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15 Easiest Mounts to Get in WoW

Whether you're new to WoW or a veteran looking to collect all mounts, I've got you covered in your quest to find the easiest ones available!

Collecting things is a natural instinct for most gamers. With the sheer quantity of mounts in the game, this instinct has been honed into a self-destroying engine of madness… or a fun side goal to collect them when possible. 

Either way, if you’re interested in collecting mounts, then you might as well grab all of the easiest ones you can. It’d be kind of silly to have all the rare mounts but be missing basic starting ones that even the most casual player owns.

Today, I’ll be going over the easiest mounts to obtain in WoW. I’ll be sure to go over where to obtain them, any prerequisites, and why I consider them the easiest. Let’s get started.

Note this was last updated after the release of Shadowlands.

The Easiest Mounts To Get in WoW

Let’s jump right into one of the most common WoW mounts in all of Azeroth.

#1 Covenant Renown Mounts

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Renown Level
  • Location: Covenant Sanctum
  • Type: Ground

I’ll start off our list with the easiest and most inevitable mounts to obtain in Shadowlands, your covenant’s signature one! Each of the four covenants has a unique mount that they will grant to you once you increase your renown to 39.

KyrianEternal Phalynx of Purity
NecrolordArmored Plaguerot Tauralus
Night FaeEnchanted Shadeleaf Runestag
VenthyrGravestone Battle Armor

These mounts can only be used by characters who are part of the corresponding covenant. However, they will remain in your mount collection even if you swap covenants or log on to a toon that is a member of a different covenant.

#2 Renown Vendor Mounts

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Covenant Renown Vendors
  • Location: Covenant Sanctum
  • Type: Ground

Another simple one tied to your renown level are the purchasable covenant mounts at renown 23. Each of these can be bought from your respective covenant’s renown vendor for 5,000 anima.

KyrianPhalynx of PurityAdjutant Galos
NecrolordPlaguerot TauralusSu Zettai
Night FaeShadeleaf RunestagElwyn
VenthyrSinfall GargonRahel

If you’re looking to farm anima efficiently, check out our anima farming guide!

#3 Arboreal Gulper

  • Pre-requisite: Item (Unusually Large Mushroom)
  • Dropped by: Humon’gozz
  • Location: Ardenweald
  • Type: Ground

This is one of the easiest mounts to obtain in Shadowlands, as it’s a 100% guaranteed drop if you kill the rare mob Humon’gozz. As a note, I do recommend bringing a small group, as Humon’gozz does hit a bit hard and has a large health pool.

However, in order to summon the rare the mount drops off, you must obtain an ‘Unusually Large Mushroom’ as a random drop off any mob in Ardenweald. It’s a fairly common drop that you’ll obtain simply doing world quests in the zone or farming some mobs.

When you obtain the mushroom, I recommend calling it out in general chat for the zone to see if you want random players to help out. Otherwise, bring some friends or post in the custom group finder to get help.

You’ll have twenty minutes in real time to head to the spawn spot in the northwest section of Ardenweald (coordinates: 32, 30) and use the mushroom on the interactable Damp Loam dirt pile to summon Humon’gozz. You’ll want to clear out the generic enemies surrounding the immediate area before using the mushroom. After about a minute, the mushroom will spawn Humon’gozz. Kill it and you’ll have your new frog mount!

#4 Shimmermist Runner

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Shizgher
  • Location: Ardenweald
  • Type: Flying

This is a bit of an oddball of a mount to obtain. It’s a 100% guaranteed drop off the rare mob Shizgher, but you must navigate the maze he’s located at in a specific way to make him actually attackable. Otherwise, if you approach the rare, he’ll disappear out of existence.

Head to the southwest portion of Ardenweald to the maze-like Tirna Scithe (in the open world, not the dungeon) and enter the maze via the Oaken Assembly (coordinates: 31, 54). I’ll list the instructions that you must follow below. 

  • /way 31, 54 Start Maze
  • /way 29, 55 LEFT/SOUTH-EAST
  • /way 30, 57 RIGHT/SOUTH-WEST
  • /way 29, 57 LEFT/SOUTH
  • /way 29, 59 RIGHT/NORTH-WEST
  • /way 28, 58 FORWARD/NORTH-WEST
  • /way 27, 57 LEFT/WEST into Area

If you mess up at any point, you’ll have to exit the maze entirely and return to the start. If you successfully do it, then the mob Shizgher will not disappear when you attack him.

