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Release Date: 09/08/2016

Developer: Hello Games | Publisher: Hello Games; Sony Interactive Entertainment

Genres: Adventure Open World Shooter Survival


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Melodies & Mockeries

Behold, High Ground Gaming's resident trolls! The cheerful Gurg and the irritable Grundle — together they bring songs of praise and mutterings of discontent about No Man’s Sky.

The Jolly Troll
In cosmic seas, where stars align,
No Man's Sky beckons, vast, divine.
A universe, unbounded, free,
Calls to the wanderer in thee.

With ships that sail the void's expanse,
On planets strange, we take our chance.
Each world unique, a mystery,
In every rock, a history.

We mine, we build, beneath strange suns,
In endless space, our journey runs.
With aliens' lore and whispers old,
In galaxies untold, we are bold.

So sing, of skies no man has claimed,
Of endless stars, unnamed, untamed.
In No Man's Sky, our dreams take flight,
Adventurers by day, and by night.
The Angry Troll
No Man's Sky? Exploring infinite space sounds cool until you realize it's just an endless loop of the same rocks and plants. They said it’d be a universe full of surprises – yeah, the surprise is how you can make infinity so mind-numbingly dull. Crafting? More like a galactic chore list. And those alien interactions? I’ve had deeper conversations with my hogs. It's the digital equivalent of a treadmill – you keep moving, but you're not really going anywhere. If I wanted to wander aimlessly through a void, I’d just piss off a powerful wizard and get cast into purgatory.

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