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Release Date: 20/12/2011

Developer: Bioware | Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genres: MMO RPG


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Melodies & Mockeries

Behold, High Ground Gaming's resident trolls! The cheerful Gurg and the irritable Grundle — together they bring songs of praise and mutterings of discontent about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Jolly Troll
In galaxies far, I sing my song,
Of Jedi brave and Sith so strong.
In The Old Republic, tales unfold,
Of heroes' quests and battles bold.

The Force's will, both light and dark,
Guides each soul, ignites their spark.
From Coruscant’s spires to Korriban’s tombs,
Adventure calls through starlit rooms.

With sabers bright and blasters keen,
In ancient wars, our fates are seen.
Companions true, in battles vast,
Forge bonds of steel, that ever last.

Oh, Star Wars’ realm, where legends soar,
In The Old Republic, we find our core.
A toast to quests that never end,
In this epic, we transcend.
The Angry Troll
Ah, Star Wars: The Old Republic. Fancy a stroll through an endless galaxy of bugs and boredom? The game's got more fetch quests than a goblin's scavenger hunt. And those space combat missions? About as thrilling as watching a dwarf polish his axe. Dialogue trees? More like dialogue forests—thick, confusing, and full of deadwood. Characters? Half of 'em are as memorable as a troll's last meal. Sure, there's lore and lightsabers, but it’s buried under a mountain of grind. If you like shiny space junk, go ahead. For this troll, it's just a flashy pile of space scrap.

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