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The 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads

Overheating is a serious issue for laptop users. It can cause serious internal damage and even pose a combustible safety hazard! Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. One of the best laptop cooling pads keeps your gear at an optimal temperature, increases overall performance, and ensures the longevity of your battery and hardware. Plus, no matter which type and size of laptop you use, there’s an affordable cooling pad that will fit your setup.

This article walks you through the top 10 options on the market and takes a look behind-the-screens at the science and major benefits these units can afford you. Are you ready to enhance and protect your laptop? Let’s get started.

10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads

We’ve curated this list of the top 10 best laptop cooling pads to help you find the perfect unit for your laptop.

1. Havit HV-F2056 15.6” – 17” Laptop Cooling Pad

Our pick for best external laptop cooler

Havit HV-F2056 Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

If you’re looking for an easy and powerful laptop cooling solution, the Havit Cooling Pad is an excellent choice! It supports popular 15 and 17” laptop sizes and provides ample cooling with 3 separate USB-powered fans. Plus, blue LEDs light up your station while bonus features like charging ports and an easy on/off switch add style and convenience.


  • Supports laptops from 15.6” – 17” in size w/ adjustable height
  • 3 110mm USB-powered fans
  • Blue LED illumination
  • USB charging ports, easy on/off, and slim form factor

2. Tree New Bee 15.6” – 17” Laptop Cooling Pad

Our pick for best 17-inch laptop cooling pad

Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Quite possibly the best 17-inch laptop cooling pad on the market, this popular unit by Tree New Bee features all the cooling features you need. The stand is designed to keep your laptop running smoothly, while the 4 high-RPM fans provide ample airflow. As for the extras? USB chargers and a cable organizer come built-in.


  • Supports laptops from 15.6” – 17” in size w/ adjustable height
  • 4 120mm USB-powered fans
  • Blue LED illumination
  • Cable organizer, butterfly design, and USB chargers

3. Thermaltake Steel 19” CL-N014 Laptop Cooling Pad

Our pick for best gaming laptop cooling pad

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Steel Mesh Panel Cooling Pad

If you’re a fan of stellar light shows with adjustable color combinations, this is the unit for you. It features 20 LEDs with full 256-color spectrum compatibility, and it offers a stylish steel design. While the Thermaltake CL-N014 only includes 1 fan, it’s a high-powered unit with one of the lowest dBA sound ratings on the market. Expect a stylish pad, exceptional performance, and comfortable usage.


  • Supports laptop from 10” – 19” in size w/ 3 adjustable height settings
  • 1 200mm USB-powered silent fan
  • 20 RGB LED illumination
  • Adjustable color/fan options, steel mesh design, and more

4. TopMate TM-2 Slim Portable Laptop Cooler

Our pick for best budget laptop cooler

TopMate TM-2 C302 10-15.6 Ultra Slim Portable Laptop Cooling Pad

If you’re seeking a base model laptop cooler that comes with the features you’d expect in higher-end units, the TM-2 by TopMate is a great idea. It dons 2 ultra-quiet 140mm fans and blue LED illuminators for performance and style. Plus, the durable ABS alloy frame easily withstands the test of time. It’s definitely the best laptop cooler on a budget.


  • Supports laptops from 10” – 16” in size w/ 2 height options
  • 2 140mm USB-powered fans
  • Blue LED illumination
  • Affordable price, extra USB port, and durable ABS alloy

5. Macally 10” – 17.3” Desk Laptop Cooling Fan

Our pick for best USB cooling fan for laptop w/ metal frame

Macally Laptop Stand with Cooling Fan for Desk

Are you a fan of minimalist designs that pack all the performance you need? Well, you’re in luck! The Macally Laptop Stand dons a sleek design that supports most average-sized laptops on the market. The raised stand is made of brushed aluminum, and your laptop rests gently on the non-slip pad for maximum airflow. A great unit that’s perfect for Apple fanatics, designers, and more.


  • Supports laptops from 10” – 17.3” in size
  • 1 15mm USB-powered rapid-cooling fan
  • No LED illumination
  • Brushed aluminum design, non-slip pad, and 6” raised ergonomic stand

6. Targus Laptop Chill Mat

Our pick for best laptop cooling tray

Targus Lap Chill Mat for Laptop

The Targus Lap Chill Mat is perfect for late nights in bed or gaming on the couch. It can handle laptops up to 17” in size, and the 2 quiet USB fans offer great circulation while keeping the room at a comfortable noise level. Plus, the neoprene exterior is perfectly soft, keeping your lap cool and cozy.


  • Supports laptops up to 17” in size
  • 2 quiet USB-powered fans
  • No LED illumination
  • Cozy neoprene exterior, ergonomic tilt, and performance-enhancing design

7. Thermaltake CL-N001 10” – 17” Notebook Cooling Pad

Our pick for best gaming laptop cooler

Thermaltake 10-17 Inch Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Another great option by Thermaltake, the CL-N001 packs 2 140mm fans, bright blue LEDs, and an ergonomic form factor. Plus, it’s got an easy on/off switch that gives you quick access to your cooling settings, and dual USB chargers for powering your devices on the fly. This is one of the best laptop cooling pads around, and it’s perfect for gamers.


