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The 10 Rarest Mounts in World of Warcraft

It’s hard to forget that feeling when you first obtained your mount. Going from your pitiful walking speed to double that was amazing, and don’t get me started on epic riding. I would go on about flying, but it speaks for itself… that and we’re still waiting on patch 9.1 to introduce flying to Shadowlands.

Nowadays, mounts are a symbol of prestige, of the effort you’ve put into the game. Some mounts are prized for how amazing they look. Others are desired to match your transmog. And then there are those you simply show off due to how rare they are.

Today, we’ll be going over our list of the 10 rarest WoW mounts introduced in Shadowlands. We’ve based our list on how difficult it is to obtain these mounts, how visually striking they are, and obviously how rare they are. Unfortunately, we can’t cover every mount that’s been added to the game, so if you think there’s another one that should be added after you’re done reading, leave it in the comments below.

The 10 Rarest WoW Mounts

Without further ado, let’s get started on our list of rare WoW mounts to farm in Shadowlands.


Hopecrusher Gargon

10) Hopecrusher Gargon
Image: MetallicWolf via Wowhead
  • Prerequisite: Must be a Venthyr member
  • Dropped by: Hopecrusher
  • Location: Revendreth
  • Type: Ground

We’ll start our list of rarest WoW mounts with one of the simplest ones, the regal-looking gargon that drops off Hopecrusher. Unlike most other covenant-specific mounts, you have a chance of obtaining this mount only if you’re a member of the Venthyr covenant, and it’s not a guarantee. Also, you can only ride him as a Venthyr member.

All you need to do is summon Hopecrusher (coordinates: 52, 51) by clicking on the interactable ‘Large Prey’ corpse sitting in front of the tree. If the corpse isn’t up, you can’t summon him. He’s a bit of a tough mob to kill, so be sure to bring a couple party members (5 DPS can easily kill him). You can usually get a group by posting or looking for it in the custom group finder. Afterwards, just hope that you get lucky while looting him.

Spoiler alert, there’s a reason the mob is called Hopecrusher.


Blisterback Bloodtusk

9) Blisterback Bloodtusk
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Dropped by: Warbring Mal’Korak
  • Location: Maldraxxus
  • Type: Ground

The war-beast of the rare Warbringer Mal’Korak is a simple, straightforward case of “kill the mob and hope it drops the mount.” The challenge is that the mob is located deep within the hostile elite-ridden territory of the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus. Also the rare mob that drops it is not always up, requires a group to feasibly kill it, and has an incredibly low drop chance.

Frankly put, we don’t recommend actively going for this mob unless there’s an elite world quest up in the same area as the mob. This way you can join various groups in the group finder to hopefully phase into an instance of the world where the mob is up, and there are enough people around to help you kill it. 

Otherwise, most people will not bother heading all the way to the spawn location while waiting for enough group members. 

We recommend waiting until flying is introduced in patch 9.1. It will become infinitely easier to reach the area, and you should be able to solo it with the gear upgrades.


Wildseed Cradle

8) Wildseed Cradle
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Dropped by: Treasure Chest (Cache of the Moon)
  • Location: Ardenweald
  • Type: Flying

An incredibly unique mount where your character sits in a comfortable floating nature-themed cradle. If you want one of the rarest WoW mounts — one that screams luxury riding — this is it.

Twinklestar at Tirna Vaal in Ardenweald (coordinates: 63, 37) has lost her gardening tools and is asking you to bring them back to her. They’re scattered about at the Garden of Night, just west of the Heart of the Forest. You do not have to speak to her before picking them up. 

We have the five items listed below along with a description of where they’re located and their coordinates.

Diary of the NightSitting on a table on elevated platform/way 38, 56
Gardener’s HammerLocated in a cart/way 39, 54
Gardener’s BasketOn the ground by the fountain’s edge/way 40, 52
Gardener’s FluteOn the ground near Spriggans dancing/way 38, 58
Gardener’s WandHidden under a cart/way 38, 60

Once you have all five items in your inventory, click on any one of them to combine them into “Twinklestar’s Gardening Toolkit” and return it to her at Tirna Vaal. She’ll have a new dialogue option that grants you a buff that allows you to see and loot the treasure chest sitting behind her for the mount.


Swift Gloomhoof

7) Swift Gloomhoof
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: Finish two quest chains around Glitterfall Basin.
  • Dropped by: Night Mare
  • Location: Ardenweald
  • Type: Flying

A lovely nightmare-themed unicorn mount, this mount requires a little bit of legwork around Ardenweald and interacting with some hidden objects. Many players do not seem to know about it, as the item that starts the chain to obtain this mount is tucked away above Tirna Scithe in the southwest corner of Ardenweald with no treasure chest icon.