He’s a very solo-able mob, but there are quite a few mobs in the maze that you’ll end up aggroing along the way. We recommend doing this with a character who can stealth or drop combat. Kill Shizgher and interact with the grateful freed unicorn to obtain your new mount!

#5 Battle-Bound Warhound

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Theater of Pain elites (World content, not the dungeon)
  • Location: Maldraxxus
  • Type: Ground

This mount has a chance of dropping from any of the four Theater of Pain elite mobs that spawn in the center of Maldraxxus. You can kill and loot each of the elites once a day per toon for four chances at the mount. Cycle through your alts if you want more chances!

They’re rather strong but solo-able for any well-geared toon. Otherwise, you’ll want a couple of players helping you to kill them. You’ll have the easiest time finding other players looking to kill them when the world quest is active for killing two of the elites.

#6 Covenant Adventure Mounts

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Mission Table 
  • Location: Covenant Sanctum
  • Type: Mixture

This set of four mounts can be earned by members of any covenant. These mounts are obtained via the mission table in your covenant sanctum and are considered the “end-game” rewards for the special adventure missions.

Listed below are the four mounts:

  • Chittering Animite (Flying)
  • Darkwarren Hardshell (Ground)
  • Highwind Darkmane (Flying)
  • Warstitched Darkhound (Ground)

You’re not very likely to complete these missions without having nearly fully leveled companions (50+ is recommended), so it may take you a bit of time to get there. However, given the mission table is a passive activity that offers rather good gold income, you’ll most likely obtain these just by checking in on the table every time you hearth to your covenant sanctum.

It should be noted that the covenants are not remotely balanced in terms of troops and companions that you receive for the mission table. If you want the easiest time in clearing the mission table, I strongly recommend going Night Fae or Necrolord.

#7 Endmire Flyer

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Famu the Infinite
  • Location: Revendreth
  • Type: Flying

A fairly standard daily rare kill with a chance of dropping the mount. The rare mob you must kill is Famu the Infinite located in Revendreth (coordinates: 62, 47) and spawned by a mini-event.

He hits rather hard and is bulky, so you want to find a group of players to take him down. You can normally find a group in the custom group finder by searching the keyword ‘famu’.

The quickest way to reach him is to fly to the Old Gate flight point near the center north of Revendreth and drop down/take the nearby elevator. There’s even an inn right next to the flight point if you need to turn off warmode to get into the correct phase.

You must speak with the NPC Seeker Hilda to start the event to summon the rare. If she has dialogue you can click on, the event can be activated. After fighting off two small waves of weak enemies, Famu the Infinite will appear. The rare will de-spawn if not engaged within five minutes.

As is the case with all rares in Shadowlands, you can kill and loot him once a day per toon. Cycle through multiple alts if you want to speed up your rate of obtaining the mount. Good luck!

#8 Gorespine

  • Pre-requisite: None
  • Dropped by: Nerissa Heartless
  • Location: Maldraxxus
  • Type: Ground

Another daily rare kill with a chance of dropping the mount. Unlike our above entry for the Endmire Flyer, this rare is considerably easier to solo. 

The name of the rare is Nerissa Heartless, located in the northeastern part of Maldraxxus (coordinates: 66, 35). You can get there quickly by heading to the Renounced Bastille flight point in eastern Maldraxxus (coordinates: 67, 46). Simply run north from the flight point and enter the small connecting cave to wind up right next to where the rare spawns.

To ensure she’s alive and killable, we suggest searching under custom group finder for ‘nerissa’. Though she is often up regardless, as her location is a bit out of the way for most players.

Nerissa will probably be surrounded by multiple packs of mobs, but you can hug the wall and avoid them all. Wait for her to patrol to the center of the platform she’s on, and pull her towards you to avoid fighting the other enemies. Alternatively, kill all the adds around her, then pull her.

Nerissa is moderately beefy and equally damage-heavy, but as long as you avoid her frontal cone attack and interrupt her chain ability, you should be fine. Best of luck!

#9 Silky Shimmermoth

  • Pre-requisite: Achievement (Ardenweald’s a Stage)
  • Dropped by: Vendor (Master Clerk Salorn)
  • Location: Ardenweald
  • Type: Flying

You can buy this mount off Master Clerk Salorn (coordinates: 43, 47) near the amphitheater just west of the center of Ardenweald for 5,000 anima. However, you must have earned the achievement ‘Ardenweald’s a Play’ first to buy it.

