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The Ultimate WoW Gold Making Guide: Best Ways to Farm Gold

“Time is money!” The mantra of goblins everywhere, and honestly one that’s painfully applicable to real life as well. We all have finite time to play this game, and gold is one of the most tangible (at least in-game) representations of our playtime. 

Purchasing consumables to enhance your character, hiring others to help carry you through difficult content, or even straight-up buying gear upgrades off the auction house — gold enables all of this. 

At this point, you can practically fund your entire Battle.net account through gold alone by converting it to your Blizzard Balance. The gold you generate in WoW can fund your subscription, microtransactions, and even other Blizzard games (the obvious trade-off being the time and energy you’re sinking into the game instead of working your real-life job).

With that jarring realization in mind, let’s look at the best way to make gold in WoW.

How to Make Gold in WoW by Running Old Raids 

The Ultimate WoW Gold Making Guide
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via HGG

One of the easiest and best ways to make gold in WoW without too much effort is to run the old raids and mass vendor off all the low-level loot you obtain from the bosses. With decent gear at max level (around iLvl 197, which you can achieve through upgradeable covenant gear and world quest rewards), you can easily single-handedly smash through most of the raids from Classic up to Legion content. 

Besides breaking up the monotony of spending all your time in the current expansion (especially as Patch 9.1 continues to linger months away), running old raids allows you to obtain multiple transmog appearances for your toons. After all, what’s the point of being rich if you can’t look amazing at the same time?

We recommend focusing on the raids from Mists of PandariaWarlords of Draenor, and Legion for higher profits.

Before we get into how to make your runs quicker and more efficient, we’ll go over some of the caveats of the system to prevent inevitable confusion on why you can’t run certain raids multiple times.

Raid Lockouts

Once you kill a raid boss, regardless of difficulty and size, you obtain a lockout to that raid for the week for that toon specifically. This lockout tracks which bosses you have killed and looted, preventing you from just resetting the raid to keep farming those bosses for loot. 

From WoD onwards, you can run all four difficulties (LFR, Normal, Heroic, Mythic) of a raid per week. Raids that came before that expansion (minus Siege of Orgrimaar in MoP) are limited to a max of two runs per week, assuming they have an LFR version. Otherwise, you’re stuck with only a singular run.

For example, if you run Icecrown Citadel (WotLK) on twenty-five-man Heroic, you won’t be able to run it again on ten-man Normal for the week. This applies to all raids from Classic through (most of) Mists of Pandaria

Raid Lockout
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

You can check which raids you are locked to for the week on your toon by opening up the social tab (O by default), select the “Raid” tab, and clicking on “Raid Info” in the top right corner of the menu.

Tips for Speeding Up Your Run 

Movement speed is king. The bulk of enemies will die in literally one or two hits, with bosses typically taking less than fifteen seconds of actual fighting. Your goal is to get from one boss to the next as quickly as possible, as the bulk of gold and vendor-worthy items drop from them.

For that purpose, we recommend three classes in particular due to their move speed buffs and kits:

  • Druid: The undisputed king of movement speed. With most specs providing the passive Feline Swiftness (15% constant move speed), the talent Tiger Dash (45-second massive speed boost), the ability Stampeding Roar (2-minute 60% move speed boost), and the constant 30% speed buff from being in Cat form…well, it should be pretty clear why we recommend this as the best. You can also use your Travel form in any mountable area without having to waste time mounting up and stealthing past encounters you don’t want to engage in with Prowl.
  • Rogue: All specs have access to Fleet Footed (passive 15% move speed buff) and access to a talent in their second row to further boost their mobility by 15-20%, depending on their spec. We recommend going Subtlety, as its focus on burst damage allows you to kill some bosses before they can activate any intermission, immunity, or transition phases. Additionally, Shadowstep can help you warp from target to target even faster while using Stealth to skip any annoying adds. 
  • Hunter: With all specs providing access to Trailblazer and the talent Posthaste, the hunter can stay on the move while constantly clearing ground by spinning around using DisengageAspect of the Pack provides another movement buff while the talent Barrage can quickly wipe out an entire room that you’ve kited. 

