Whether you’re looking to level efficiently, earn achievements, build your collections, or simply experience the game’s story and lore, questing is a core aspect of World of Warcraft. Here we’ve gathered some of the best addons to enhance your experience while leveling or just completing another quest in both Dragonflight and WoW Classic.

The Best Quest & Leveling Addons for WoW

Let’s get started on enhancing your journey in Azeroth (and beyond)!

Kaliel’s Tracker

Kaliel's Tracker - customize your quest tracker with this addon.
Kaliel’s Tracker lets you customize many aspects of your quest tracker. (Image: Blizzard via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Download: CurseForge (Retail), CurseForge (Classic)
Command: /kt

Kaliel’s Tracker gives you a lot of control over your quest tracker. It lets you change the size, position, and appearance as well as filter your quests and achievements, which is great if you’ve been hoarding quests from multiple zones. It also lets you right-click on quests to get their Wowhead URL – very handy for when you get stuck and need to look something up!

This addon supports all types of quests and achievements in WoW as well as dungeon objectives, scenario objectives, profession recipes, and activities from the Traveler’s Log. It works with the PetTracker addon for tracking any pets you are missing in your current zone, and is compatible with TomTom for setting waypoints. It also works with many popular UI addons like ElvUI and Masque.

Kaliel’s Tracker is great in Dragonflight, but it’s even more useful in WoW Classic, where the built-in quest tracker does not have as many features.

Questie (Classic Only)

Download: CurseForge
Command: /questie

Questie is an enhanced quest tracker addon for WoW Classic. It adds available quests and objectives to the world map and your tooltips, so you can easily see what you need to do and where. It also announces completed objectives in party chat, which is useful for ensuring that every member of your group completes their quests. The addon additionally provides an in-game database of quests and NPCs, making it easy to see what you have left to do in each zone, or to find rare NPCs.

Questie is not available for Dragonflight, probably because its core tracking features are already part of the default UI in retail WoW.


Download: CurseForge, WoWInterface
Command: /tomtom

TomTom allows you to set waypoints in the world, making it a lot easier to find your way around. It also shows your current coordinates and the coordinates of your cursor on the map. Even better, it puts a big arrow on your screen that points the way to your current waypoint and tells you exactly how far away it is. No more running around with your map open!

Although Blizzard has added its own waypoint system for quests in retail WoW, TomTom is still useful for finding or marking coordinates that the game doesn’t mark for you. TomTom is also great in WoW Classic, which does not have the built-in waypoint system.

Leatrix Maps

Download: CurseForge (Dragonflight), CurseForge (Classic)
Command: /ltm

Leatrix Maps offers a few improvements to the world map, including scaling and positioning. Perhaps its most useful feature is that it can reveal areas of the map that you haven’t explored yet.

Leatrix Maps can be used in both Dragonflight and WoW Classic.


Download: CurseForge, WoWInterface
Plugins: WoWAce
Command: /hnnew

HandyNotes enables you to add notes and markers to your map. You can do this by right-clicking the world map or via command. This is useful in itself, but where HandyNotes really shines is in the many plugins that have been made for it, which add pre-made markers for particular locations. There are plugins for the locations of treasures and rares, for holiday events, items for specific achievements, and many other useful things.

HandyNotes is available for both Dragonflight and Wow Classic.


Download: CurseForge, Wago
Command: /rarescanner

RareScanner alerts you to nearby rare spawns and treasures. It does so with a configurable sound and a popup frame that shows the name and model of the spawn as well as any possible loot you can collect from it. The addon also places icons for everything it tracks on your world map.

As a nice bonus, the addon includes an Explorer pane in which you can search through every rare NPC in WoW along with their loot. The addon also allows tracking any NPC you may wish to look for, not just rares. You can also configure it to track certain spawns and ignore others.

There is a version of RareScanner for WoW Classic as well as Dragonflight.

Azeroth Pilot Reloaded (Dragonflight Only)

Azeroth Pilot Reloaded makes leveling super easy in WoW.
Azeroth Auto Pilot lets you set up a custom quest route to follow. (Image: Blizzard via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Download: CurseForge, WoWInterface
Command: /apr

Azeroth Pilot Reloaded allows you to set up a custom quest route to follow and tracks your progress as you go. It also comes with a couple of built-in routes: one for new players and one for speed leveling. Even better, it includes helpful notes for how to complete quests so you don’t get stuck. If you’re looking to power your way through some levels, this addon can definitely make it easier.