You can reach it with some tricky parkour, gliding from a higher vantage point, or using some repositioning class abilities. However, the easiest and safest way to reach it (as it is very easy to fall off into the void and die instantly), is to use a “Pinch of Faerie Dust” to fly for a minute and a half in the zone. You can obtain this item by killing mobs around in the area just southeast of the Heart of the Forest (coordinates: 52, 58) to obtain the item. Just be careful not to aggro anything while flying, as it will cancel the flight.

Fly over to the platform above Tirna Scithe and interact with the stick/branch on the ground, tucked behind an abandoned cart (coordinates: 19, 63) to get the Broken Soulweb.

7a) Soulweaver Location
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

The next step requires you to have finished two quest chains starting from Glitterfall Basin. A good way to know that you’ve completed all the quests needed is to have the achievement “Sojourner of Ardenweald” completed.

If you’ve done so, the NPC Elder Gwenna will be at Gliterfall Basin (coordinates: 50, 33). Speak to her with 10 Lightless Silk in your inventory, and she’ll repair the soulweb into a Repaired Soulweb.

Following that step, head to the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald to speak to Ysera. You do not need to be a part of the Night Fae covenant to speak to her. If you are, simply head inside and talk to her. If you are not, then speak to the guard outside the giant tree to request an audience with Ysera. 

Make sure you are not mounted when you ask her for help. If you are, you will have to wait a minute to ask the guard again to summon her.

She will infuse the item and turn it into a Dream Catcher.

Finally, head back to Hibernal Hollow and head just outside the town. Use the Dream Catcher to warp yourself into a shadowy version of the area with no enemies except the rare mob, Night Mare.

This is the enemy you must kill to have a guaranteed drop of the mount. The mob hits rather had with an interruptible spell and a giant circle spell that you must run away from. If you’re a well-geared toon with sustain or something to tank it, you can solo it. Otherwise, you should bring a friend or two that’s has also done all the steps with their own Dream Catcher to fight this mob.

Congrats, you have the gloriously dark purple mount. I recommend holding onto the Dream Catcher item afterwards, as it can warp you into the shadow realm for safety purposes. 


Slime Serpent

6) Slime Serpent
Image: Carmella via Wowhead
  • Prerequisite: Be capable of soloing a dungeon on Heroic or Mythic difficulty.
  • Dropped by: Curious Slime Serpent
  • Location: Plaguefall dungeon
  • Type: Flying

One of the secret mounts of WoW, and one of the rarest WoW mounts this expansion, this sickly looking eyeless flying worm was discovered by accident when a hunter attempted to solo mythic Plaguefall for his channel.

The criteria is simple but difficult for most players to achieve at the moment. You must solo the last two bosses of the Plaguefall dungeon on heroic or mythic difficulty. If you can successfully pull this off, take the teleporter back up top after killing Margrave Stradama and pet the giant Curious Slime Serpent mob that spawns in the slime to the side of the third boss to obtain the mount.

At the moment, tanks have the easiest time completing the challenge, sustaining their health and slowly whittling down the bosses. Classes with pets such as Beast Master hunters and Demonology warlocks can also pull this off but with much more effort.

If you don’t play any of the above mentioned classes, simply wait until the next patch comes out and you have access to stronger gear to get this mount.


Silessa’s Battle Harness

5) Silessa's Battle Harness
Image: Dianora via Wowhead
  • Prerequisite: Must be a Venthyr member and have rank 3 of the Transport Network unlocked.
  • Dropped by: Treasure Chest (Forgotten Chest)
  • Location: Revendreth
  • Type: Ground

Spouting brilliant golden and red armor, this rideable gargon is one of the most eye-catching and rarest WoW mounts introduced in Shadowlands. In order to obtain this mount, you must have the third rank of the Venthyr transport network unlocked and complete the introduction quest chain to the broken mirror system.

At any given time, there will be a set of three broken mirrors in Revendreth that you can repair with a Handcrafted Mirror Repair Kit, obtained for twenty Infused Rubies from Simone in Sinfall. Repairing these mirrors will allow you to enter them and loot a chest with a low chance at the mount and various other collectibles.

These mirrors are repairable/lootable once a day and typically change their position at the start of each week’s reset. However, they do on occasion change locations to one of the other three possible groups at random.

