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WoW: Dragonflight Trading Post Guide

Released with Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5, the Trading Post is a new means of earning unique cosmetic items such as mounts, toys, and vanity gear in WoW. The rewards you unlock through the Trading Post are account-wide, and include some rare or hard to get items as well as completely new ones.

Trader’s Tender & How to Get

Trader’s Tender is the new account-wide currency that is used to purchase items from the Trading Post. When you have earned some Trader’s Tender, the Collector’s Cache next to the Trading Post will glow and you will be able to loot it. Trader’s Tender can be earned a few different ways, as outlined below.

Purchase Dragonflight

Blizzard is granting a one-time bonus of 500 Trader’s Tender to anyone who purchases the latest expansion.

Complete the Introductory Quest

You can earn another one-time bonus of 500 Trader’s Tender by completing the introductory quest for the Trading Post. This quest should automatically pop up for you the first time you log into the game. It’s fairly straightforward and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Have an Active Subscription

You can collect 500 Trader’s Tender every month just for logging into the game and looting your Collector’s Cache. All you need is an active subscription. It doesn’t matter how you pay for that subscription (tokens purchased in game are fine).

If your subscription expires before the first of the month, you can still get your currency whenever you renew it, as long as you do so before the next month begins.

Play the Game

You can earn another 500 Trader’s Tender every month by completing activities in the Traveler’s Log, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

Traveler’s Log

The Traveler's Log showcases the activities you can do to earn Trader's Tender and a unique monthly reward.
The new Traveler’s Log in the Adventure Guide. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG/Sarah Arnold

The Traveler’s Log now appears as the first page of the in-game Adventure Guide. The activities listed in it will rotate every month, and follow a theme. Each activity you complete will help to fill up your progress bar, which will earn you more Trader’s Tender. You can receive a maximum of 500 Trader’s Tender a month through these activities, and you have many options for ways to earn them.

When you reach 100% on your progress bar for the month, you will earn an extra reward on top of your Trader’s Tender. You can see what the reward is by hovering over the icon at the end of the progress bar.


One of the cash shop items you can get at the Trading Post in WoW
Trading Post rewards include items that were previously exclusive to the cash shop. | Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG/Sarah Arnold

The rewards that you can purchase from the Trading Post include mounts, toys, and vanity gear items. These rewards rotate out on the first of every month when new items are added. Once an item leaves the Trading Post, it can rotate back eventually, but there’s no telling how long that might be.

If there’s an item you really want, but you can’t afford to buy it yet, you can freeze it by dragging it to the empty box at the bottom of the rewards window. You can only freeze one item at a time.

Rewards can include items from the cash shop, items that are no longer available in game, as well as items that are exclusive to the Trading Post.

Trading Post Location

Each faction has its own Trading Post located in their capital city. Both Trading Posts offer the same rewards. Items purchased from either location will be unlocked for all characters on the account, regardless of faction.


The Trading Post for Horde characters is located in Orgrimmar next to Grommash Hold.


For Alliance characters, the Trading Post can be found in Stormwind near the Stockade dungeon entrance.

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