforementioned equipment set up.

But having generous amount of desk surface isn’t always the reality. Whether it be budget or space constraints, sometimes we have to forgo an extra-large desk. That being said, if you have a few money trees out back or a good buddy at the Federal Reserve, the sky is the limit. You can get an expansive and elegant looking desk with a built-in cable management system.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Desk for Gaming

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

There are several desk designs that are commonplace: U-shaped, L-shaped, standard, and compact. There are great gaming computer desk solutions in each category. We at High Ground Gaming dig the L-shaped desks. U-shaped desks seem like a little much and most standard & compact desks don’t seem like enough. To be sure, everyone has their own needs and preferences. Someone with a single monitor and mini-ITX PC case won’t nearly need as much surface area as someone with three monitors and a monster rig.

What we like about the L-shaped desk is that it works with most spaces. It also doesn’t constrict you like a U-shaped desk might. Having two distinct sides essentially provides you with two separate “stations.” For example, on one side of the L you can set up a gaming station (with all your gaming goodies and monitors). On the other side you can set up a workstation for the times you need to roll up your sleeves and get some work done (laptop, calendar, paper pad, & other office supplies). Of course, this second station could be whatever your heart desires: writing, music, TV, or console setup. Perhaps it’s just a bare space to handle overflow.

Gaming Desk Guide Part II: Choosing the Ideal Desk for You

Shopping for a computer desk doesn’t need to be a painful, drawn out process. As long as you tick the most important boxes, you’ll be up and running in no time.

Here are a some things you should consider before purchasing a desk for gaming:

Design. How many monitors do you have? Do you have a VESA mount setup? A larger desk may be ideal. Wired or wireless peripherals? Helpful cable management systems can aid in concealing wired peripherals and power cords. Will your gaming rig be located on the floor or the desk? These are a few of the questions you should answer before making a final decision on your new gaming desk.


Example of Cable Management Feature

Material. The types of materials incorporated in the desk construction will have the largest impact on the final price of the product. The most common materials used to build computer desks are wood, steel, PVC, and glass.

  • Wood. Typically wood desks use oak, maple, or pine and are very sturdy. Many individuals favor wood desks for their traditional look. The downside is that these desks are pretty heavy.
  • PVC & Steel. The PVC tabletops are supported by a solid steel frame. They are lightweight and portable, ideal for a college student or someone who moves frequently.
  • Glass. These desks are very elegant looking and exemplify modern style. Glass desks are usually supported by a steel frame. The drawback is that they are fingerprint magnets and are more fragile than other materials.

Assembly Time. Unfortunately, assembly time is an unavoidable outcome of purchasing most furniture. Many manufacturers focus on this area by improving manuals, minimizing parts, and therefore reducing the overall time it takes for home assembly. If you thoroughly dislike this stage of the process and are prone to assembly rage you may want to go with a smaller desk. Find your zen, my friend.

gaming-desk-dimensionsFit. Not an issue for everyone, as you’ll likely be able to ballpark it and be fine. For example, if you’ve got a fairly large corner space and you’re looking at buying a L-Shaped desk, you don’t need to worry about exact dimensions. However, for tighter configurations it is necessary to bust out the tape measure and get a more precise idea of how the desk is going to fit.

Gaming Desk Guide Part III: Benefits of Owning a Well-Designed Desk for Gaming

There are numerous benefits to making a deliberate desk purchase. Some are glaringly obvious, but some not so much.

1. More space


The fact of the matter is there’s no substitute for having more real estate. Having more surface area is going to be a big asset for any gamer. The extra space will aid you in being able to stay organized, cutting down on clutter, and having all the important stuff near at hand. In turn, this helps us gamers focus on what really matters: gaming. Of course, having enough room for that double 32inch, 4k matching monitor setup is nice too. Whether you have a cheap gaming desktop or a $10,000 gaming rig capable of powering the matrix, you want to have desk space to keep it in a safe place and showcase it properly.