If you find one of the mirrors, you can figure out which group is active for the day by checking the coordinates of the mirror you found.

The four possible groups and their locations are listed below:

GroupLoc #1Loc #2Loc #3
One/way 29, 37
house w/ wildlife
/way 27, 21
room w/ elite spider
/way 29, 37
room w/ cooking pot
Two/way 70, 43
room w/ disciples
/way 58, 67
house w/ a Stonevigil
/way 29, 37
room on ground floor
Three/way 77, 65
house w/ elite mobs
/way 40, 77
inside house w/ wildlife
/way 72, 43
crypt w/ disciples
Four/way 55, 35
crypt w/ nobles
/way 20, 54
villa at entrance
/way 29, 25
room w/ elite Soulbinder


Silverwind Larion

4) Silverwind Larion
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: Be level 60, have the HandyNotes (Shadowlands) addon, and lots of patience.
  • Dropped by: Treasure Chest (Gift of the Silver Wind)
  • Location: Bastion
  • Type: Flying

Next on our list of rarest WoW mounts is this beautiful silver and white armored larion from Bastion. Obtaining this mount simply requires the patience to collect fifty hidden crystals scattered across the entirety of the zone.

Yes, fifty crystals. Across the entirety of Bastion. Including a couple in the two zone-specific dungeons!

Frankly put, this task is nigh impossible without a specific add-on: HandyNotes (Shadowlands). If you turn it on for your world map, it’ll display the location of every crystal in the zone. Once you collect it, it’ll disappear from the map, so you don’t have to keep track of every last one. Some of the crystals are tucked away in caves or on cliffsides, so if your map says it’s there, there’s a crystal there.

4a) Shard Map
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

There are two crystals hidden in the Necrotic Wake and three hidden in Spires of Ascension. You can obtain them on any difficulty, but we recommend normal mode to avoid annoying your group.

Once you’ve obtained all fifty crystals, head to the area just outside of the Spires of Ascension dungeon entrance and speak to Forgelite Hephaesius (coordinates: 59, 31) to forge the crystals together into the ‘Crystal Mallet of Heralds’. You can then proceed to the Vesper of the Silver Wind (coordinates: 36, 26) to ring the bell and summon a mob who will drop a treasure chest at your feet. Loot it to obtain your hard-earned Silverwind Larion mount!


Ascended Skymane

3) Ascended Skymane
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: A competent group to summon the rares.
  • Dropped by: The Ascended Council
  • Location: Bastion
  • Type: Flying

One of the new unicorn-esque mounts of the Shadowlands. Before driving yourself insane trying to get this mount, do note that its model is almost identical to the mount you get for achieving 100 Exalted reputations (Pureheart Courser). If you’re interested in it for its appearance, it’s probably more feasible to go for that one as an alternative.

If you’re still determined to get this mount, then join up with the Secret Finding and Lord of the Reins discord to see callouts for groups forming for a chance at this mount.

This mount has a very low chance of being looted from the chest spawned by defeating the Ascended Council rares in Bastion down by the Aspirant’s Crucible (coordinates 53, 88). However, in order to spawn these rares, players must ring all five vespers located throughout Bastion within five minutes of ringing the first one. The biggest problem is making sure all five vespers are available, as some players who have no idea what they’re for will end up ringing them by chance. 

There is one vesper at each of the temples in Bastion relating to their principles. The coordinates are listed below along with the teleport pad (Anima Gateway) that leads to them.

  • /way 33.38 59.77 Vesper of Courage
  • /way 39.14 56.14 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Courage)
  • /way 71.87 38.87 Vesper of Humility
  • /way 69.37 40.34 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Humility)
  • /way 64.32 69.80 Vesper of Purity
  • /way 39.14 56.14 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Purity)
  • /way 39.13 20.40 Vesper of Wisdom
  • /way 41.66 23.35 Anima Gateway (Vesper of Wisdom)
  • /way 32.16 17.82 Vesper of Loyalty

Typically, if a group is posted under the custom group finder, it’ll have the keyword ‘council’ in it, and all five vespers will be up. Most groups will assign one player to each of the vespers to ring once everyone is in place, though some Kyrian covenant players will have the teleport network unlocked and can reach multiple bells by themselves within the time limit. Ideally, a warlock will have a summoning portal up where the rares spawn to get the bell ringers there immediately, as they become attackable one minute after ringing all the vespers.

Do not be that troglodyte who pulls the rares before the vesper ringers arrive. That is the height of being a zug-zug mongrel of a player and will get you blacklisted from future groups. The rares will stick around for at least ten minutes after becoming active, so your group has plenty of time.

