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Destiny 2: Void Grenades, Ranked

Since the 3.0 subclass update for the Void subclass, all classes now have access to the same Void grenades. These grenades range from incredible to nearly useless, so we’ll take an in-depth look at...

Top 10 Best Biomes in Minecraft

Minecraft is arguably one of the best games ever made. It's a true open-world experience that gives players the ability to go anywhere and do just about anything. The worlds you can explore are not...

New World Spear Build Guide

Hello explorers, it’s time for another New World Weapon guide. I’ll take a stab at it and hope you get the thrust of my arguments. I’ll make a few good points and hopefully this won’t be a throw...

Best Anemo Characters in Genshin Impact, Ranked

Anemo is one of the most overlooked elements in Genshin Impact. Characters of this element tend to be soft-spoken and offer gentle support to their friends and family. That doesn’t mean they aren’t...

FFXIV Gearing Guide (Endwalker 6.2)

Are you a Final Fantasy XIV player who has found themselves wondering what to wear? Maybe you’re just starting out and you’re confused about how the gearing system works. Maybe you’ve just hit...

Best Bow & Arrow Builds in New World

Ever since Legolas, the archer has been a staple of the fantasy genre, and it is rare to find a fantasy MMO that does not have a bowslinger as a playable option. New World is no exception. In this...

5 Best Thrusting Swords in Elden Ring, Ranked

Long, slender, and perfect for puncturing enemies, thrusting swords make a complimentary weapon for a variety of build types. Intelligence builds are well suited for using thrusting swords as they...

Dead by Daylight: The Nurse Guide

Sally Smithson, otherwise known as the Nurse, has been an integral part of the Dead by Daylight franchise since her debut. She first appeared in “The Last Breath” as the first new Killer added to...

How & Where to Find Silk Flowers in Genshin Impact

Silk Flowers are a beautiful and scarce resource in Genshin Impact. With limited supply and little help finding them, it can be tricky to gather enough when you actually need them. That’s why today...

10 Best Abilities in Splatoon 3, Ranked

Abilities in Splatoon 3 are the backbone of every Inkling and Octoling. A well-thought out loadout can be the factor that decides whether you ink or sink in a turf war.  Splatoon 3 brings a host of...