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Best Heroes in Puzzles & Survival

Use the right heroes to crush your foes!

Heroes are arguably the most crucial aspect of improving your performance in Puzzles & Survival. From providing massive boosts to your troops’ stats to making your sanctuary’s economy more efficient, heroes stand at the forefront of your forces.

Be sure to visit our 👉 Puzzles & Survival Master Guide 👈 to find everything you need to know to succeed in this game.

Today, we’ll be going over the best heroes for each category and activity in the game, so you can plan out the best investment of your precious supply of Antiserum and Books. We’ll also cover more fundamental basics for newer players, so if you’re already familiar with the game, feel free to skip ahead past the first few sections.

With all that in mind, let’s get started!

How Heroes Work in Puzzles & Survival

Heroes have three main roles in Puzzles & Survival:

  • Lead troops into battle and provide stat boosts to those troops. These troops consist of your Fighters, Shooters, Riders, and Vehicles.
  • Provide passive bonuses to your sanctuary’s economy, such as reducing resource costs, shortening activity timers, and increasing your rally/troop limits.
  • Fight zombies and other players’ teams in Puzzle Battles with their unique skills and effects.

Heroes are sorted by rarity, ranging from 2- to 5-stars (though there is a pseudo 6-star rarity that we’ll discuss more later on). Higher-rarity Heroes have higher level caps and more skills, but are proportionately harder to obtain fragments for to unlock and strengthen.

You’ll always need 10 fragments of each Hero in order to initially unlock them. You can earn these fragments either through recruiting at the Tavern, earning them through events, or converting Hero Choice Cards (and similar items) from your inventory into specific hero fragments.

Ace Hero and Hero Choice Cards are one of the main ways to get rare hero frags.
Worth their weight in diamonds. | 37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Although 5-star Heroes make up the backbone of your army of your army at higher levels, it’s important to invest in your lower-star characters too. Their skill effects can be incredibly useful, and some challenges limit you to using only certain color heroes.

While most Troop Skills are passive and always active as long as you meet the unlock requirements, some of those skills require you to send the Hero with a march to activate. Typically, this only applies to stat bonuses for your troops, but you can always check just by tapping on the skill from the Hero tab to learn more.

How to Level Up & Evolve Heroes

You can level up Heroes to boost their stats and unlock new abilities. To level them up, you’ll have to spend Antiserum. This substance can be earned from most activities in the game, but your main source will be from beating Zombie Lairs in the open world map. Killing individual zombies is also a viable source, but you get less rewards per point of stamina spent.

At certain level thresholds, you’ll have to evolve your Hero to increase their max level. This is done with a chunk of Antiserum and Combat Manual books that you earn from the Campaign. You’ll earn higher-tier books as you progress through the campaign.

When you inevitably hit a wall and are struggling to progress further in the Campaign, just keep running the previous stage to get the best books available until you can further strengthen your heroes and progress again.

Also, you might be wondering why some heroes have Hot on their portrait. It only means they’re on sale in the cash shop, nothing more.

How to Enhance Heroes

After you unlock a Hero, you can continue to use their fragments to enhance them. If you go to the hero menu, you’ll notice a + symbol near the bottom left corner of each Hero’s portrait. This indicates their enhancement level. Each time you enhance a Hero, their stats and skill effectiveness will increase.

The number of fragments needed to enhance ramps up exponentially each time. The rarity of your Hero also determines how high you can enhance and level them up to, as shown in the chart just below.

RarityMax LevelMax Enhancement

Eventually, you’ll max out the enhancement level for some of your heroes. Luckily, any excess fragments still have some uses – differing based on the Hero’s rarity.

Recycle Excess Hero Fragments

For non 5-star Heroes, you’ll want to sell off the excess hero fragments to trade for better ones. To do so, do the following:

  • Go to the Hero tab
  • Tap on Bag at the top of the screen
  • Recycle any hero fragments you want to (a message will appear over the recycle button if that hero is already maxed out on their enhancement level)
Recycle fully enhanced hero frags for points in Puzzles & Survival
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

You can then take the points you earn from recycling the fragments to exchange for specific hero fragments in Noah’s Tavern. Just tap on the puzzle piece icon on the right side of the Tavern screen. For the most part, you’ll want to exclusively use your points to exchange for the 5-star Hero fragments.

Enhance Your Hero Specialty

As for your excess 5-star Hero fragments, you’ll want to save them for the Specialty upgrade system. This is a feature designed to further strengthen your 5-star Heroes after you max out their enhancement level at +8.

By sacrificing 5-star Hero frags of the same color as the hero you’re enhancing, you’ll gain random colored tiles that can be used to fill in the Specialty board. Fill in the board with these tiles to gain additional troop stat bonuses, depending on the patterns you form.

Hero Specialty Puzzles & Survival
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Luckily, you can remove/reorganize these tiles at no cost, so feel free to mess around with them until you get the ideal stat configuration that you want for your hero.

