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WoW Dragonflight: The 15 Best Demon Hunter Transmog Sets

An exposed midriff might be a liability, but how else are you going to show off your cool tattoos?

“You are not prepared.” Those famous words have echoed across nearly two decades of World of Warcraft since they were first uttered by one of its most iconic characters, Illidan Stormrage. Illidan proved to be so popular that Blizzard eventually added an entire new class to the game so players could emulate him. Added to the game with the Legion expansion, the demon hunter hasn’t been around as long as most classes, and doesn’t have as many tier sets in the game. But there are still some amazing armors available if you know where to look.

These brooding edgelords have learned to use the fel magic of the Burning Legion against them, and it radiates from many of their outfits with a green glow. Whether you’re a Havoc Demon Hunter, wielding your dual warglaives for maximum destruction, or a Vengeance Demon Hunter, using your demonic powers to defend your allies, I have some transmog sets for you in the list below!

#15 Boneblade Battlegear

I’m starting my list with a set from the Battle for Azeroth expansion. Boneblade Battlegear is a non-class specific tier set from the Battle of Dazar’alor raid, with the version pictured above dropping on Mythic difficulty. Variations with more muted colors and less armor can be found on the lower difficulties.

This set isn’t themed for demon hunters specifically, but if you consider the “hunter” part of “demon hunter,” an armor set of bones with a trophy helm makes sense. This set can help you stand out in the sea of black and green that pervades this list, with its paler tones and eerie blue glow.

#14 Fierce Gladiator’s Felskin Armor

Here is the first of several sets on this list from the Legion expansion, which first introduced the demon hunter class. Fierce Gladiator’s Felskin Armor originated with PVP Seasons 5-7 and can still be purchased with Honor Points. The blue and gold version pictured above is exclusive to the Alliance while the Horde gets a black and red variation. There was also a red and gold version with glowing fel green accents that is sadly no longer available.

This armor is dignified, with no glowing details or moving parts, and is a great choice for showing off your faction pride. The hood has a built-in blindfold, which along with the demonic skull on the belt serves to show your class pride as well.

#13 Sanctum Assailant’s Trappings

Moving on, I have a more recent set from the Shadowlands expansion. Sanctum Assailant’s Trappings is another non-class specific tier set, this time from the Sanctum of Domination raid. The version you see above drops on Mythic difficulty while some less impressive variations can be found on the lower difficulties.

This instance took us deep within The Maw, which is Azeroth’s version of hell, and you can clearly see its influence in the deathly mask with its glowing eyes. The armor itself is angular, with a cold, lifeless gray color and wicked spikes on every edge. This is a great look for the most heavy metal of demon hunters.

#12 Mercurial Punisher’s Painweave

Up next, it’s my second Shadowlands set in a row. This one is specific to the demon hunter class: Mercurial Punisher’s Painweave, obtained from the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid. The awe-inspiring version pictured above is available from Mythic difficulty while some less glowy versions drop in the lower difficulties.

The otherworldly look of this set befits its origins, as the vault it comes from is overseen by the Eternal Ones, the guardians of the afterlife. The armor is clearly designed for a demon hunter, with a mask that covers the eyes and an open midriff to show off your tattoos, but the angelic glow on the horned shoulders and helm creates an interesting contrast. A great look for a demon hunter who is choosing to reject their dark side.

#11 Kinslayer’s Burdens

Moving forward to the current era, this is Kinslayer’s Burdens from the Dragonflight expansion. This set drops from the Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible raid, which takes us into the ancient laboratory of Neltharion. The colorful version you see above can be found on Mythic difficulty, but you can get variations from the lower difficulties as well.

The swooping wing effect on the shoulders is the selling point here, emphasizing the dragon influence that went into this armor. It also has a unique, vivid color scheme that is very different from the darker sets that dominate this list. It’s still clearly a demon hunter set, with its hood and bare midriff to show off your tattoos.

#10 Poisoner’s Battlegear

I’m thinking a little outside the box for this one, because this set wasn’t technically made for demon hunters – they weren’t even in the game yet when it was added. Poisoner’s Battlegear comes from the Warlords of Draenor expansion, and is a recolor of a rogue tier set, tier 17. It comes from the Blackrock Foundry raid, with the version pictured above dropping on Mythic difficulty and some slightly different versions dropping from the lower difficulties.

Even though demon hunters weren’t around when this set was made, it looks like it could have been designed with them in mind. The glowing green details could just as easily be fel magic as poison. The steampunk mask and serrated shoulders lend this armor an industrial look that is unique among this list.

#9 Barkbloom Warleathers

Now I have another set from the current expansion, Dragonflight. Barkbloom Warleathers is not specific to demon hunters. It can be obtained through the Emerald Bounty event in the Emerald Dream zone.