Don’t worry too much about bag space. In some raids, your bags will inevitably fill up entirely with all the loot from bosses. However, any boss loot that doesn’t fit in your bag will end up in your character’s mail. This doesn’t apply to gold and trash mobs, so make sure to pick up anything you want to keep from those. And by the Light, turn on Auto Loot in your settings (Escape -> Interface -> Controls -> check Auto Loot).

Make use of LFR queues. Is traveling between each raid and trying to reset them too time-consuming for you? Well, speak to any of the NPCs that let you queue for the expansions’ LFR raids. LFR is one of the best ways to make gold fast with running old raids, as you can leave the raid like a normal instance once you’re done with it and speak to the NPC to queue up for the next one.

Siege AoE Trash
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Don’t waste time constantly stopping to loot. Round up as many trash mobs as you can without having to make a considerable detour in your run. Head around a corner to break Line of Sight and force all the mobs to come running to you and group up in a large cluster, then use an AoE ability to kill them all. 

Doing this lets you mass loot in a single action without having run to each and every corpse. It’s an especially valuable strategy when the trash mobs drop worthwhile loot and are easily gatherable, such as the entry guards in Heart of Fear (MoP), who drop chunks of gold and Motes of Harmony.

Learn where to die to save travel time, and use the game’s equipment manager. Most raids are designed into various wings, and having to backtrack to access the rest of the raid is an annoying waste of time. Typically, dying and releasing will spawn you at the foyer or start of a wing, so if there’s a cliff, a bottomless pit, or lava that you can plunge yourself into, do so. A good example is the Tomb of Sargeras (Legion), where after killing the Desolate Host boss, you can walk right off the edge and respawn in the main lobby instead of making the five-minute walk back.

However, doing this tends to damage your armor’s durability and cut into profits with repairs. To prevent this, I recommend using the equipment manager to create a “Naked” and “Armored” set and drag them to your action bars on the side. Simply equip the “Naked” set (which shouldn’t include any gear with durability), die, respawn, and slap back on your “Armored” set of usual gear. This is also a great way to save on repairs if you’re about to die of fall damage anywhere in the game. Just remember you can’t swap sets while in combat.

Equipment Manager - Naked
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu /HGG

How to Make Gold in WoW with World Quests & Reputation Farming 

Another straightforward method on how to make gold in World of Warcraft is simply doing world quests in Shadowlands. Obviously, the ones that reward gold would be your main focus, averaging around 250–320 gold per quest. If you have War Mode on you, you earn an extra 10% (15% if you’re Alliance, due to faction imbalance) gold bonus from those world quests. 

However, there is considerable value in knocking out any world quest that you can do, solely for the reputation gains. 

Why? Two words. 

Paragon Chests 

Once you hit Exalted with any of the major reputation factions in Shadowlands, you can earn a Paragon Chest as a bonus reward once you gain another 10,000 Reputation with them. These chests contain large chunks of gold, the occasional mount for collection purposes, and pets that you can sell on the auction house.

Paragon Chests from Shadowlands reputations each offer around 3–4K gold and a chance at a unique pet that typically sells for a couple thousand gold on the auction house at the moment. The value of the pets is expected to drop as more and more people reach the reputation threshold, but they are still currently worth a fair bit of gold.

Paragon Chest
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Naturally, you might be thinking that it’s an insane amount of rep grinding for such a payoff. The time spent traveling and killing everything could be put to better use grinding gold a different way. You’d be right to think so — for now, at least.

Once Patch 9.1 introduces flying, the travel time between quests will shrink exponentially. Furthermore, the patch will introduce a higher baseline gear level (which will reduce the amount of time needed to finish old world quests) and maw assaults (which are slated to give large chunks of reputation with the covenants). 

In other words, as the expansion goes on, rep farming becomes a lot quicker and more lucrative, particularly during reputation bonus events. If Blizzard reintroduces the double reputation gain during an anniversary event, you can expect this strategy to become exceedingly profitable. Even better, event bonuses like the Darkmoon Faire buff or various holiday events stack.

As a final note, we don’t recommend using a reputation contract (which grants extra rep for finishing a world quest) at the moment. Unless you’re hardcore grinding out every world quest available on a single toon, it’s just not worth the travel time and prohibitive costs of obtaining one.