How to Upgrade to Red Star Rarity

You may have noticed that some players have Heroes with one or two large red stars on their profile. This means they’ve been upgraded to 6/7-star rarity.

How to upgrade hero to red star rarity
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

This is a feature limited to only 5-star Heroes. Once your 5-star Hero reaches Level 310 and has been enhanced to at least +5, you can evolve the hero into 6-star rarity. This requires a large chunk of Antiserum and Combat Manual books that you can only obtain from the second run-through of the campaign (which you’ll unlock after you beat the entirety of it once).

Notably, there are a couple heroes that already start out as 6-star rarity. These heroes can be upgraded to a 7-star rarity (double red star) via the same method. Normal 5-star heroes cannot be upgraded to 7-star rarity.

If you meet all the requirements, tap on the Hero and click the large up arrow button next to their star rarity to promote them. If not, you’ll be able to see what you’re missing.

This rarity boost further increases your hero’s stats and unlocks a new Hero skill for them in Puzzle Battles. There are currently four types of passive 6-star skills that enhance your hero’s role.

  • Combat Arts: Increases Crit Rate by 30%. All Heroes have a natural chance to get a critical hit and deal anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 times more damage. This just further boosts the chance.
  • Iron Will: Increases Crit Res by 30%. Basically the opposite of Combat Arts. Decreases the chance an incoming attack will be a critical hit. Perfect, since it’s normally found on Healers.
  • Unbending: Increases Block Rate by 30%. Heroes have an innate chance to block an attack, either reducing the incoming damage to 0 or mitigating some of it. This skill increases the amount of damage blocked.
  • Target Weakness: Increases Impale Rate by 30%. Basically the counterpart to Unbending. Reduces the amount of damage the enemy can block or render an attack completely unblockable.

How Much Should You Level A Hero

Another important thing we want to cover is how high you should level your hero. At a certain point, it stops being practical/worthwhile to keep investing leveling resources into heroes of lower rarity when they could be spent on your 5-star heroes.

Note – this does not apply to enhancing them. You should always enhance a hero with additional fragments until they’re maxed out on their enhancement level.

For the most part, you’ll only want to level non 5-star heroes to the point where they unlock all their Troop Skills, as additional levels don’t boost their effectiveness in troop battles. Higher levels will only boost a hero’s performance in Puzzle Battles.

RarityLevel for All Troop SkillsRecommended Level

Though with Puzzle Battles in mind, you may want to fully level up a handful of 4-star heroes for challenges where you’re limited to only certain hero colors. However, keep this as a second priority to maxing out your 5-star heroes, as they will almost always be more effective than an equally leveled 4-star hero.

How to Reset a Hero in Puzzles & Survival

Most players end up spending more resources than necessary on their low rarity heroes at the start of the game when their hero roster is sparse. Thankfully, you can reclaim those spent resources by hitting the reset button at the top right corner of a hero’s info panel (it looks like two rotating arrows).

How to reset a hero in Puzzles & Survival
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

It’ll cost you a small amount of diamonds (150) to do so, but it will reset that hero to level 1 and return all antiserum and Combat Manuals you used on them. Then you can choose another (and preferably better) hero to invest those resources into.

Notably, the antiserum that is returned comes back in item form and is placed in your bag. If you’re about to reach your antiserum cap but don’t have any heroes that you can level up, it might be worth resetting and spending your on-hand antiserum, as opposed to wasting any excess antiserum that you would get from running Zombie Lairs and such.

Additionally, resetting a hero will not return their fragments, so their enhancement level will remain unchanged.

That being said, we do strongly recommend re-investing resources in that reset hero to the point where they unlock all their Troop Skills. Many low rarity heroes have incredibly useful Troop Skills that can drastically boost your economy or provide stat boosts to your troops in secondary teams.

Best Heroes in Puzzles & Survival by Category

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s break down the best Puzzles & Survival Heroes.

The following categories are showcasing fully enhanced heroes. Depending on the enhancement levels of your heroes, lower rarity heroes can outperform 5-star heroes in terms of boosting your troops’ stats (as well as Puzzle Battle performance).

You should always compare your heroes’ stat boost to your troops when deciding on who to send with your march. Once you decide on the best heroes, save the formation at your Hall of War to quickly deploy them with your troops.

Best Heroes for Fighters

Gerald*6-StarRed+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Celine*6-StarPurple+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Hanyu Ichiro*5-StarBlue+350% (Troop)+350%
Dara*5-StarRed+350% (Troop)+350%
Nataly*5-StarGreen+350% (Troop)+350%
Wali*5-StarPurple+350% (Troop)+350%
Queenie2-StarGreen —+10%+10%

These heroes must be deployed with the march to provide their benefits.

*These characters are considered hybrid Heroes and offer ATK boosts to Fighters and an additional troop type.