This is a set that was clearly inspired by the Emerald Dream, so it should especially appeal to night elves, who share some of the same iconography. While it wasn’t designed with the demon hunter class in mind, it does have a mask with glowing green eyes to suit the part. You can also get a glimpse of your tattoos through the opening in the chest piece. A solid look for a demon hunter who wants to get in touch with their night elf roots, or simply show their support for the Green Dragonflight.

#8 Sin Slayer’s Leathers

Once again I’m bringing us back to the Shadowlands expansion, this time for another non-class specific set, Sin Slayer’s Leathers. This armor drops from the Castle Nathria raid. The black and red version pictured above can be found on Mythic difficulty, and slight variations are available from the other difficulty levels.

The hat is what will make or break this set for you. It gives the impression of a Van Helsing-style witch hunter, which is a pretty fitting look for a demon hunter. The set also comes with huge, spiked, glowing spaulders to ensure that you’re taken seriously in combat.

#7 Felshroud Armor

Technically this set was added to the game before demon hunters, but not by much. Felshroud Armor originated with the invasion event that preceded the Legion expansion. If you didn’t participate in the event, you can still get the identical Felweave Armor set through Leatherworking.

It makes sense that a demon hunter would wear this, as it’s clearly been infused with fel energies. It’s a bit simpler than some of the other sets in our list, but well suited to a soldier of the Illidari.

#6 Screaming Torchfiend’s Brutality

Now for the most recent set on my list, another set from the current Dragonflight expansion. Screaming Torchfiend’s Brutality comes from the Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope raid, with the bright purple version you see above appearing on Mythic difficulty and some other vivid colors dropping on the other difficulty levels.

This may be the most demonic-looking set on this list. The helm is especially striking, with two large ram horns, a skull mask, and an empty, glowing space where your head should be. The asymmetrical pauldron completes the look with a dragon head on one side to remind you what expansion this set comes from.

#5 Felreaper Vestments

Entering my top five, we have one of many sets on this list from the Legion expansion. Felreaper Vestments is also known as tier 21, which was the last raid tier to have an official number. This set can be found in the Antorus, the Burning Throne raid. The version pictured above with its blue glow can be found on Mythic difficulty while some recolors can be obtained from the other difficulty levels.

Everything you could want from a demon hunter set is here: a hood with a built-in blindfold, openings in the chest to show off your tattoos, and demonic accents on the shoulders and belt. The cold blue glow offers something unique where most of these sets feature a fel green color instead.

#4 Terrorblade Battlegear

Here’s another set that was added to the game before demon hunters were around. Like the Poisoner’s Battlegear, this is a recolor of a rogue tier set, tier 8. It originated in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, and can be obtained through the 25-man version of the Ulduar raid. There’s also a duller black version available from 10-man.

Despite being created several expansions before the demon hunter class was added to the game, this set suits the class aesthetic very well, with its purple and teal glow, creepy helm, and strange grasping tendrils on the shoulders. You can even see your fel green eyes peering out from beneath the mask.

#3 Vestment of Second Sight

It’s all Legion from here on out, the expansion that brought us the demon hunter class. Vestment of Second Sight, or tier 19, can be obtained from the Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare raids, with the above pictured version appearing on Mythic difficulty. There are variations available on the lower difficulties, but they aren’t as colorful.

This armor has all the trappings of a demon hunter set: an exposed midriff to display your tattoos, demon skulls on the boots, belt, and mask, and a fel green glow throughout. The legs and arms have a ragged look to show that your character has been through the ringer.

#2 Battlegear of the Shattered Abyss

Coming in at #2 on my list, it’s the Battlegear of the Shattered Abyss, also from the Legion expansion. This is the demon hunter Class Order Hall set, obtained by completing quests in The Fel Hammer as well as tasks across the Broken Isles, including maxing out a few reputations.

The class order hall sets are hit and miss, but this is one of the best ones, perfectly suited to the demon hunter class. You’ve got a mask with a built-in blindfold as well as a creepy green-glowing mouth, some scrappy green and gold armor, and plenty of exposed skin to show off your tattoos. Most of all you’ll have to complete a lot of Legion content to get this set, which is a great bonus if you’re interested in the lore surrounding demon hunters and the Burning Legion.

#1 Demonbane Armor

Here we are at number one, and yes, it’s another set from Legion. Demonbane Armor, or tier 20, originated in the Tomb of Sargeras raid. The version pictured above is available from Mythic difficulty and recolors can be found on the other difficulty levels. There’s also a very close variation from PVP Season 3 & 4 which can be bought with Honor Points, pictured below.

You’ve got everything we talked about from other demon hunter sets: a blindfolded helmet, demonic skull on the belt, and exposed tattoos in the midriff. What makes this set really stand out is the glowing green outline around the horns that adorn the shoulders, belt, and bracers. The skirt is also unique and lends a hint of mysticism to set you apart from the other melee classes.

WoW Demon Hunter Transmog Cruel Gladiator's Felskin Armor
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