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Monster Hunter Rise: Best Hammer Build Guide

The Hammer just might be the most satisfying weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. When you glue a rock to the end of a big stick, you’re not looking for meters or shelling types or ammo trackers — you...

Apex Legends: 3 Best Legends for Beginners (2021)

Apex Legends is a tactical first-person shooter that emphasizes team play and situational awareness to win fights. One of the most crucial aspects of team play is knowing what abilities to use and...

ESO Clothing Guide: How to Level Clothing (2021)

In Elder Scrolls Online, maxing out your crafting skill lines can be a real chore, but the clothing skill line is definitely one you’ll want maxed out on at least one character. Depending on how you...

Rode PSA1+ Boom Arm Review

So, you’ve got yourself a fancy new microphone for your desk, but you don’t want to leave it on the measly little base stand that it comes with. A good boom arm is essential for easily positioning...

Apex Legends: Assault Rifles Ranked Worst to Best

Apex Legends: Assault Rifles Ranked Worst to Best

Apex Legends prides itself on having a huge variety of weapons for all types of playstyles. Even if you prefer to run with a high-damage shotgun or a long-range sniper rifle, you can't deny the...