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WoW: Best Addons for Mythic Plus Dungeons

With the release of their most recent expansion, World of Warcraft has hundreds of thousands of players swarming the realms to explore the newest zones in the Dragon Isles. Fresh new players and veterans alike are all hyped and excited to be riding around on their dragons while trying to figure out how to progress their characters in this foreign expansion. But even with this new expansion, one thing that hasn’t changed is the importance of addons, especially for mythic plus dungeons!

Being able to tweak and customize different aspects of your game to your liking and having access to tools that greatly increase your quality of life sounds way too good to pass up, right? While the UI of WoW has been improved, addons can bring you more information and clarity that’ll help you shave off a few more precious seconds on your mythic plus run and successfully upgrade your key.

Essential Addons for Mythic+ Dungeons

Now you may be wondering which addons you need exactly to improve your experience and that’s exactly what we’re here for! With the introduction of the first season of mythic plus dungeons in Dragonflight, we have a handful of addons that could benefit you on your mythic+ grind.

For ease of use, all of the following addons can be found and installed through the CurseForge application. Additionally, this list is in no particular order, but we do strongly recommend having all of the following. All of these addons are highly praised/valued by the mythic+ community.


Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

GTFO does exactly what the name entails. It very clearly and quickly warns you when you’re standing in a spot where you can take damage. And taking damage from anything in higher level mythic keys usually means death. Not standing in pools of bad is extremely important for being able to clear mythic keys on time.

This addon is great for not only warning you of immediate dangers on your screen but also of dangers that you may not even notice. If there is a frontal attack that is reaching you or if there are pools of bad under your feet that you may not see the textures of, this addon will promptly notify you to GTFO.


Plater - mythic plus addons
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

Now Plater may just seem like a cosmetic customization for enemy name plates, and well, it is. Being able to easily identify dangerous enemies and see what health they’re at is extremely important, not only in mythic dungeons but anywhere in WoW.

The reason Plater is extremely helpful in mythic plus dungeons is that it makes far easier to manage when you need to interrupt incoming spells. Plater utilizes profiles that color code enemy name plates, based on if the enemy has an interruptible ability or if you would need to interrupt that enemy with a different form of crowd control (such as a stun or a blind).

Having this kind of knowledge is invaluable in higher mythic keys, so it’s a good idea to get yourself a good Plater profile and start getting used to it! Plater profiles can be found at wago.io, which is considered the go to site for most premade addon profiles.


Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

When it comes to addons, WeakAuras is your swiss army knife. WeakAuras provide you with all kinds of information for just about anything you would need to know right there on your screen! There’s a WeakAura for just about anything you can think of.

Looking for a buff uptime tracker for your class’s important buffs? There’s a WeakAura for that! Maybe you’re looking for a clean, customizable UI for your class to allow you to easily see your cooldowns. There’s a WeakAura for that! There’s even a WeakAura that gives you notification for boss mechanics in mythic dungeons (which is what you’re really here for).

Hopefully you’re starting to get the picture here of how this addon provides some pretty helpful utility for pushing your mythic plus keys this season. If you’re into the raiding scene as well, this addon is considered an indispensable tool for some of the more complex fights.


Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

Details provides insight to just how well your current build and spec is performing against the other people in your group or raid. It can track a variety of statistics including damage, healing, dps, hps, etc. Being able to see the weight of damage and healing from you and your party can be very beneficial when trying to maximize efficiency.

Apart from just damage, having a group that knows to interrupt certain enemies is essential for pushing mythics as well. Thankfully, Details has a panel tracking the number of interrupts used by all group members. Knowing who in your group is actually interrupting enemies immediately identifies your weakest link in most cases. This makes it infinitely easier to sort out any shortcoming and actually begin progressing in mythics.


Bigwigs / DBM - mythic plus addons
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

Bigwigs and Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) are the two main addons everyone uses for information on any and all boss mechanics. This counts for both dungeons as well as raids (and yes, mythic dungeons are included).

Note: You only need one of these. Most players find DBM easier to pick up and immediately starting using. However, some find Bigwigs to be better suited for customization.

Similar to how WeakAuras can be used to show boss encounter information, these addons take that to the next level with timers for everything you would need to know. It also provides audible sound cues for certain mechanics that you would need to pay attention to.

Both Bigwigs and DBM provide ample amounts of audio and visual information so that you have as much information as possible during your boss encounters. Sometimes this information is even communicated to the rest of the group, as some mechanics will have your character automatically type out an important spell or mechanic that is happening to you. Not picking up either Bigwigs or DBM is instantly putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Mythic Dungeon Tools

Mythic Dungeon Tools - mythic plus addons
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

Mythic Dungeon Tools (MDT) is an addon that provides information about mythic dungeons, including the internal layout of the maps, all of the enemies within the dungeons, and even the efficiency of each pack of enemies.

This may not be as important during the earlier mythic keys, but during higher level mythics, you want to save as much time as possible while still reaching the required enemy count. That being said, being able to plan out and share a route with the rest of your group can easily be the difference between timing a key or going over.

Oftentimes, the tank has their own route they like to take for each dungeon. This route may be completely different depending on the tank’s preference. Unless you run with the same tank every time, you may not know what the tank is up to. Ideally, you would want to sort out a route before the dungeon key timer starts.


BigDebuffs - mythic plus addons
Image: Blizzard via HGG / Andrew Oli

BigDebuffs makes debuffs on enemies enlarged and very visible on the right side of their nameplate. This is nice to have for pushing mythics, as you absolutely want to know when enemies are already in a form of crowd control.

Wasting cooldowns and crowd control by overlapping them can easily get your group killed in harder mythic plus runs. It’s crucial to have an interrupt handy at all times.

Maybe half of your party has their interrupts on cooldown and someone needs to quickly stun a cast. Well now you can do that, since you didn’t waste it! There are many scenarios where having that extra information could be the difference between you timing the run or failing it.

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Hopefully, our WoW guide gave you some ideas of some addons to try out for progressing your mythic plus keys. While some addons may take some time to get used to, they’re all customizable. You’re sure to find something you like.

Did we leave out your favorite addon to use? Maybe you just want to share some of your favorite addons that you enjoy using? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to subscribe to the High Ground for the latest news, guides, and articles on all things gaming.

Stay safe out there traveler!

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