Best Heroes for Riders

Kajisha*6-StarBlue+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Celine*6-StarPurple+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Hanyu Ichiro*5-StarBlue+350% (Troop)+350%
Angelo*5-StarGreen+350% (Troop)+350%
Lora & Jessie*5-StarYellow+350% (Troop)+350%
Wali*5-StarPurple+350% (Troop)+350%
Doc Gray3-StarPurple+25%+25%

These heroes must be deployed with the march to provide their benefits.

*These characters are considered hybrid Heroes and offer ATK boosts to Riders and an additional troop type.

Best Heroes for Shooters

Kajisha*6-StarBlue+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Gerald*6-StarRed+500% (Troop)+500% (Troop)+500%
Dara*5-StarRed+350% (Troop)+350%
Angelo*5-StarGreen+350% (Troop)+350%
Nataly*5-StarGreen+350% (Troop)+350%
Lora & Jessie*5-StarYellow+350% (Troop)+350%

These heroes must be deployed with the march to provide their benefits.

*These characters are considered hybrid Heroes and offer ATK boosts to Shooters and an additional troop type.

Best Heroes for All Troops

Some Heroes provide bonuses for all troop types (including Vehicles). However, these Heroes’ bonuses tend to be smaller compared to Heroes specializing in one type of troop. These heroes must be deployed with the march to provide their benefits.

Troop Skill for an All Troops Hero
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

You’ll usually use these to fill in gaps of your Hero formations when you lack a better specialized Hero. Remember, +50% to all troops is better than +20% to Shooters, even if you’re only running Shooters.

Additionally, they’re a good choice to put on your Sanctuary’s Wall defense duty, as they’ll bolster all your troops.

Nam Hayul5-StarGreen+125%+125%+125%
Chae Seoyun4-StarBlue+16%+16%+16%

Heroes with Passive Troop Bonuses

These heroes are unique in that they always provide combat bonuses to your troops, even if you don’t deploy them with your march. If you can obtain them, it’s effectively like having an extra Hero with your march in terms of stat boosts.

Naturally, they’re all rather difficult to obtain (minus 3-Star Marshall), as they only come from certain events. If you’re fortunate enough to obtain enough frags to recruit and enhance them, they’ll make a considerable difference in your troops’ strength.

HeroRarityColorPassive Bonuses
Lorren5-StarPurple+125% Troop HP/DEF/ATK
Wuxin5-StarYellow+125% Troop HP/DEF/ATK
Levina5-StarBlue+200% Fighter/Rider/Shooter ATK
Lee5-StarYellow+150% Troop ATK
Chia-hao5-StarBlue+150% Troop DEF
Samuel5-StarGreen+150% Troop HP
Atropos5-StarPurple+225% Troop HP/DEF/ATK in Sanctuary Battle
Lady M5-StarYellow+150% Rally ATK
Marshall3-StarRed+30% Hunt ATK

Best Heroes for Economy

This section isn’t so much a ranking, as you should aim to obtain all of these heroes as soon as possible. Their bonuses to your economy are always active, providing you value 24/7. However, we will note which ones you should prioritize.

HeroRarityColorPassive OnePassive TwoPassive Three
McCarty5-StarRed+100% Training Speed-28% Stamina Cost-28% Training Cost
Ironclaw5-StarYellow+100% Research Speed+100% Training Speed
Eve5-StarPurple+100% Gathering Speed+100% Healing Speed
Lee5-StarYellow+20% Protected Resources+100% Reinforcement March Speed
Scarlett5-StarRed+80 mins Free Speed-Up+100% Build Speed
Agent X5-StarPurple+100% Gathering March Speed-36% Healing Steel Cost
Chia-hao5-StarBlue+35% Infirmary Cap-36% Healing Steel Cost
Samuel5-StarGreen+20% Protected Resources+300% Gas Output
Lady M5-StarYellow+100% Gathering Speed
Mantis5-StarYellow-50% Food Upkeep+100% Healing Speed+35% Infirmary Cap
Leah5-StarRed+100% Healing Speed-36% Healing Gas Cost
Varvara4-StarPurple+15% Research Speed+100% Antiserum Output
Otto4-StarBlue+30% Commander EXP+20% Healing Speed
Dr. J4-StarPurple+15% Build Speed+100% Gas Output
Dom4-StarYellow+100% Steel Output
Griffin4-StarYellow+100% Wood Output
Sanguine4-StarBlue+100% Food Output
Chester3-StarRed+500 Training Cap-100,000 Research Steel Cost-50,000 Research Gas Cost
Doc Gray3-StarPurple+30% Steel Gathering Speed  
Marshall3-StarRed+30% Gas Gathering Speed+30% Hunt March Speed
Anahita3-StarPurple+10 mins Free Speed-Up-100,000 Build Steel Cost-50,000 Build Gas Cost
Flint3-StarBlue+30% Gathering March Speed+10% Gathering Speed+30% Troop Load
Barbie3-StarGreen+30% Food Gathering Speed
Bard3-StarGreen+30% Wood Gathering Speed
Maverick2-StarBlue+10% Steel Output
Kento2-StarYellow+10% Hunt March Speed-100,000 Research Food Cost-100,000 Research Wood Cost
Xavis2-StarPurple+10% Gas Output
Amber2-StarRed+10% Wood Output
Queenie2-StarGreen+10% Food Output