You earn this achievement by defeating each of the seven unique rare mobs that spawn from the nearby play event. These plays can only be triggered by a member of the Night Fae covenant who is channeling their Anima Conductor to the location. However, players of any covenant can defeat the rare that is summoned and earn credit towards the achievement.

Thankfully, this event only requires a level one Anima Conductor and is usually the first location most players permanently channel to. You can often ask a player in the zone to start up the event via general chat. Otherwise, make a Night Fae aligned toon to reliably start the event yourself.

The play/rare that is summoned is randomized each day, so it may take you a while to get all seven required for the achievement. Thankfully, the rares aren’t difficult to beat, and defeating the play awards you a decent chunk of reputation and some Grateful Offerings currency, so it’s worth doing regardless.

#10 Sundancer

  • Pre-requisite: Tradeable Item (Skystrider Glider)
  • Dropped by: Sundancer
  • Location: Bastion
  • Type: Flying

Another near 100% guarantee mount drop off a rare. I say near, as there are conflicting reports, but it is a very high chance of getting the mount if you do the steps properly. 

Make sure to bring a friend or two, the mob hits hard.

This mount drops off the Sundancer rare in the southeastern corner of Bastion. You may have noticed a glowing unicorn flying about the air near the Temple of Purity. That would be Sundancer and your goal is to coax him onto the ground where you challenge him to a fight for the right to earn him as a mount.

First things first, you need the item ‘Skystrider Glider’ to even summon him. Typically, you would craft this item via the Kyrian covenant’s unique feature Path of Ascension. However, most players either struggle with it, detest it, or simply don’t have it unlocked at a high enough level. 

Thankfully, the item is tradeable, so I recommend just buying it off the auction house. Depending on your server, it usually goes for as little as 1k to as much as 20k gold.

Once you have the item in your possession, wait for Sundancer to actually be spawned and running around in the air. SilverDragon should alert you, if you hang out near the edge by the Temple of Purity.

If he’s up, run south through the Aspirant’s Crucible and take the little cliff path (coordinates: 53, 90) to get up on the cliffside. From there, head east till you find a small shrine (coordinates: 60, 93). 

From here on out, make sure the person with the Skystrider Glider does all the steps.

At that shrine, you’ll want to click on the Ancient Memorial and obtain the buff ‘Sunrider’s Blessing’. Wait for Sundancer to get near the cliffside, jump off, and immediately use the Skystrider Glider to glide near the mob. Click on the rare when you’re close enough, and it’ll transition you into a vehicle stage.

Sundancer 2
Image: Blizzard / Jeffrey Hsu

In this stage, you’ll have a new action button to soothe the creature while suffering constant ticking damage (have something to heal yourself). Mash that button until the mob is calm enough and flies you back to the shrine. 

There, you’ll have five minutes to speak to it and challenge it to a fight. He’ll surrender at 15% health.

He hits hard with an enrage mechanic, a frontal line attack, and a DoT. I recommend bringing a friend or two if you’re not a sustain class.

If all the steps are done correctly, the person who used the glider should obtain the mount. Everyone else participating has a lower chance to get it as well. Some have reported the drop rate not being guaranteed, but it should be a very high chance assuming you were the one who summoned it. If it doesn’t drop, wait till the next day and try again.

Easy WoW Mounts: Legacy Mounts

At this point, we’ve covered the current expansion in depth. But what are the easiest mounts to get in WoW’s legacy content?

In this next section, we’ll show players some of the easiest mounts to obtain from past expansions and old content. At max level, all of these mounts should be completely trivial to obtain and take you no time at all.

#11 Black/Twilight Drake

  • Era: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Dropped by: Sartharion
  • Location: Obsidian Sanctum (Raid)
  • Type: Flying

Originally, these mounts were meant as a reward for challenging the boss with all three mini-bosses still alive, as each one would join the fight if they were still alive and utilize their special unique mechanic. Think of it as a mythic-tier challenge before the concept of heroic and mythic raid difficulties were officially added.

Today, you can literally obtain these mounts within thirty seconds of entering the raid, making them the easiest mounts to obtain. The Black Drake comes from the ten-man version of the raid, and the Twilight Drake comes from the twenty-five-man version. 

