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Diablo 4 Latest News, Events, & Season

Everything that's happening in the world of Diablo IV right now.

With the start of a new year, Diablo 4 is now in its third season, titled the Season of the Construct. I think Blizzard has done a great job of correcting many of the mistakes of the game’s first season, and there is a lot to enjoy about the current state of Diablo 4. If you’re like me, then you probably want to try out a class you’ve never played before this season.

Luckily, the improvements made to Diablo 4 over the past few months have buffed the five classes across the board, giving you even more build options to test out when hopping into the game this season.

With more seasonal content rolling out soon, bookmark this page and check back here. I will be keeping this page updated with all the goings on in Diablo 4!

What’s Going On in Diablo 4? 

Season of the Construct (January 23 – April 16 )

Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct brings an all-new adventure to Sanctuary, and I’m excited to dive in and see what this season has in store. Among the new content added this season, I am most excited about the upcoming addition of The Gauntlet and leaderboards. Like past Diablo 4 seasons, there is a lot of new content to experience, and I am excited about the future of this game.

New Questline

The seasonal quest for Diablo 4’s Season of the Construct has players delving into new dungeons called Vaults to stop the demon Malphas from twisting the constructs of Zoltan Kulle for his nefarious purposes. This season also adds a new town center called the Gatehall that acts as a hub for this quest. I think the lore behind Zoltan Kulle is fascinating, and the introduction of mechanical constructs in Diablo 4 is a thematically interesting direction.

New Dungeon Type

The addition of Vaults as a new dungeon type in the Season of the Construct seems to be shaking up Diablo 4‘s gameplay. These dungeons are filled with elemental Hazards and Constructs that you will have to overcome. A new item called a Pearl of Warding grants you Zoltan’s Warding which buffs your character, and if you can make it to the end of the dungeon without triggering any traps, rewards you with special Wardwoven chests. I think this new dungeon type will be a great way to challenge players of all levels without them having to reach a certain World Tier.

The Seneschal Construct Companion

Along with the other seasonal additions is a new mechanic that gives players a robotic Seneschal Construct as a companion. You will be able to use new items called Governing Stones and Tuning Stones to affect your companion’s combat abilities. I like this idea in concept since it allows players of all classes to play the role of a summoner. However, the Seneschal Construct’s upgrade system seems a bit too shallow for my liking and will just lead to more itemization problems.

Seasonal World Events

The primary event available to players in the Season of the Construct is the Arcane Tremors that are spreading throughout Sanctuary. Stemming the flow of Constructs from the Vaults during this event allows you to earn Pearls of Warding, which can then be used to brave the Vaults yourself. While I like the idea of earning Pearls of Warding from this event, the event itself seems a little uninspired compared to last season’s Blood Harvests.

New Gear

One of my favorite parts of a new Diablo 4 season is the new unique items the game adds. This season adds a new unique for each of Diablo 4‘s classes, as well as one that can be used by all classes. In my opinion, the most exciting of these new uniques are the Sorcerer’s Starfall Coronet which should make Meteor Sorcerer builds more powerful, and the Necromancer’s Mutilator Plate which I can see making the already popular Blood Lance Necromancer into a top-tier build for this season.

The Gauntlet and Leaderboards

Although it has not been added to Diablo 4 Season 3 as of the start of the season, one of the most game-changing aspects of this season will be The Gauntlet and its associated leaderboards. The Gauntlet is said to be a fixed dungeon that rotates on a weekly basis for players to try and complete as fast as possible. The highest times in each category will be displayed on leaderboards for all players to view. I am most excited about this season 3 addition because I think it will only deepen Diablo 4‘s gameplay as players build characters to compete for the best times.

Gameplay Updates (Jan 23)

Update 1.3.0

While this seasonal update isn’t overhauling Diablo 4‘s gameplay in a way that past seasons have, there are some welcome quality-of-life changes that I think players will be happy to see. The biggest change is to Diablo 4‘s Helltides, which now are almost always active, with only a 5-minute cooldown period every hour. I am very happy they made this change since waiting for a Helltide to become active again to farm for uniques seemed like an unnecessary restriction.

An interesting update for PC players is the ability to use the W-A-S-D keys for movement rather than the usual point-and-click controls. As a Diablo purist, I prefer the old control scheme, but I think this is a nice option to have for those who want it. An additional stash tab has also been implemented, which I think will help you better manage their items, especially with all of the new seasonal items like Governing and Tuning Stones you will be collecting.


You can be sure to find a variety of different events going on in Diablo 4 with each new season. These events typically offer special rewards along with new gameplay content to explore. Check back often to see what evens are live in Diablo 4!

Diablo 4 Season 3 Arcane Tremors

Arcane Tremor (Jan 23- April 16)

Diablo 4‘s Season of the Construct features a new seasonal event known as the Arcane Tremor. This event requires you to collect Cores from Elemental Obelisks and deposit them in braziers to earn Pearls of Warding. However, waves of Constructs stand in your way as you attempt to seal these eruptions from the Vaults. While this event seems simple enough, I fear it may get too repetitive as the season goes on. Its enjoyment also greatly depends on how much you like using Pearls of Warding in Vaults, which I could see becoming annoying for many players.

Lunar Awakening (Feb 6 – 20)

Going on now is the Lunar Awakening Event in Diablo 4 which allows players to tackle special Lunar Shrines that grant bonuses like a 50% XP bonus, as well as a 30% movement speed while the shrine is active. Additionally, you can earn Ancestral Favor by completing these Lunar Shrines, which can then be exchanged for rewards that include new cosmetics at the Lunar Market in Ked Bardu. While this isn’t the most robust event Diablo 4 has seen, I think it’s a fun addition to Season 3 that gives players a chance to earn more cosmetics without having to spend real-world money on the Battle Pass.

What’s Coming Up in Diablo 4?

Blizzard has stated that they plan quarterly seasons as well as annual content expansions for Diablo 4. This makes it easy to predict what we can expect from the game moving forward. Although the current season is still ongoing, there is still a handful of information we know about future content coming down the pipeline. I’m very interested to see where Diablo 4 goes next, so you can be sure I’ll be updating this page as more info is revealed!

The Gauntlet and Leaderboards

While Blizzard hasn’t confirmed the exact date The Gauntlet and leaderboards will be added, they have stated that these features will be coming later in Season 3. Stay tuned for more information as it is released!

Season 4

Given that Season 3 just started, it’s a bit early to begin looking ahead to Diablo 4 Season 4. Very little is known about the game’s next season at the moment aside from that it is likely to start on April 16 after the Season of the Construct ends. As to what this season’s theme will be and what new content it will deliver, we can only speculate at the moment.

Vessel of Hatred Expansion

Although it’s slated for late 2024, the first major content expansion of Diablo 4 has been confirmed to be the Vessel of Hatred expansion. It was first revealed with a teaser trailer at Blizzcon 2023, showcasing a return to the fan-favorite region of Kurast from Diablo 2 and a continuation of the story from Diablo 4’s base game. Unlike the game’s quarterly seasons, the Vessel of Hatred will likely feature much more substantial content, including a new class. I think the game is in desperate need of a new class to freshen up its gameplay, so I’ll be eagerly awaiting more news about the Vessel of Hatred expansion.


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