World Quests & Reputation Farming in Older Expansions 

Unfortunately, Blizzard has greatly nerfed the amount of gold generated from the Paragon Chests of Legion and Battle for Azeroth content. Legion chests only provide a measly 40 gold, while BfA chests provide around a moderate 400 gold.

In regards to Legion, it’s incredibly convenient to have access to automatic flying and the ability to one-shot any open-world mob. Sadly, we can’t really recommend going out of your way to farm reputation and gold quests, as the return on time investment is just too low.

However, it’s not the gold quests that are the main appeal but instead the Order Resource and Blood of Sargeras world quests that are of interest, as you can buy copious amounts of Legion crafting resources with these.

There is a vendor in Legion’s Dalaran called Illnea Bloodthorn where you can trade in Blood of Sargeras for all the base crafting materials pre-Argus. Conversely, if you’re running low on Blood of Sargeras, you can buy five of them for 5000 Order Resources in Class Hall from your quartermaster. And believe me, if you do world quests in Legion, you will have a lot of Order Resources. We’ll go into how you can make money with these in our “Profession Material” section below.

Blood of Sargeras Vendor
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

As for BfA, gold quests still offer fairly lucrative rewards, especially if you have War Mode enabled. At around 200 gold per quest, it’s pretty easy and profitable to knock them out, as long as you’ve unlocked flying.

If you haven’t (and unless you’re willing to put in the effort to obtain it), we don’t recommend bothering with most BfA content, as the travel time is too long to make it worth it.

However, you do have access to the two N’zoth assaults in Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. If you already have the assaults unlocked, we strongly recommend taking the fifteen or so minutes to knock them out every week, as the reward cache has about a 50/50 chance of awarding you an easy 2K gold. Plus, a handful of rares in the areas can drop pets that are worth a huge chunk of money (we’re looking at you in particular, K’uddly).

If you’re running any of these strategies, we strongly recommend getting two add-ons: World Quest Tab and World Quest Tracker. Combining the two makes it easier to see what each world quest rewards and adds a helpful toggle button at the top-right of your map, displaying a side panel of all available world quests in an area or region. An example picture is down below. 

World Quest Tracker
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

How to Make Gold in WoW with Daily Callings and Weekly Dungeon Quests 

Back to current content in the afterlife!  

Daily Callings 

Most of you are probably familiar with your daily callings. These are quests that your covenant sends you on to help out in one of the four major zones. You know, the ones with the three-day timers that you tell yourself you’ll get around to but eventually end up forgetting about?

Well, you’re losing out on easy money. Daily callings are one of the easiest ways to make gold in WoW.

Each calling you complete gives you a large chunk of reputation, which naturally helps progress you towards a Paragon Chest. However, the real value is in the vendor trash they provide you.

You may not have noticed it in your rush to sell them off, but the combined total of those grey items is typically around 1.5K gold per daily calling completed. You can probably see how this can add up quickly if you knock them out in a timely manner.

If you have too many toons to cycle through each day, let the callings stack up until you have three available at once as sometimes, they overlap in completion objectives, allowing you to save time and effort.

Weekly Dungeon Quests 

Additionally, make sure to pick up the two weekly dungeon quests offered in the basement of the inn on the eastern end of Oribos. They require you to simply kill and loot the end boss of the specific dungeons on any difficulty, awarding you large chunks of reputation and anima for little effort.

If one of your daily callings happens to be aiding the zone in which that weekly dungeon is located, you can knock that out as well (completing the dungeon counts towards the calling). Plus, the anima you get from the weekly dungeon quests will get you halfway through your weekly “collect 1000 anima” quest, which grants you 1.6k gold if you’re already renown-capped at 40!

Effectively, it’s almost three objectives completed for the price of one! It’s also a great time saver if you have multiple alts to cycle through.

How to Make Gold in WoW with Profession Materials 

This is arguably the foundation of WoW’s economy and the go-to strategy on how to make gold in WoW. The constant exchange of profession materials to craft combat consumables and other utility items keeps gold constantly flowing between players. The most highly traded materials are those tied in with Shadowlands, but even materials from old expansions can be highly profitable for transmogs, collectibles, and (most importantly) utility items.

