Why have that tricked out gaming laptop and not be able to fully utilize it? Perhaps you’ve bought a Steam Machine but have not taken a liking to inferior controllers? That’s why you need one of the fine gaming lapdesks featured in this very article. As gamers sometimes we detach ourselves a bit too much and stay glued to our desks.

A good way to solve this and stifle the complaints is to get a functional lap desk. Yeah, nothing beats sitting down at our battle stations and gaming in complete bliss, but sometimes it’s good to be around our loved ones or friends. Even if we are playing games they still appreciate our presence!

Zoom Out: A Comparison Table of the 15 Best Lapdesks for Gaming

Here we have the best gaming lapdesks all compiled for you in an easy to browse comparison table. We’ve listed popularity as well as cost, but keep in mind prices can shift regularly. We check our pages and suggested products regularly to make sure we are as accurate as possible. If you are seeing a compressed version of the table, you can click the green + button to expand and see more information.

PwrPad Limited Addition Lapdesk16 inches
Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N55017 inches
Cooler Master Comforter18 inches
LapWorks Futura Gamers Lap Desk21 inches
LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk22 inches
Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk22 inches
Logitech Touch Lapdesk N60016 inches
Songmics 100% Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Desk21 inches
Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk18 inches
Slate 2.0 with Desk Space - Mobile LapDesk23 inches
Corsair Gaming LAPDOG28 inches
Pilot LapDesk30 inches
Razer Turret Lapboard20 inches
HoverX+ Ultimate Gamer's Lapdesk25 inches
ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard25 inches

Lapdesk Guide Part I: General Thoughts on the Right Lapdesk for Gamers


As the cost of components and other hardware used to manufacture laptops comes down, mobile gaming at high settings is becoming easier to obtain. Furthermore, you can get a pretty solid gaming laptop these days without breaking the bank.

Obviously, if you looking to drop cash on a nice lapdesk step 1 is buying a laptop if you do not own one already. But if you’re already gaming on the go the next step is acquiring a setup where you can actually game effectively and comfortably.

Lapdesk Guide Part II: Are Lapdesks Worth the Investment?

Unless you are already consistently going toe-to-toe with other gamers with a touchpad you’d benefit from a sturdy laptop holder. By the way if you’re schooling people with a touchpad you’re a gaming legend and we’d be honored to bask in your glorious presence.

Competitive online gaming is simply out of the question without using a mouse, and even most single player games are a pain in the ass to play with a track pad.

Lap desks solve this big problem of not being able to use our gaming mice at a location other than our desks. If you’ve ever tried to use your mouse on the arm of your couch or your pant leg you quickly come to the conclusion that you temporarily fell victim to wishful thinking.

That’s where the mighty lapdesk comes in. You get a stable surface to place your laptop and enough mousing room to not be constantly running your mouse sensor off the edge in the heat of battle.

Furthermore, there is usually some ventilation mechanism built into a good lapdesk (or at the very least it will shield your legs). The fact of the matter is 4+ hour gaming sessions playing the latest game at max settings means your machine is going to be working hard to keep up.

While your pants may not catch on fire, the heat can become pretty bothersome after awhile.

Ultimately, these laptop holders and lap desks are great because they enable us to do some light gaming (or not so light) on the couch or wherever else everyone hangs out at. You can do some socializing in between matches and still catch whatever big game, T.V. show, or event is on at the time.

logitech lap desk example

Even if you’re not using it for gaming, using a mouse to browse the web and everything else can be so much faster than relying on an unwieldy touchpad.

Added benefit?

Some folks will also use these lap desks for writing/reading, playing on their tablets, eating, homework, etc. It’s great to use in bed too if you’ve got that memory foam mattress and cozy comforter that makes it too hard to get out of in the morning. The bottom line is that these nifty lap companions have a ton of functionality and they are usually worth every dollar.

Zoom In: A Closer Look at the Top 15 Best Gaming Lapdesks of 2019

Well-designed gaming lapdesks are few and far between. Even within our top 15 list below, you will want to carefully read the dimensions and make sure your laptop will fit. Nevertheless, a couple of the options can both house larger lapdesks and still provide enough room for vigorous mousing.