2. Health

Ergonomics should be taken into consideration, especially for heavy computer users who may work in an office setting in addition to being a gamer. Owning the right chair and desk combo is essential to making sure you take care of your body and posture. Without the distraction of pain and aches concentrating on your game is that much easier. Furthermore, finding the desk with a suitable height will help prevent one of the nastier conditions that plague office-workers and gamers alike: the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. A matter not to be taken lightly, carpal tunnel has sidelined many a pro gamer.

3. Accessibility

Many of the desks we discuss have designated spots for computer towers, keyboards and mice, and shelves for office supplies. Some have little shelves and drawers as well for the odds and ends we accumulate over time.

4. Cable Management

Cable conundrum is an affliction many gamers suffer from. The problem is compounded when you have an extra complex multi-system set up. The art of managing cables is one of the finishing touches that turns a chaotic looking space into a clean and organized one. Rubber and plastic grommet desk inserts will help you manage and conceal cables. Some desks even have a place to put the power bar.

5. Style

Fold out tables are nice and all, but there’s something lacking when you sit down to a flimsy desk when you’re planning on doing some serious gaming. A well-designed desk with the right look completes our battle stations. In some cases, having a desk that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb may satisfy other members of the house such as the missus.

Gaming Desk Guide Part IV: 5 Most Popular Office Desk Brands

Here are five popular brands our readers consistently have success with that span the spectrum of budgets and style preferences.

1. Bush Furniture


Bush Furniture Montrese Collection

Bush Furniture has been in the furniture game for over 50 years. Their attention to detail is noticeable right off the bat. Premium work surfaces, integrated wire management, and soft-close hinges are just a few of the professional touches they incorporate into their desks. They’ve got numerous collections of durable furniture along with a business line (Bush Business Furniture aka BBF) of commercial grade solutions. If you’re looking for quality at a fair price, their website is worth a gander. Gamers, work at home professionals, and even small to medium sized businesses will appreciate the thought they’ve put into creating long lasting office desks.

2. Ameriwood Furniture


Ameriwood Furniture Dakota Desk

Ameriwood Furniture has some great budget options that still win you a ton of style points. They’ve got four talented designers who have come up with some brilliant concepts that don’t end up costing the end customer an arm and a leg. Ameriwood has a plethora of furniture options but specialize in the entertainment category such as home theatre systems, TV stands, office desks, and the like. Their affordable desks don’t fall into the buy it for life category, but aren’t going to have trouble outliving a Walmart special either.

3. Z-Line Designs


Z-Line Designs Felize Glass Desk

As their name implies, Z-Line Designs are all about the Z. Most of their home office desks incorporate the Z shape into the design one way or another — usually as part of the desks legs. By and large their desks use quality materials, and you’ll often find metal and/or glass as one of the components. Their lineup continues to grow, with dozens of options, so if you’re not into the Z you can usually find something else that is more to your liking. The theme throughout their collection is a modern aesthetic.

4. Sauder


Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk with Hutch

The Sauder company was founded in the United States in 1934. It has grown to become one of the top 5 furniture manufacturers in North America. Sauder has a huge catalog of furniture including an ample selection of office desks. While they do have lower priced offerings, the real winners are in their mid tier ($250-500ish). If you’re looking for a mid priced option and desire the conventional look of hardwood, Sauder is a top notch place to start your desk search.

5. TechniMobili


Techni Mobili Hip Black Corner Computer Desk

TechniMobili is the new kid on the block. The TechniMobili brand is owned by RTA Products LLC, a USA distribution point located in South Florida. Most of their desks will ship within 24 hours, so you’ll be arranging that sweet new gaming setup in no time. They have some extremely popular desks in their portfolio including the stylish frosted glass L shaped desk. Most of their desks are confidently backed by 3 or 5 year warranties, which in itself speaks to the quality of their products.

Zoom In: HGG’s Top 13 Gaming Computer Desks Picks of 2019

In our chart at the beginning on the page, we selected the best gaming desks out of the many options out there. Here, we take an in-depth look at our top picks. Each desk is best in class desks for its price range. Surely, there will be something here that will help take your man-cave to the next level. These gaming computer desks will do any gamer’s battle station area justice.