It also comes with a lot of optional quality of life features for speeding up the questing process, such as automatic picking up and handing in of quests when you talk to an NPC and automatically skipping cutscenes. There is a waypoint system as well, similar to the one provided by the TomTom addon.

Azeroth Pilot Reloaded is only available for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, and not WoW Classic.


Download: CurseForge, WoWInterface
Command: /btwquests

BtWQuests adds a new quest journal to the game in the style of the Adventure Guide. It lays out the quest chain for every zone from beginning to end, and shows your current progress. Clicking any quest will place a pin on your world map pointing to where it begins. You can also see all of the quest rewards and requirements.

There are plugins for every expansion that must be downloaded separately, which are all listed on the main addon page.

BtWQuests can be used in both Dragonflight and WoW Classic.

Quest Completist

Quest Completist is perfect for completionists.
Quest Completist lets you see which quests you have already done. (Image: Blizzard via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Download: CurseForge
Command: /qc

Similar to BtWQuests, Quest Completist allows you to peruse all the quests in the game and see which ones you have completed, as well as viewing their rewards. Although BtWQuests charts the exact order of each quest chain and Quest Completist merely lists them, this addon includes a lot of quests that BtWQuests does not, like holiday quests, profession quests, and so on.

If you have TomTom installed, left-clicking a quest in the Quest Completist interface sets a waypoint to the quest giver. There are several filters you can apply to the list in its settings, such as hiding daily and world quests.

Quest Completist is available for WoW Classic as well as Dragonflight.


Download: CurseForge, WoWInterface
Command: /dc

DynamicCam is the camera addon you never knew you needed for WoW. Many of us play the game at the furthest zoom distance, because it allows us to see a wide area around us. That’s great for combat, but it doesn’t really lend itself to becoming immersed in the world of Azeroth.

Enter DynamicCam, which allows you to adjust your camera based on various conditions. You can have the camera rotate around you whenever you are using your Hearthstone, move to an over-the-shoulder view for combat, or go into first person when flying. You can also lock onto enemies or NPCs when you target them, and zoom in for conversations. There’s even an option to fade elements of your UI in different situations.

Combining this addon with the Immersion addon makes picking up quests feel like more than just an exercise in clicking “Accept.” I recommend trying both together!

DynamicCam works in both Dragonflight and WoW Classic.


Become more involved in WoW with Immersion.
Immersion makes it feel like you’re actually talking to NPCs rather than just clicking through text boxes. (Image: Blizzard via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Download: CurseForge
Command: /immersion

Immersion replaces the game’s NPC dialogue frames with something more, well, immersive. No more bland walls of text: now an animated portrait presents your quest text one paragraph at a time, making it more digestible as well as more visually appealing.

Although the idea is to help you focus more on the quest text, the addon hasn’t made it tedious to click through it when you want to skip something – if anything, it’s made easier by the addition of configurable hotkeys. The way Immersion lays out dialogue options is also an improvement over the default quest frame, and makes NPC interaction feel a little smoother.

Immersion is available for WoW Classic as well as Dragonflight.


This addon makes every quest feel more involved and meaningful.
Storyline makes NPC dialogue a centerpiece of questing rather than an afterthought. (Image: Blizzard via HGG/Sarah Arnold)

Download: CurseForge
Command: /storyline

Storyline improves the default quest frame much like Immersion does, but where Immersion aims to be unobtrusive and efficient, Storyline wants to make dialogue the focus of the game. Every conversation features a 3D model of your character and the NPC you’re interacting with, similar to dialogue in Guild Wars 2. Like Immersion, it also breaks the text down into easily digestible portions.

You can choose the size of the frame, including making it fill your entire screen, and you can change the font and size of the text as well as how quickly it animates. There are also settings to disable it in instances and on Darkmoon Island.

The addon works in both Dragonflight and WoW Classic – just make sure you download the correct version.

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