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Mario Kart 8 Canon

Release Date: 29/05/2014

Developer: Nintendo | Publisher: Nintendo

Genres: Action Racing


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Melodies & Mockeries

Behold, High Ground Gaming's resident trolls! The cheerful Gurg and the irritable Grundle — together they bring songs of praise and mutterings of discontent about Mario Kart 8.

The Jolly Troll
In lands afar and castles great,
I sing of Mario Kart 8's fate.
Where drivers bold, from kingdoms far and wide,
Come together on tracks where courage and fun collide.

In karts they speed, over rainbow roads they soar,
Through haunted mansions and beachside shores.
With shells and bananas, the race grows wild,
As each driver, from elder to child, is beguiled.

Mushrooms boost, stars twinkle with invincible flair,
Each lap a dance, each turn a dare.
In this grand race, friendships are found,
In joyful echoes of laughter's sound.

So, rev your engines, let the excitement ignite,
In a world where speed and whimsy unite.
In Mario Kart 8, where dreams are spun,
A realm where all, in joy, are one.
The Angry Troll
Mario Kart 8, the epitome of 'friendship destroyer.' It's like playing Russian roulette, but with shells.. where skill takes a backseat and luck rides shotgun. The gameplay? The item distribution is as fair as a dragon in a chicken coop. Get ahead and you're bombarded with more shells than a beach. Let's be frank – getting a coin in second place is like getting a handshake when you need a resurrection spell. The tracks? Rainbow Road is less a race and more an exercise in existential despair. This game is great for those who relish chaos, have a vendetta against friendships, and enjoy victory being snatched away by a flying turtle shell.

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