Simply enter the raid, head straight to the center, one-shot the boss, and loot your mount. As long as you don’t kill any of the three mini-bosses before you kill the main boss, you’ll get the mount.

Due to how raid lockouts work for WotLK content, you’ll have to wait until next week to do the raid on a different difficulty to get the second mount. Alternatively, you can just hop on a different toon and do the raid on the other difficulty.

#12 Bronze Drake

  • Era: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Dropped by: Infinite Corruptor
  • Location: Culling of Stratholme (Heroic Dungeon)
  • Type: Flying

Originally, this mount was an extra reward to those who could clear the dungeon on heroic difficulty within an allotted time limit and defeat the extra bonus boss. 

Players had twenty-five minutes to clear their way through the bulk of the dungeon and would be able to fight the Infinite Corruptor boss that was tucked away in a small path before the final boss. If they defeated it, the players would earn extra loot and the mount.

Nowadays, going in and clearing all the enemies instantly in a single AoE attack is trivial. You’ll have plenty of time remaining and should get the mount with no trouble at all. The greatest risk is getting lost in the instance if you’re not familiar with it. Enjoy your free easy mount.

Also, if you’re not familiar with getting to the entrance of the dungeon, simply take the portal to the Caverns of Time from your faction’s capital city. Fly throughout the cavern until you’re in the main lobby and open up your map to see where the dungeon’s entrance is. Make sure to set your dungeon difficulty to heroic!

#13 Qiraji Crystal Mounts

  • Era: Classic
  • Dropped by: Any mob in the raid
  • Location: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (Raid)
  • Type: Ground

These color-coded bug mounts are unique in that they can only be summoned within the AQ 40 raid instance. 

Originally, these qiraji crystal mounts were the only ones that could be summoned while within the raid. If you were a player with one of these mounts, you had a nice convenient speed boost, as the raid was a rather long spiraling series of tunnels. Nowadays, any ground mount can be summoned in AQ 40.

There are four different colored (blue, green, yellow, and red) mounts that can drop off any mob in the raid. The blue, green, and yellow variants are fairly common with the red one having a much lower drop chance. However, if you go in solo and just kill/loot every mob, you’re almost guaranteed to get one by the end of the run.

If you want a qiraji mount that can be used anywhere, you could also go for the Ultramarine variant found through a rare Tol’vir archaeology dig.

Hm? You want a black one? Oh, you poor sweet child

#14 Mei Francis Mounts

  • Era: Wrath of the Lich King
  • Dropped by: Vendor (Mei Francis)
  • Location: Dalaran
  • Type: Mixture

Mei Francis is a vendor in Dalaran (both versions) who sells a total of eleven different mounts for varying amounts of gold. These are incredibly easy to obtain as they are not locked behind any reputations and are incredibly affordable by today’s standards. 

Of note are eight different gryphons/wind wyverns (depending on faction), one armored bear, and two mammoths. 

The Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth is the most notable one, as it comes with a vendor and repair merchant when summoned, letting you access the two services anywhere in the outside world. It’s also the most expensive one she sells, starting at 20k gold, but can be lowered to 16k if you’re exalted with the Kirin Tor reputation.

#15 Easy Reputation Mounts

  • Era: All of them
  • Dropped by: Vendor (Reputation Quartermaster)
  • Location: Reputation stronghold
  • Type: Mixture

Frankly put, most reputation grinds in the game are trivial nowadays. Having access to flying in the majority of content and being able to one-shot any mob tends to do that. 

Nearly every faction from Mists of Pandaria onwards tends to have a mount for sale once you hit exalted reputation. There are some as well from previous expansion but tend to be fewer in number.

The easiest and cheapest mounts you can obtain from faction reputations though are your primary Alliance/Horde reputations. Simply doing quests anywhere should earn you reputation and you’ll be exalted in no time.

Once exalted, you can head to each of the major cities and buy their race’s mounts from the vendor next to their riding trainer (simply ask a guard for directions). Cities like Undercity and Darnassus may require you to speak to the time-walking NPC nearby to go back to the past to interact with the vendors if you’ve already done the BfA content and rendered the cities destroyed. Other races who have lost their home like the Pandaren will usually have their reputation quartermaster stationed in Stormwind/Orgrimmar.

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