Prioritize the following heroes especially:

  • McCarty: Relatively easy to obtain his fragments via exchanging Rare Earth. Lower stamina costs go a long way to doing more hunts/rallies for additional rewards. Faster and cheaper troop training is always relevant.
  • Eve: Another relatively easy 5-star to obtain via The Ruins. Faster gathering and healing goes a long way to having enough resources to do anything. Getting additional fragments is a bit trickier, as you have to hit certain progression milestones in the Ruins to obtain them. However, you should be able to make steady progress if you regularly play the game.
  • Otto: Leveling up your Commander is a slow and daunting process. Otto provides the only boost to Commander EXP in the entire game. It’s a rather hefty 30% bonus at max enhancement, which is reachable due to him being a 4-star. If possible, save all your Commander EXP items until you have him maxed out.

Also note that all the 3-star and 2-star Heroes are incredibly simple to max out. While their boosts to your economy might not be extremely impressive, every little bit adds up.

Best Heroes for Troop Size

HeroRarityColorMax Troop Boost
Lady M5-StarYellow+25,000

One of the best ways to increase your march strength is being able to deploy more troops. Naturally, Heroes that increase the troop cap on your marches are incredibly valuable.

These boosts are always active, and you do not need to send the Hero on the march to get the benefit.

Best Heroes for Rally Size

HeroRarityColorMax Troop Boost
Agent X5-StarPurple+500,000
Dr. J4-StarPurple+100,000

There are very few Heroes that boost your rally size. Thankfully, you don’t actually need that much of a boost, since most people don’t have high enough of a troop size limit to max out your rally cap (unless you’re in an alliance with a lot of really high level players).

However, it’s always nice to increase your limits just in case you ever reach the point where you need to host a lot of your allies (namely for Alliance Events like Speaker Trap). Just remember that upgrading your Hall of War is the main way to increase your rally size.

These boosts are always active, and you do not need to send the Hero on the march to get the benefit.

How to Get Every Hero in Puzzles & Survival

While most of the Heroes’ fragments can be obtained by rolling the proverbial die and getting them from the Tavern, some of them can only be obtained through specific events or shops.

All 2-Star and 3-Star heroes can be obtained from any tier of recruitment at the Tavern. Flint (3-Star) can also be exchanged for in the Arena shop (Hero Survival Shop) and Chester (3-star) can drop from Level 1–9 zombies.

Advanced Recruitment at the Tavern in Puzzles & Survival
Grab a drink and someone with a dark and troubled past to help you survive. | 37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Nearly all 4-Star Heroes can be recruited from the Int./Adv. tier at the Tavern. Only Varvara isn’t included on the list, but you can get her from the Ruins Exchange Shop. Otto can also drop from Level 10–14 zombies.

5-Star heroes are where it gets tricky. Most of them are only obtainable through events. While you can technically get them without paying any money, it’s hard to rank high enough in the events to get a meaningful number of fragments.

You’ll either have to hoard supplies for months, be extremely strong, or spend copious amounts of cash to compete. If you’re taking the hoarding route, expect to largely skip out the first time a periodic event occurs. You’ll have to stockpile the currency/resources needed to get a meaningful rank and wait for the event to roll around again before spending them.

We’ll cover how to get every 5-Star Hero in Puzzles & Survival, separating them into categories based on how hard it is to obtain their fragments.

Easy To Obtain Heroes

These Heroes will probably be amongst the first 5-Star characters you unlock in the game and are the easiest to get additional frags to enhance.

  • Mars / Ulrik / Fox / Meyers / Marlowe / McCarty – these heroes can all be randomly obtained from The Tavern’s Adv. Recruitment.
    • McCarty can also be obtained by exchanging Rare Earth from The Pit.
    • Ulrik frags can also be obtained from the Strike First event every other week (alternates with Ephraim frags) and exchanging points in The Tavern.
    • Fox frags can also be exchanged for in The Tavern.
    • These heroes can also all be obtained from 5-Star Hero Choice Cards.
  • Ephraim – can be obtained from 5-Star Hero Choice Cards, the Strike First event (alternates with Ulrik frags), and by exchanging points in The Tavern.
  • Eve – can only be obtained normally via reaching milestones in The Ruins and exchanging for her from the 1st Victory tab.
  • Requiem – can be obtained as a first time clear reward from defeating zombies in the overworld.
    • Frags can also be randomly from defeating level 15+ zombies or level 13+ Zombie Lairs.
    • Can also be obtained from 5-Star Hero Choice Cards and by exchanging points in The Tavern.

Medium Difficulty Heroes

These heroes will take a bit more work to get, requiring you to actively participate in events and do well enough to earn them. Depending on the age of the server you’re playing on, some of these Heroes will not be immediately available (even if you can view them in the Hero menu).

