WoW Classic SoD: Supply Shipment and Reputation Guide

How to earn rep with Azeroth Commerce Authority or Durotar Supply and Logistics.

Season of Discovery brings a new reputation to each faction (Alliance and Horde) that offer some essential new rewards for your journey in WoW Classic. Most characters will want to reach at least Friendly to purchase one of their class’s rune engravings. You may even want to shoot for Honored to grab a 12-slot bag or a crafting pattern, or just to get ahead for Phase 2. I’ll do my best to help you get there in this guide!

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The Supply Factions

The two new factions that you can earn reputation with are Azeroth Commerce Authority for Alliance and Durotar Supply and Logistics for Horde. Once you start earning reputation with your faction, you will be able to see them in the Reputation tab of your Character window (hotkey U by default).

Reputation Levels

You will start at Neutral with your supply faction, the same as any other reputation. Here is the amount of reputation you will need to reach each level:

  • Friendly: +3000 reputation from Neutral
  • Honored: +6000 reputation from Friendly (+12,000 from Neutral)
  • Revered: +12,000 reputation from Honored (+24,000 from Neutral)
  • Exalted: +21,000 reputation from Revered (+45,000 from Neutral)

Note that as of Phase 1, it’s not yet possible to progress beyond Honored with these factions.

Supply Officers

There are three Supply Officers for each faction who act as faction quartermasters. They are where you will turn in supply crates. Once you reach Friendly, they will also act as the factions’ vendors. Below are the locations of the supply officers for each faction.

Azeroth Commerce Authority

  • Elaine Compton can be found in the Trade District of Stormwind, next to the Auction House.
  • Tamelyn Aldridge is located in the Commons of Ironforge, near the front gates.
  • Marcy Baker is in the Tradesmen’s Terrace of Darnassus, in front of the Auction House.

Durotar Supply and Logistics

  • Jornah is located in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar, outside the small shop next to the Auction House.
  • Dokimi is in the Lower Rise of the central mesa in Thunder Bluff, near the blacksmithing area.
  • Gishah can be found in the upper level of the Trade Quarter in Undercity, in the alcove to the left of the Innkeeper.

Waylaid Supplies and Supply Shipments

The one and only way to earn reputation with these new factions, at least in Phase 1, is by turning in supply crates. You can either turn in Waylaid Supplies or Supply Shipments.

Waylaid Supplies come in many different versions. They consist of orders for particular items, such as Peacebloom or Lesser Magic Wands. Completing the order will change the crate into a Supply Shipment instead. However, you can turn in the unfulfilled shipment by itself to complete the quest A Waylaid Shipment and gain a portion of the reputation.

Supply Shipment can be obtained by completing the order for a Waylaid Supplies crate. This crate can be turned in to complete the quest A Full Shipment. These filled shipments will earn you significantly more reputation per turn-in, and will generally be much more efficient than turning in the empty crate by itself.

You can carry multiple completed Supply Shipments, but you can only carry one Waylaid Supplies crate at a time. As long as you have an unfulfilled shipment in your bags, you will be unable to pick up any new ones.

How to Get Waylaid Supplies and Supply Shipments

WoW Classic SoD Waylaid Supplies Loot
Blizzard / Sarah Arnold

Both kinds of crates are Bind on Pickup, so you won’t be able to trade them or get them on the Auction House. The only way to get Waylaid Supplies is by looting them, and the only way to get Supply Shipments is by completing Waylaid Supplies crates. Waylaid Supplies are completely random world drops that can be looted from enemies and chests in the appropriate level range.

Hovering over a crate will tell you its Item Level. Currently there are two tiers of crates in the game: Item Level 10 and Item Level 25. Item Level 10 crates will stop rewarding reputation once you reach Friendly. To get to Honored, you’ll have to turn in Item Level 25 crates. Item Level 10 crates drop from level 1-15 creatures while Item Level 25 crates drop from level 15-30.

Items and Rep Amounts

Here’s a table showing how much reputation you can get for each of the crates. Note that the Minor Mana Oil and Minor Wizard Oil orders are currently impossible to fill, so you’ll have to turn in the incomplete crates.

CrateMax LevelReputation
(Waylaid Supplies)
(Supply Shipment)
Brilliant SmallfishFriendly100300
Bronze BarsHonored200500
Brown Linen PantsFriendly100450
Brown Linen RobesFriendly100450
Copper BarsFriendly100300
Copper ShortswordsFriendly100450
Dark Leather CloaksHonored200650
Elixir of FirepowerHonored200800
Embossed Leather VestsFriendly100450
Goblin Deviled ClamsHonored200500
Gray Woolen ShirtsHonored200650
Handstitched Leather BeltsFriendly100450
Healing PotionsFriendly100450
Heavy Linen BandagesFriendly100300
Heavy Wool BandagesHonored200500
Herb Baked EggsFriendly100300
Hillman’s ShouldersHonored200800
Lesser Magic WandsFriendly100450
Lesser Mana PotionsHonored200650
Light LeatherFriendly100300
Medium LeatherHonored200500
Minor Healing PotionsFriendly100450
Minor Mana Oil*Honored200650*
Minor Wizard Oil*Friendly100450*
Ornate SpyglassesHonored200800
Pearl-clasped CloaksHonored200800
Rough BoomsticksFriendly100450
Rough Bronze BootsHonored200650
Rough Copper BombsFriendly100450
Rough StoneFriendly100300
Runed Copper PantsFriendly100450
Runed Silver RodsHonored200800
Silver BarsHonored200500
Silver Skeleton KeysHonored200800
Small Bronze BombsHonored200650
Smoked Bear MeatHonored200500
Smoked SagefishHonored200500
Spiced Wolf MeatFriendly100300
*These shipments can’t currently be completed because the items are not in the game yet.

Supply Faction Rewards

Below are all of the rewards that are currently available from both Azeroth Commerce Authority and Durotar Supply and Logistics, including all of the rune engravings.


  • Courier Treads (Leather)
  • Hoist Strap (Mail)
  • Provisioner’s Gloves (Cloth)
  • Rune of Beckoning Light (Paladin)
  • Rune of Everlasting Affliction (Warlock)
  • Rune of Healing Rain (Shaman)
  • Rune of Serpent Spread (Hunter)
  • Rune of Single-Minded Fury (Warrior)
  • Rune of Skull Bash (Druid)
  • Rune of Teasing (Rogue)
  • Spell Notes: Arcane Surge (Mage)
  • Tenebrous Epiphany (Priest)
  • Small Courier Satchel (10 slots)


  • Pattern Phoenix Bindings (Tailoring)
  • Plans: Mantle of the Second War (Blacksmithing)
  • Sturdy Courier Bag (12 slots)

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