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Destiny 2: Best Weapons to Craft Guide (2022)

Weapon crafting was introduced to Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen expansion earlier this year and since then we’ve gotten many new weapons to craft. The weapon crafting system has been both applauded...

Apex Legends: Vantage Tips & Tricks Guide

Apex Legends Season 14 is here! And with this brand new season comes the release of some brand new content. This includes the new recon legend Vantage! She is a great new legend that doesn't...

Stardew Valley Iridium Farming Guide

Iridium is one of the most coveted resources in Stardew Valley for plenty of good reasons. It's a key ingredient in several top items and the final tool upgrades. You'll also need it to build...

Skyrim: Best Enchantments for Weapons and Armor

Enchantment is a magical ability that you can learn in Skyrim that allows players to add magical buffs to their armor, jewelry, and weapons. The Dragonborn is able to enhance their gameplay with...

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga- Best Upgrades

One of the new mechanics introduced in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is upgrades, which function similarly to the skill trees in several RPGs. You use studs and Kyber Bricks you find throughout...

5 Best Curved Swords in Elden Ring, Ranked

The curved sword is the choice for many players looking for a fast, light, reliable weapon. As opposed to their straight counterparts, the best curved swords tend to fit best in Dexterity-centric...

Apex Legends’ Voice Actors: Complete Guide

Welcome to our guide on Apex Legends' Voice Actors! Apex Legends owes its massive success to a lot of factors. It can’t be denied that a ton of the game’s charm and appeal comes from its extensive...

WoW Shadowlands: Heritage Armor Guide

While some races on Azeroth have been around longer than others, all have fought valiantly to establish a corner of the world they call their own. Brave warriors, esteemed scholars, and gifted...

The New Car Dealerships in GTA Online Explained

The new car dealerships for GTA Online are here! Released as a part of the Criminal Enterprises DLC update, these are brand new locations that offer several cars for purchase. More interestingly is...