If you’re lucky, the reward chest that spawns right behind the rares will contain the mount for you and you can be free from this grind.


Hulking Deathroc

2) Hulking Deathroc
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG
  • Prerequisite: Preferably a competent group
  • Dropped by: Violet Mistake
  • Location: Maldraxxus
  • Type: Flying

This one is a giant undead hulking vulture abomination of a mount that is also a rare drop off a summoned mob. Normally, mounts like these are just a matter of persistence and luck, but the conditions to summon the necessary mob may drive you absolutely insane.

Why? Because other players are idiots, trolls, or innocently ignorant of what you’re trying to do.

In order to summon the rare Violet Mistake mob that you must kill for a chance at the mount, you have to head to the Slime Pools event in the southeast corner of Maldraxxus. There, you’ll need kill the various color-coded mobs, hope they drop a corresponding colored slime, and lug back a total of thirty slimes to the mixing pool to summon the rare.

The problem is that you need an equal ratio of blue and red slimes specifically, grabbing a slime cuts your movement in half, and if the ratio is ruined, you have to start over by filling the pool to thirty slimes to summon a different rare mob. Oh, and the thirty slimes requirement is shared by all players in the zone.

Say you’re at fourteen red slimes and fifteen blue slimes. You’re lugging back the last red slime needed to summon the Violet Mistake after spending thirty minutes getting the other slimes. But then some random player comes by and throws in a yellow slime, ruining all your hard work and time spent on it.

This is why you want a coordinated group of players helping out with gathering slimes and directing any passersby in the area to not ruin the ratio. Additionally, you do not want to be trying to summon the rare when the world quest for the slime pool is active, as random players are going to toss in whatever slime is accessible with no regard.

As long as the final mixture is equal parts red and blue and greater than yellow, you’ll summon the Violet Mistake and have a chance at getting the mount. 

Your greatest enemy is not the rare mob, that’s fairly easy to kill, but instead other players. Good luck.


Sinful Gladiator’s Soul Eater

1) Sinful Gladiator's Soul Eater
Image: Syntax007 via Wowhead
  • Prerequisite: Have a team of two other players and be one of the best PvPers in the game.
  • Dropped by: Achievement (Sinful Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 1)
  • Location: Arena (3v3)
  • Type: Flying

Normally, we wouldn’t include mounts that require rating, but the Soul Eater mount has the distinction of being the only shade dragon mount model in the game at the moment. It looks absolutely amazing and deserves mention of how prestigious it is.

To qualify for it, you must achieve 2400 rating in 3v3 arena and win fifty games without dropping below 2370 rating before the season ends to obtain the Gladiator rank and thus the mount. Only the best of the best will ever have this mount, as all Gladiator mounts are unobtainable after their respective season ends, making this one of the rarest WoW mounts in Shadowlands.

Hopefully, Blizzard will add another shade dragon mount to the game, but at the moment this is the only way to obtain one.

Top 3 Rare Legacy Mounts

While this article is focused primarily on the newest mounts added via the Shadowlands expansion, we’d also like to go over some of the more ancient rare mounts in the game. If you see one of these mounts, then you know the person put in an extraordinary amount of effort and skill to obtain it. If you have more interest in seeing a larger list of these legacy mounts, let us know below.

Without further ado, let’s answer that burning question: what is the rarest mount in WoW overall?

3. Ny’alotha Allseer

Ny'alotha Allseer
Image: Carriercarry via Wowhead
  • Era: Battle for Azeroth
  • Dropped by: N’zoth (Mythic)
  • Location: Ny’alotha (Raid)
  • Type: Flying

Imagine a floating jellyfish tainted by the void, with dozens of glowing yellow eyes staring at you. This is the symbol of absolute… uh, ocular capability, the Ny’alotha Allseer.

This is one of the rarer mounts in the game and will be for another expansion or two, as it requires killing N’zoth on Mythic difficulty.

Besides the fact that only the best raid teams from the last expansion were able to down this endgame boss, only two copies of the mount were guaranteed to drop. Raids had to down him multiple times on Mythic to ensure their raid team all earned the mount.

However, upon moving into Shadowlands, Blizzard has reduced the drop rate of the mount to a measly 1% drop rate. Unfortunately, defeating him now is still a nigh impossible task for most players, as the coordination and skill required is still staggering. Additionally, the team of raiders who did kill him, have no real reason to go back, as he drops nothing of value for them now.

