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Puzzles & Survival Events Guide

Last updated by Jeffrey Hsu  on Mar 10, 2023

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Welcome to our Puzzles & Survival Events Guide! If you haven’t come from there, be sure to visit our ➡️Puzzles & Survival Master Guide⬅️ to find everything you need to know to succeed in this game. This guide will just go over the basics of events in the game. Stay tuned into the High Ground for event-specific guides coming soon!

Not a single day goes by in this game without an event. Besides giving you a different activity to focus on every day, events are your main source of obtaining multiple upgrade materials, copious amounts of resources, and even rare 5-star hero fragments.

Unfortunately, there’s too many events to cover all of them in this already incredibly long guide. However, we do plan on creating an in-depth event guide soon, so keep your eyes peeled. For now, we’ll cover some basics.

Puzzles & Survival Events Calendar

You can check what events are going on and upcoming by tapping on the event center button in the top right corner of your screen. While it won’t showcase all the upcoming events, you can get an idea and start preparing for major ones. Most events are on a repeating schedule of 2 weeks.

Most events are split into multiple reward tiers. The best prizes (like rare 5-star hero fragments) are always locked behind the highest tier. Additionally, there’s often a Personal and State ranking as well where you compete with players across the entire game. If you continue earning points in the event, you’ll climb the ranks and can earn even more rewards.

How to Earn Points in Events

Always read up on what exactly gives points. If you go to an event, you can usually tap on the image under ‘How to Earn Points’ to get a detailed breakdown of what actions will give points and how many. Then you can calculate if it’s actually worth the effort or not.

Whether or not it’s worth climbing the ranks depends on how many supplies you’ve hoarded. Most of the time, you’ll have to pass on climbing an event’s ranks until you stockpile enough resources from normal activities to make meaningful progress in an event.

For example, a lot of events are based around obtaining materials related to something like Modules. If you’ve been holding off on opening chests obtained from Zombie Lairs and have been stockpiling Rare Earth from the Pit, you can cash them all in and climb the event’s leaderboards like a maniac.

Note whether or not event items expire and when!

Some events have currencies you can stockpile until the next time the event comes around (like Joy Coins from the 777 Jackpot event). Others will have their currency expire and be converted into very low amounts of basic resources, so you should always spend those. You can typically tap on an event currency in the top left corner from the event exchange shop to see if it expires or not.

Finally, try to double dip on events. Sometimes you’ll have events that run for a couple days. If you think another event with the same criteria for earning points will run concurrently with the first event, wait to spend your resources until both events are active.

Wasteland Conquest

This is an events feature that’s only available to states that have been around long enough. It’s effectively a tournament bracket to determine who the strongest player is amongst different server clusters.

The important thing is that you can participate even as a weaker player to get points for some very nice rewards. However, you’ll have to spend a fair bit in the diamond shop to purchase a ticket to participate.

Once you have your ticket, you can enter the event and send your troops in a suicide march to try and take the center hub. You’ll earn points just for doing some damage and even for having troops die. Naturally, the stronger and higher tier your troops are, the more points you’ll get.

Additionally, while this event is going on, there will be periodic feasts where you can go claim a bunch of free goodies if you attend within an hour of it starting. When a feast is scheduled, an icon will appear in your lower right corner.



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Amanda Neid

Hello! I found your page and absolutely love all the information. I’m using some of it for my Discord server. I was wondering if you’ll be covering other events individually? Thank you!

Yes! We’re currently working on adding more individual event guides – covering all pertinent information (timing/frequency, objectives/points, and tips/tricks for them)! We’re glad you found our guide useful!


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