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How to Quickly Increase Might in Puzzles & Survival

One of the first things you probably notice when playing Puzzles & Survival is the Might score up near the top of your screen. Well that and the constant message that your Might has increased whenever you do anything.

When you first start out, your Sanctuary and forces are just itty bitty babies, struggling to survive a strong breeze. However, as you build up your forces and upgrade your Sanctuary, your Might score will steadily increase.

But just what exactly is Might in Puzzles & Survival, and how can you reliably and quickly increase it? That’s what we will be going over today! Let’s get started.

If you haven’t come from there, visit our navigational page or comprehensive guide in the orange card below to find everything you need to know to succeed in this game.

What Exactly is Might?

Might is simply a score that reflects the average strength of your Sanctuary and all of its forces. Nearly everything you own factors into the score. The number of troops you have, the strength of your heroes, the various building and research upgrades you’ve conducted, and how strong your equipment is all factor into your Might.

Your Might score is displayed at the top of your screen.
Your Might is displayed at the top of your screen. | Image: 37Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

In general, you can get a sense of how strong/advanced a player is by checking out their Might score (just click on their profile). If it’s several magnitudes higher than yours, you can safely assume that they can easily wipe the floor with you. But if it’s in a similar range as yours, you might be able to stand a chance against that player. Just make sure to check their stats and compare them to yours!

However, since Might accounts for nearly anything that counts as an upgrade, it can be a bit misleading. A high Might score doesn’t necessarily mean someone is strong if they’ve been focusing on the wrong aspects or on non-troop related upgrades.

Your resources and time are limited in Puzzles & Survival. You’ll want to ensure you’re investing them into increasing your Might in a meaningful way. That means focusing on upgrades that cater to your troop-specialization and strengthening your combat ability in troop battles. If you want in-depth details on how to do that or don’t understand troop specialization, check out our previously written guide here!

Best Ways to Increase Your Might

As we mentioned above, nearly any upgrades you do will increase your Might. Though with that being said, the game does helpfully provide suggestions on what aspects you should focus on.

Prioritize Certain Upgrades

If you tap on your Might score at the top of the screen, the game will display a breakdown of how well you’re doing in each major category. This screen should not be treated as absolute authority, but it does give you a sense of where you should invest resources in to quickly increase your Might.

Focus on upgrading your equipment for your specialized troops.
If you’re specialized in Shooters, focus on upgrades specific to them. | Image: 37Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Once again, prioritize your upgrades on things that’ll increase your specialized troops’ performance. For example – if you’re focused on Shooters, use all your Chip materials to enhance the chips that give bonuses to Shooters specifically. While your Fighter and Rider chips might lag behind, it’s fine as you’re not relying on those types of troops in combat.

Enhance the Right Heroes

Another way to meaningfully increase your Might is to invest your Antiserum and Combat Manuals into the right heroes. While it’s good to have a variety of leveled up heroes for Puzzle Battles, you’ll want to make sure you have at least one team of heroes dedicated to boosting your strongest troop formation.

We’ve already down a thorough guide going over the best heroes for each category, but we’ll summarize our main point here. Once you choose a troop specialization, make sure you save a formation in your Hall of War with the heroes that provide the highest boost possible to that troop type.

After that, focus on enhancing those specific heroes by obtaining their fragments whenever possible to get even stronger boosts. This means identifying which events you should save your resources for in order to rank highly and get more of those heroes’ specific fragments.

Keep Training/Upgrading Troops

Finally, try to always be training more troops. The number of troops you have makes up a huge chunk of your Might. It’s inevitable that you’ll have to engage in multiple back to back fights at some point in the game, and being able to constantly field a full march is critical.

Keep training/upgrading your troops to steadily increase your Might in Puzzles & Survival.
The upgrade button is circled in red. | Image: 37Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Thankfully, you can always upgrade lower-tier troops to your highest available tier. As long as they’re alive and in your base, you can select them in their respective training camp and hit the upgrade arrow in the top right. Luckily, the cost for upgrading lower-tier troops is equivalent to training a new batch of your highest tier troops, so you’re not losing out anything.

Note: Do not use training speed-ups unless a troop training event is active. Your Might can be gradually built up. Speed-ups should solely be used when you’re rewarded for doing so during an event, especially given how good some of those rewards are.

Why Did My Might Drop?

One last thing we want to go over is the occasional sudden decrease in your Might. In virtually all cases, this will be because you suffered a massive loss of troops. Since troops make up such a large portion of your Might, their untimely hospitalization/death will cause a significant drop.

Assuming you have sufficient Infirmaries built in your base, you should be able to patch them up and restore your Might. If not… well you better hope that those casualties happened during an event where all your wounded are restored to full health afterwards. Otherwise, you’ll have to train up new troops, and that can take a while (and a lot of resources).

Rewards for Increasing Might

Besides an obvious increase in your strength and ability to fight back, there’s also a couple small rewards for raising your Might in Puzzles & Survival.

The game will broadcast a message to your alliance whenever you hit certain milestones, such as reaching 1,000,000 Might. It’s just a fun little way to celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and such.

Dominator achievements give you rewards for increasing your troops and Might in Puzzles & Survival.
Dominate your foes with overwhelming Might. | Image: 37Games via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

More notably, there are achievements tied to reaching certain Might milestones. If you tap on your Commander’s profile in the top-left, then tap on Achievements in the bottom-right, you’ll be able to see a list of various achievements. Completing these will reward you with diamonds.

Achievements under the Dominator category are tied to your Might score and possessing high numbers of specific troop types. Given that having more troops goes hand-in-hand with increasing your Might, this goes along quite nicely as a small incentive to raising it.

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Good luck out there commanders!


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