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WoW TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide (Level 1-375)

Despite the re-opening of the Dark Portal threatening our world, Azeroth’s newest allies in the Draenei and Blood Elves have brought their power and knowledge to the battlefield. Of particular note is the ability to refine the precious gems of the earth into a well of strength.

The art of Jewelcrafting finally makes its debut with TBC Classic. By prospecting the various ores found in Azeroth, jewelcrafters can procure valuable gems. Those who learn to master the artisanal craft will be able to create powerful accessories to wear. You’ll also be able to carefully cut gems to fit the various sockets in your armor to empower yourself even further.

We’ve put together this WoW TBC Classic Jewelcrafting guide to help you quickly level this new profession and use it effectively. We’ll cover leveling, recipes, what to expect at higher levels, and even a few not-so-obvious tips to make the most of your efforts.

Let’s get started!

Why Level Up Jewelcrafting?

Unlike retail, armor in TBC Classic can have multiple gem sockets per piece, spanning six different colors. Aligning the sockets’ colors with corresponding gems will provide even bonuses from your gems.

Even more powerful bonuses can be earned by socketing a meta gem (only in meta sockets) and meeting its activation requirements. Said meta gem bonuses can be seen as a mini-specialization for your class’s role, such as doing more percent damage or resisting certain effects.

Note: The meta gem activation requirements are separate from socket color bonuses. Obtaining both is ideal if you can.

As many desirable endgame patterns are locked behind reputation grinds and raid drops, obtaining them will allow you to take demand of the market place’s high demand and prices. Plus, you can help out guild members and friends when they inevitably need gems.

Exclusive benefits for jewelcrafters include access to the highest tier epic gems, at least until Sunwell Plateau is released with the fifth and final phase of TBC. Once the game enters that phase, you’ll be able to pick up some recipes for special BoP trinkets and necklaces that are very strong.

The Consortium TBC
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

As a quick tip, starting with Friendly reputation with the Consortium in TBC lets you speak to Gezhe in Nagrand (31, 57) for a monthly cache of gems! As you reputation rank increases, the cache will contain more gems and will have a higher chance of being rare gems.

What You Need to Know About Jewelcrafting in WoW Classic/TBC

Before we go into specifics on how to level Jewelcrafting, there are a few additional details worth mentioning.

  1. As classic WoW does not split up professions based on expansion like retail WoW, you’ll be starting from skill Level 1 and have to use materials from Vanilla before gaining access to TBC recipes.
  2. Due to the cost of materials in Classic/TBC WoW, some skill level up ranges will focus on yellow and green recipes. These are not guaranteed level ups, but should be more cost effective than going for the orange recipes that are. We’ll provide an estimate of how many reagents you need.
  3. There are certain character level requirements to meet before picking up the next rank of Jewelcrafting.
  4. You don’t need to learn every recipe from your trainer. Unless you have surplus gold to spend, only certain recipes are needed to level up your Jewelcrafting to current content.
  5. Certain points will require you to pick up recipes from vendors out in the world or even from the inside of dungeons. Thankfully, TBC greatly reduces the time it takes for limited supply recipes to restock. What was previously usually a couple hour wait is now typically 2–10 minutes at worst. However, some of them are locked behind reputation requirements, so make sure you keep up with those rep grinds!

With all of that in mind, let’s get to our leveling guide!

WoW Classic Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide (1-300)

First things first, make sure to obtain a Jeweler’s Kit and Simple Grinder from the Jewelcrafting Supply vendor. The first item is required to craft rings, necklaces, trinkets, and crowns. The second one is needed to cut gems.

You gain the ability to Prospect ores for gems at skill Level 20.

Prospecting for ores jewelcrafting tbc
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Apprentice Jewelcrafting (1–75)

There are no requirements to begin Apprentice Jewelcrafting. As Jewelcrafting was introduced in TBC, the trainers can only be found in the new zones. However, the trainers in Outland can also teach you from skill levels 1–300 if you’re a higher-level player.

Jewelcrafting Trainers (Alliance)

  • Farii — The Exodar (44, 25)
  • Tatiana — Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula (54, 63)

Jewelcrafting Trainers (Horde)

  • Kalinda — Silvermoon City (90, 73)
  • Aleinia — Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods (48, 47)
  • Kalaen — Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula (56, 37)
1–35Delicate Copper Wire64x Copper Bars
Hold onto all of these.
35–50Tigerseye Band15x Delicate Copper Wire
15x Tigerseye
Alternative: Malachite Pendant
50–75Bronze Setting50x Bronze Bars
Hold onto all of these.

Estimated Total Reagents for Apprentice:

  • 64x Copper Bars
  • 15x Delicate Copper Wire (15 are made during crafting)
  • 15x Tigerseye
  • 50x Bronze Bars

Journeyman Jewelcrafting (50–150)

Journeyman requires character Level 10 and at least 50 skill points. Trainers are the same as Apprentice rank.

