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WoW Dragonflight: 7 Best Evoker Transmog Sets, Ranked (2024)

Take flight in the Dragon Isles' finest fashions!

Evokers are the newest class in World of Warcraft, having been added in the current Dragonflight expansion. As such, they don’t have a huge selection of class tier sets just yet, but the gear they do have is stylish and iconic and perfect for transmogrification. Although you can’t see much of their armor in their Dracthyr form, their human visage will allow you to show off the entire set, so that’s what I’ve used for screenshots. Let me count you down through the best evoker transmog sets in WoW!

#7 Scales of the Awakened

Starting off my list is the Scales of the Awakened, a Primalist-inspired set that offers a very proto-dragon look for your evoker. This is a more primitive suit of armor that is charged with the elements, which crackle around the shoulders.

This set can be obtained from Vault of the Incarnates, the first raid of Dragonflight. The purple, lightning charged version you see above drops on Mythic difficulty while recolors can be obtained from the other difficulties.

#6 Crimson Dracthyr Battlegear

The Crimson Dracthyr Battlegear set was the first evoker-specific outfit in the game. It’s a fairly obvious way to show off your dracthyr’s heritage, with its Dragonflight color schemes and large scales.

The red version pictured above is obtained simply by leveling your evoker through their starting zone in The Forbidden Reach. There are also green, black, and blue sets available from various reputation vendors in the Dragon Isles.

# 5 Weyrnkeeper’s Timeless Vigil

The newest set on my list is Weyrnkeeper’s Timeless Vigil, a set that shows hints of the Titans’ influence on the Dragonflights with its rune-like markings and orbs in the shoulders. Those orbs look like they’re full of sand, like an hourglass, a significant feature for any dracthyr with close ties to the Bronze Dragonflight. Small metal dragons curl over these orbs, and draconic wings extend from the bracers as well.

This set comes from the most recent raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope. The purple version pictured above drops only on Mythic difficulty. There are a variety of other colors available through lower difficulties as well as Dragonflight Season 3 PvP.

#4 Embrace of the Dreamfused Skull

Here’s a set that will mainly appeal to members of the Green Dragonflight. Embrace of the Dreamfused Skull is an outfit that clearly originated in the Emerald Dream, with its feather-like leaves, branch-like horns, and face that resembles an owl.

This version of the set can be obtained by participating in the Emerald Bounty event. There are also variations available through other open world activities in the Emerald Dream zone as well as through Dragonflight Season 3 PvP.

#3 Elegant Green Dragon Outerwear

While the Elegant Green Dragon Outerwear isn’t a complete gear set – it consists of only three pieces: shoulders, cloak, and tabard – I’ve included it because this is a look that is more or less the same in your dracthyr form as it is in your human visage. The tabard in particular looks amazing in your dracthyr form.

The version pictured above is perfect for showing off your affiliation with the Green Dragonflight. To get it, you’ll need to reach Renown 16 with the Dream Wardens. There are also versions that suit the Blue, Black, and Bronze Dragonflights, which can be obtained by completing certain quests for each.

#2 Bequeathed Armor

The penultimate set on my list is the Bequeathed Armor, a set that definitely shows off your draconic heritage as a dracthyr evoker. The highlight of this outfit is the armored wings on the shoulders. The flaring coat-like piece around the legs adds to the aerodynamic look of the set.

The black and gold version of the set depicted above could be worn to represent alignment with the Black or Red Dragonflights. You can get this version by completing the story campaign in Zaralek Cavern. There are multiple recolors of the set available through open world content, PvP, and the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon.

#1 Legacy of Obsidian Secrets

Taking my number one spot for the best transmog set for evokers is the Legacy of Obsidian Secrets set. This set features black dragon scales covered with sleek silver armor pieces in swooping winged shapes that lend a draconic appearance even in your human visage.

Getting this set is a matter of looting it from the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid. The black and silver version drops only on Mythic difficulty, but there are variations available from the other raid difficulties as well as through PvP.

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