Don’t expect to be able to down him with a casual team until the next expansion or the final patch of Shadowlands if the gear and abilities we get in the final patch turn us into veritable gods. 

2. Crusader’s White/Black Warhorse

Crusader's White Warhorse
Image: Acria via Wowhead
  • Era: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Dropped by: Achievement (A Tribute to Immortality)

One of Blizzard’s earliest attempts at providing an additional challenge beyond the Heroic setting for raids was the Trial of the Grand Crusader’s tribute chest. While it was current content, Blizzard added an attempt counter at the top of screen, beginning at fifty.

Each time the raid team wiped, the counter would go down by one. The goal was to complete the raid with as many attempts remaining to earn extra higher tier loot. The reward brackets were broken up into four tiers with maintaining all fifty attempts giving the best loot.

However, raid teams that went a step even further and did not have a single player death in the twenty-five-man raid would be granted the achievement “A Tribute to Immortality” and be mailed their faction’s version of the mount.

White for the Alliance. Black for the Horde.

The tribute chest and thus the achievement/mount were removed with the launch of Cataclysm, as Blizzard did not want players coming back and trivializing the content.

Even raid teams comprised of players with gear from Icecrown Citadel and Ruby Sanctum, the two raids that came after Trial of the Grand Crusader, were hard pressed to pull off this achievement.

Many of the bosses had instant death mechanics. The final boss in particular had a deadly spike mechanic that would pursue you at growing speeds while you were slowed by ice patches on the ground.

Arguably, the mid-progress boss was an even greater risk, as your raid had to fight a simulated PvP battle with the opposing faction’s champions. That encounter had the unique mechanic of the enemy behaving like players and not focusing solely on your tank. Imagine having multiple bosses chase down your healers, CCing your DPS, and ignoring your tanks’ threat generation. The chance of someone randomly being killed was incredibly high during that fight.

1. Black Qiraji Battle Tank

Black Qiraji Battle Tank
Image: boianotslatin via Wowhead
  • Era: Vanilla
  • Dropped by: Scarab Gong
  • Location: Silithus
  • Type: Ground

Next is the very first major mount and the rarest mount in WoW, considering the sheer amount of effort and time it took to obtain. This mount was a unique reward symbolizing the culmination of the joint Alliance-Horde war effort to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj and its raid.

You see, the raid was only accessible after ringing the Scarab Gong, and the mount was only awarded to players who rang the gong within the first ten hours of the first ringer.

Doesn’t sound that bad, right? Just walk up and smack it to get your mount? Wrong.

Only the people with the Scepter of the Shifting Sands could ring the gong and claim the prestigious mount.

While multiple people on a server would be able to have the scepter, the effort to obtain one was a herculean effort requiring the backing of an entire guild to create even a single one for a lone player.

The Quest Begins

To begin with, the player crafting the scepter would have to slay one of the mid-tier bosses in Blackwing Lair and designate a lone player to receive the single item that starts the quest chain, so if you want more than one person in your guild to have the scepter, you’ll have to plan out multiple raid lockouts within that period. Especially since you were also racing every other guild on the server. 

Also, the quest item would go to whoever looted the corpse first, as Master Looter did not work on it for some odd design reason. It was critical to have this planned out by your guild before hand unless you wanted the drama to literally destroy your guild.

Then your guild would have to slaughter the silithid bug enemies by the hundreds to get 200 tradeable fragments for that specific person, as they are the only one who can see and loot the fragments. Once they turn in the 200 fragments, they can deputize another player to also be able to loot those fragments and help collect them. Repeat until your guild is largely deputized.

Black Silithid Enemies
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

At this point, the scepter player has to reach Neutral reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu. You start at Hated reputation with them and each time you turn in 200 fragments you gain some rep with them. 

But it’s a tiny amount of reputation. How tiny? Well… that player would need to do a turn in of 200 fragments 207 times (188 if they were a human with their reputation passive). That’s a whopping 41,400 fragments (37,600 for humans).

While this already sounds like a fairly rough grind for a large guild, don’t forget: you’re competing with every other guild on the server.

This was an era where looting an enemy was only doable if your group had the tag on the mob. Players were bum rushing to tag every enemy and have deputized members loot them. 

It was already rough on PvE servers. It was a goddamn bloodbath on PvP servers.

If the scepter player managed to reach Neutral reputation, they would have a small reprieve via a couple lore quests before the next brutal segment, retrieving the three scepter shards.

Shard One

This part was time-gated, as it required a guild to kill one of the earlier bosses in Blackwing Lair and raid lockouts were automatically saved to the furthest boss killed that week. This meant the player with the scepter quest had to wait until the next week to obtain the scepter shard.

