Puzzles & Survival Gear, Promoters, Chips, Modules, & More

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Puzzles & Survival Gear, Promoters, Chips, Modules, & More

Welcome to our Puzzles & Survival Gear Factory Guide! If you haven’t come from there, be sure to visit our ➡️Puzzles & Survival Master Guide⬅️ to find everything you need to know to succeed in this game. This guide will take a look at all of the different buildings that are a part of your Puzzles & Survival base.

Puzzles & Survival Gear Guide

The first feature you unlock in the Gear Factory lets you equip and upgrade your commander’s gear. You’ll see 6 slots that allow you to equip different pieces to boost your troops’ stats.

While there are 3 different sets (war, builder, and tech), the builder and tech sets require spending real money in the cash shop. These two sets only reduce the resource cost, so you can largely ignore them.

You can get gear pieces for the war set from your alliance’s shop, under the gadget tab. While the cost of alliance coins might seem a bit high, you’ll quickly obtain enough as long as you pay attention to your alliance’s help requests and donate regularly to your alliance’s tech tree.

If the alliance shop is out of stock, just request an officer to restock them. Any decent sized active guild will easily be able to do so.

Leveling Up Gear

As for leveling up your gear, you can get gear enhancers from supply boxes earned from killing zombies/lairs, events, and buying them from the alliance shop under the other tab (once again, ask an officer for a restock if there’s none left). Gear promoters are a bit harder to come by, really only being readily available through events and Promote Choice Boxes in your bag.

Since each piece of gear provides a mix-match of stat boosts to your troops, we recommend prioritizing leveling up pieces that boost your specialized troop’s stats.

Chip Guide

The next feature you unlock will be the chip system, allowing you to insert 4 stat boosting chips into each of your gear pieces. If you haven’t already obtained a full set of gear, you’ll want to do so.

Each piece of gear can contain one of each chip type (Fighter/Shooter/Rider/Troop). The first three types can be bought from the Ruins Exchange shop, along with chip enhancers and promoters.

While you’ll struggle at first to earn the necessary Ruins points, you’ll find yourself able to clear out the entire shop’s daily stock on a regular basis as you continue to get stronger and make more progress. Prioritize spending your points first on 6 copies of each Fighter/Shooter/Rider chip and inserting them in your gear.

As for the Troop-type chip, you can obtain it only from the arena’s Hero Glory shop, which requires being ranked amongst the top 1000 arena players to start earning points. You’ll eventually reach that point if you consistently play the game for a while.

As for leveling your chips up, focus mainly on the chips that boost your troop specialization. The other chips are mostly there for your secondary teams and to increase your Ruins progress.

Module Guide

The next tier of equipment is modules. Similar to chips, you have slots for each specialized troop type (Fighter/Shooter/Rider). However, if you want to equip additional sets of modules, you’ll have to level up your Gear Factory to certain points.

Modules, including their enhancers and promoters, can all be obtained in the Pit’s Rare Earth exchange shop. However, since the Rare Earth exchange has so many other valuable items to exchange for (McCarty frags and resources mainly), you may find yourself falling behind on module progress.

This is normal, and we recommend stock piling Rare Earth until there’s an event that rewards points for obtaining module material before cashing in all of your Rare Earth. You can learn more about gathering Rare Earth in our Pit Guide.

As is the case with chips, we recommend focusing on leveling up the module associated with your troop specialization. The others can be leveled up slowly for Ruins progression and secondary teams.

Nanoweapon Guide

Nanoweapons are a unique set of equipment, as they’re exclusively equipped by your 5-star heroes. Each 5-star hero has a weapon slot, unlocked once they reach level 211. At that point, you can tap on the empty + box in their hero profile to equip them with a nanoweapon.

These weapons provide constant stat boosts to your troops when equipped (even if the hero is not with the march). Additionally, each hero has an exclusive weapon that (if equipped to the right hero) provides even more unique boosts depending on their enhancement level.

Rarity Tiers

Weapons have six different rarity tiers to them. The higher the tier, the more Hero Stats it provides.

  • Common (green)
  • Uncommon (blue)
  • Rare (purple)
  • Epic (yellow)
  • Apex (red)

You can craft a random nanoweapon (30% at an exclusive, 70% of a generic Terrestrial Radar) at the Gear Factory by using up 100x Parts and waiting 9 hours. You can obtain 26-42 parts for free every 6 hours by going to the ‘Material Production’ tab. We strongly recommend checking the tab whenever you login to the game, as you’ll use up parts much faster than you can produce.

Alternatively, if you have a weapon’s schematic, you can go to the ‘Exclusive Craft’ tab to make that specific weapon. This consumes the schematic in the process, but you also have a higher chance of getting a better rarity. Only high tier events (like Wasteland Conqueror) offer Apex schematics, so keep an eye out for those.

Additionally, if you obtain a better version of a weapon later on, you can transfer the old weapon’s rarity and level to the new one via the ‘Inherit Weapon’ tab. Just unequip both weapons and make sure the new weapon hasn’t been enhanced/leveled (you can reset it if need be).

Event Dependent

You’re pretty much dependent exclusively on events to obtain additional nanoweapon related materials (parts, schematics, enhancers/promoters). Events will often reward you with Weapon Material Choice Chests that you can open up in your bag to specify what you want.

However, you can dismantle excess weapons to earn weapon enhance materials and broken parts (or just use the excess weapon as enhancement fodder, same results). These broken parts serve as exchange currency in the shop at the top-right corner of the nanoweapon page.

While you can in theory purchase Apex blueprints with these broken parts, the amount you need is almost impossible to obtain. For reference, dismantling an epic (orange) weapon only gets you 100 broken parts… you need 20,000 for an Apex blueprint. We suggest just buying promoters instead.

Cube Guide

The last feature you’ll unlock in the Gear Factory is pretty much identical to modules. You’ll be able to unlock 4 sets with 3 unique slots for specialized cubes (Time/Space/Energy) that provide troop boosts.

While you’ll have more than likely amassed a decent amount of cube enhancers and promoters by this point, you won’t have seen any actual cubes around. That’s because their source, Cube Random Boxes, only become available once you upgrade your Gear Factory to 25 and unlock the cube system.

Once your Gear Factory reaches that level, the last two of your daily quest boxes will also reward you with Cube Random Boxes. Opening these boxes will give you the cubes themselves (if you don’t have any) and additional cube materials. You’ll have more incentive than ever to make sure you finish your daily quests. Beyond that, cube enhancers/promoters are also typically earned through events.



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