Here, we’ll explain how to farm gold with the bountiful resources in WoW.

Please note, however, that prices for these materials are completely dependent on your server cluster’s economy. If the market is already oversaturated with people selling the materials, expect the prices to be much lower. Monitoring the prices is key to knowing when to sell.

Best Profession Materials in Shadowlands 

We’ll be frank. Besides the gathering professions, only Alchemy and Enchanting will reliably generate meaningful amounts of gold. The three main crafting professions (Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Tailoring) are really only good for crafting your legendary pieces.

But you’re seeing the legendary pieces selling for a lot — why aren’t they worth it? 

Because the market is overwhelmingly saturated with the pieces now, with only the Rank 4 versions making any profit. Since the cost of the materials to get your crafting up to Rank 4 is prohibitively expensive, you’ll struggle to break even just on the cost of leveling up. Unless you were one of the first people on the server to hit Rank 4, it’s just not worth it.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

However, it should be noted that Leatherworking can at least make money off the Drums of Deathly Ferocity and Heavy Desolate Armor Kits from raiders/mythic dungeoneers.

As for the other professions:

Alchemy makes ridiculous amounts of gold. Flasks, battle potions, and oils are in perpetually high demand by end-game players willing to pay top gold. With every class and specialization under the sun looking for flasks and potions to boost their stats, there’s plenty of gold to be made. We strongly suggest hitting Honored with the Avowed faction for the Shadestone recipe. Shadestones are essential for crafting flask cauldrons, and their prices are highly inflated due to their rarity (Alchemists can only make one per day, and two are required for a single cauldron). Since Avowed rep farming groups are pretty easy to find using the group finder tool, hitting Honored shouldn’t be hard.

Enchanting currently doesn’t make much money off selling enchants directly. Instead, the bulk of enchanters’ profits come from disenchanting epic gear and selling off the Eternal Crystals, as it tends to outweigh the cost of actually making an enchant. However, I would personally recommend mass stockpiling these. If previous expansions are any indicator, Blizzard will release new enchants in the upcoming Patch 9.1 that requires considerably higher amounts of Eternal Crystals for all top-tier enchants. If that happens, the price will skyrocket. If Blizzard doesn’t release new enchants, the demand for the crystals will still increase as players flock to enchant their new gear.

Engineering is mostly a personal utility profession with only a handful of sellable (let alone desirable) items. Only the craftable pet is worth anything, but server prices fluctuate wildly on that.

Fishing is incredibly lucrative this time around. Each region has a zone-specific fish that is valuable in some way, but we strongly recommend fishing in either Bastion or Revendreth with the respective zone bait or Elysian Thade bait (those fish are in highest demand for raid feasts). If you absolutely despise fishing, you can always get a bunch of them from your mission table (more on that later)!

Herbalism in Shadowlands will have you traversing all four zones, as each zone has a unique herb. Given the sheer quantity needed by Alchemists (and Inscriptionists, to a lesser extent), every herb you encounter is profit. Oddly enough, our recommended Mining spots line up for Herbalism as well, so consult that portion below if you’re interested.

We strongly recommend using a Druid for your gathering needs. You can skin and herb without shifting out of Travel form. Mining is likewise faster as a Druid since you can instantly shift back into Travel form without the usual mounting cast. Additionally, if you dedicate a Druid to both mining and herbing, you can easily head to the same regions for most of your gathering. 

Inscription is useful for selling the stat missives used to augment your legendary pieces but once again suffers from oversaturation. The reputation contracts are also rapidly dropping in price as more Inscriptionists reach the rep requirement to learn the recipes. Still, there’s some opportunity for making a profit if you catch the market on a good day or wait for reputation bonus weeks to sell.

Jewelcrafting is rather lackluster this season around, as the useful gem recipes require only common gems and have oversaturated the market, driving prices down. It suffers from the same problem as the main three crafting professions in regards to crafting the legendaries.

