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15 Best Survival Games For Android, Ranked

Ever ask yourself how you’d survive in the apocalypse? The best survival games for Android let those scenarios play out from the safety of your own home. From basic wilderness survival to the zombie...

FFXIV PVP: Crystalline Conflict Overview

Final Fantasy XIV has never been a PVP-focused MMORPG. It still isn't, but the launch of Patch 6.1, Newfound Adventure, has shaken up the scene quite a bit. FFXIV's PVP has gotten a facelift and a...

All Endings in Elden Ring (Spoiler Alert!)

Elden Ring has several endings — six in total — each with different requirements you must meet during your playthrough. Each involve completing certain quest lines or performing certain actions,...

New World: Leveling Guide for Beginners

In the MMO New World, leveling up is not as simple as it is in other RPGs. This is because in New World, there is a lot more to level up than just your character, and leveling up your character...

15 Best Co-Op Games For Xbox Series X

What makes playing your favorite game on Xbox even better? Playing it with the improved hardware and display resolutions and frame rates available from Xbox Series X, of course! Even better is...

Elden Ring: Spectral Steed Explained

Elden Ring is FromSoftware's evolution of the Dark Souls formula. It takes everything we love about their past games and combines it with a vast, beautiful open world to explore. There are hundreds...

10 Best DPS Characters in Genshin Impact

There are plenty of ways to play Genshin Impact depending on your unique team and playstyle. No matter how you play, though, you're going to want at least one or two DPS characters — high damage...

5 Best Greatswords in Elden Ring, Ranked

Hard-hitting but slow-moving, Greatswords have been a staple of FromSoftware games since the original Dark Souls. Many players find themselves drawn to these weapons for their ability to deal heavy...

Top 10 Worst and Best Moves in Tekken 7, Ranked

Tekken 7 is known to be the most execution heavy fighting game on the market. The fundamentals of the game require precision, movement, timing, and tech to be well efficient in the game. The game...

All New Maps in Halo Infinite Season 2

After several months of waiting, we finally see the release of the newest season of Halo Infinite! Known as Season 2: Lone Wolves, this update gives us two brand new maps for us to play on. While...