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WoW Shadowlands Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide (1-100)

Adorning yourself in the finest gems, torn from the earth and molded into exquisite works of art, is an incredibly satisfying feeling. Even more so as you parade down the streets looking down your nose at the peasants who dare to lay their eyes upon your shiny bling.

Elite bourgeoise snobbery aside, Jewelcrafting allows you to infuse your armor with stat-boosting gems and to create imbued rings and necklaces. With players constantly on the search for more power, the works of Jewelcrafters are in demand. There’s no resting even in the afterlife.

In today’s WoW Jewelcrafting guide, we’ll be going over the fastest and most efficient ways to level your Jewelcrafting profession in Shadowlands. You’ll be prepared to work with any gem and be decked out in the finest jewelry.

Compared to classic WoW, leveling Jewelcrafting in retail is incredibly simple. The diversity of gems and crafting materials required has considerably diminished, and obtaining the jewels needed is very straightforward.

WoW Jewelcrafting Guide: Getting Started

First things first, you’ll need to be at least level 50 to learn any Shadowlands profession. 

Hall of Shapes
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via CC BY-SA 3.0 + Fandom

Head to the Hall of Shapes in the northwest section of Oribos and speak to Appraiser Au’vesk to learn WoW Jewelcrafting in Shadowlands.

You may want to pick up Mining to provide yourself a steady stream of ores to prospect and work with, but it is not inherently needed in this expansion due to ore prices dropping exponentially with the release of flying.

Take note of Distributor Au’kharn standing nearby as well. He’s the jewelcrafting supplies vendor, and you’ll be visiting him often for reagents.

Jewelcrafting Reagents

In comparison to previous expansions, the selection of gems you need to level up is incredibly low. In fact, there are only three base gems this time around, making this a simpler WoW Jewelcrafting guide overall! However, you will need zone-specific ores for some recipes and certain Essences if you’re interested in crafting the legendary pieces.


Gems are obtained randomly from prospecting ore.

  • Angerseye/Oriblase/Umbryl — the basic red/yellow/blue gems.


Essence is obtained from prospecting respective zone-ore or Laestrite/Elethium Ore (Low/High chance).

  • Essence of Valor — mostly from Solenium Ore (Bastion)
  • Essence of Servitude — mostly from Oxxein Ore (Maldraxxus)
  • Essence of Rebirth — mostly from Phaedrum Ore (Ardenweald)
  • Essence of Torment — mostly from Sinvyr Ore (Revendreth)

Vendor Items

These are your standard crafting reagents.

  • Laestrite Setting — used to craft stat gems to socket into your gear. 
  • Malleable Wire — used to craft higher-end necklaces and rings. 
  • Orboreal Shard — used exclusively in crafting Legendary armor pieces. They’re rather expensive. 

We recommend simply buying the basic gems, as the market is usually flooded with them. You will need a handful of ore to hit skill level 100, but the amount needed is very affordable. 

Otherwise, you’ll want to do a little bit of mining in each zone to get their specific ore. We strongly recommend obtaining flying before spending the time mining all the ore you need.

The essences are completely unnecessary for leveling to 100 Jewelcrafting, so you have no need for them unless you plan on leveling your legendary crafting (more on that later).

WoW Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide 1-100

Mining Ore
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

The section below is designed to get you to 100 with guaranteed skill level-ups. It uses only recipes learned from the Jewelcrafting trainer and does not require any reputation-locked recipes. 

In total, you will need the following materials:

  • 28 x Umbryl
  • 80 x Oriblase
  • 30 x Angerseye
  • 78 x Laestrite Setting
  • 30 x Malleable Wire
  • 40 x Laestrite Ore
  • 44 x Oxxein Ore
  • 16 x Sinvyr Ore
  • 10 x Versatile Jewel Doublet (all crafted during level up process)
  • 15 x Quick Jewel Doublet (all crafted during level up process)
  • 16 x Deadly Jewel Cluster (15 crafted during level up process)
  • 44 x Quick Jewel Cluster (5 crafted during level up process)

Here’s the guide to follow as you begin your journey from level 1 to 100:

Levels Recipe Reagents
1 – 15Versatile Jewel Doublet28x Umbryl
28x Laestrite Setting
15 – 30Quick Jewel Doublet30x Oriblase
30x Laestrite Setting
30 – 35Versatile Laestrite Band10x Versatile Jewel Doublet
10x Laestrite Ore
35 – 50Quick Laestrite Choker15x Quick Jewel Doublet
30x Laestrite Ore
50 – 65Deadly Jewel Cluster30x Angerseye
30x Oriblase
15x Laestrite Setting
65 – 70Quick Jewel Cluster20x Oriblase
5x Laestrite Setting
70 – 78Deadly Sinvyr Ring16x Deadly Jewel Cluster
16x Sinvyr Ore
8x Malleable Wire
78 – 100Quick Oxxein Ring44x Quick Jewel Cluster
44x Oxxein Ore
22x Malleable Wire

Crafting Legendary Armor

We’ll be frank. If you’re just starting to follow this WoW Jewelcrafting guide, don’t bother with crafting legendary pieces yourself

The costs in materials to reach the max crafting level (Rank 4) for a legendary armor piece is staggering. It can and will probably cost you at least a million gold to reach that point. You’re better off buying the piece of gear off the auction house.

If you’re truly determined to have your name etched on each piece of jewelry as the crafter, then you’ll have to start with freeing the Runecarver from Torghast. Once you do so, he’ll give you a quest item to turn into the Jewelcrafting trainer in Oribos. Doing so will grant you the recipe for the legendary ring and neck piece at rank 1.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

In order to advance a rank, you’ll have to craft the legendary piece at its current highest rank fifteen times (total of forty-five pieces). That might not sound too bad, until you realize that each rank you go up, the more materials you need. Even worse is that there’s nearly no market for the lower rank legendaries, so enjoy spending all that gold.

If you do manage to hit Rank 4 of a legendary piece, you’re going to need the Vestige of Origination recipe to hit Rank 6 (we’re skipping Rank 5 as it’s a complete waste of resources). Said recipe requires you to be Honored with the Death’s Advance faction in Korthia. 

It doesn’t take too long to hit the reputation requirement, but crafting the Vestige itself requires a staggering 40 Korthite Crystals, which are randomly obtained from activities in Korthia. Thankfully, the price of Korthite Crystals is starting to crash as more and more players obtain their Rank 6 legendary.

The costs to craft these pieces add up incredibly quickly, and the market for demand is dropping even quicker. Unless you’re trying to prepare for patch 9.2 (which is questionable as we have no idea what Blizzard plans on doing for professions), you’re not going to walk away with any profit.

Important Jewelcrafting Recipes

Jewelcrafting Recipes
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Now that you’ve followed this WoW Jewelcrafting guide to max out your Jewelcrafting, what masterpiece should you make?

Well honestly, you pretty much only craft Jewel Clusters to give your armor +16 to a specific stat. This is, of course, assuming that you have a gem socket on your gear. 

For the most part, you really only craft gems as they’re needed amongst yourself and friends. The market is so oversaturated with them, it’s incredibly hard to make any profit whatsoever.

It may be worth getting the Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle recipe from Archivist Roh-Suir once you hit Tier 4 with the Archivists’ Codex reputation. If you make one of these, you can include it in the crafting process of another piece of gear to bump it up to 230 iLvL. 

However, you can only equip a single piece of gear that was made with said Crafter’s Mark. This means no cheesing the system and making yourself an entire set of 230 gear. You’ll also want to grab specific stat missives from Inscriptionists to ensure the piece of gear comes out with the stat line you want.

As for other notable recipes, there are the Porous/Shaded Stone Statue recipes that are obtainable in Korthia. These statues can be crafted and dropped on the ground to provide a bit of healing over a few seconds, but do share a cooldown with some other similar restoration items. The recipes can be randomly looted from Relic Caches and Riftbound Caches respectively.

Jewelcrafting Transmogs

Unfortunately, there is only one transmogable item that can be made by Jewelcrafting this expansion. However, it’s rather notable one, as it’s a prominent blue gem-studded crown! The recipe for the Crown of the Righteous can be looted from a treasure cache in Bastion called the Cloudwalker’s Coffer.

Transmog Chest
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

It’s located in the far north section of the zone on a floating platform. The easiest way to access it is to obtain flying and just head there. Otherwise, you’ll have to bounce your way across the air currents produced by massive nearby flowers.

Enjoy your crown, you earned it.


Become a High Grounder

And that’s it for our WoW Jewelcrafting guide! We hope it made your leveling process a lot easier and to plan out what you want from the profession. Stay tuned for our future profession guides by subscribing.

Happy gaming!

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