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Puzzles & Survival Canon

Release Date: 21/08/2020

Developer: 37GAMES | Publisher: Sanqi Interactive Entertainment

Genres: Free-to-Play Mobile


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Melodies & Mockeries

Behold, High Ground Gaming's resident trolls! The cheerful Gurg and the irritable Grundle — together they bring songs of praise and mutterings of discontent about Puzzles & Survival.

The Jolly Troll
In lands beset by shadow's thrall,
Puzzles & Survival calls to all.
Where mind and mettle both must blend,
To outwit doom, to contend.

With tiles matched, strategies born,
Through every puzzle, hope's reborn.
Zombies roam, in ceaseless tide,
In our wit, we must confide.

Sanctuaries rise from desolate ground,
In unity, our strength is found.
Leaders brave, with minds so keen,
Guide us in this world, unseen.

So let the banners of hope unfurl,
In this dance of mind, a precious pearl.
Through each challenge, we find our run,
In Puzzles & Survival, till victory's won.
The Angry Troll
Oh, Puzzles & Survival? What a masterpiece of mediocrity. It's like someone mashed up a jigsaw puzzle with a zombie flick and forgot to add the fun. Combining zombies with match-three puzzles is like trying to mix oil and water and expecting champagne. And survival? Please, I've had more challenging decisions choosing socks. It's a monotonous grind, sprinkled with zombies so lethargic, they make snails look like Olympic sprinters. The strategy part is laughably shallow – it’s like playing chess with only pawns. Every swipe feels like my brain cells are committing sudoku. If you enjoy dull puzzles with a sprinkle of undead boredom, this is your dream game. Everyone else, save your time and gray matter for something better.

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