  • Obsidian / Nam Hayul / Atropos / Wali – completing reward tiers and getting a high enough rank in the Ace Commander event will reward you with Ace Hero cards that you can exchange for them.
    • Only Obsidian will be available at first for newer servers. Eventually Nam Hayul and Atropos will be added to the reward pool.
    • Wali will be added even latter, but can only be exchanged for by earning a high enough overall rank in Ace Commander.
  • Phoenix / Zephyr / Lady M / Lora & Jessie – doing well in periodic standalone events (such as Chip & Cube) will reward you with Ace Hero cards that can be exchanged for these.
    • Only Phoenix will be available at first for newer servers. Eventually Zephyr and Lady M will be added to the reward pool.
    • Lora & Jessie will be added even latter, but can only be exchanged for by earning a high enough overall rank in the events.
    • Phoenix also has a one-time reward of 50 frags from clearing Ultimate Challenge level 200.
  • Tomoyo / Agent X / Mantis / Chia-hao – can be earned by hitting the jackpot during the Joy 777 event (every 2 weeks, Wed – Fri).
    • Stockpiling and spending 50 Joy Coins in one sitting will guarantee you a jackpot.
  • Leah – can only be obtained from the Break Loose events (every Thurs – Sat)
  • Lee – can be randomly obtained from opening locked chests from Visit the Merchant event and other similar events.
  • Levina – can be obtained by exchanging water bottles earned from Reservoir War and Alliance Clash events.
    • If your alliance has a high enough rank in the Alliance Conquest event, Levina frags can be rewarded.
    • Can also be exchanged for with Flag Capture event coins.
    • You have a chance of obtaining Levina from the Lucky Draw and Doomfest events, but the likelihood is abysmal unless you spend real money.

Hard to Obtain Heroes

These heroes are problematic to obtain or get additional frags for as they require you to either be fairly strong, incredibly patient, or willing to spend real money.

  • Scarlett – the only way to unlock her is to spend real money and purchase her initial 10 frags from the cash shop.
    • You can get additional Scarlett frags for free after unlocking her by converting Perfect Hero Frags.
  • Samuel – you can randomly earn his frags during Intel Collection events by turning in distress beacons.
    • Collecting enough beacons and exchanging them during an event will ensure you get guaranteed Samuel fragments when you reach certain milestones.
  • Ironclaw – most players will initially get Ironclaw via the one-time reward of 20 frags from clearing Ultimate Challenge level 170.
    • Like Samuel, you can get guaranteed Ironclaw frags if you spend enough distress beacons to reach certain milestones during Collect Intel events.
    • You have a chance of obtaining Ironclaw from the Lucky Draw and Doomfest events, but the likelihood is abysmal unless you spend real money.
  • Angelo / Dara / Hanyu Ichiro – defeating Zombie Lairs that are level 43 gives you a small chance (0.75%) at randomly getting a frag.
    • Each level higher than 43 increases the drop chance by a bit, capping out at 9.75% for a level 55 Zombie Lair.
  • Nataly – clearing all the reward tiers of the Wasteland King event at Gold Tier or higher.
    • If you happen to be in the good graces of the Governor, they can award you boxes containing Nataly frags for your performance during the event.
  • Wuxin – only available via the Timed Tavern II exchange event.
  • Ginny / Sembello / Hanna / Amelia – only available via the Timed Tavern III exchange event.
    • Note that these heroes are meant to be the replacements for Claire, Leon, Ada, and Ashley Graham from the Resident Evil crossover due to legal reasons.
  • Gerald / Kajisha / Celine – only available via the Timed Tavern IV exchange event.
  • Lorren – currently still unavailable, but she’ll probably have a dedicated event to get her. Afterwards, she’ll presumably be added to the Timed Tavern.

Hero Release Schedule for Puzzles & Survival

Depending on how old your state (server) is, certain groups of heroes will not be available until a set amount of time has passed. If they’re not available through the events listed above, just wait a bit for them to be added as rewards. They will be released in the following order.

  • Group 1: Angelo, Dara, and Hanyu Ichiro.
  • Group 2: Nataly, Wali, and Lora & Jessie.
  • Group 3: Ginny, Sembello, Hanna, Amelia
  • Group 4: Wuxin
  • Group 5: Gerald, Kajisha, Celine
  • Group 6: Lorren

Best Heroes for PvE (Puzzle Battles)

Arguably the most important and iconic role of your Heroes is to handle the puzzle battles. Depending on the type of puzzle battle you’re doing, you’ll either want to churn out as much damage as possible within a couple turns or try to steadily whittle down the enemy while surviving.

PvE Puzzle Battle - Puzzles & Survival
Not quite what you expect from the ads, but it’ll do. | 37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

You’ll typically want a mix of multiple colors in your team (ideally four or five) to take advantage of all the tiles. If you’re missing a Hero color, those corresponding tiles will do next to no damage and only serve to boost the enemy’s rage bar.

