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Diablo 4: Sorcerer Leveling Guide (Season 3)

Level up quickly and make the most of the sorcerer's high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

Sorcerers are the glass cannon class of Diablo 4, but they can be quite powerful in Season 3. I tend to play Sorcerers more aggressively than some, but their builds can be quite versatile depending on the skills you invest in. With the changes made to the Sorcerer in the past few seasons, Diablo 4 Season 3 has never been a better time to give this class a try.

I’ll be walking you through what I believe is the best build for quickly leveling a Sorcerer in Diablo 4 Season 3, where I’ll be detailing the ideal skills and passives to invest in along with the general gameplay loop for grinding this build.

Best Skills for Leveling a Sorcerer

Arc Lash

diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer arc lash
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Arc Lash is the ideal Basic Skill for this build. I like it because the nature of its arcing area of effect makes it easy to hit multiple enemies at once, stunning enemies hit after 10 swipes. It doesn’t have much range, but it gives the Sorcerer a decent close-quarters option for picking off nearby enemies.

Chain Lightning

diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer chain lightning
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

The focus of this build is going to center around the incredibly powerful Chain Lightning Core Skill. In my opinion, Chain Lightning is one of the Sorcerer’s best skills with its ability to chain up to 5 enemies per cast. This makes Chain Lightning an easy skill for mowing down groups of enemies without the need for precise aiming, meaning it’s perfect for a ranged character like the Sorcerer to farm foes from a distance.

Frost Nova

diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer frost nova
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Frost Nova is another important skill for dealing with enemies at close range. With Sorcerers usually best played as a ranged class, I find that Frost Nova is a good skill to add to your arsenal since it temporarily Freezes enemies around you. You can then use a skill like Arc Lash or Chain Lightning to safely dispatch them.

Ice Armor

diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer ice armor
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Ice Armor is a necessary skill to have on this build as it can greatly increase your survivability as a Sorcerer. The problem I tend to have the most when leveling a Sorcerer in Diablo 4 is surviving enemies who can surround you when you have few close-range options. That’s why I recommend running Ice Armor here since it forms a Barrier around you and absorbs damage as life restored to your character.


diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer Teleport
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

Another skill that I recommend to help mitigate the Sorcerer’s low defense is Teleport. This skill is very helpful since it allows you to warp to a specific location, dealing damage to nearby enemies upon arrival. Use this skill to get out of dangerous situations or reposition for a more advantageous perspective in the battle.

Unstable Currents

diablo 4 season 3 sorcerer unstable currents
Blizzard / Drew Swanson

The final skill I find necessary to round out this build is Unstable Currents. This skill gives you a bonus anytime you use a Shock Skill by casting a random Core, Conjuration, or Mastery Skill along with it. While this can leave some things up to RNG, I find it’s more helpful than not when your primary focus is going to be casting Shock Skills.

Best Passives for Leveling Sorcerers

Ideally, you will want to invest in passives that will help maximize your damage output as a Sorcerer, while also bolstering your survivability. In my opinion, Glass Cannon is a must-use skill on any Sorcerer build since it increases your damage output at the cost of more damage taken. Elemental Dominance is another passive I like to use since it can increase the damage done by your Core and Basic skills while above 50% mana without sacrificing defenses. Protection and Mana Shield will both be important for mitigating damage as well.

Another key part of this build is capitalizing on Critical Hit damage by investing in skills that help you score and benefit from Crits. A passive like Coursing Currents can help increase the chance of scoring a Crit. In turn, passives like Electrocution, Elemental Attunement, and Vyr’s Mastery give you bonus effects when dealing Critical Hit damage. I find that this additional damage can make a huge difference when trying to maximize farming efficiency as a Sorcerer.

glass_cannonGlass Cannon
elemental_dominanceElemental Dominance
elemental_attunementElemental Attunement
coursing_currentsCoursing Currents
align_the_elementsAlign the Elements
mana_shieldMana Shield
vyr's_masteryVyr’s Mastery (Key Passive)

Strategy: Best Ways to Level Up a Sorcerer

The main strategy for playing and leveling a Sorcerer in Diablo 4 Season 3 is to manage enemies from a distance while being prepared to deal with close-quarters combat. Since Sorcerers don’t have to generate a resource like some Diablo 4 classes, you are free to cast your Core Skill Chain Lightning right away, making it easier to pick off weaker enemies at the start of an encounter.

However, if you find yourself unable to dispatch some of the stronger foes initially, using skills like Frost Nova to freeze them and then hitting them with Arc Lash to regain some mana is a great strategy. I also recommend repositioning with Teleport when your Frost Nova is on cooldown and try to not have both on cooldown at the same time. Don’t be afraid to cast Ice Armor and Unstable Currents as necessary in order to give yourself that extra edge needed to finish off a horde of foes.


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