Without further delay, here are the top 13 desks of this year.

Recommended Budget Gaming Desks (<$200)

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a functional, quality desk. Here are the top selections in this price range.


Walker Edison Soreno Desk

1. The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk is in the most popular desk design category for gamers—the L-shaped desk. While there are plenty of options in this category, the Walker Edison is one of the clear winners. There is an allocated compartment in the bottom center to place your gaming tower. The “X” legs give the desk a suspended look. Beveled tempered safety glass, black powder coated steel frame, and the sleek black finish makes the Edison an overall quite aesthetically pleasing desk. It makes sense why this stylish modern desk is one of the best selling on Amazon.


Walker Edison Soreno in White

Walker Edison offers the Soreno Desk in a few frame and glass color options—smoke, multi, clear, white and black. The all white frame and frosted glass is featured in the image here.

Another thing that contributes to the popularity of this desk is its versatility. The desk configuration can be personalized to your liking. The keyboard tray can optionally be mounted on either end. Also, you can remove the center corner piece and turn this L-desk into two standard sized desks.  At about $100, it’s not going to break the bank. You can be sure, you’re getting a healthy amount of desktop square footage for your dollar.


Atlantic Gaming Desk

2. The Atlantic Gaming Desk is a desk built specifically for gamers! Between the eclipse, standard, and pro models, this gaming desk is a #1 seller in the computer desk and gaming tables category. You can tell that Atlantic kept gamers’ needs in mind when designing this desk. The one downside is that there is not much space, it is a very compact desk. If you have a large multi-monitor setup you can either remove the elevated monitor stand or you can buy a clamp that attaches the two monitors. By removing the elevated stand in the center you can fit up to two 27 inch monitors side-by-side.

The major upside is that Atlantic packs a lot of functionality into this desk. It has 2 speaker trays for a dual speaker setup, cable management, a drawer, an accessory tray (nice place for smart phone/tablet/etc.),  game shelve, a place to hang your headphones on the side, and (our favorite) a drink holder! Perfect for a cup of joe or an energy drink.

The rack area hanging underneath may appear to be a keyboard tray or something of the sort. The rack is actually a place to fit a power strip. This enables you to run cables to it and keep things looking organized. Its steel rod frame is built to take a beating. The practical design has served many gamers as a great solution for their gaming setup.


Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation

3. The Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation is your traditional wood desk that is the staple of many home office setups. If you have a lot of office supplies, this desk makes a lot of sense. It has a keyboard tray, cabinets, and drawers. At (30 x 48 x 24) 48-inch width and 24 inches deep its not going to give you as much surface space as the A-series. Techni Mobili certainly packs a lot of functionality in this compact desk.

It will work with a dual monitor setup but your not going to have surface space for much else. The drawers can be handy to throw loose stuff in to keep everything looking clean. If you’re working with space restrictions this is a good desk solution that gets the job done.

Recommended Mid-Range Gaming Desks ($200-500)

In the mid-range category of gaming computer desks you’ll find larger desks with a bit higher build quality. If you’re looking for something longer term this is a great category to peruse.


DXRacer Gaming Desk in Green

4. The DXRacer Gaming Desk is a new desk that was just launched by DXRacer. DXRacer is well known gaming chair manufacturer. As you may know, the company is a big supporter of eSports. Many of their chairs are featured at prominent competitive gaming events. They developed this desk exclusively for PC gamers. The desk is on the pricey side, but it has some nice features that make up for the cost. The desk surface is sloped at 10 degrees, making the surface an excellent place to rest your wrists and arms. This goes a long way to preventing pains and aches as well as carpal tunnel.

The desk has 2 slots and 2 cable grommets located along the rear of the desk. Those four options make managing cables a breeze and conceal them nicely. The raised perimeter prevents loose items from rolling off the desk. The durable build is built to last. You have 4 color options to choose from to customize the gaming desk to your space: green, red, white, and the standard black.