Mining is similar to Herbalism in that there is a zone-specific herb unique to each of the four regions. You’ll be spending the bulk of your time in gorges or along cliffsides, as those are the preferred spawn locations of ore nodes. Be sure to have some way to mitigate fall damage! 

You’ll want to hit every common Laestrite node, as each one has a chance to produce the rare Elethium ore. For Bastion and Revendreth, we recommend focusing on the southern half of the zone for nodes, away from the buildings and structures. For Ardenweald and Maldraxxus, we suggest making loops around the center regions, as the “pockets” of the zones contain fewer nodes and more enemies.

Skinning is the easiest gathering profession by far. As long as there are packs of skinnable mobs nearby that aren’t considered grunts (you can tell by them having tinier health bars if you enable nameplates), you can quickly rack up skins. However, the standard leather isn’t worth too much. 

You’re predominantly looking for Callous Hides and Heavy Callous Hides, which are just random rare drops when skinning a mob that drops at least standard Savage Leather. We recommend farming mobs in Bastion’s open fields or hanging around world quests where players frequently kill skinnable mobs. As long as the people who tag the mob first aren’t skinners, you’ll be able to skin their kills, and high player density means mobs respawn faster.

Best Profession Materials in Older Expansions 

Now we’ll go over how you can make gold with all those reagents from previous expansions you have stored in your bank (and help you clear out some space, too!). 

Mists of Pandaria 

Mists of Pandaria
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The name of the game is Motes of Harmony/Spirit of Harmony. During this era of WoW, every profession required ludicrous amounts of this material to craft. Thankfully, they randomly dropped off any mob in Pandaria. 

Nowadays, they’re used mainly to bypass the daily Living Steel transmute for building mounts. Alternatively, much like Legion, you can trade Spirits of Harmony to a vendor in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms outside your faction’s sanctum for any other MoP crafting material.

If you figure out which materials are in high demand for a better price on your server, you can easily flip all the Spirits of Harmony into that material and make a killing. Especially if you find the Spirits for cheap on the Auction House (if the Spirits are going for a lot, just sell them instead).

Warlords of Draenor 

Warlords of Draenor
Image: Blizzard Entertainment

True Iron Ore and (to a lesser extent) Sumptuous Fur are in incredible demand, as Engineers craft Goblin Glider Kits from them. While we’re still in the flightless era of Shadowlands, having a Goblin Glider on standby to get places faster from vantage points, prevent fall damage, or escape from a pack of rabid enemies is priceless. We recommend focusing on the ore, as it’s more time-consuming to obtain than the fur, making it more valuable.

Everyone can easily build and start upgrading the mine in their garrison to obtain a steady source every day while converting any Draenic Stone into additional WoD ores via work orders at the mine. To speed up the mining process even more, grab the “Peon’s Mining Pick” from Spires of Arakk at coordinates 40, 55 on a mountain near Admiral Taylor’s garrison. As long as it’s in your inventory, mining goes even faster.

If you happen to be a miner, we strongly recommend building the Stables in your garrison to allow you to stay mounted while mining and eventually move even faster while mounted once you upgrade it to Rank 3.

Additionally, if you craft a trading post in your garrison, you’ll be able to trade garrison resources in exchange for large quantities of any WoD crafting material. Simply let your free garrison resources accumulate before claiming them and trading them in for materials every few days.


Image: Blizzard Entertainment

As we mentioned in the “World Quests” section, being able to trade in Blood of Sargeras for crafting materials can be very lucrative. Even more valuable, however, is Leystone Ore.

Leystone Ore is likely to always be in high demand, as Engineers can use it to craft Auto-Hammers — you’ve more than likely run into a situation in a dungeon or raid where someone has asked if anyone has a repair bot for their broken armor. Additionally, various items like the Trigger pet, a couple of toys, and Leystone Hoofplates (mount speed booster for Legion content) require a fair bit of Leystone Ore.

Plus, many people are still leveling their Legion professions for the multitude of collectible items and transmogs. While the other crafting materials may not be in as high demand, it’s worth looking into the market on your server.

Making Gold in WoW with Mission Tables 

A staple since Warlords of Draenor and a cornerstone of our WoW gold guide, mission tables have proven to be an incredibly steady income generator across every expansion. However, many players either don’t understand how to maximize their value or simply don’t bother checking in.