1. Razer Turret Lapboard


If you want the best, here it is. It ain’t going to come cheap though. The Razer Turret is priced aggressively for early adopters. But you get what you pay for, right?

In this package, you actually get a fully fleshed gaming mouse and keyboard.

With the patent sleek Razer finish, this all black lap desk is ultra slim and sexy. Probably the coolest feature is the fact that it is foldable, so when your docking it, it isn’t a sore thumb in the room.

razor lapdesk

Razer has thought the design through, probably learning from all the failures of attempts at a truly well functioning lap desk for gamers.

The Turret utilizes dual wireless connect technology, so whether you’re hooked up to your PC or your TV via Bluetooth LE, you’ll be enjoying a near lag free experience. The fact that the laptop itself is built into this ‘lapboard’ makes it a lot less noticable and more comfortable when your putting in 2+ hours of hardcore gaming. Compatible with: Android TV, Mac, Windows, Steam Link, and iOS.

2. Corsair Gaming LAPDOG


Corsair saw what Razer was up to and got a little jelly. Their spin on things is the LAPDOG, and it is arguably the second best gaming lapdesk on the market. The big difference here is that while Razer includes a built in keyboard as well as a wireless mouse, this is a standalone lapdesk.

That being said, compared to the lapdesks below, this baby is on steroids. you get built in USB 3.0 ports, aluminum surface, cable compartment, and 11″ x 11″ mousing area.

They’ve sold a lot of units upon release, but give it another 2-4 weeks and they’ll likely be in stock. Blame it on the Steam Link and the platform singularity movement if you will, but there’s more than one reason Corsair’s Lapdog is killing it. If you buy into their gaming ecosystem, a K70 or K65 will fit flush within this lapdesk. Top it off with a Corsair gaming mouse and you’ve just maxed out your style points.

3. HoverX+ Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk


iSkelter likes to boast that this is the ultimate mobile command center. They’ve got a lot to back up that claim. High-quality bamboo construction, ventilation design, a large 10 by 10 inch mousepad area, docking station, and it fits up to 17 inch laptops.

If you went all out and got that Alienware 17 inch ultra gaming laptop, the HoverX+ is up to the task of keeping it cool and you comfortable.

hoverx ultimate gamer lapdesk

The surface material itself feels like smooth glass, you can tell the bamboo has been sanded and polished to near perfection. What we love the most is the extra large mouse area. It is large enough to fit a standard mouse pad such as the SteelSeries QcK.

The biggest downside to the HoverX+ is its price tag. You’re going to pay for that premium craftsmanship and well articulated design.

4. LapWorks Futura Gamers Lap Desk & Gamers Max MouzPad

lapworks-laptop-desk-futura-one-of-the-best-gaming-lapdesksThe Futura laptop holder from LapWorks is one finely engineered piece of equipment. No other solution is quite as comprehensive as this one for gamers. The Futura provides ventilation for your laptop so you are less likely to run into overheating problems. It has five different angle adjustments allowing us gamers to get just the right angle for maximum comfort and playability.

The lap part is wide enough to handle most all lap tops, and if you’re doing gaming on a T.V. it can also serve the purpose of holding a keyboard rather than a laptop. The lapdesk weighs 2 lbs. so it handles those extra bulky laptops quite well. It folds and is easily carried from room to room.

lapworks-gamers-max-mouzpad-for-maximum-mousing-surface-and-game-playYou’ll want to purchase their Gamers Max MouzPad extension along with the lapdesk. It is a full gaming mouse surface 9” X 11” which connects to the Futura. This MouzPad unit even has notches for your gaming mouse cable!

The two together will run you about $44.00, which is pretty spendy, but considering there’s nothing on the market quite as functional we think it’s well worth the price.

5. LapGear Deluxe Computer LapDesk

lapgear-deluxe-computer-lapdesk-best-gaming-lapdesksAs the title implies, LapGear’s beast of a lapdesk is an outstanding multi-purpose solution. For gaming, it will hold your laptop and will still have additional space for your mouse.

It measures 15.8 x 2.2 x 22.4 inches and is a whopping 2.6 pounds. We really like the underside design that LapGear went with, the micro bead pads are super comfortable to rest on your lap.

lap desk with storage

These pads also serve the function of creating an ultra-stable surface for you to game on. It has built in organizer trays and side storage pouches, we weren’t really what gaming applications these have, but if you fully utilized this “multi-purpose” lap desk it could be used for other things such as for writing or reading you could store an LED light or pencil/pen and the like.

