Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Build Guide (Season 3)

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Diablo 4: Druid Leveling Build Guide (Season 3)

Join me as I break down the ideal build for leveling a Druid quickly in Diablo 4 Season 3!

Druids in Diablo 4 have always been a powerful class that requires a lot of investment to reach their full potential. I find that many players give up on playing a Druid too early before seeing just how strong this class really is. In Diablo 4 Season 3, Druids are once again in this familiar position.

Leveling a Druid for the endgame can be a lot of fun, but I would recommend players interested in trying a Druid out this season invest in certain skills to make leveling a smooth experience.

I’ll be walking you through what I believe are the best Druid skills in Diablo 4 Season 3 and how to level this class up as efficiently as possible.

Druid Leveling Build: Best Skills

Druids in Diablo 4 have the luxury of using both ranged skills with their access to nature magic, as well as powerful melee skills thanks to their shape-shifting ability. As such, I recommend taking advantage of both play styles to create the ideal combination of skills for leveling during Season 3.

Wind Shear

diablo 4 druid wind shear
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Wind Shear is the Basic Skill I like to start with on this build since it can deal solid basic damage and is useful for inflicting Vulnerable on enemies as it levels up. Plus it can help increase your movement speed, which is why I like advancing it to Fierce Wind Shear.

Poison Creeper

diablo 4 druid poison creeper
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Poison Creeper is a great way to Crowd Control enemies as it immobilizes those in its area of effect and poisons them. I find Poison Creeper is useful for quickly dispatching hordes of enemies with its poison damage over time, which is perfect for farming dungeons in Diablo 4.

Blood Howl

diablo 4 druid blood howl
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Blood Howl is a Defensive Skill that can help keep you alive while grinding for levels since it heals 20% of your max HP. I also like to use Innate Blood Howl to generate Spirit and help manage my resources while playing this Druid build.


diablo 4 druid wolves
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Wolves is a great skill to have during Diablo 4 Season 3 since it summons two wolf companions who will automatically attack enemies. It’s nice having the Seneschal to help deal with enemies, so I find stacking more companions ontop of it makes wiping groups of enemies go even faster.


diablo 4 druid ravens
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Like Wolves, Ravens is another great skill to stack your Druid with multiple companions who can quickly tear down enemies. I like using Ravens specifically because its active effect allows you to bottleneck enemies into a swarm of ravens.


diablo 4 druid pulverize
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Pulverize is the Core Skill I recommend running on this build, and it will be the one you want to utilize the most. This skill lets you transform into a werebear and slam the ground to deal 50% damage to all enemies nearby, making it my preferred way to finish off enemies who’ve already taken damage from my other skills.

Druid Leveling Build: Best Passives

Given that Pulverize, which is going to be your primary damage-dealy skill, is an Earth skill, I recommend utilizing passives that synergize well with skills of this element. A lot of the early passives you’ll want to invest in are focused on maximizing your Spirit since it will be the resource that you spend to use Pulverize. As such, I would put points into Clarity, Heart of the Wild, and Abundance early.

At later levels, I recommend putting points into skills like Quickshift, Crushing Earth, Safeguard, and Stone Guard. These skills help give you a boost to your offense and defense whenever you use an Earth skill like Pulverize. I like using these passives to help turn my Druid into an unstoppable tank in the later game.

Heart of the Wild
Ancestral Fortitude
Wild Impulses
Circle of Life
Crushing Earth
Stone Guard
Predatory Instinct
Iron Fur
Ursine Strength (Key Passive)

Druid Leveling Build Strategy

The reason I like this build so much is that relying on Pulverize can quickly tear through groups of enemies to make the level grind fairly smooth. To start an encounter, I recommend using Wind Shear as much as possible to build up Spirit before unleashing Pulverize to finish enemies off. Additionally, Poison Creeper can be used to immobilize and reduce enemy health when they are grouped in a large area, before finishing them off with pulverize.

Since this build doesn’t really have a skill for movement, keeping Blood Howl handy to heal when necessary is a must. I also like to have multiple companions like Wolves and Ravens active to chip away at enemies while I take a breather to heal. Having the Seneschal Construct this season also helps wear down enemies, making these companions even more useful in the quest to maximize your Druid’s level.


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