Review Policy

At High Ground Gaming, we do our best to provide a broad overview of the top product options for our readers without compromising the integrity of our content. While we attempt to be as objective as possible, subjectivity is always in play, and we always suggest doing further research before making a purchase. We believe getting the right product the first time around, matching product features as closely as possible to the user’s needs, and having all the information at hand before spending money is of great importance. This is why you’ll often find our “best of” buying guides list products in a utilitarian, price ascending format. We can act as a guide, but the final decision is yours. We do sometimes receive free samples or products at a discounted rate in return for an unbiased review. Additionally, we receive compensation for our referral links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra and we do get a little revenue shared with us from each sale. These earnings help support High Ground Gaming and our work researching and writing about gaming goodies. Sometimes we make mistakes, and if there’s a product that is faulty, isn’t up to par, we are missing something, or you simply want to know more about our review policies, we encourage you to contact us.