6. Logitech N550 Portable Speaker Lapdesk

Logitech Lapdesk N550 with Speakers

Logitech’s lapdesk is one of our favorites of the bunch. It comes with built in speaker drivers on both sides for quality stereo sound in your lap. The only shortcoming with this solution is that it will only work for laptops 14.1 inches or smaller. Unfortunately, it won’t be large enough for that beastly 17 inch Alienware laptop, but a few of the other options including the Logitech N600 Lapdesk should suit a larger laptop just fine.

Becauese it does not offer an area for an external mouse, this lapdesk is ideal for movie and TV show watching and some casual web browsing. It’s a sharp looking black and silver unit, with a thin and light design that makes it overall quite visually appealing. The four layer base will ensure lap heat stays at a minimum.

An added bonus?

It is easy to clean so it will stay looking fresh. The light weight makes it easy to carry around with your laptop. Furthermore, the rubbery top keeps your laptop from slipping during those particularly intense moments.

7. Pilot LapDesk

pilot lapdesk

The Pilot LapDesk is the perfect system for the multitasker. It features three sections: a place for your laptop, a white board, and a mousepad on the other side The display docks will fit almost any smartphone, including ones as large as the iPhone 6/7/X Plus, as ell as a dock that will hold a tablet.

One of it’s down falls is it’s length, that is only if you are trying to balance it on your lap. If you’re in an armchair the length is a bonus, as it can balance hands-free. 

pilot lapdesk for gaming

The ventilation system under the laptop will help keep your system cool, and bamboo is also a good material to absorb heat to keep you comfortable. While perhaps it’s not our first choice as a gaming lapdesk, it could be useful for someone who needs it for more than just gaming.

8. PwrPad Limited Addition Lapdesk

PWRPAD lapdesk for gaming

If you’re looking for a small lapdesk, PWR+ has created a stylish and easy to use lapdesk with a cooling fan built in. It’s ergonomic angle makes it easy to continue gaming for quite a long time without your wrists cramping up.

This is a limited release lapdesk, so get it while you can. On top of being USB powered, it’s also quite stylish, coming in four different colors.

Due to it’s lightweight and compact design, you can easily take it wherever you’d like. One of the bonuses, is that it is extremely affordable, however if you’re gaming, you’re going to need a secondary surface for your mouse pad.

9. Sofia + Sam Multi Tasking Memory Foam Lap Desk

sofia and sam multi taksing lapdesk

Sofia + Sam brings us perhaps the most comfy option, with a memory foam bottom that will sit comfortably on your legs. The slide out mouse deck makes storage a breeze, and is perfect for gamers that need the extra space.

It’s available in two styles- both with and without an LED light. It’s a cool and comfortable design, with an ergonomic wrist rest you’ll be able to game properly for hours without discomfort.

Other Recommended Lapdesk Solutions

Not all of these have room for a laptop + mouse room. But if you’re looking for a lap companion to hold a keyboard and mouse, or just casual use like browsing the net, these may work out dandy.

10. ROCCAT SOVA Gaming Lapboard


Our Favorite Features:

  • Mouse bungee
  • Back-lighting
  • Available in silent membrane, or mechanical
  • Replaceable wrist rest

11. Songmics 100% Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Desk


Our Favorite Features:

  • Bamboo material
  • Unique construction
  • Storage
  • Adjustable angles and tilt

12. Cooler Master Comforter


Our Favorite Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Great airflow to prevent overheating
  • Sponge cushion for comfort

13. Winsome Wood Alden Lap Desk


Our Favorite Features:

  • Adjustable top with storage beneath
  • Antique finish
  • Easy storage

14. Slate 2.0 with Desk Space – Mobile LapDesk


Our Favorite Features:

  • Heat protection
  • Viewing docs for multiple devices
  • Aesthetic bamboo

15. Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600


Our Favorite Features:

  • Built in touchpad
  • Heat-shielding protects you and your laptop
  • Simple storage
  • Plug-and-Play simplicity