The guild would have to trigger a timer on the second boss of Blackwing Lair and kill the final boss within five hours. This in turn would result in a single shard dropping. Once again, if there were multiple scepter bearers, you would need multiple lockouts.

Black Nefarian
Image: Chandrialla via Wowhead

That’s one shard down, two others to go.

Shard Two

The second shard required large amounts of traveling around the world before being put on another brutal grind for low drop chance items from corrupted green dragons in four corners of the world with forty-minute respawn timers.

If the scepter player managed to get past that, their guild would need to assemble a raid team to take down a ridiculously difficult world boss that would grow stronger for every player death in the vicinity, mind control people, and deal massive AoE blasts. 

After that, another world boss would have to be fought and killed with the perpetual risk of being randomly feared throughout the fight, constant AoE damage, and incredibly hard hitting frontal cone attacks.

Additionally, if someone in the raid hit a PvP flagged player by mistake, it would cause the town guards to swarm. If those guards died, everyone would lose a massive amount of reputation with the town’s faction and potentially not be able to interact with the NPCs. This was hell on PvP servers.

Black World Boss
Image: Minorou via Wowhead

But successful completion would award the second shard.

Shard Three

The third shard sent players on an incredibly long fetch quest, taking them all over Azeroth and collecting various odd items. Some of these items required slaying mobs by the hundreds in elite areas to obtain a low drop chance item. Some items could be obtained only by raiding the enemy faction’s capital city and fighting your way to their library. It would ultimately culminate in another world boss with an incredibly dangerous execution phase where the entire raid would be blasted with constant massive damage.

Finally, all three shards are assembled, and the scepter may be assembled. The gong may be rung. The mount can finally be earned.

The Legacy

On some servers, guilds who were actually making progress towards a completed scepter arranged a gentleman’s agreement. No guild would ring the gong until a specified date, so all scepter players/guilds would be able to obtain the mount.

Black Ringing of the Gong
Image: Starym via Icy-veins

On other servers, it was the most cutthroat arrangement with guilds actively sabotaging one another all in desperate scramble to be the first one to ring the gong. To the depths of hell with the other guilds! Ours was going to be the first and only one, Light damnit!

Needless to say, you can imagine the chaos on those servers, especially if they were a PvP one.

But do keep in mind, this is all from the perspective of today’s players, who have access to databases, guides, and efficiency routes to make the journey easier.

Players back then had to figure it out the hard way, with each step being another surprise. Maximizing one’s efficiency was in its larva stage back then. Most players didn’t even know what the most efficient rotation for their class was. In an era where information was scarce, misdirection common, and internet connections unstable, it was truly a journey of epic proportions.

Obtaining the Black Qiraji Battle Tank is truly a testament to being one of the most hardcore players in WoW. It’s the ultimate awe-inspiring mount that will have players flock to you as though you were a god. The number of players who have one and are still active in the game is astronomically low. If you see someone riding it, know that you’re in the presence of one of the OG players riding one of the rarest WoW mounts ever.


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And that’s it for our rarest WoW mounts in Shadowlands article! We hope it’s been informative and inspired you to go on the hunt for more unique mounts. Don’t forget to follow High Ground Gaming and leave a comment below for more content like this. 

Happy gaming!

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I don’t think that mounts that are unobtainable should be on a list of the rarest mounts in the game. Because they aren’t rare mounts anymore, you see.


A lot of information in this article is incorrect. I almost didn’t read past the first one that says “You’re required to be Venthyr to obtain this mount” which is 100% untrue. There’s just so much bad information in this article…

Also, more people have the Allseer mount than those who have the Voidtalon of the Dark Star; it is far more rare and harder to obtain.

I will hand it to you though. At least you didn’t list easily obtainable TCG mounts… not everyone can afford them, but they’re 100% obtainable if you have the coin.

I double checked the conditions for the Hopecrusher Gargon to drop. Based on personal experience and others comments on WoWHead, there’s an agreed consensus that you do in fact need to be Venthyr for the mount to drop. Was there an update in a recent patch that removed this requirement? If so, we can change what we wrote.

What else did you find to be bad information? I would love to make corrections to any mistakes if you could point them out.

While I agree that the Dark Star Voidtalon is more rare after checking the statistics again, it is possible to farm the mount on your own. Additionally, there are quite a few discord channels set up to automatically alert interested members whenever a Dark Star portal has spawned somewhere in Draenor.


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