Bush Furniture Series A 72-inch Desk

5. The Bush Furniture Series A 72-inch desk (27 x 72 x 30) is a big, solid 100 pound desk. At 72 inches long, you’ll have plenty of room for two or even three monitors. It has an appealing minimalist design with plenty of surface space.

The Series A comes in 9 finish options, enabling you to customize the color to match your space. The desktop is scratch and stain resistance with built in grommets for cable management. The two grommet options allow you to easily conceal cables.

The desk is an excellent build quality that is very durable. You’ll pay for the quality though. This desk is about $200. Though this desk may have a little less surface area than a L-shaped desk, the plus side is you have less assembly time to deal with. The A-Series is a simple desk that for a fair price.


Techni Mobili Black Glass Desk

6. The Techni Mobili Black Glass L-Shaped Desk is another similarly priced option but with a completely different look. It is a snazzy modern looking desk. The shiny chrome and black glass certainly catches the eye. The construction incorporates thick, tempered safety glass and a scratch-resistant frame for increased durability.

Both the long and short sides are interchangeable. Depending on your room’s layout, you can customize the desk for the best fit. At 102 pounds it isn’t light by any means, but when broken down into two pieces it becomes much more manageable. The pieces and construction were well articulated and it only takes roughly 1 hour to assemble.

Techni Mobili also manufacturers the desk with a graphite frame and frosted glass color.


Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation

7. If you’re looking for something a little bit more heavy and sturdy, the Bestar Hampton Corner Workstation is a worthy companion. It also has a shelf in the center like the mahogany desk featured above. However, its keyboard tray is centered under the center shelf. Most folks that use this desk place their monitor(s) on that center shelf. The shelf is perfect for a single or dual monitor setup.

This desk has a more traditional look than the other options. It comes in a few elegant color styles. It takes about 4 hours to assemble, so putting aside a block of time to curse and wrestle with it is unavoidable. It weighs 175 pounds and the dimensions are 70 x 70 x 35 inches. Let’s just say it’s not something you’re going to be wanting to move around very often once you have it all put together.

Recommended High-End Gaming Desks (+$500)

These are premium quality desks with astronomical price tags. Typically desks in this category come backed with 5+ year warranties.


Herman Miller Envelop Desk

8. The Envelop Desk by Herman Miller is the most ergonomic desk money can buy. You’ll pay a premium for that ergonomic design though. The Envelop is listed for over $1000. But for some with deep pockets or who put in 12+ hour days coding it may be worth it. If you’re someone who spends a good chunk of your time in front of your computer it certainly could be a wise investment in your long-term health. Back problems and carpal tunnel are no joke.


Envelop Desk Cord Concealment Module

This desk facilitates ergonomic sitting, helping you maintain healthy posture even during extended sessions. It features height adjustment range of 6 inches, tilt-technology, and a flexible “infield” surface that you can pull forward to move your monitor(s) closer. Much like the DXRacer in our mid range category, this infield surface also functions to provide much needed support for your wrists and arms. It also has a convenient storage drawer to stash a power strip to keep the cord situation under control.

The downside to the desk—other than the astronomical price tag—is that it is fairly compact. You won’t be able to fit much more than two monitors on it. If you’re big on ergonomics, pair the Envelop with a Herman Miller chair. You’ll have a futuristic looking workstation that looks like it came straight out of a prestigious law firm office. Also, your body won’t be able to thank you enough for your thoughtful purchase decision.


Bestar Innova Desk

9. If you’ve got the bankroll, nothing says boss mode like a big U-shaped desk. Our favorite U-shaped desk is the Bestar Innova U-Shaped Workstation. Bestar is a premier office and home furniture company that backs all their products with a 10 year warranty and excellent customer service. The two tone Tuscany brown and black color scheme contributes to the clean aesthetic. The desk will boost the appeal of any home office space.