  • Supports laptops from 10” – 17” in size w/ 3 height options
  • 2 140mm USB-powered fans
  • Blue LED illumination
  • Easy control panel, ergonomic form factor, and dual USB port

8. TopMate 12” – 15.6” TM-3 Laptop Cooler

Our pick for best gaming laptop fan

TopMate TM-3 Gaming Laptop Cooler

As the only option on our list to feature an actual display panel, the TopMate TM-3 is loaded with features– and it ships at an incredible price! This intuitive unit is loaded with 5 fans, and you can easily adjust the cooling temperature right from the base. Plus, it packs blue LED illuminators and an ergonomic design for easy and stylish usage.


  • Supports laptops from 12” – 15.6” in size w/ adjustable height
  • 1 120mm & 4 65mm USB-powered fans
  • Blue LED illumination
  • Intuitive display panel, adjustable wind speed, and more

9. SIIG Aluminum Laptop Cooling Fan

Our pick for best 15-inch laptop cooling pad

SIG Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

Featuring a unique vent-like design, the SIIG Fan offers everything you need to keep your laptop cool and protected. The powerful 1700RPM fan blows air straight up, while the unique undercarriage whisps hot air out and away. While it doesn’t offer LED illumination, the adjustable-height form-factor and ergonomic design make it one of the top options for comfortable computing.


  • Supports laptops from 12” – 17” in size w/ adjustable heigh form factor
  • 1 130mm USB-powered fan
  • No LED illumination
  • Ergonomic design with multi-angle tilt, powerful 1700RPM fan, and more

10. Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand III

Our pick for best Cooler Master laptop cooler

Cooler Master NotePal ErgoStand III Laptop Cooling Stand

Cooler Master is known for its top-tier gaming gear, and the NotePal ErgoStand 3 is no exception. The brushed aluminum design is ergonomic and durable, and you get easy access to 6 adjustable height settings for optimized viewing angles. As for bonus features? Loop fan bearings, adjustable speed dials, a loaded 4-station USB hub, and more all ship standard with this best-in-class cooler.


  • 10” – 17.3” size w/ 6 adjustable height settings
  • 1 230mm USB-powered silent fan
  • No LED illumination
  • Loop dynamic bearings, silent driver IC, fan speed dial, USB hub, and more

Laptop Cooling Pad Guide Part I: What is a Laptop Cooling Pad?

A laptop cooling pad is an external laptop cooler that protects your notebook and keeps it at an optimal temperature. This is important because when a laptop experiences strain from resource-heavy software and applications, it can begin to overheat. Overheating causes the internal temperature of your laptop to rise, posing a serious threat to the critical internal hardware. However, through the use of USB-powered fans, conductive materials, and high-airflow designs, the best laptop cooling pads protect your notebook and maximize its performance. But how does it work?

Targus Mat

How Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work?

Laptops overheat for a number of reasons, including dust clogs, weakly integrated coolers, and outdated thermal compounds. Fortunately, laptop cooling pads stop this in their tracks through the use of active and passive cooling.

  • Active coolers. These cooling pads utilize fans to keep the laptop cool and generate additional airflow.
  • Passive coolers. These cooling pads utilize conductive materials and ergonomic designs to keep your laptop cool and well-ventilated.

Both types of coolers work well for the average user. Indeed, many of the most popular designs incorporate both styles for maximum protection. They’re truly an excellent investment for ensuring safety and maximizing performance. And if you’re using high-performance software or playing long gaming sessions, a laptop cooling pad is a necessity. So– what benefits can you expect?

Laptop Cooling Pad Guide Part II: Benefits of Laptop Cooling Pads

The best laptop cooling pads offer a myriad of benefits, with both performance and appearance-related features built-in:

  • Guaranteed protection. The best laptop cooling pads keep your laptop cool and safe, with powerful fans and smart designs that guarantee your rig’s long-term stability and performance. Perfect for gamers and casual users alike.
  • Stylish builds. The best laptop cooling pads feature unique designs with vivid color schemes and LEDs that light up your workstation. Match your existing gear or choose a new look entirely.
  • Ergonomic designs. Comfort and convenience are no problem thanks to adaptable designs with flexible height levels and portability form factors. This makes using your laptop cooling pad easy and enjoyable.
  • Affordable pricing. With exceptional units starting under $20, the best laptop cooling pads offer an easy way to protect and optimize your equipment. Plus, many come with extended warranties and protection guarantees!

Additionally, each unit comes with its own unique specifications, ensuring a powerful and well-rounded cooler that gets the job done. But, which one should you pick?

Cooler Master Pad
Cooling Pad (Image Credit: CoolerMaster.com)

Laptop Cooling Pad Guide Part III: Choosing the Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Your Setup

There are a number of things to consider when choosing the best laptop cooling pad for your setup:

  • Size
  • Cooling type
  • Power & noise levels
  • Design
  • Price
  • Additional features

First, you’ll need to make sure that the cooling pad matches the size of your laptop. Look for one a couple of inches larger than the height and width of your unit to ensure a comfortable fit. If you use your laptop for web browsing and simple tasks, a passive or single-fan cooling pad is probably the best bet. But if you’re a hardcore laptop gamer or software aficionado, look for an ergonomic design with two fans or more – ideally by a reputable company with high consumer ratings.

Once you have your options narrowed down, find the best laptop cooling pad within your price point. And if any additional features speak to you, consider investing a little more. It’s often well worth the cost.

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