75–80Bronze Setting10x Bronze Bars
80–100Simple Pearl Ring20x Small Lustrous Pearl
20x Bronze Setting
40x Bronze Bar
Gloom Band
Ring of Silver Might
100–110Ring of Twilight Shadows20x Shadowgem
20x Bronze Bar
110–130Heavy Stone Statue160x Heavy Stone
Ring of Twilight Shadows
130–150Pendant of the Agate Shield20x Moss Agate
20x Bronze Setting

Estimated Total Reagents for Journeyman:

  • 60x Bronze Bars
  • 20x Small Lustrous Pearl
  • 40x Bronze Setting (at least 30 are made during crafting)
  • 20x Shadowgem
  • 160x Heavy Stone
  • 20x Moss Agate

Expert Jewelcrafting (125–225)

Requires character Level 20 and at least 125 skill points. Trainers are the same as Apprentice rank.

150–180Mithril Filigree60x Mithril Bars (est.)Hold onto all of these
180–185Solid Stone Statue50x Solid Stone (est.) 
185–215Engraved Truesilver Ring30x Truesilver Bar
60x Mithril Filigree
Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing
215–225Aquamarine Signet30x Aquamarine
40x Flask of Mojo

Estimated Total Reagents for Expert:

  • 60x Mithril Bars
  • 50x Solid Stone
  • 30x Truesilver Bar
  • 60x Mithril Filigree (at least 60 are made during crafting)
  • 30x Aquamarine
  • 40x Flask of Mojo

Artisan Jewelcrafting (200–300)

Requires character Level 35 and at least 200 skill points. Trainers are the same as Apprentice rank.

225–250Thorium Setting25x Thorium Bar
Hold onto all of these
250–260Ruby Pendant of Fire10x Star Ruby
10x Thorium Setting
260–265Truesilver Healing Ring10x Truesilver Bar
10x Heart of the Wild
265–280Simple Opal Ring15x Large Opal
15x Thorium Setting
Diamond Focus Ring
280–285Diamond Focus Ring5x Azerothian Diamond
5x Thorium Setting
285-290Glowing Thorium Band10x Azerothian Diamond
5x Thorium Setting
290-300Emerald Lion Ring20x Huge Emerald
10x Thorium Setting

Estimated Total Reagents for Expert:

  • 25x Thorium Bar
  • 10x Star Ruby
  • 45x Thorium Setting (at least 25 are made during crafting)
  • 10x Truesilver Bar
  • 10x Heart of the Wild
  • 15x Large Opal
  • 15x Azerothian Diamond
  • 20x Huge Emerald

Master Jewelcrafting (300–375)

Requires character Level 50 and at least 300 skill points. Master Jewelcrafting uses different trainers than the former ranks.

Trainer (Alliance)

  • Tatiana – Honor Hold, Hellfire Peninsula (54, 63)
  • (Aldor Only) Hamanar – Shattrath City (35, 20)
  • Jazdalaad – Stormspire, Netherstorm (44, 34)

Trainer (Horde)

  • Kalaen – Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula (56, 37)
  • (Aldor Only) Hamanar – Shattrath City (35, 20)
  • Jazdalaad – Stormspire, Netherstorm (44, 34)

Also note that a lot of recipes after Level 350 will be locked behind reputations or rare drops. You’re going to need a fair bit of Adamantite Powder (obtained from prospecting Adamantite Ore) and a Mercurial Stone tool, (made/sold by Alchemists). Please consult the Notable Endgame Recipes section for a more detailed breakdown on certain recipes after this point.

300–320Brilliant Golden Draenite
Glowing Shadow Draenite
Inscribed Flame Spessarite (basically any basic gem)
20x Golden Draenite
Radiant Deep Peridot
Solid Azure Moonstone
Teardrop Blood Garnet
320–325Azure Moonstone Ring5x Fel Iron Bar
10x Azure Moonstone
5x Deep Peridot
325–335Mercurial Adamantite40x Adamantite Powder
10x Primal Earth (est.)
Requires Mercurial Stone to craft.
Hold onto all of these.
335–350Heavy Adamantite Ring15x Adamantite Bar
15x Mercurial Adamantite
350–360Purified Shadow Pearl10x Shadow Pearl
10x Purified Draenic Water
Mystic Dawnstone (limited vendor in Halaa)
Steady Talasite (special currency vendor in Halaa)
Rigid [Rare Gem name] (tradeable world drop)
360–365Kailee’s Rose (The Sha’tar – Honored)
Facet of Eternity (Keepers of Time – Honored)
5x Living Ruby All locked behind reputations and are epic BoP gems.
Revered Recipes:
Keepers of Time
Lower City
The Consortium
365–375Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (The Sha’tar – Friendly)
Enigmatic Skyfire Diamond (Keepers of Time – Honored)
Powerful Earthstorm Diamond (The Consortium – Honored)
10x Earthstorm DiamondAlternatives:
Any meta gem recipe
Honored Recipes:
– Keepers of Time
– The Consortium
Revered Recipes:
– Honor Hold/Thrallmar
– Cenarion Expedition
– Keepers of Time
– The Consortium
– Lower City
– The Sha’tar

Estimated Total Reagents for Master:

  • 20x Golden Draenite
  • 5x Fel Iron Bar
  • 10x Azure Moonstone
  • 5x Deep Peridot
  • 40x Adamantite Powder (prospect around 240 Adamantite Ore)
  • 10x Primal Earth
  • 15x Adamantite Bar
  • 15x Mercurial Adamantite (at least 10 made during crafting)
  • 10x Shadow Pearl
  • 10x Purified Draenic Water
  • 5x Living Ruby
  • 10x Earthstorm Diamond

Aldor or Scryer?

