About Us

Our mission at High Ground Gaming is to help our fellow gamers and build a tremendous resource. Video games are a special medium that sits at the crossroads of art and science. We love games and want to share that love with other gamers. We believe video games are a path that individuals from all walks of life can follow and come together to share rewarding, enjoyable, and interactive experiences. No matter who you are, you can jump on your PC, smartphone, or console and play with others online. Where some things divide us, gaming brings us together.


We believe eSports are having a positive impact on the image of video games and the gaming industry in general. Likely sooner rather than later, they will find a place alongside traditional sports in terms of popularity and viewership. This development is reshaping the entertainment media landscape as we know it.

The competitive spirit is alive and well at High Ground. If you’re playing games, you might as well be winning. What hardware delivers the absolute best experience? What settings will enable gamers to compete at the highest level? What is optimal? Who are the top players right now? We aim to answer these questions and many like them.

Readers First

We strive to make each webpage reading experience enjoyable. Our authors and editors work hard to ensure our information is accurate and useful. When it comes to our reviews and roundups, we don’t want to nudge you one way or the other. We present you with all the information. You take it from there and make the best choice for you.


Optimal user experience for our visitors is the foundation our website is built on. With a focus on speed, we continually cut excess. The minimalist design only loads essential elements such as typography and images. This helps keep things speedy on whichever device you choose to visit us from.

Everything from our site design, newsletter, and social media plugs, to each individual web page element, has been designed to be — for lack of a better word — unannoying as possible. Ads are clearly distinguishable from our content and there’s a way to close each individual ad if you so choose. The focus is always on the content itself.


As you know, the world and technology are rapidly evolving, especially in the age of the internet. We do our best to keep our information fresh and relevant to our readers so you’re always seeing the latest and greatest.

Thank you for your continued readership and support. We love to hear from our readers. If you have any questions, suggestions, thoughts, or concerns, please get in touch using our contact us page or drop us a comment in the discussion section of our pages. Check out our team page to see who’s behind our articles and guides and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Happy gaming!