Due to the various team combinations you can make in this game, we’ll cover the best Heroes of each color depending on whether they’re damage dealer or bring utility to the team. We’re also basing our choices on the assumption that you’ve unlocked all of their skills.

Note: Allies and enemies can only be affected by one instance of a buff/debuff. For example, if you have two heroes that can provide an ATK buff, only one ATK buff can be active at a time (whichever one was the most recently applied). You can’t stack active ATK buffs. Similarly, you can’t stack active debuffs on an enemy and render them flimsy as paper.

Best Red Heroes


Best Red Heroes - Scarlett
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Your first taste of power when you started this game. Scarlett is easily one of the best single-target heroes in Puzzles & Survival. Boasting a high attack, a fast charging high-damage ability that also poisons the enemy, and being able to cripple an enemy’s rage generation, Scarlett is fantastic in every scenario.

The problem lies in obtaining her. You have to spend real money. She’s only available through the cash shop, so enhancing her is rather problematic unless you don’t mind spending money on this game regularly (or can get a hold of a lot of Perfect Hero Fragments).


Best Red Heroes - Phoenix
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

The pyromaniac of the team is the epitome of someone who lives for fighting. With all of her skills geared towards making her even more of a threat as the fight goes on, Phoenix is great for evenly chewing through the entire enemy team’s health.

Her ability does a sizeable chunk of damage immediately and continues to burn the enemy team for the next five turns, after which they’ll explode for a huge chunk of damage. Making this even more potent and easier is that she boosts all Red heroes’ rage generation by 10% and increases her attack each round up to an extra 80%. Though you probably won’t need her to reach full power before the enemy dies.


Best Red Heroes - Leah
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

While most Red heroes are about offense, Leah is the exception. Instead, this child is all about becoming immortal before going on an unstoppable rampage.

Her ability renders all incoming damage to 1 (except for counterattacks) and provides herself increased ATK and crit chance for four turns. However, she is unable to gain any more rage during this period and can not be affected by any other beneficial or harmful effects.

There are two main uses for her ability. The first one is to use it just before a massive enemy attack to buy yourself a couple more turns to retaliate. The second one is to leave her ability on standby until the board is full of red tiles (ideally with a red flashbang available), activate the ability for a massive ATK boost, then slam all those red tiles into the enemy.

Best Yellow Heroes


Best Yellow Heroes - Ironclaw
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

This expy of Wolverine absolutely shreds his enemies to pieces. Whoever he targets and is adjacent to them will get hit by a huge chunk of damage and have their defense and healing effectively cut in half for four rounds.

Given that he has a very fast charge rate on his ability, he can probably hit them again before the defense debuff wears off, likely killing them in the process. Plus, he buffs himself and his adjacent allies’ defenses in the process, making your team even harder to kill.


Best Yellow Heroes - Meyers
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

A bit of a double-edged sword, Meyers is all about status effects. His ability grants his party a massive 80% ATK boost for five turns but also reduces their hit chance by 25%, meaning their attack could just miss entirely. Thankfully, you can negate this by activating Meyers’ ability first, then following up immediately with a Hero who can remove debuffs (like Fox).

Additionally, Meyers’ ability will reduce the enemies’ ATK by 20% for five rounds and dispel any buffs they might have, making him an incredibly effective set up hero for the rest of your team.

Lady M

Best Yellow Heroes - Lady M
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

This rockstar is an amazing support hero. Her ability prevents the targeted enemy from gaining any rage for four turns, allowing you to smash them with tiles completely uninhibited.

This is extremely good on Alliance Trial challenges if you pair her with a hero who can reduce the enemy’s rage bar. You could in theory extend the fight far past its intended duration and rack up a bunch of points.

Plus, her ability heals your team for a fifth of their health and prevents any negative effects for two rounds. So use her first before activating any heroes’ abilities that have a drawback (like Meyers or Agent X) or to prevent an incoming enemy ability’s negative effects.

Lady M also grants all Yellow Heroes a bit of extra rage at the start of each round for six turns, which is great for certain team comps.

Lora & Jessie

Best Yellow Heroes - Lora & Jessie
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

This pair of twins is one of the most deadly damage dealers in the game when properly setup. Using their ability will trigger a countdown that’ll bombard the entire enemy team after 2 turns.

This bombardment does a sizeable amount of damage on its own, but can be taken to ludicrous heights when paired with someone who can provide a massive ATK buff (like Meyers or Nataly) and someone who can lower the enemy’s DEF (like Ephraim). It’s not an uncommon sight to wipe out the entire enemy team in one go.

Notably, Lora & Jessie’s ability can’t be stopped by rage-draining abilities (like Mantis) once it’s been activated, but stuns will force you to restart the 2-turn countdown.

Best Green Heroes


Best Green Heroes - Mars
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

The man known for running down his target with a race car. With a strong single target ability that reduces the enemy’s rage bar by 25% and buffs the two allies next to him, Mars is an incredibly strong team player.