It is made mostly from recycled materials, so you know you’re doing right by the environment. It weighs in total 124 pounds and is 59 x 59 x 66 inches. This desk provides more than enough room for all your equipment and then some.

The cabinet unit built to go along the side provides a hiding spot for any extra clutter than you may have. At about $700 its definitely a tall order but considering the prices of some of the other U shaped desks on the market, its relatively well-priced. Bestar has a few different U shaped options: Harmony, Omega, Manhattan, Prestige, Executive, and the Embassy. This makes it easy to find the style and color you desire.


Tribeca Loft Desk by Kathy Ireland

10. The Tribeca Loft Desk by Kathy Ireland is an elegant urban looking desk. This is a swanky desk for you gentleman gamers out there. Maybe you’re doing a little day trading on the side, employ a butler named Chives and what have you. Yes, we know even you like to get a few rounds of CS:GO in here and there.

Everything about this desk reeks with luxury. It is a beauty. The hand-rubbed edges, midnight smoke finish, and pewter colored hardware is sure to impress. At 376 pounds, it is the heaviest desk that made our list.

It features plenty of space for all the odds and ends sporting a two keyboard/writing utensil drawers, four utility drawers, and two legal sized filed drawers. All of these are crafted with suspension ball bearing glides and precision channel joins for smooth opening and closing. It is fully finished on each side enabling you to place it anywhere in your office. Martin Furniture backs this desk with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Notable Mentions

Here are a few other desks our readers have recommended.


Studio RTA Workstation Desk

11. The Studio RTA Producer Station is actually a desk designed for music producers to hold all of their fancy electronic equipment. Nevertheless, we have had reports from some of our readers who have re-purposed this desk and currently use it as a gaming desk. And the decision makes a good deal of sense.

Equipped with plenty of surface area, a long monitor shelf, wire management system along the back, space racks on either side, a sliding keyboard tray, and it is an ideal desk for a multi-monitor & multi-system solution. A sturdy black steel frame holds it all together. If you need to optimally make use of your space, this desk is a great choice.

Another bonus feature is that the desk has wheels so adjusting cords and plugging new things in becomes much easier. If you are a hybrid musician/gamer the Studio RTA Producer Station may just be love at first sight. If you’re a gamer through-and-through it is still certainly worth your consideration.


Prepac Floating Desk with Storage

12. Prepac’s Desk is a modern expression of the office desk. They have dubbed this creation the “floating desk.” The desk also comes in brown and white color options. It is a unique design that is installed to the wall at your desired height.  This process becomes easier thanks to their user-friendly metal hanging rail system. However, you’re still going to need to mount the desk to studs and put some holes in your wall.

While installing it will be a pain in the ass, it looks great once finished (much akin to a wall-mounted flatscreen). There are two side shelves that can be removed if you need a bit more space but you’ll be hard pressed to fit two monitors. If you leave the side shelves in, that space combined with the top shelve gives you enough room for personal items and gaming items. It’s a great way to make the most out of a small space—in style.

Altra Pursuit L-Shaped Desk with Hutch Bundle

Altra Pursuit L-Shaped Desk with Hutch Bundle

13. The Altra Pursuit Series is a modular solution from Altra Furniture. The pieces fit together snug as a puzzle. This versatile series of furniture enables you to customize the perfect desk for your space. Whether that is an I shaped, L shaped, or U shaped desk, you’ve got plenty to choose from here. We dig the L and U shaped desks. It’s pretty cool to feel like your stepping into a command center every time you sit down at your desk.

You can choose from a cherry, white, or natural finish. It has a large work surface, underneath trough and side slots for cable concealment, plenty of cabinet room (with the hutch bundle), as well as scratch and stain resistant surfaces. If you’ve got a lot of gaming gadgetry and office accessories we suggest tacking on the hutch bundle for extra storage.

Without a doubt, it isn’t the cheapest option out there. This modular desk is commercial grade quality but isn’t as expensive as one would imagine.  The bottom line: the Altra Pursuit Series Desks are built-to-last and make space configuration easy.