How to Run Mission Tables 

Typically, unlocking the first rank of your mission table will be the first upgrade to your sanctum. The following two ranks lower the healing time of your companions and the completion time of missions, respectively, so the mission table passively provides copious amounts of gold.

Simply choose a mission, assign at least one companion to it, fill the remaining slots with generic troops, and send them out for less than twenty anima. Remember, however, that positioning your troops to take their abilities, health, and power differences into account is necessary for success.

Tips for Running Mission Tables 

Prioritize leveling up your companions. Whenever you see a mission that rewards bonus XP, fill all five slots with companions (no generic troops) to ensure the mission’s success. Your goal is to keep an elite team of companions (typically your soulbinds) for the hardest missions while bringing up the average level of your weaker ones. The goal is to be able to clear any mission with a single companion and a team of generic troops to maximize rewards. Remember, the current level cap for your companions is 60.

Optimize your team. You want each mission to require as few companions as possible and pose minimal risk. You only need to send a single companion on a mission, filling the rest of the slots with generic troops to serve as meat shields. The generic troops are infinite and ultimately expendable, so don’t feel too bad. The less damage your companions take, the less time or anima needed to heal them up before sending them on another mission. 

Knock out missions that provide Adventure Table progression. This increases the rewards for all missions and opens up higher-level missions. Even if your companions can’t exactly clear those new ones, you can just send them on suicide missions solely to gain XP. However, you may want to stop once the next progression mission is at Level 48 — the difficulty ramps up exponentially, but the rewards are more linear. 

Clear each wing of Torghast to unlock the unique companion. You’ve probably aided the NPCs trapped in Torghast to obtain an additional anima power while doing your weekly runs. Each wing has a chance at spawning an NPC who will sign up as a companion once you help them out. Just make sure to talk to them afterward to actually recruit them. 

Understand what rewards to prioritize. As mentioned earlier, bonus XP should be your focus 90% of the time — stronger companions mean more successful missions. Beyond that, we recommend focusing on green and blue quality fish and meat caches. The material you get is easily worth more at the auction house than the raw gold rewards. You can ignore white quality caches, as they don’t contain anything worthwhile.

We also recommend missions offering reputation rewards, as they help you reach your Paragon Chests. Missions offering reputation rewards can Augment rune missions are nice, but you might consider holding off for now — once Patch 9.1 hits, the demand and price will skyrocket as guilds race to clear the new raid. Ignore missions rewarding anima unless you have absolutely nothing else to send your companions on. The amount you earn barely offsets the time and cost of doing the mission. 

Enchanters can watch for yellow-plated Enchanting caches, as they’re guaranteed to hold a purple Enchanting crystal. Missions that reward a piece of epic gear are effectively another free disenchant, so keep an eye out for those as well.

There are three add-ons that we strongly recommend getting to help optimize your mission table runs and timers. 

Covenant Mission Helper features a side panel that calculates success chances, damage estimates, and optimization tactics when assigning your troops. It causes a slight delay as it calculates your chances, but it’s well worth it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t work when enemies’ abilities target random allies.

Mission Table
Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Garrison and Order Hall Report allows you to right-click on your covenant badge next to your mini-map and check the status of previous expansions’ mission tables. It’s good for knowing when you should pop a visit over to claim those rewards and start a new set of missions.

The WoW Companion App [Android] [iOS] isn’t technically an add-on, but it effectively functions as one. It lets you quickly manage your mission table for the three most recent expansions (ShadowlandsBattle for Azeroth, and Legion) from a single location without having to travel there in-game. You can also swap between characters and handle missions for your alts. It does require you to be logged out of the main game, but if you notice your missions finishing and don’t want to deal with hearthing back to your covenant, you can quickly log out to finish the missions in your app and log back in. It’s also great for managing your mission table when you’re not actively playing the game!

IJeffrey Hsu / Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Jeffrey Hsu / HGG

Become a High Grounder

That’s it for our WoW gold-making guide! If you have another great way of making gold or thoughts about the future patch, leave us a comment — don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more WoW tips and tricks.

Happy gaming!


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