Use him to delay a problematic enemy from using their ability (or just outright kill them) and to bolster your other damage dealers’ attack and incoming healing.


Best Green Heroes - Obsidian
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Similar to Mars, Obsidian is another strong single-target Hero that’s great at deleting threats off the board. What sets him apart is that he’s capable of stealing the enemy’s buffs for his own team, making him fantastic for dealing with defense-boosted enemies.

Additionally, if he manages to get the killing blow with his ability, he gets a massive boost to his crit chance for five rounds, setting off a domino effect of him murdering everything. Plus, he’s even effective against Red enemies, only doing 10% less damage than normal.


Best Green Heroes - Ulrik
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

A bit of a strange Hero, Ulrik’s ability can be a bit confusing at first, but is completely beneficial. Using it causes damage to be split evenly across whichever side gets hit for four turns.

If you would deal 500 damage to one enemy, it instead gets split into 100 damage across all five enemies. If one of your heroes would take 500 damage, everyone on your team would instead take 100 damage.

This makes it incredibly good at spreading out damage evenly and encourages targeting enemies with lower DEF to do more damage overall. It also helps prevent one of your heroes from getting hit by a massive attack and killed instantly.

Thankfully, his ability also bolsters your team’s DEF while lowering the enemies’ DEF, making his role even more effective. Also, despite his bulk, he has a decent chance to simply dodge enemy attacks like a ballerina.


Best Green Heroes - Samuel
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Do you like spamming your team’s abilities back to back? Perfect — throw Samuel into the team. Besides providing a permanent 10% ATK buff to your team 24/7, his ability does a good chunk of damage before fully restoring a random teammate’s rage bar.

Making it even better is that another random teammate will also get 10% of their rage bar restored each turn for three rounds. Should he go down, he helps out one last time by fully restoring another ally’s rage bar. This man is perpetually raging.


Best Green Heroes - Nataly
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Nataly is one of the more recent heroes released in Puzzles & Survival, and it shows given how loaded her kit is. She’s effectively a support tank, stripping enemies off their buffs and capability to heal, while buffing her own team and dodging/blocking incoming attacks.

Nataly’s ability provides the single highest ATK buff in the game at 120%, but the effect is reduced by 20% each time she uses it, capping out at 60%. Since you can’t stack multiple instances of the same buff in this game, you’ll want to use her ability only when your other offensive heroes are ready to fire off their abilities.

That being said, it may be more important to use Nataly’s ability to strip the buffs from enemies and potentially negate most of their healing. It’s all about the timing and deciding what you need at that exact moment. Use it at the right time, and your team will hit incredibly hard while the enemy has no defenses.

Best Blue Heroes


Best Blue Heroes - Ephraim
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Easily one of the best setup Heroes in Puzzles & Survival, Ephraim renders enemies helpless while bombarding all of them with a copious amount of damage.

All foes hit by his ability have their defense nearly halved and their attack reduced by a third for four turns. It even has a chance of stunning foes for two rounds, usually long enough to eliminate them or further stalling out an enemy’s ability.


Best Blue Heroes - Levina
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

An absolute nightmare for any enemy that relies on buffing and healing themselves. Levina’s ability does a large amount of damage to its target, removes all buffs from the enemy team, and steals any healing that would be applied to said target for three turns.

Plus, she grants all Blue heroes a 10% crit chance for four turns whenever she uses her ability, making her even more lethal if you can charge her ability again in that time.


Best Blue Heroes - Fox
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Easily considered one of the best (if not the best) support Heroes in the game, Fox is invaluable in nearly every team composition. Her ability heals nearly half of the team’s health, removes all debuffs, and provides a 63% DEF buff for five turns.

Use her to either top off the team after a devastating blow and remove any lingering negative effects, or pre-emptively bolster the team’s defense to survive an incoming massive hit. Simple but staggeringly effective.


Best Blue Heroes - Zephyr
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

The mystery man of the team is one of your best frontliners. Zephyr’s ability grants himself and two adjacent allies a counterattack ability to hit back even harder whenever they take damage. At higher enhance levels, this counterattack can easily kill an attacker.

What makes Zephyr such a great tank is that he takes 46% less damage from Green enemies and heals his team for 5% each round after using his ability. Plus, whenever he’s below 60% HP, he’ll take only half damage from everything (this can not be dispelled), giving you more than enough time to heal him up and outlast the enemy.

Best Purple Heroes


Best Blue Heroes - Marlowe
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

The tentacled man is an incredibly reliable teammate who does solid damage and can render your enemy unable to hit you. His ability will slap all enemies with his tentacles and reduce their chance to hit your team by 40% for six rounds.

This means you could effectively dodge all the enemies’ attacks if you’re lucky, including their abilities. Plus, it has a chance to stun enemies for two turns, too.

While his ability does have a slow charge rate, he automatically gains 30% rage at the start of each battle, making him fairly reliable. If you can activate his ability at least once, you’ll probably buy your team enough time with the reduced hit chance to charge it up again.