We do not recommend basing your choice solely on which recipes are available. Take a look at the gear that you can potentially unlock from each faction to determine which one you want, namely their unique shoulder enchants.

The Aldor provide one extra uncommon tier gem recipe than the Scryer, but it’s largely inconsequential. They also have a BoE necklace with party-wide shadow damage absorption, while the Scryer provide the nature damage variant. This is also fairly inconsequential.

Aldor vs Scryer jewelcrafting trainer
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

However, the Aldor do provide access to a Jewelcrafting trainer in Shattrath, while the Scryer don’t have one.

Notable Endgame Recipes

Here’s an overview of the best Classic TBC Jewelcrafting recipes.

Jewelcrafting Exclusive BoP Gems

As mentioned earlier, jewelcrafters can create the strongest gems in the game (unmatched until Phase 5 of TBC) for themselves. These recipes require rare gems and are locked behind reputations.

  • Red
    • Don Julio’s Heart: 14 spell damage (The Consortium — Revered)
    • Kailee’s Rose: 26 healing + 9 spell damage (The Sha’tar — Honored)
    • Crimson Sun: 24 attack power (The Consortium — Revered)
  • Yellow
    • Blood of Amber: 12 spell crit (The Sha’tar — Revered)
    • Stone of Blades: 12 crit (Keepers of Time — Revered)
    • Facet of Eternity: 12 defense (Keepers of Time — Honored)
  • Blue
    • Falling Star: 18 stamina (Lower City — Revered)

Meta Gems

Meta gems are powerful “specialization” gems that can only fit in a meta socket and require other socketed gems to activate. These recipes require Earthstorm/Skyfire Diamond and are locked behind reputations.

[Name] Earthstorm

  • Bracing: 26 healing + 9 spell damage + 2% reduced threat (The Consortium — Revered)
  • Brutal: 3 melee damage + chance to stun target (world drop)
  • Eternal (Phase 5): 12 defense + 10% shield block value (Shattered Sun Offensive — Revered)
  • Insightful: 12 intellect + chance to restore mana on spellcast (The Sha’tar — Friendly)
  • Powerful: 18 stamina + 5% stun resist (The Consortium — Honored)
  • Relentless: 12 agility + 3% crit damage (The Consortium — Exalted)
  • Tenacious: 12 defense + chance to restore hp on hit (world drop)

[Name] Skyfire

  • Chaotic: 12 spell crit + 3% crit damage (rare drop off Coilskar Siren in Shadowmoon Valley)
  • Destructive: 14 spell crit + 1% spell reflect (world drop)
  • Ember (Phase 5): 14 spell damage + 2% intellect (Shattered Sun Offensive — Revered)
  • Enigmatic: 12 crit rating + 5% snare/root resist (Keepers of Time — Honored)
  • Mystical: chance to increase spell cast speed (world drop)
  • Swift: 24 attack power + minor run speed increase (The Consortium — Honored)
  • Thundering: chance to increase melee/range attack speed (world drop)
Cursed vision of sargeras
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Jeffrey Hsu

Everyday Gems

You’ll mostly be crafting gems for others, as they specifically request certain stats. However, the bulk of the desirable recipes using rare gems are world drops.

Thankfully, the recipes themselves are tradeable, so you can search the auction house if there’s one that you particularly want.

  • Crown of the Sea Witch: A very strong cloth head piece for casters pre-raid.
  • Resistance rings: The Cenarion Expedition and The Violet Eye factions offer recipes to create very strong nature and frost resistance rings, respectively.
  • Elemental absorption necklaces: Usually a resistance necklace with on-use party-wide damage absorption.
  • Trinkets: Special trinkets with a myriad of effects. Notable ones include:
    • Nightseye Panther for rogues (boost stealth level with high attack power)
    • Dawnstone Crab (tank trinket with on-use dodge boost)
    • Felsteel Boar (high attack power + summon a powerful minion for thirty seconds)
    • Talasite Owl (good mana regeneration with further on-use regeneration)

Become a High Grounder

And that’s it for our TBC Classic Jewelcrafting Guide! We hope it’s helped made your journey a lot easier. If you have an alternate leveling path or other recipes that we should include in our notable section, leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social for more guides like this.

Happy gaming!

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