Agent X

Best Blue Heroes - Agent X
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

A very unique hero with the ability to render a lot of difficult fights trivially easy. Her ability attaches a bomb to a target that explodes after 4 turns, dealing 99% of the target’s health as damage. Simply hit the target with any attack that does damage and it’ll keel over. If said target is hiding behind other enemies, you’ll probably have to use another hero’s ability to finish it off.

The only things that can stop this death sentence is if the enemy can cleanse debuffs (getting rid of the bomb effect) or if they heal immediately after the bomb goes off. You don’t even necessarily need to have Agent X at a high level, though it certainly makes it easier for her to survive long enough to use her ability.

Do note that some enemies are immune to this ability, but that’s usually just in Trials where you’re competing to do as much damage in a set amount of turns. Additionally, Agent X is unable to generate rage for 4 turns after using her ability. However, Lady M can prevent this debuff from being applied to Agent X if you use Lady M’s ability first.


Best Blue Heroes - Eve
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

The other big healer besides Fox is geared more towards supporting offensive teams. Her ability heals her team for nearly half their health and grants them a 24% boost to their rage generation for six rounds. It has the added advantage of making it easier for her to activate another heal, too.

Eve is also deceptively sturdy for a healer. Besides the initial healing from her ability, she personally also regenerates 2% of her health each round for six turns and is very likely to revive herself once if she goes down in battle. This revive also clears all effects (both positive and negative) from herself.

Best Heroes for PvP (Arena)

For the most part, you can use the same teams you use in PvE for PvP. During these PvP battles, you’ll be matched against another player’s AI controlled team. These fights will mostly occur in the Arena and occasionally in the Alliance Conquest event.

PvP Puzzle Battle in Puzzles & Survival
Only one team of heroes walks out of here alive. | 37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

You’ll also have to set up a defensive team to be controlled by the AI for when someone else challenges you. In this defensive team, the position of your Heroes matters a lot more.

Heroes closer to the center are more likely to be hit by tiles, taking more damage but also generating rage faster. Placing the correct center Hero can make your enemy’s life a nightmare, as they can chain their abilities back to back.

With that in mind, we’ll be noting Heroes that particularly shine in that role, as well as listing off some of the best Heroes for PvP.

Fox (Blue)

It’s hard to convey just how powerful Fox is in PvP. Almost every team runs her, as she provides so much survivability to the team via her healing, debuff removal, and long lasting DEF boost.

Fox is a fantastic pick to put in the center of your defensive formation, as she has a rather high base DEF stat and can keep your team alive indefinitely if she constantly fills up her rage bar.

Eve (Purple)

The other super common healer. On her own, Eve is a bit lackluster in comparison to Fox, namely due to the lack of debuff removal. However, when paired with Fox, your team becomes a chain-healing hydra that just keeps popping up from the brink of death.

Eve is especially frustrating for enemy players to deal with, since they often have to kill her twice due to her self-revive skill. However, that’s rather difficult to accomplish before either her or Fox manages to get a heal off again. Due to her slightly squishier DEF, we recommend putting her on the edges of your defensive team to avoid taking too much direct damage.

Mantis (Yellow)

If you want to make the other player foam at the mouth with rage, put Mantis in the center of your defensive team. With a solid DEF and a high HP, he’s already quite difficult to kill. Making this worse for your enemy is that Mantis’ ability is arguably the most disruptive ability in the game.

Mantis - Best PvP Hero in Puzzles & Survival
37Games / Jeffrey Hsu

Mantis’ ability not only drains up to three targets’ rage bars by 25%, it also cleanses all of his teammate’s debuffs, and rips off the entire enemy team’s buffs. All while dealing a nice bit of damage. Given this ability has a fast charge rate, Mantis can use it so frequently that the enemy can’t line up their abilities and slowly get whittled away.

Plus, he grants all allied Yellow heroes a 50% chance to revive upon death once per battle and is immune to stuns himself until this revival is triggered.

Phoenix (Red)

Phoenix once again touts all the advantages we mentioned above in the PvE section. What makes her so deadly in PvP is just how much upfront damage she does.

Most teams can be wiped out with just two casts of her ability, and if they’re unable to cleanse the ticking Blast damage debuff, they’re all but guaranteed to die in five turns without any healing. Even more so if the battle has gone on long enough to fully stack her permanent ATK buff, and if she has someone to buff her ATK and debuff the enemy’s DEF.

However, Phoenix is a fair bit on the squishier side with a low DEF, so we recommend putting her closer to the side of your defensive team. That way she can safely charge up her rage bar without getting instantly deleted from existence.

Ironclaw (Yellow)

This man just tears through teams so quickly with his fast-charging ability. Whether it’s on your offensive or defensive team, you can use Ironclaw to cripple the targets’ DEF and prevent them from effectively healing up. He’s unlikely to die with a bit of support and if you can toss him an ATK buff, he’ll kill even faster.



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